Thursday 6 June 2024

Lick the tin!

Staying on the Tinlicker vibe, here is another awesome track from them.

This is a delightful slice of atmospheric trance, that builds gently and then just melts you as it peaks.

A great track.


Tinlicker - In Your Eyes 

(Extended Remix)

I'm out of sync with you!

Love this. 

I've been listening to a few sets recently from Tinlicker and I have to say I've been very impressed.

This was a great track from their Essential Mix session and it is simply fabulous.

Just beautiful blissed out deep house music with such amazing ethereal vocals, great lyrics and a delightful atmospheric feel.

Similar in style to some of the Keinemusik tracks I've been raving about.

I'm out of sync with you!

CUT - Out Of Touch 

(Tinlicker Extended Remix)

Friday 31 May 2024

"Baby I would like to go out tonight"

I've always loved Blondie and "Parallel Lines" was one of the first albums I ever bought, even before I reached double digits.

There's not too much of the original song in this remix, so probably not one for the purists.

That aside it is a thumping good piano banging remix from Craig Burger Queen.

As DH states "Baby I would like to go out tonight"

Blondie - Sunday Girl 

(Hardly Handbag Mix)

Feel the rush of summer over me!

Love this track, perfect for the start of summer.

The weather in old Blighty looks like it's finally picking up after weeks of rain in May.

This track from 2006 is gorgeous with some sumpticious vocals and a lovely Balearic feel.

Tinged with some lovely subtle piano, it is an excellent remix.

Feel the rush of summer over me!


Belle - Surfacing 

(Rize & 7th Heaven Remix)

Tuesday 28 May 2024

Such a feeling!

Love this track which is new.

I heard it on a recent Luvdup mix set and was really knocked out with it.

Big respect to Adrian and Mark still one of the best DJ combo's out there.

They have been fantastic since the day dot and there musical tastes are perfectly aligned with mine.

About the track it uses the Bizarre Inc lyrics from "Such A Feeling" to great effect, delivered by a combination of lush female and male vocals. It is underpinned we a superb little groove and just has an infectious rhythm.

A definite grower which gets better with each listen.


Baldien - No Control 

(Hinca Hinca Remix)

Saturday 25 May 2024

Zazoo what you gonna do?

Fantastic track from PSB from way back in 1986.

This was the theme tune to a fashion show called "The Clothes Show" which we all used to watch, which supposedly informed us of what was cool to wear.

I grew up think the Pet Shop Boys were just a pop act without fully appreciating their musical genius and the sheer brilliance of many of their songs.

Their longevity just re-emphasises this.

I going to see them live in Manchester in a few weeks which should be great.

About the track, well it's just a fabulous piece of Italo Disco with some wonderful vocals by Neil and some charming lyrics.

A real classic to this day.

It steals heavily from New Order's -Blue Monday and it also features a sample which Sabrina used in her very exciting "Boys, Boys, Boys"

Love the line "Zazoo what you gonna do?"


Pet Shop Boys - In The Night 

(Extended Mix)

Sunday 12 May 2024

You can't stop groovin'!

 Superb remix of a much overplayed classic.

This version has some superb piano which just turns it into a real stomper.

First out in 1987 and then remixed in 1995 and not one that I heard played out in clubs, but very good nonetheless and worthy of PCC status.

"You can't stop groovin'"

Linda Fields - Shame, Shame, Shame 

(House Mix)

Gee Mum can I have some more!

Staying on the 1989 vibe, this is another old classic which still sounds great.

One of those tracks which contains a multitude of samples and snippets which just adds to it's appeal.

Gee Mum can I have some more!

Laid Back - White Horse '89 

(White House Mix)

Letting the days go by!

Great track from 1989.

Love Hip-House which was one of the best genre's and very surprised it hasn't resurfaced.

Clever use of the Talking Heads sample.

The Acid Drop remix is also very good and has a wicked 303 kick.

"All systems go"

KC Flightt  - Planet E  

(House Mix)

KC Flightt  - Planet E  

(Acid Drop Mix)

Juicy as hell!

A cracking little track which should have been bigger.

Great remix and equally great piano.

This one's from 2012 and is very catchy.


