Saturday, 31 October 2009

Well we've had Mrs Healy, so here's Mr Healy!!!

Well folks this is the last post of the night and what better way to finish it off then with a huge Michael Jackson track and a pretty damn good Jeremy Healy remix.
This was a big part of Healy's sets in 1995. It is a sort of progressive house bubbling acid tinged remix and is pretty good.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
A big shout out to Braddy for providing this one, nice one fella!!!
There's a picture of Mr and Mrs Healy.

Michael Jackson - Jam
(Jeremy's Mix)

Time for some long overdue Passion!!!

Now there are club classics and there are Pure Club Classics - and then there's this track, which is one of the most important tracks in clubland history and probably one of the most widely played.
When it came out in 1992 it was hammered by any and every DJ worth his salt. For about 12 months you heard it in every single club you went to and rightly so as it was just such an immense track.
With a fantastic atmospheric build up and then when that piano dropped in it was a pure truly magical moment. This was the track that always set the dancefloor alight, the one that everyone loved and one that no matter what time of night, what state of mind, it always just hit the right spot. A truly awesome track!!!
Why didn't it make my PCC All Time Top 30 - well only because it is so well known and has perhaps just lost that touch of mystique. But hey, that doesn't detract from it being one of the true PCCs of all time.
It was also probably the first track which created a "mash up" when it was overlayed with Degrees of Motion's "Do You Want It Right Now".
Since then it has become part of more "mash ups" then probably any other track in club history.
I've tried to include some of the best, however IMHO - you can't beat the original, closely followed by the Degrees of Passion "mash up". The passion of your paasion mix is also great with soem subtle vocals!
Get on it people, they don't come much better than this!!!!
Gat Decor - Passion
(Original Mix)
Gat Decor - Passion
(Passion of Your Passion Mix)
Gat Decor vs Degrees of Motion - Degrees of Passion
Gat Decor vs Brothers in Rhythm - Forever and a Day
Gat Decor vs C & C Music Factory - Keep It Comin'
Gat Decor vs Void - A Little Passion

Gat Decor vs Kathy Brown - Kathy's Passion

Gat Decor vs Ce Ce Rogers - Never Give Up Your Passion

Friday, 30 October 2009

Fancy a bit more Duran Duran!!!

Another appearance on the blog for Duran Duran and only courtesy of another great remix.
This time it's T-empo mixing it up and producing a really great track.
This one has lots of atmosphere and a nice bouncy rhythm witha really great feel to it.
Unusual for a T-empo remix it doesn't have their trademark dramatic piano breakdowns.
However, it is still a very good remix and a truly fine track.
"Because I’m falling down, With people standing round"
"But before I hit the ground, Is there time"
"Could I find someone out there to help me?"
A top class track folks. Enjoy!!!
I'm sure you'd rather a picture of the fabulous Mrs Le Bon then Duran Duran - I know I would!!

Duran Duran - Falling Down
(T-empo Club Mix)

"You and me can break this beat"

Here's an old skool favourite dating back to 1991 and one that I always loved.
It features vocals from Jayne Casey and I believe that it is the same Jane Casey (pictured) who was lead singer in "Big in Japan" and renowned for her shaved head.
She later went on to be a key influence in running of Cream and got them out of one or two sticky situations when the club was threatened with closure.
About the track - just a real simple old skool track with a nice rhythm, some good vocals, nice bits of piano and a feel good vibe.
"You and me can break this beat"
A very solid track and indeed a true PCC.
Get on this one, it'll bring back memories!!

G Love featuring Jayne Casey - You Keep The Love

Time for another rather large Gay Anthem!!!

Now I'm getting a little concerned here, because this is becoming a bit of a weekly habit, but who cares when the tracks are this good.
Another huge Gay Anthem - an extremely, extremely camp track, but also very good. (Klub 9 no further comments - thank you!!! Lol).
It was always a track I truly loved and it still sounds great today.
I have fantastic memories of this being played one night at the Leeds Corn Exchange - I can't remember the night but it may have been an event called a Toaster, A Blender and a 6 Foot Fish??
Anyone remember that one??
Here's the flyer as a bit of a reminder. I think it was in 1993??
The track well it's just different class.
Are you with me on this one??

