Sunday, 4 September 2022

Cosmic - oh yeah baby!

 A great piece of sublime trance from 1994.

Slightly on the commercial vibe akin to Robert Myles - Children, but very nice all the same.

A lovely feel and some sublime tinkly piano with a great trance groove.

Still sound great also 30 years on.


Cosmic Baby - Fantasia 

(Album Version)

Feel the infatuation?

Used to love this back in 1992, just a really good house groove.

Bottom Dollar produced some great stuff and loads of remixes to boot.

This is just a quality track and always sounded great on the floor.


Bottom $ - Infatuation 

(NYC Club Mix)

Tuff enough?

 Always liked this one which was pretty big in 1994.

A little big proggy, but more hangbag it always got a good reaction on the dancefloor.

Nice piano in it and some catchy crowd noise.


Boomerang - So Damn Tuff 

(Babylon Mix)

Monday, 29 August 2022

Can't you feel it?

 Great house track from 1993.

Tons of great piano and a real deep groove throughtout.

Mixed with lots of great vocal stabs, it's a real stomper.


Donnie Mark - Stand Up For The Soul 

(Grand Club Mix)

Feel the Good Feeling!

Yet another great old skool piano house track from 1991.

This one doesn't appear to be doing that much unless the thunderous piano kicks in.

From there it's fasten your seat belts stuff.

Get on it!

Doi-oing - Good Feeling 

Let there be House!

Great Hip House classic from 1989.

This was a big track back int'day and still sounds great.

Love the piano in this also especially the bit at the end.

All together "Let there be House"


Deskee - Let There Be House 

(West Bam Mix)

I can hear a voice coming from higher!

Another great old skool track that you may have forgotten about (or not heard).

This one is from 1990 and has a great feel to it.

The female vocals are lovely and it really touches you deep.

Just lovely!

 Dirty Trick Featuring Lucky EF ‎- Peace....Inside My Heart

Sunday, 28 August 2022

Listen to the man - Don't stop!

 Love this track and it was huge in 1993.

Quite a long intro and it takes a while to build so be patient.

However, the wait is certainly worth it when it explodes with a crescendo of piano.

Great early progressive track.

Fond memories of this from Cream in the early 90's.


Direct 2 Disc - Don't Stop

Can't you see that I love nobody else?

Another great little relatively unknown old skool gem from 1991.

Again lots of familiar samples and vocal snippets, but throw in some old skool piano and it instantly gives it a great vibe.

Nothing original about this one, but that doesn't spoil the aural pleasure.

Old skool like we know it simple, but oh so nice!

Dineka ‎– You Make Me Feel

(Fix Version)

Don't ever miss the goal???

One of those great old skool tracks which you probably won't know by name, but you will certainly know it when it you hear it

Love this and have it on so many great old skool mix sets from back in the day.

Those Italians certainly knew how to make great piano house back in the early 90's.

Full of piano and great high pitched vocals.

I could never figure out what you was singing, but used to love signing along

"High men say, high men say, don't ever miss the goal"

D.J D. Lite, also produced some other classic old skool tracks under several alias including 4  For Money and Tingo Tango. Classic tracks which feature on the PCC blog.

D.J. D. Lite – Tropical Movement

(Tropical Mix)

You know I want to!

I appears to be meandering along this track with not too much excitement, then bam in comes the piano and it takes off .

Cotton Club did some great stuff in the 90's and loads of great remixes also.

Love this one full of energy and that great late 90's feel, this one's from 1998.

Some stonking piano on this.


Cotton Club - Hear the Drummer

(The Original Big Mix)

Saturday, 27 August 2022

Don't play the fool!

 Just old fashioned old skool Italian piano house from 1990.

What's not to love?

Relatively simple in it's make up this one, with lots of familiar samples but that only adds to it's appeal.

"Don't play the fool"

Tendance - I Can't Take it 

(Piano House)

You've got to learn to be loved!

Totally love this track from 1996.

It' intro sounds a little like the intro to "Echo Drop", then pops in this gorgeous angelic vocal.

I'm surprised this wasn't bigger as it is pure quality.

"You've got to learn to be loved!"


Tallulah - Everything 

(The Stuntmen's Original 12'' Mix)

Yeah it's party time yo!

Corking house classic from 1990.

Those piano chords are pure class.

This track has a very C&C feel to it although it is Victor Simonelli and Arthur Baker behind it.

Love it!

Soul Rebellion - Simple Rhythm

(12" Dub Version)

This love is real!

 As soon as I hear this I think of Oakey and some of those amazing trance sets he played in the mid 90's.

This has everything a good trance should have, pumping energy, lush undertones, a pounding beat and it just builds and builds, then that gorgeous piano, not with standing some great vocals.

Still sounds amazing today which is a testament to what a great track it was.

It puts me in another place everytime I hear it.