Jupiter - Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) 

(Little Boots Remix)

Whose for chips?

This is a bit of banger from 2019.

Quite reminiscent of the more old skool vibe with lots of infectious piano throughout.

It's a thumbs up from me.


Hot Chip - Melody of Love 

(Adelphi Music Factory Remix)

Broke my heart now I'm aching for you?

Well, I always liked Erasure and also liked Matt Darey, hence this should work.

I think it does, perhaps a touch too cheesy/poppy and not enough hard edge trance, but it is still a pretty decent track and worthy of PCC status.

What do you reckon?

Erasure - Oh L'Amour 

(Matt Darey Mix)

Saturday 11 May 2024

Follow the orders!

 Enjoying this one at the moment which is new and being heavily played by the legend that is Graeme Park.

It's upbeat, bouncy and very infectious.

Just do as the lyrics tell you "Let The Music Take You High"

Get on it!

Lenny Fontana - Let The Music Take You High

Monday 6 May 2024

The vibe is building!

Yet another fantastic E-Smoove remix (aren't they all).

E-Smoove is one of those remixers that everything he touches is pure gold and this is no exception.

Here turns an average track into a quality piece of house music.

From 1995 this still sounds great almost 30 years on.

The vibe is building! 

Can you feel it?

Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - Power To Move Ya 

(E-Smoove's Smoove Power Mix)

Total hypnosis!

Fantastic piece of Italo Disco from back in 1987 and a big acid house track.

Very Giorgio Moroder/Vangelis-esque!

I'm sure it was also a theme tune for a TV programme, but may be wrong and quite remember which one??

The B side is also a great track and contains some excellent piano and hence well worth a listen and also uploaded.

Worth noting sometimes you see this track as Hipnosis as well as Hypnosis.

Hypnosis - Droid

Hypnosis - Automatic Piano

Welcome to the holy land!

Love this track, just a superb feel good track.

From the first minute to the last it's energetic, encapsulating and damn right funky.

Wonderful piano throughout, some glorious gospel vocals and just a really upbeat feel good vibe.

Makes you feel like Superman!

Holy Ghost - Superman 

(Holy Land Mix)

Wait for it!

Cracking old skool track from 1993.

It appears to be meandering along not really going anywhere and then this awesome piano kicks in and it explodes, hence wait for it.

This wasn't quite as big in clubs as "On Ya Way", but nevertheless a cracking lesser known gem.

Helicopter were made up of Dylan Barnes (founder of Sunflower Records) and Simon Ratcliffe (now of Basement Jaxx), hence solid heritage.

I've also uploaded the Aquarius remix which is also pretty awesome on a very sumilar vibe.

Helicopter - Jamama

Helicopter - Jamama 

(Aquarius Remix)

Girls out on the floor, just move!

Surprised that I haven't posted this one before now.

This was a huge track for our Posse when on the nations finest dancefloors in 1994.

It was huge at Cream, Vague, Back To Basics and pretty much every club dancefloor in the UK at the time.

Just one of those great tracks which set the club alive.

Brings back some great memories and still sounds great 30 years on.

Girls out on the floor, just move!

The Hed Boys - Girls + Boys 

(Seka Mix)

Wanna go higher?

Fantastic piano-liscious track from 1996.

It has a feel of a BiR remix, hence very high praise indeed.

Great vocals as well, but it is the piano on this one which makes it a real PCC.

Superb remix by Kamasutra (Alex Neri)


Funky Company-Higher & Higher 

(Kama's Club Remix)

Cheap thrills!

Love this from 2009 a great bit of kitsch catchy electro pop a tad commercial, but also very endearing.

I heard it on the Graeme Park's radio show recently and instantly loved it.

A great little groove, which I'm sure would be a smash on any discerning dancefloor.


Cicada - Psycho Thrills

Saturday 4 May 2024

Ride on!

Staying on the Luvdup vibe, here's another track which is a big feature of several of their mixsets.

Just love everything about this track from 2006, just a beautiful blissful house groove.

"Ride the storm, life goes on"

Indeed it does, so sit just sit back and enjoy!

Roachford & M.Y.N.C. Project - Ride The Storm 

(Life Goes On Club Mix)

Sweet as sugar!