Army Of Lovers - Crucified
(The Nuzak Remix)

Fancy a little something from Mrs Healy!!

Well there's been plenty of Jeremy Healy tracks on the blog, so how about something from his Missus.
I believe Patsy was into the Acid House scene and even frequented Shoom on the odd occasion.
Here's a picture of her in her glory days.
As for the track, well IMHO it's an absolute Balearic classic.
If you are wondering why it's so good it may be down to the fact it was written and produced by the Pet Sop Boys.
Also you can't beat the singing in French - very sexy!! Lush!!!
Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared
(Disco Mix)

Fancy some more classic house - there's Nothing Better!!!

Another huge house classic fave of mine.
This one comes with a spankingly good remix my Matthew Roberts (he of Bottom Dollar fame).
The track is just so catchy with some fantastic vocals, some really top notch piano, a real all round top notch house track.
This one brings back fond memories on the Hacienda and also Hard Times - hence here's another flyer which I've dug out and scanned.
House music - there's Nothing Better!!!
Colourblind - Nothing Better
(Matthew Roberts Club Mix)

Time for some more LuvDup mayhem!!

Those LuvDup Twins certainly produced some corking remixers, probably not always ones for the purists amongst you out there, but always IMHO of the highest order in creating tracks which simply rocked the dancefloor.
This one is no exception, they take a fairly popular dance track, sprinkle on a bit of their LuvDup magic and elevate it into the monster club classic category.
Love the piano in here, especially when it kicks on again.
LuvDup were big faves of mine as both remixers and DJs.
Are you all with me on that one??
It's a while since I've had a poll on the blog, so I'll put a poll so you can vote on your favouite remixers. Get voting people!!
Meanwhile enjoy this slice of club heaven!!!

Awesome 3 - Don't Go
(LuvDup 12" Mix)

Kick on those flares for a Disco Classic!!

Possibly one of my favourite Disco tracks. It still sounds brilliant no matter how many times you listen to it.
It is just one quality, quality track.
It's such a funky track and one you can't help to like.
The vocals are class, the lyrics are great, I especially love the male vocal part;
"There’s not a problem that I can’t fix"
"Cause I can do it in the mix"
"And if your man gives you trouble"
"Just move out on a double"
"And you don’t let it trouble your brain"
"Cause away goes trouble down the drain"
"Said away goes trouble down the drain"

Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

Let's go back to an old house classic!!

Hard to believe that this, as with a lot of tracks posted on this blog is now 20 years old.
A superb house track with some strong vocals and very infectious piano.
Just a really good house track.
"I don't need your love, not the kind that's going to bring me down"
This one goes out to Paul H - who I know is a big fan of this one.
Enjoy fella.

Jo Ann Jones - I Don't Need Your Love
(Original UK Mix)

If there's one track that reminds me of Cream!!

I'm sure we all have tracks which remind of us certain clubs and of course fantastic memories.
Now I' lost count how many times I went to Cream but if there is one track which every time I hear it, reminds me of Cream then it has to be this track.
To say this was huge is an absolute understatement.
From the moment that little tinkle of piano kicked in everyone was totally on it.
A truly fabulous track with some fantastic tribal chanting, it used to be great watching everyone trying to sing along and reckon they understood the words. Come on you know who you are.
We all did it. Lol.
This IMHO is by far the best version - a seriously good Hardfloor remix. Check out the Hardfloor dub which is also a fine piece of hard acid.
A big shout out to Nic G - I know you like this one fella.
Enjoy people, this is the real deal. (I've also scanned an old Cream Flyer which I came across recently)

Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke
(Hardfloor Mix)

Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke
(Hardfloor Dub)

Now we're Coming on Strong!!!

A huge track from 1999 and one hammered by Mr Oakenfold if I remember correctly.
One that just builds and builds with a really catchy high pitched background vocal.
A top, top track IMHO and one I'm sure you'll all like.
How could you not - it's another huge PCC!!
Enjoy people.

Signum - Coming On Strong
(Original Mix)

Fancy a bit of EMF - you will when you hear this!!