Pure class!

Red Sun is of course another alias for Red Jerry, hence why it's such quality!

Red Sun - This Love 

(Longredsun Mix) 

Back with a bang (again!)

First post in a long while, apologies I've just been real busy of late.

Anyway back with a real banger and surprised I've not posted this before now.

It's a real stomper of a track with a lush WoW remix.

A big track in 1995 it still sounds fabulous today.

Get on it!

Dubstar - Not So Manic Now 

(Way Out West Remix)

Saturday, 21 May 2022

R.I.P. Dance music pioneer!

Sorry to hear of the passing of Vangelis this week aged 79.

Unquestionably one of the most pioneering dance music forefathers.

He created tracks which could be rivalled by no other for their uniqueness and just astounding quality.

Alpha will always be one of my favourite tracks and one which always raises spirits and puts me "in another place"

The build up of this track, is just pure delight and the peak at 4.12 is spine-tingling!

I know I've posted this track before, but it is certainly worthy of a re-post!

R.I.P great one!

Vangelis - Alpha 

Nothing lasts forever!

Fantastic remix of one of my favourite Roxy tracks.

Bryan's vocals are superb on this and the beautifully subtle piano chords are just bliss.

Not surprised to find out that Ray Mang was involved in this remix.

A wonderful reworking from 2007.


Roxy Music - Same Old Scene 

(Glimmers Remix)

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Want some Jungle Kisses??

Totally love this track, so funky and groovy.

Great memories of Oakey playing this back in 1993.

Such a great track and very different.

Can't believe I've not posted this previously.

Funky as hell and impossible not to like!

Get on it!

Roc & Kato - Jungle Kisses 

(Club Kisses Mix)

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Co-Imperial, Co-Imperial!

Used to love this one back int'day from 1991.

It was a quality piece of Hip-House with a really catchy chorus.

Co-Imperial, Co-Imperial!

Still sounds ace!

I always remember if being a big Vertigo track.

Get on it!

Wood Allen Featuring Hard Noise – Co-Imperial

(Lelewel Mix)

Saturday, 23 April 2022

I don't want to get over!

Another fantastic track from the evergreen legend that is Diana, to think this first came out in 1976.

This Frankie remix is just perfection.

The tracks starts off slowly and is very laid back, but is oh so beautifully velvet and smooth, with some sublime piano, then half way through it increases tempo and becomes more housey.

Total Frankie genius - R.I.P - the true house legend!

I've also posted the Eric Kupper remix from 2020 which is more upbeat still and although not as good as Frankie's version is still very tasty.


Diana Ross - Love Hangover 

(Classic Mix)

Diana Ross - Love Hangover 

(Eric Kupper Remix)

Rise again!

 A truly fantastic track which is totally timeless.

From 1979 it is over 40 years old and still sounds amazing.

That combination of piano and trumpet is just heaven.

The DJDiscoCat does what he always does with his Disco Purrfection Versions and makes great, that little bit better.

This is 10 minutes plus of pure gold1


Herb Alpert ~ Rise

(Disco Purrfection Version)

No more pain!

Superb track and superb remix.

Hats off to the Thunderpuss guys, they did a great job on this track.

I always loved Mary, she was such a talent and when her tracks were remixed they were sensational.

Love the way this speeds up half way through and adds that extra energy and fizz.


Get on it!

Mary J Blige - No More Drama 

(Thunderpuss Club Anthem Mix)

Friday, 15 April 2022

Missing you, oh Missing you!

Huge track from 1991.

This was one of those tracks which was played for months in clubs, by all the top jocks.

Leftfield were going through a real purple patch with their remixes and everything they touched at that time was dancefloor gold and so in the moment of that early 90's clubland vibe.

31 years on this still sounds superb.

Get on it!

Ultra Naté - Deeper Love 

(The Leftfield Vocal Mix)

Barry or Donna?

 Barry or Donna what's it going to be?

Anything but Take That.

Two superb versions of one fantastic track.

Barry's original came out in 1973 and was covered by Donna in 1976, when those Take That chappies were still at kindergarten!

I think the Donna version just pips it for me, her vocals are out of this world.

The Barry remix is from 1997 and is a great piece of work.

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic 

(Unreleased Extended Dance Mix)

Donna Summer - Could It Be Magic 

(Full Version)

Is this how it's got to be?

A classic track from 1997. 

I always thought Sybil should have been bigger than she was as she had great vocal prowess.

A couple of great mixes hear of a track which should have been much bigger.

The Mark Picchiotti mix is just oozes class, it's long at nearly 12 mins but pretty epic.

The LME remix is typical of their style, high octane with lots of great piano and their familiar uplifting stylee!

Both great tracks.


Sybil - Why 

(Mark!s Anthem Journey Vocal Mix)

Sybil - Why 

(Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)

Oh yeah, I got it!

