Sunday, 15 January 2023

Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Let's just wallow in this piece of Balearic brilliance.

I hated The Cure growing up as a young teen, mainly because my sister loved them.

As I matured I began to appreciate their true genius and they truly deserve their place in the upper echelons of UK music history.

When they remixed their tracks via the Mixed Up album their brilliance was converted to the dancefloors instantly creating Balearic masterpieces of which this is one.


"I spy with my little eye something beginning with "S"

The Cure - Lullaby 

(Extended Mix)

I feel charmed!

Fantastic track from 1990 which combines a whole host of different flavours.

Great rapping, great vocals, great piano, with "The Raze - Break for Love" drumbeat running under it all.

Just a fantastic mish-mash of so many things going on and colliding, yet still sounding so great.

A really special and unique track which has stood the test of time!

Enjoy the Atm-Oz-Fear!

The Atmosphere Introducing Mae B - Atm-Oz-Fear 

(Atmosphere Mix)

For all you mad badgers out there!

You could always rely on the Cotton Club to produce something bangin'.

This is one of those tracks, energetic, uplifting and loaded with plenty of fantastic piano.

A proper little stomper this one.

Just for those as mad as a badger!

Get on it!

The Cotton Club - Mad Badger

Tell this to everybody wherever they are!

Truly fantastic track from 1991.

I remember first hearing this on Annie Nightingale's show on Radio 1 on Sunday nights back in '91.

She used to rave about this song and rightly so.

It's just so unique and so full of Balearic brilliance.

Totally timeless and still sounding fantastic 32 years on.

"Watch the sky, keep looking!"

Transglobal Underground – Temple Head

(Pacific Mix - Airwaves)

Welcome to the wonderland!

Brace yourself for 16 minutes of the most epic trance you are likely to hear.

Here in all it's full glory are the complete versions of this most wonderful track from 1993.

There are of course many remixes and many are excellent, however you get the best feel for the real brilliance and amazing atmosphere of this track through these versions.



If you haven't quite got the patience for 16 mins, I've also posted the instrumental version (the one hammered by Oakey), which is epic enough although only 6 mins in length.

Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland 

(Chapter One: The Past, Chapter Two: The Future)

Vernon - Vernon's Wonderland 

(Instrumental Mix)

Can you feel the sunshine?

Surprised I've not posted this before, a quality upbeat house classic from 1992.

It was a mainstay of many of Parky's and Danny Rampling's sets back in 1992.

Very fond memories of bopping away in the Hac to this one.

It's just one of those tracks that instantly brings a smile to your face.

The piano is just so infectious.

All we need is some sunshine, which is sadly lacking in the UK at the moment (no surprise there!).

Unit 2 - Sunshine 

(Shine On Mix)

Another hidden gem!

Fabulous track from 1994 and something of a hidden gem.

Certainly not a track which was widely played and yet should have been.

It has all the right ingredients. such lush vocals, a great groove and of course some corking piano.

Defin itely should have been more popular.

However, still great to enjoy it now.

By the way this has nothing to do with Inner City a la Kevin Saunderson, it is Bobby D'Ambrosio behind the remix.

Waterlillies - Tempted 

(Inner City Club Mix)

I used to think that I knew you well!

 A superb track from 2020 which is a lot more recent than most on the PCC blog.

I'm really like a lot of Yotto's work.

If you like your music dreamy atmospheric and trancey he's your man.

Such a great vibe to this track and it's that gets better every time you play it.

Superb vocals from Nathan Ball.

Get on it!

Also very worthwhile getting on the Paul Woolford remix which is also great, which is much more upbeat and laden with his trademark booming piano riffs.

Faithless feat. Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi - I Need Someone 

(Yotto Extended Remix)

Faithless feat. Nathan Ball & Caleb Femi - I Need Someone (Paul Woolford Extended Remix)

Swimming into the sunset!

Fantastic track and a sublime remix with wonderful vocals commentary by Beth Orton.

This track has such a fantastic floating atmospheric vibe to it.

Just heavenly and then when the piano kicks in - oh my!!

"Swimming, swimming, swimming into the sunset"

William Orbit -  Water From A Vine Leaf 

(Tripswitch Remix)

A voice from heaven!

Possibly one of the most unique and amazing vocalists of our generation.

Simply stunning.

Valerie is the same vocalist as on the fabulous Novocento track "Leaving Now" which was massive in clubland in 1994 and was posted on the PCC blog back in 2009.