Now who would of thought that those annoying little shits, that used to prance around singing "unbelieveable" would get there second appearance on the PCC blog.
Well, when the're remixed this well, why not.
A superb remix courtesy of D:Ream - more Al Mckenzie then Pete Cunnah me thinks. All the same a really great building track which was huge in clubs in 1992.
The piano at 4 mins 20 secs is awesome.
"They're Here" "Aha, aha, aha"
Get on it!!

EMF - They're Here
(D:Ream Dream Mix)

Hallelujah - it's Friday night!!!

Evening all and welcome to the weekend. Apologies for the lack of activity on the blog this week, but Ive been away for a few days.
Hallelujah -its now the weekend and what better to kick it off, then with a huge club classic from on of the most prominent and consistently good dance acts of the late 80's and 90's - Inner City - the combination of the musical genius of Kevin Saunderson (pictured) and the superb vocals of Paris Grey.
This ones another corker and a huge PCC fave. I used to listen to this time and again on an old DJ mix tape back in 1992 - however that version was pitched up to go with the track it was being mixed into.
Then when I listen to this version it seems a little slow. Still all the same a great track and a true PCC, thanks to a superb Leftfield remix.
Let's hear you sing " Hallelu, Hallelu-jah!!!

Inner City - Hallelujah
(Leftfield On High Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Love is in the air - feel the love people??

What better track to finish the night off with other than a really camp balearic classic.
Another huge gay anthem (gosh what's happening to me, that's all I seem to be posting lately. Lol).
I'm sure you'll all know it well, can you resist joining in that chorus. I've even put the lyrics down for you.

"Love is in the air
Everywhere I look around
Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound
And I don't know if I'm being foolish
Don't know if I'm being wise
But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when I look in your eyes

Love is in the air
In the whisper of the trees
Love is in the air
In the thunder of the sea
And I don't know if I'm just dreaming
Don't know if I feel sane
But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when you call out my name

Love is in the air
Love is in the air
Oh oh oh Oh oh oh

Love is in the air
In the rising of the sun
Love is in the air
When the day is nearly done
And I don't know if you're an illusion
Don't know if I see it true
But you're something that I must believe in
And you're there when I reach out for you

Love is in the air
Every sight and every sound
And I don't know if I'm being foolish
Don't know if I'm being wise
But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when I look in your eyes "

Are you with me on this one??
Please let me have your comments and thoughts??
A big shout out to Allison, I know you'll kill me for dedicating this to you. Lol. He He.

John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air

Let's all get Drunk On Love!!!

Let's have another fantastic piece of house music, uplifting, filled with glorious piano and superb vocals, just how I like them.
A real top quality track with some great lyrics and a wonderful vocal performance.
"Daydream believer, taking over, no misdemeanour, stone cold sober"
A fine remix by Roger Sanchez and an excellent all round track.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!

Basia - Drunk On Love
(Roger's Ultimate Anthem Mix)

Fancy another Old Skool classic!!

Well here we go peeps another old skool classic.
This one is a typical old skool "hands in the air" piano tune.
Quite simply in it's delivery, but effective all the same. It has a lovely piano intor and then in parts is very reminiscent of Black Box - Ride On Time, with some of the vocal.
This one goes out to Wez, who I know likes this one. Enjoy fella.

Creation - Give It Up

Friday, 23 October 2009

Check out this for Ibizian Balearic Vibes!!!

When I talk about Balearic tracks I genuinely refer to the tracks which are non-dance but were dropped in clubs to amazing effect, usually as last tracks of the night or just at the right moment mid-set.
However, when I talk about Ibizian Balearic tracks I refer to tracks like this and Barefoot In The Head, Izit - Stories, Mandy Smith - I Just Can't Wait, Voices of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba etc. The sort of tracks which are perfect for warm Balearic summers nights.
This is an outstanding track with a beautiful mellow chilled vibe, some wonderful luscious piano and some warm killer vocals.
This is a true PCC and one not that widely known.
I'm sure you'll like it!!! No make that love it!!
By the way it has nothing to do with Madonna's Vogue.

Dorian Gray - Vogue

Bring on some more Mr Gotel I hear you shout!!!