I've always been a huge fan of Luvdup for well over 30 years and still to this day enjoy listening to their shows and mixsets which always contain some fabulous tracks and quite often tracks which are less well known, but certainly of fantastic quality.

This is one such track which was played on one of their mixsets from 2022.

It's just a top notch, throbbing, groove of dance music bliss.

Totally Luvdup in style and quality.

Just lovely.


Romain FX - Le Sucre d'Adam 

(Lauer Fun Remix)

Lots of Soul an' a bit more!

Love this track

It was originally created a few years ago back in 2019, but Lalou's remix is just stunning.

Such fantastic energy and atmosphere throughout, as it just builds and builds and the key changes are nothing short of epic.

I heard it on an &ME DJ set from a couple of years ago and instantly fell in love with it.

If you like grooving, vibing, progressive house you will love this.


Acid Arab - Soulan 

(Laolu Remix)

Sunday 28 April 2024

We are ok!

 Another monster of a track and another one which was very unique.

Lots of versions of this, but I think the G&D remix gives it that extra edge.

Epic trance indeed!

"We are ok"

Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony 

(Gabriel & Dresden Club Mix)

Can we stay right here!

There are lots of artists and remixers who get posted over and over on the PCC blog and that isn't because there is a lack of quality out there, it's just that their tracks are just so amazingly good and deserve the recognition and promotion.

I've often waxed lyrical about the musical genius of James Wiltshire and here he creates another spellbinding track alongside his Freemason's buddy Russell Small.

This is a track of epic proportions with beautiful vocals by Levana Wolf.

It's the sort of track when one listen is never enough.


Pegasus feat. Levana Wolf - Gorecki 

(Freemasons Mix)

Show me, tell me!

 Did the Trouser Enthusiast's ever create a remix which wasn't absolutely stunning, as I don't think I've ever heard one.

Their ability to turn an ordinary track into a bohemian, monster epic was totally unsurpassed.

This is another absolute monster, a full 11 minutes of heaven.

There is one word I'd use to describe TE remixes "spellbinding".

They also had great very descriptive remix titles to boot! Ha ha.


Ofra Haza - Show Me 

(Trouser Enthusiasts Kaleidoscope Perversion Mix)

I'm so glad you found me!

Totally love Natasha - a supremely talented artist and one who I felt never quite got the recognition her incredible talent deserved.

She should have been bigger than the likes of Britney, Billy, Taylor.

Great to see that she is touring again.

Her vocals blended with dance version is a match made in heaven.

Another cracking remix by Johnny V.

Get on it!

Natasha Bedingfield - Love Like This 

(Johnny Vicious Club Vox)

You'll be blown away!

Totally love this track which I'd say is bordering on genius.

It is just so different, so original and yet so utterly engaging (and addictive).

A truly amazing remix by the Duke.

I wouldn't know really how to describe it as it is very different to pretty much anything which has been posted on the PCC blog.

All I'd suggest is that you give it a listen as you won't be disappointed.

It is truly captivating.

It's like a blend of Radiohead (on acid), blended with Junior Jack, blended with the Trouser Enthusiasts!


Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down 

(Duke Dumont Remix)

Come on, come on!

 A cracking track from 1994 which didn't get as much club play as it should have.

The Cotton Club produced and remixed some quality tracks and this is certainly one of them.

I think I hear a little Billy Ray Martin vocal sample in here, mixed in with lots of thumping and throbbing energy.

It feels like the type of track which Jon Pleased would have played in that era.


Move Inc. - Partners 

(The Cotton Club Brewery Mix)

Oh we remember!

Surprised I haven't posted this before now, an absolute stomper of a track.

MJ at his very best and E-Smoove doing what he does so brilliantly, that being creating fantastic piano laden house remixes.

This one is a belter.

I miss MJ, he was such a talent. 

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time 

(E-Smoove's Late Nite Mix)

Need a little more love!

 Corking track from 1994 which was a big Allister Whitehead favourite (if my memory serves me correctly).

Great vocals, great production and a top class remix by those boys from Love To Affinity.

Quality house music, just how we like it!