A slightly ravey track from 1992.

You feel it's going a bit off track at times e.g. a bit too ravey, but that superb piano keeps that real old skool appeal.

Real hands in the air old skool, tried and tested on the UK's dancefloors, especially up North!

Sunset Regime - I've Got The Real Feel

Progressive perfection?

 After a slightly "questionable" last post, I'm back with a bang.

This is a real bona fide PCC and was a true banger back int'day.

This was at the forefront of the Progressive House movement back in 1993, the fact that it still sounds so fresh and amazing today, is testament to it's ageless quality.

Just wait until the piano towards the end of the track, it just gets better and better!

This was a huge track back in 1993 and remains so.

Trends are temporary - class is permanent!

Rejuvination - Requiem

I'm not trying to avoid you!

A touch poppy and commercial but still very good and just credible enough to be on the PCC blog.

Superb vocals and a beautiful ethereal feel.

A subtle remix from Tin Tin Out which doesn't deter from the original but just gives it enough dance feel.

At just under 4 mins it feels a bit short, but still very endearing.

Lene Marlin - Sitting Down Here 

(Tin Tin Out Remix)

These pianos are gold!

Quality bit of Piano Gold from 1993.

Bang, the piano hits you from the first second and stays for most of the track.

House music doesn't have to be overly complex, all that's needed is a good groove, a great bit of piano, a few snares and high hats, throw in a few choice vocals/samples/snippets and you are there.

The skill is putting it all together and making it sound great, which this track does.

Quality house music.


Jovonn - Pianos Of Gold

In my mind I'll always be his lady!

Another high quality Freemasons remix (aren't they all? - Yeah, pretty mix).

This ones from 2005.

As their usual style it contains a really catchy loop which is repeated throughout tinged with some great vocals.

It's not quite as pumping as some of their remixes, but is very smooth and nicely done.

In my mind I'll always be his lady!

In my mind I'll always be his girl!

Heather Headley - In My Mind 

(Freemasons Club Mix)

He's got a crush on my best friend!

Back with yet another classic from the divine Ms. Summer from 1977.

Pretty much everything she did was superb and this in no different.

Covered admirably by Sophie Lawrence in the 80's nothing compares to the original Donna track.

Furthermore this version by the supremely talented DJDiscoCat is just so on the money.

Disco never dies.

Donna Summer - Love's Unkind 

(Disco Purrfection Version)

I know you're feeling lousy!

Great piano banger this one from 1995.

Lots of good remixes of it also, although I'd say this one edges it.

Great vocals, great lyrics, loads of piano and a real uplifting house tempo.

What's not to love?

Get on it!

Gladezz - When You Need Somebody 

(The Serial Diva Full On Vocal Mix)

Sunday, 10 April 2022

Respect to the legends that are Simple Minds!

I went to see Simple Minds (a band who I have always loved) in Leeds last night and they were superb.

This was one of the highlights and although not one of their most famous tracks it is definitely one of their best. This is from 1981 and was totally ground-breaking at the time mixing synths and guitar. 

It was also huge in many UK clubs in the late 80's and was a big fave at Shoom and other quality acid house clubs and parties.

Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities

Due to it being such a fantastic track it was also copied and sampled many times and many of these new remakes and remixes were also huge club tracks also worthy of PCC status.

Probably the best and the most widely played was the great version from Corporation of One from 1988, especially the Oppy mix which contains all the great Tony Montana samples from Scarface and elements from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Corporation Of One - Real Life 

(Oppy Mix)

The original mix of this track is also superb and doesn't contain all the samples and snippets and was probably the most widely played out in clubs.

Corporation Of One - Real Life 

(Original Mix)

Another credible version which was released in 2001 was the Joey Negro influenced Raven Maize version which provides a bit of a heavier club beat/feel, and is very much an updated copy of the original Simple Minds version with the Real Life Queen vocal sample added. Still a great track though.

Raven Maize - The Real Life 

(Club Mix)

Finally, to finish off the sequence their is also a very credible remix by Moby which is pretty much the Simple Minds version, but with a updated 2000s Depeche Mode-esque synth feel.

Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities 2012 

(Moby Remix)

All in all. all are great tracks in their own right, but all must pay homage, respect and their dues to the original brilliance to Simple Minds who over 40 years ago (1981) created a true ground-breaking masterpiece that it is still revered and highly regarded to this day by the club scene.

Saturday, 9 April 2022

I need you more and more!

Another masterpiece from the legend that is Paul Gotel.

This is a huge track and was great in clubs, with a superb sing-a-long chorus.

Piano heaven throughout.

Pure class, enjoy!

Such a feeling!!

I need you more and more!

Erik - We Got The Love 

(Paul Gotel Club Mix)

Hey body body!

 This was a pretty big track in 1992 and was hammered by most the top DJ's at the time.