Well I don't want to over do it, but since the sheer quality of Paul Gotel's remix work was pointed out to me, I have to say that I've been blown away by some of the tracks he's tinkled with.
This is another epic, which has some amazing piano and is mixed with lovely vocals and some excellent changes in tempo.
In fact it is the most Brothers in Rhythm sounding (non BiR remix) I have ever heard.
Hence, very high praise indeed.
You will love this people, I'm certain. Pure quality from start to finish!!
I've also thrown in a good Dancing Divaz mix, but IMHO it doesn't touch the PG remix.

Shady - Pearls (Hallelujah)
(Paul Gotel's Pacha Soundscape)

Shady - Pearls (Hallelujah)
(Dancing Divaz Remix)

"Are you calling me darling?"

Wow, here's a shocker for you and I bet one that you weren't expecting to see on the PCC blog.
Well, I think it's an absolutely quality tune and I believe that it was being smashed by Graeme Park in clubland before it got anywhere near the Charts.
To be fair it's just a quality, quality track. Very unique in it's sound, probably not that dancey, but I coud well imagine it going down a storm dropped at the right time. (I'll file it under Balearic).
The "Are you calling me darling?" bit is a pure quality moment.
Put aside the musical snobbery. This is the Dogs!!!
Get on it!!!

The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

Are you ready for the greatest Acapella in club history!!!

I'm sorry folks, but I won't listen to anyone who disagrees with me on this one.
This is the greatest acapella to ever hit clubland.
It was absolutely hammered by all DJs in all clubs, and overlayed some many tracks.
It's quite simply a fantastic track. I have so many great memories of hearing this in clubs.
I think it was Sasha who used to overlay it on Evolution - Metropolis which was awesome.
Keen to hear other comments of tracks which were played under this.
I've upped Evolution - Metropolis again (it's been on the blog for a while), so you can listen to both as necessary or even overlay them yourself.
"So if you go out tonight......"
"Tell the put the BRASS DISK ON!"
"Put it on, Brass Disk"
Enjoy people!!

Dupree - Brass Disc

Evoultion - Metropolis
(Piano Dub Mix)

Get those handbags out again!!!

Right folks it's time to get off you high horses and get on down to this.
A quality bit of handbag house. I was a huge fan of the LuvDup Twins both as DJs and also as remixers, they always played and produced tracks which were just simply brilliant dance tracks. Maybe not for the purists, but who cares about that - certainly not PCC.
Musical snobbery is a complete no-no to me.
This just typifies the type of stuff which they played and remixed.
Funky, bouncy, catchy as hell, yes maybe a little cheesy, but in a club these tracks went down an absolute storm.
"Get off your high horse" and Enjoy!!!
A big shout out to Braddy for suggesting this one. Nice one Bro'!

Rollo Goes Camping - Get Off Your High Horse
(LuvDup Remix)

Do you believe in the Power of American Natives?

I've had this one lined up to post for some time and thanks to a little prompt from Wez, here it is.
I used to love this back in 1992 and remember Mr Oakenfold hammering it.
Really good pumping trance, with some very melodic pipes and an infectious vocal.
Good quality trance, before there was that much trance being played.
Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives
(Vocal Mix)

Let's slow it right down with a Balearic classic!!!

The second appearance on the blog for Yazoo. A really beautiful track this one with the fabulous vocals of Alison Moyet and the keyboard, musical genius of Vince Clarke.
For those of you thinking what has this to do with club music, well my friends this is what I call pure Balearic brilliance. If you'd ever heard this dropped in a club then you'll know what I mean.
Dance music isn't always about pounding 130 bpm's.
Let me know if you like it, conversely let me know if you don't.
In my mind a true Balearic PCC.

Yazoo - Only You
(Extended Ultrasound Version)

An old favourite given a huge Facelift!!

You will all now the original version of this track, as it's a very well know club favourite, but you are probably less familar with this remix which is simply stunning.
I only heard it for the first time the other day and hence a big shout out to Dateyboy for providing it.
It's another fantastic Paul Gotel remix (so I hope you like this one Antti).
I've also included the original which I'm sure you'll recollect even if you didn't know it by name.
This is the art of remixing at it's very best, take an old classic track and tramsforming it into an absolutely monstrous club anthem!!!
Simply huge!! Enjoy people!!

Double Dee featuring Dany - Found Love
(Paul Gotel's Euphonic Soundscape Remix)

Double Dee featuring Dany - Found Love

Got to love you, love you, love you!!!