So many people lost and abandoned.

Melanie Williams - Not Enough 

(Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix)

Sweet, sweet temptation!

Not posted much Old Skool recently, so here you go with a cracking little track and a relatively unknown track.

It has all the great Old Skool ingredients, great piano, catchy as hell with some nice cheesy vocals.

What's not to love.

One of those tracks guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Sweet, sweet temptation!

M.C. Fear - Temptation 

(New York Mix)

Feel those Indian vibes.

Staying on the Balaearic vibe.

Loved this track from the first time I heard it on the Pete Tong Essential Selection in 1994 (which I religiously tuned in to).

It is just such a funky and catchy piece of Balearic delight.

Still sounds great and just as unique 30 years on.


Mathar - Indian Vibes

(Discovery Of India Mix) 

Check it out!

A delightful old house classic from 1989.

Very chilled and Balearic in essence, it contains some lush piano and is such a sensational track.

One you never tire of hearing.

Sublime and no surprise to know this is another Dave Lee/Joey Negro production which just adds to his legend status and proof of longevity.

Check it out!

Vibe on!

Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk 

(Hyper Spaced Mix)

And the word is flow!

This is a real banger from 1994.

Think Higher State of Consciousness, but much less cheesy and you are somewhere close.

Let me see your hands!

Marine Boy - Fluid 

(108 Grand Straight Mix)

I can't keep from falling in love!

 Right up there with Madonna's finest club tracks courtesy of a fantastic remix by Mr Morales.

This was also a big Hacienda track and I have very fond memories of grooving away on the dancefloor when this was dropped by Mr Park, way back in 1992.

I can't keep from falling in love!

Pure class!

Madonna - Deeper And Deeper 

(David's Classic 12'' Mix)

Life is just one happy song!

Always love a piece of quality classic house music.

This is a great track from 1992 from the fantastic Strictly Rhythm label.

This track just oozes class from start to finish.

Life is just one happy song!


Ira Levi - Free Your Mind 

(Club Vocal Mix)

Disco heaven!

A fantastic disco track from 1977.

Funky, deep and very endearing.

It contains some great instruments and has a real raw but compelling atmosphere.

Such an original and unique track, which still sounds amazing.

Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

Always going Above & Beyond!

 Another superb track from A&B which just epitomises their style and quality.

This one is from 2002 and features the wonderful vocal talents of Kate Cameron.

As they'd say in the trance world - a complete banger!

Above & Beyond - Far From In Love

(Original Mix)

Thursday 18 April 2024

Take it away Dina!

I always thought Dina was a fantastic vocalist and although she had a certain degree of success, I always thought her talent deserved better.

That said, this is her fifth appearance on the PCC blog, so at least we rate her highly.

This is a great classic house track from 1993, great vocals, fantastic piano and a high quality remix as we'd expect from Phil Kelsey.

Pure class!

Dina Carroll - Falling 

(Phil Kelsey Remix)

This is "the" version!

Although I posted the original mix (and a few other good remixes) of this track as long back as 2009.

This is without a shadow of a doubt the best mix.

It's pretty similar to the Original Mix for the first part of the track, but then it takes you to another level when the piano kicks in again at 4 mins 51 secs.

The next few minutes are just pure delicious piano heaven.

I first became aware of this version through the epic Chris & James Essential Mix in 1994, which even 30 years on is still my favourite DJ mix set of all time.

Full respect to the legend that is Fabi Paras for creating the original of this track, boy that man produced and remixed some amazing tracks.

Finally, also respect to Mr Healy, on one of his finest studio moments!


Outrage - Tall 'N' Handsome 

(Short 'N' Stumpy Mix)

At first I was afraid, I was petrified!

Possibly one of the most well know (and most overplayed) dance tracks, but that shouldn't detract from it's brilliance as it is truly a PCC.

Especially as it is is almost 50 years old and was originally released in 1978.

This is a great remix by Phil Kelsey from 1993 who pays great respect to the original vibe of the track, but just it that extra bit of dancefloor punch.

It's still a favourite track of mine and one I always enjoy hearing.

As soon as you hear "At first I was afraid, I was petrified", you're in heaven!