This track from 1984 is more Italo disco based, but is still amazing thanks to her truly stunning ethereal vocals.

It's a slice of dance music heaven!

I'll always be eternally grateful to my late friend Allison  for introducing me to this track (R.I.P.)

Valerie Dore - The Night 

(Ben Liebrand Remix)

All because...

 A superb piece of trance from 1996.

Very melodic and yet rocking at the same time.

It has a very Sunscreem feel due to the vocals and some lovely piano.

Great track.

Universal State Of Mind - All Because Of You

(Original Mix)

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Let the sky fall down!

Lots of Sunscreem on the PCC blog and rightly so as they were one of the very few consistent dance acts who managed to be both underground and mainstream at the same time.

The former was usually due to some fantastic remix work and this is a classic example.

There are so many remixes of this track and many very good, but none quite touches this IMHO.

The slow intro is so luxurious and teasing and was a great set opener.

The Graeme Park remix is also superb (as always) and there are many others worthy of listen.

Great track, great band, great remixes.


Sunscreem - Love U More 

(Slam Mix)

Sunscreem - Love U More 

(Graeme Park DMC Remix) 

Pure desire!

Another person who I never thought I'd see on the PCC blog.

One third of Bros, with a great track which was turned into a club monster courtesy of a superb remix by Joe T Vanelli.

It's a little reminiscent to MJ's Black & White in parts and truth be told, there's not much of Matt in it, which is probably a good thing.

A quality club track though.

Get on it!

Matt Goss - The Key 

(Joe T. Vannelli Corvette 2 Mix)

Sexuality what does it mean?

An absolutely barnstorming track from 1989.

I'm not a big fan of male vocals, but Jamie Principle is one of my faves.

His vocals are always electric and this is no exception.

Cover your ears if you don't like expletives, but this track is off the scale.

30 odd years on and it still sounds just as good as it did back in '89.

Proper house music gold.

Jamie Principle - Scream 


Respect to the Guru!

I'm quite amazed I've not posted this before, but on reflection I purposely avoided posting tracks which were well known/over played when I first started the PCC blog back in 2009.

This is and always will be one of the original rave anthems, yes it went mainstream, yes it was overplayed, yes parts of it do sound very cheesy and very dated, but that sax riff will never age and will always continue to send shivers down anybody with a dancing bone in their body.

Additionally the piano on this track is also "off the wall" and equally epic!

It's well past 1990 and sadly the Guru is no longer with us, but this track always will be.

Respect to the Old Skool crew!

It's time for the guru!

Guru Josh - Infinity

(1990's: Time For The Guru)

Yes, we will!

More heavenly work from two of my favourite artists.

Diana is one of my all time favourite vocalists and Frankie (RIP) is one of my all time favourite remixers.

They combine to provide a beautiful piece of house music from 1994.

Just lovely.

Diana Ross - Someday We'll Be Together 

(Frankie Knuckles Def Mix Extended)

Let it burn!

Well I never thought I'd be posting Adele on the PCC blog.

I'm not really a fan of remix's of very well known pop tracks, but I have to say that those Moto Blanco boys have pulled off a great remix here.

It still captures all Adele's epic vocals, but adds a piano laden dance vibe which is just top notch.

Hope you enjoy this one?

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain 

(Moto Blanco Remix)

Say Juice, Say Juice!

Quality little number from 1995.

Some great piano and a few catchy little samples.

"Say Juice, Say Juice"

"What's the new Jam"

Get on it!

AFC Botswana - Juice

Now this did raise the house!

Now here's a track which was absolutely huge on the clubs dancefloors.

It's from 1993 and is a bit of a mash up of various tracks, but oh my it was fantastic when dropped.

It includes the following tracks but regardless of it's pilfering no one could argue with it's ingenuity and the effect it had on the dancefloor.

"Back In My House" - Erick Morillo

"Give It Up" - The Good Men 

"We Can Make It" - Sole Fusion 

"Can You Feel It" - CLS 

A real bonafide PCC!

Get on it!

Smooth Touch ft Althea McQueen - House Of Love

(Raise Your House Mix) 

Monday, 2 January 2023

Just do what feels good!

Fabulous house track from 1995.

Lots of stomping piano mixed with a delicious house groove and some great vocals.

This should have been much bigger, definitely an underappreciated gem.

Like it says "Just do what feels good!"