Come on indeed!!!
Those of you who check this blog regularly will know that I am a huge fan of quality trance, generally the sort of stuff which Oakie was hammering between 1996 and 2000.
This is one such track and was a massive part of his sets in that era.
Anyone that says that trance is emotionless, dull and repetetive needs to listen to tracks like this.
It is quite simply a wonderfully stunning piece of trance music, with great vocals, great piano and of course some superb pounding trance rhythms.
If you ain't a trance follower, get on this and you'll soon be converted.

Konya - Come On
(Forth's Vocal Motion)

"Attack the dancefloor like a bulldozer!!!"

Some tracks need piano to make them great, some need fantastic vocals, then there's tracks like this, that just have a fantastic killer riff and little else, but are oh so effective.
This is an absolutely monstrous track which was always a huge hit on the dancefloor.
It's one of those that had a kind of hypnotic groove that just made you want to dance.
Brilliant dance music, doesn't always have to be luscious piano breakdowns, tracks like this prove that.
As it says "Attack the dancefloor like a bulldozer!!!"
"I need Freedom"
It's a monster. Get on it!!!

Stereogen - Hi Q
(Original Mix)

Let's have a little Love on Love!!!

In my humble opinion (IMHO) this track has one of the best piano brekdowns out there. It was always one of those tracks which just melted you when you heard it in a club.
Produced by Mr Jeremy Healy and most certainly the best track he ever produced, coupled with some fantastic vocals by Byron Stingily and also fantastic bit of rapping in there for good measure.
All in all an absolutle bona fide PCC, which still sounds brilliant 20 years on.
Quite simply a stunning track, just check that piano.
A big shout out the Steve H for suggesting this one.
Enjoy people - this is a special track!!

E-Zee Posse featuring Dr Mouthquake - Love On Love
(Mouthquake Master Mix)

Let's kick off the weekend with one you all know!!!

Good evening Boys and Girls, I hope the week has been a good one and what better way to kick off the start to the weekend, with one of the most famous club tracks of all time.
This track created such a huge stir when it came out in 1990 and was probably on the firs ever rave tracks to go truly overground. If my memory serves me right it may have even got into the Top 40.
This is the first time I've listened to the track for ages and it still sounds remarkably fresh. The first part of the track is pretty commercial, but the piano that kicks in at 3mins 45 secs is absolutely wicked, really stunning
The track lives on as one of the all time "rave" classics. By the way there's nothing Hardcore about this track!!
Get on it, you know you want to!!!

Together - Hardcore Uproar
(Original Version)
Sorry people I've had to remove the link as it has been reported to the DCMA - if anyone wants it, just drop me an email at the usual address.
Regards, PCC

Saturday, 17 October 2009

I'm not one for Superficial People!!!!

I'm very much one for keeping it real and hence don't like Superficial People, but I certainly like this.
Another great Jimmy Gomez remix. James Wiltshire sure did produce some quality stuff under the Jimmy Gomez monicker.
The DMC was a great breeding school for talented remixers, what with Jimmy G, BiR, Chris and James, there must have been something in the water there!!
This one is sprinkled with fantastic piano breakdowns and a slightly repetitive vocal, but nonetheless another fine track courtesy of Jimmy G.
Enjoy peeps!!
Ten City - Superficial People
(Jimmy Gomez DMC Remix)

"Pe, Pe, Pe, Pump Up The Body"

"Pe, Pe, Pe, Pump Up The Body"
This has a simply hooj track, with some great piano and some really great high pitched vocals.
A real fun track which was always a huge favourite in clubs.
Really simple, high quality club music.
Tracks like this just ooze of feel good factor, you can't listen to this and fail to have a smile on your face. Top Class!!
Enjoy and "Pump Up Your Body!!"

4 for Money - B.J.P.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Let's bring it back with some pure quality house music!!!

This is a simply beautiful piece of house music. In fact nearly every track/remix Frankie Knuckles touched had amazing production and the most beautiful strings.
The piano in this is like all his tracks outstanding, that man certainly produced some fantastic house moments.
This has a very similar feel to "Where Love Lives" which isn't too big a suprise as it is again another Knuckles/Morales combination. When they worked together their tracks were dynamite.
House music at it's finest, 10 minutes of sheer bliss!!
Frankie Knuckles featuring Lisa Michaelis - Rain Falls
(David's 12" Soakin' Wet Mix)

Staying on the Theme of Gay Anthems!!!!