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive 

(Phil Kelsey Classic 12" Mix)

Saturday 13 April 2024

Under pressure, too much in my head!

A huge fave of mine from 1991 that halcyon year of piano classics.

This track has it all, beautiful lush vocals, some great lyrics and of course that stomping piano.

They don't make them like this anymore.

Pure Class - just want we want on the Pure Club Classics blog and this is certainly the epitome of that ethos.

Enjoy - I'm confident you will!

N.B. This was produced by Nick Hussey, although it often appears under the DJ Roy Silver moniker.

E-Motion feat. Julie McDermott - Promised Land 

(Original Mix) 

Sunday 31 March 2024


A pretty spectacular track from 2004.

Oakey sprinkles his usual magic dust.

The intro is just sublime with the piano and then the guitar, which then both kick in again mid way through.

Pure class!

Carlos Vives - Como Tu 

(Paul Oakenfold More Vocal)

We had such a fine time together!

One of my all time favourite vocalists, just such a fantastic singer.

Her album "And Still I Rise" is one of my all time favourites and I spent many a Sunday chilling out to it in the 90's after a long clubbing session the night before.

Alison is of course most known for the fabulous "Where Love Lives" which although a bonafide club classic, it has been so overplayed that it has now lost some of it's original fizz.

This is a great track which fully emphasises Alison's vocal power accompanied by a great remix from the Oakey/Osborne - Perfecto duo.

We had such a fine time together!

A top notch PCC!

Alison Limerick - Come Back (For Real Love) 

(Perfecto Mix)

One of the all time greatest!

One of the greatest tracks ever produced.

I remember when I was first introduced to it I just played it over and over again as I was just so blown away by it.

Donna (and Giorgio Moroder) were probably more well known for the ground breaking "I Feel Love", but as good as that was this is in my opinion was the real pièce de résistance.

The fact that the track is nearly 18 minutes long, but never at any point do you want it to finish.

It is just an epic, epic monstrous track.

A big thanks to my good friend Ed from over the pond for introducing it to me.

This one's for you Ed!

Donna Summer - MacArthur Park Suite 

(Original Extended Version)

We ain't got no hope!

Another fantastic reworking of a disco classic by the highly prolific Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro).

Dave's work is always amazing, always keeping the essence of the original but just updating and tweaking things to give it a more modern feel, yet keeping enough authenticity from the original to create a new masterpiece.

He is most certainly one of the very best disco/house remixers.

This is a fabulous track with some great lyrics, great vocals and just such a fabulous disco-tastic rhythm, not to mention real instruments.

Disco music perfection.

Eddie Kendricks - Going Up In Smoke 

(Dave Lee fka Joey Negro Big Smoke Mix)

Saturday 30 March 2024

Going back to your (Soul) Roots!

This is hot off the press.

This is a superb reworking of a superb original by "Edward's World" which was a major track for us back in 1994 and was posted on the PCC blog as far back as 2012 (check it out).

It is of course piano-licious from start to finish and this reworking is exactly the same.

Joe Ventura is most certainly one of the best producers/remixers about at the moment and without question "Big Speaker Music" is currently the best label out there.

Pretty much everything they put out is top notch, so check out their stuff.

Hope you enjoy the track, it's a belter and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Joe Ventura - Soul Roots 

(2024 Extended ReSpray)

Friday 29 March 2024

Feel the inside!

Another amazing track from &ME (one of the Keinemusik guru's) and a mainstay of many of their great sets.

It's just a luscious piece of chilled laid back deep house.

The whole vibe and atmosphere of the track is electric and the vocals are just delightful.

When the "French Kiss" section kicks in it reaches heavenly status.

Feel the inside!

Simply gorgeous!

Röyksopp & Alison Goldfrapp - Impossible 

(&ME Remix) 

Come on, come on in!

Before his TV celebrity and fame, RuPaul had a few pretty decent house tracks.

This was probably the pick of them (although Supermodel was great also) courtesy of a great remix from Eric Kupper which was probably the one most played in clubs.

It sounds a bit dated now, but it always went down well on the dancefloor back in 1993.

RuPaul - House Of Love 

(Eric Kupper 12" Mix)