It takes a while to build, but that piano avalanche makes it all worth while.

E-Lustrious did some pretty good stuff in the early 90's and this is right on it.

Hey body body!

E-Lustrious Featuring Deborah French 

- Givin' You No Rest 

(In The Club Full On)

I've gotta go back!

Another track which should have been bigger.

A superb remix by D:Ream with Al McKenzie at the controls, most of his remix work was spot on and often unheralded.

This was a big track in 1993 and was a big fave of DJs like Sasha and John Digweed.

Exquisite vocals by the evergreen Deborah Harry (aka Blondie).

Just lovely!

Deborah Harry - I Can See Clearly 


Bond Theme-esque!

 Staying on the Morales vibe, here's another stunning remix.

This time much later from 2013 and different to his normal piano tinged sound.

A really great track though with great vocals from Celine.

It has amazing energy and could quite easily be a Bond Theme song.


Celine Dion - Loved Me Back To Life 

(David Morales La Vie in Stereo Remix)

Catch me I'm falling!

 Another fantastic remix from Mr Morales and again from 1992.

I love the whole concept of turning a naff song into a true club classic due to a superb piece of remix work.

This should have been bigger in clubs, but wasn't one I heard played out much.

How about you? Did you ever hear this played out?

It certainly wasn't big in the UK clubs, but should have been.


Betty Boo – Catch Me

(12" Version)

I gotta go, don't go!

Quality track mainly due to the fantastic remix my Mr Morales.

This one was big in 1992 and was quite commercial, but this superb remix kept it very real.

The rap is on the more commercial side of Hip-House, but still pretty slick.


Black Sheep – Strobelite Honey

(Hot Mix)

Sunday, 20 March 2022

There's only one message - Love is the message!

 I know I've posted a version of this before, but just had to re-post this fantastic remix by the legend that is Steve Anderson.

Hi remixes whether with BiR or on his own are always superb and this is no different.

Great track, great rap, glorious piano, top notch remix.


Love Inc - Love Is The Message 

(The Ideal Solution - Love, Peace And Harmony

Steve Anderson DMC Remix)

Tribal in the house!

Used to love this track and still do.

Huge back in 1991 and well ahead of it's time, a real forebearer of the future tribal house sound.

That piano is spellbinding. 

Pure class, as you'd expect on the PCC blog!

The Holy Ghost Inc - Mad Monks On Zinc


Another banger from 1989.

This one feels much more like an Italian piano track circa 1991.

Quality stomping piano from start to finish.

It has shades of Black Box, don't you think?


Eleonor - I Just Need Your Body 

(Vocal Version)

Love the New Beat!

Love this old New Beat track from 1989.

The sound is just so raw, but so authentic.

You feel as though it is getting a touch repetitive, but then the piano break kicks in and totally makes it the corker that it is.

Digital Vamp - You Can Take My Body 

(Vamp Dance Mix)

Keep your ego in check!

Great track and of course sublime remix from Steve Silk.

Just classic house music.

Love Chantay's vocals and the pulsing house groove of this.

I miss ya


Chantay Savage - Don't Let It Go To Your Head 

(Silk In The House 12")

Ready to start the revolution?

Cracking trance track from 2002.

Thumping and pounding as we like them.

It contains an infectious energy.

Get on it!

BK - Revolution 

(Original Mix)

Check it, check it out!

Lots of familiar samples and snippets hear, but that doesn't detract from it's appeal.

A cracking old skool track, maybe lacking in originality but not spirit.

Another one from 1991 which was certainly the year of the Italian House classics.

Check it, check it out!

Agent X - Get Yourself Together 

He is indeed the voice!

Possibly one of the best tracks of the last decade.

Yes, that good.

This is a true masterpiece.

Pure quality from start to finish, the beautiful piano intro and then the violins kick in and along with a ferocious energy which continues all through the track.

Just an amazing track.

Get on it!

The Black Madonna - He Is The Voice I Hear

Thursday, 10 March 2022

This one will educate, inform and inspire!

Don't you just love it when you come across a track you haven't heard for ages, one you've forgotton all about and one you totally love?

Well here is such a track.

A monstrous Sasha track back int'day.

It's just sheer class from start to finish.

Be patient with it as it is a slow build up, but my goodness is it worth it.

A simply fantastic track and so, so good to hear again.

This one will educate, inform and inspire!

Love it!


Roman - Free The Feeling Part II

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Always a slave to the vibe?

 Another Hacienda classic, hammered by Parky.

I know this one crossed over and went commercial, but this version has always a true PCC.

Great vocals, a great rhythm with those crunchy 4/4 beats and some real catchy hooks.

A classic house track.

Still sounds great all these years on - hard to believe it's nearly 30 years ago - it feels like yesterday.

Aftershock - Slave To The Vibe

(12" Club Mix)