I've mentioned on this blog, before that although a strictly hetero guy, I had some of my best clubbing nights and memories at gay clubs like Vague and Paradise Factory.
The atmosphere there was just electric and one of free abandon, with one sole purpose to dance as much as possible and to have the best time possible. There was less postruing and posing than in straight clubs, people just went there to have a fantastic time and get messy!!
This track has to be one of the true gay anthems and it comes with a monstrous and I repeat monstrous remix from T-empo. This remix is simply huge, with some banging piano and some fantastic "hands in the air" moments.
Trouble was I could never quite bring myself to sing the chorus, well certainly not in the middle of Vague. Lol
Enjoy - it's a monster!!!

The Coming Out Crew - Free, Gay and Happy
(T-empo's Free At Last Mix)

Here's one for the Handbag House followers!!

It was always a bizarre tag "Handbag", but as a music genre, I really loved a lot of the tracks which were classified in this category. There were always really energetic, full of life, and generally very uplifting, pretty much the type of music which was widely played in clubs like Vague and Paradise Factory nad other gay clubs. They were probably too "camp" or "kitsch" for the purists, but lets be fair there where some absolutely corking tunes which came under that category.
This is one such track. A bit trashy, but catchy as hell and very uplifting, with some great breakdowns - "Let, Let, Let, Let, Let, Let, Let me hear you Stomp!!".
Music pigeon-holing has IMHO always been a load of nonsense and categories were names of convenience drawn up my music magazine editors. Let's face it good music is just good music.
Handbag or no handbag this is a corking track!!!

LWS - Gosp
(Bottom $ Stomp Mix)

Welcome to the Pleasuredome (The Saint)!!!

The Pleasuredome is actually reference to The Saint (pictured) - which was an amazing club in the US, which was regularly frequented by FGTH.
I have it on great authority that it was quite probably the best venue in clubbing history with an amazing sound system to match. It used to start at at about 12.00am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning and closed at 6.00pm on Sunday night. Now that is what I call a night out. A bit different to us UK clubbers being kicked out of clubs at 2.00pm-ish and then scrambling to the seedy after hours clubs to continue the mayhem.
About the track, as you'd expect a stunning BiR remix which takes you on a 14 minute journey. Epic indeed.
Allison, I couldn't let this post out without dedicating this one to you. Enjoy!!
Also a big shout out to "dateyboy" who also prompted me to post the track.
Enjoy the epic journey peeps!!
Frankie Goes To Hollywood -
Welcome To The Pleasuredome
(Brothers in Rhythm Rollercoaster Mix)

"Want to keep hold of this for you!!!"

Now this is a truly sumptious track and has always been a huge favourite of mine.
One Dove - did some great stuff back in the early 90's.
There are several mixes of this one, but my fave is the least dancey one (the Radio Mix),which I think has a really great feel about it. Very compelling and likeable, with a great laid back dance vibe, but still a really upbeat feel. The piano is just awesome as well.
I've also upped the Psychic Masturbation Mix, which is a lot vibier, but not as intense (and good) as the Radio mix IMHO.
Enjoy peeps!!
One Dove - White Love
(Radio Mix)
One Dove - White Love
(Psychic Masturbation Mix)

Time for some more old skool mayhem!!!

Now this was cetainly one I'd forgotten about, but is a quality track with lots of different samples thrown in.
A big shout out to "me old mucka" Steve O - who has always been a great contributor to the blog.
This ones for you buddy, a nice find indeed.
A huge "hands in the air" track!!
About the track, well it's got everything but the kitchen sink in it, lots of piano, lots of samples, lot's of bit's stolen from all sorts of tracks, but it's a very good track all the same.
A bit mad actually. I remember hearing it being played out, but couldn't for the life remember the artist or title.
Let me know your thoughts?

Reckless - Reckless Karnage
(Less Recked Mix)

Let's get funky with a Hac classic!!!

Now here's a quality funky little number and a huge Hacienda anthem!!
Legend has it that Graeme Park used to play two copies at the same time and cross fade between the two. If anyone has a mix of that, please let me have a copy as I'd love to hear it again.
It really is a really superb track and a top quality remix by E-Smoove, very catchy, very smooth, but very good.
Come on now "Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na,"
It's hard to believe that this dates back to 1990 as it still sounds so current, it's amazing to think it's nearly 20 years old.

Definition of Sound - Moira Jane's Café
(E-Smoove's Groovy Mix)

Time for some beautiful trance music!!!

Now those of you who visit the blog regularly will know that I'm a huge trance fan, usually the type which Oakie was banging out from 1996 to 2000.
Well this is a lot more recent, but very, very good. This is as recent as 2008 and it is a really superb trance track.
It has everything a wonderful slow building rhythm, a fantastic atmosphere and it builds and builds, then drops into a superb "breathy" female vocal, then builds up again.
A really great piece of trance music. If you're not into trance give it a try as I'm sure you'll like it, if you are into trance, get on it, as you'll love it.
A huge shout out to my favourite American friend, the fantastic Allison, for providing this one.
This one's for you Soul Sister!!!

Sylvia Tosun - Underlying Feeling
(Adam K & Soha Vocal Club Mix)

Ok time for some Paul Gotel to give us a brighter day!!!

To be honest Paul Gotel was not really a remixer I was that aware of. I never releated him to the PG Tips Anthems as in the Lena Fiagbe remixes and didn't associate him with Well Hung Parliament.
Well now he's fully on my radar and recognising the quality of some of his remixes, there will be plenty PG to come.
Let's kick off with a huge piano stomper. This is a really quality track, with some great vocals, but some even better piano. This is pretty huge, believe me. Pure Quality!!! It's one of those tracks that everytime you listen to it, it gets better!!
Again a big shout out to Antti - cheers for this one buddy, plenty more PG to come.
I hope you enjoy people!!

Kelly Llorenna - Brighter Day
(Paul Gotel's Emotive Soundscape Remix)

You wanted T-empo - you got T-empo!!!

There's been a request for some more T-empo on the blog and also some more Paul Gotel remixes. This is a great request and one I'm more than happy to oblige, as they both produced some "barnstorming" tracks.
This one is a great track (remixed in 1995) and slightly more laid back and down tempo that a usual T-empo remix, but still very good. It has a very BiR style to the remix (significant praise indeed!!).
Tim Lennox was one half of T-empo, and produced some fantastic tracks and was also a great DJ to boot!!!
Plenty more of T-empo to come in the future. This one goes out to Antti - a great contributor to the blog and a big fan of T-empo remixes. Hope you enjoy this one buddy!!

Eve Gallagher - Love Come Down
(T-empo's Dark Secrets Mix)

What a beautiful morning, what a beautiful day!!!

A big fave of mine from back in 1995, it's just a really great track.
From those opening bars, it hits "the right spot" and then continues with some great vocals, great lyrics and of course some excellent piano.
Loveland produced some "top drawer" remixes and tracks.
This one is indeed "Top Drawer"
"I want you, can hear me, do you want me, cause I want you-er"
"What a beautiful morning, what a beautiful day"
"I have a wonderful feeling, everything's going my way (my way)"
Enjoy!! (and sing along if you like!!)

Lisa Moorish - Beautiful Morning
(Loveland Vocal Mix)

Here's one of the old skool Piano tunes posse!!

I know there's a huge group of you out there who just love all the old skool piano classics. I'm also conscious that I've not posted that many in recent weeks and hence here you go a true old skool classic.
"Can't wait, Can't wait, Cant' wait, Another night, Another night!!!"
Nice and simple this one but very effective.

C&M Connection - Another Night
(Italo Warehouse Mix)

Never let it get you down!!!

For all the fact that Sasha was a great DJ, I've never been a huge fan of his remix work. He has had the occasional moments of brilliance e.g. D-Ream - U R the Best Thing, Maria - Be As One, but I could probably count on one hand the remixes that have really blown me away.
Well this in my opinion is one of his best. It's a got a really great long build up, but is pure quality and the peak is well worth the wait.
A big shout out to Matthew, I know you like this one buddy.
I have to say people the interaction and track suggestions via the blog, Facebook etc has been great lately and please keep up the track suggestions. If the're good enough - true PCC status they will get posted.
Enjoy the track folks!!!
Jomanda - Never
(Sasha Remix)

Let's kick off with some Bocca brilliance!!!

Well peeps it's Friday night again and the start of the weekend and hwat better way to kick it off then with a little bit of Balearic brilliance.
This one comes from the Boys Own stable dating back to 1990.
It contains some brilliant piano and a really kicking type of indie/dance groove.
The opening is pure quality with the car skid and the "Boy, am I going to wake you up!!"
For those of you who are not football fans (like myself) Bocca (actually spelt Boca) Juniors are a pretty famous Argentinian football team, where the legend that is Diego Maradona first plied his trade and also Carlos Tevez for that matter.
A big shout out to Steve H - I know you like this one fella.
Enjoy to all!!

Bocca Juniors - Raise (63 Steps To Heaven)
(Redskin Rock Mix)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Ain't it good, ain't it, ain't it good to have a friend!!!

There are some tracks which are stonking, some which are pumping, some that are rocking and then there's some which are just "really nice"
This one is just that "really nice", a real pleasant laid back house track, with really warm vocals, some very pleasant piano and a superb happy vibe.
It's not ones to "rush your t*ts off to" (did I really just say that??), but it's a great happy vibe, a last track of the night type tune and seeming it's going to be the last post of the night, very apt.
I hope you enjoy it people and please let me have your comments, good or bad, the more the merrier. Remember this is your blog, I only maintain it and ensure that it posts the highest quality club classics!!
A great weekend to you all.
Best regards, PCC

Gordon Nelson - You Are My Friend

Just get a load of this - pure quality!!!

One of the great joys of running the blog is coming across tracks which you've never heard of before and once hearing them, you absolutely love them.
Well this track certainly falls into that category.
It is quite simply stunning, a really, really (yes that's 2 reallys) beautiful track.
The vocals are just amazing and the piano is devine. Now I've posted a Novocento track on the blog before and thought it was just a "one off" although I was equally impressed with the vocals in that track also.
Well, it's the same vocalist, who also goes under the guise of Valerie Dore (pictured).
I have to say that I've never heard vocals as beautiful as these - they are simply amazing and the track is fantastic. A big shout out to my US buddy Allison again for alerting me to this one.
It was a huge US club track, but again not one I'd heard on UK dancefloors.
And here was me thinking that it was us Brits showing the Yanks what great club music was all about!!
Novocento - Leaving Now
(Novocento 900 Club Mixus)

Friday, 9 October 2009

And Do You Know!!!

Wow, it has amazed me that I have actually posted two Michelle Gayle tracks on the blog, but hey credit where credit's due, they have both been belters.
It just goes to show what a great remix can do for you.
This one is really great track, her vocals are actually very good, the track drifts in from a really atmospheric vibey track into a funky house track and back again several times.
In my book a definite PCC - keep them there Michelle!!!

Michelle Gayle - Do You Know
(Full Intention Vocal Mix)

Here's a little treat from a US friend!!!

Just loving this track and it's not one I'd come across before and certainly not one which I'd heard in UK clubland, although I'm reliably informed it was a huge club classic on US dancefloors.
I have to say it's a fantastic track with a superb feel, some great vocals by Sting and just a really great presence to it. There are some great key changes, as the tempo raises.
Give it a few listens as it's not as instant as many PCCs, but it is an extremely good track.
A big shout out to my US buddy Allison, this one's for you M'Dear!!!
Enjoy people and let me know if you are feeling it!!
(P.S. for those non-horticulturists amongst you the picture is of a flower called a Desert Rose)
Who says you never learn anything on the PCC blog. Lol

Sting - Desert Rose
(Victor Calderone Melodic Club Mix)

Who fancies a little bit more piano???

This probably isn't one for all the purists out there, but all the same it's a great "hands in the air" feel good piano anthem.
A really good remix by D-Ream - who actually did some pretty good remixes mainly down to Al McKenzie who was also a pretty top club jock.
Some really anthemic piano in this one, with some nice catchy vocals and a nice atmosphere to the track.
Certainly not the greatest track posted on the blog, but just about worthy of PCC status!!
Black Girl Rock - The Theme
(D-Ream Mix)