Jaimy & Con-Am - Melody Of Bells 

(Vocal Mix)

All this talk is getting me down!

Totally love this track from 2012, very unique and just so great.

I must admit I lost a lot of love for Sasha after 1993 when his DJ and remix work went too long, too proggy and frankly a bit boring for my tastes.

However, this is one of his very best in recent times.

A totally stunning piece of music, with some great vocals and a wonderful atmospheric vibe.

All this talk is getting me down,

Nothing' making sense in my brain.

Not that clubby, but really great all the same.

Hot Chip - Flutes 

(Sasha Remix)

Definitely, undeniably you are the one for me!

A superb track from 2019 with such a great disco feel containing some superb vocals by the fantastic Kathy Sledge.

Dave Lee aka Joey Negro is one of the most prolific remixers out there and his work is always of an impeccably high standard.

This is just a great track which contains everything I love in a dance track.

Definitely, undeniably you are the one for me!

Pure Class!

It's 1970s disco in the 2020s.

Horse Meat Disco & Kathy Sledge - Falling Deep In Love 

(Dave Lee 12" Disco Blend)

Life's too short to miss out on this!

Another absolute belter of a track which sounds even better with the live crowd reaction.

Just a top notch hard house progressive belter than was massive in clubs and never failed to set the dancefloor on fire.

Contains a fantastic build up and then  a truly explosive drum roll.

Progressive hard house at it's very best.

Hole In One - Life's Too Short 

(Live At Paleis Mix)

Just for Sundays!

A superb piece of laid back deep house which creates a floating on air kind of feel.

This is from the The Festival EP from 1995 and is a stunning piece of work from the very talented Kevin McKay.

A really great feel good track to soothe your soul and float away to.

Just lovely!

A perfect track to groove out to on a Sunday!

Glasgow Underground - Stella Sunday


A pounding, throbbing beast of a track from 1992.

Contains some great heavy percussion and hand claps and then drops that atmospheric break from Moby's - Go, which was also cleverly used in Twin Peaks.

Tracks like this made so much more sense on the dancefloor and were immense when dropped at the right time.

Gateway Experience - Twin Freaks

(Original Mix)

Ibiza '89 Balearic Classic!

Always loved this track which is a proper Balearic classic.

It contains some delightful pipes and has a superb luxurious atmosphere throughout with some lovely key changes and gentle synth chords.

A big fave on the Ibiza scene back in '89.


E.J. Robinson - (Theme From) Rain Man 

(Club Version)

Just look to the hills!

An epic classic house track from the Brothers Of Peace (B.O.P.) with some great vocals from Earl Bennett.

This one is from 1993 and 30 years on it still sounds amazing.

A proper classic house groove laced with some superb piano.

Pure class!

It's gonna be alright!

Get on on it!

B.O.P. Featuring Earl Bennett - Alright 

(B.O.P. Journey Remix)

Love, a freedom without sin!

Love this a little known hidden gem from 1989.

A great remix by the legend that is Danny R.

Danny wasn't the most prolific remixer, but his hear for a tune was always his forte and his remixes were usually laced with some delicious piano and this is right on cue.

Love, a freedom without sin!

A great little track.


 D Mob - A Rhythm From Within 

(Danny Rampling Remix)

Sunday, 1 January 2023

To give myself an education!

I've already posted a previous version of this, but much say that I rather like this remix which was released in 2007, very tasty.

This track contains the glorious vocals of the fabulous Sabrina Johnston.

All polished off with a superb remix from those 7th Heaven chappies and you have a dancefloor gem with a real feelgood factor vibe.


The Sphinx - What Hope Have I 

(7th Heaven Mirrorball Mix)

Oooh I love it!

 Love this track a superb remix of the original classic by Maurice Joshua from 1993.

It keeps all the authenticity of the original and adds some extra house spice with some great synth stabs.

A top notch house groove, which still sounds great 30 years on.

Oooh I love it!

Get on it!

The Salsoul Orchestra - You're Just The Right Size 

(Mo' Maurice Club Mix) 

"We're gonna start this happy vibes!"

A fantastic old New Beat track from the Acid House era of 1989.

Just love everything about this track from the unique tribal rhythms to the African chants.

It's one of those that grabs your attention from the off and keeps you fully engaged throughout.

"We're gonna start this happy vibes"


Teque Nick - Bye Bye Stempi

Keep dreaming!

Staying  on the trance vibe another great track from Tilt.

This one from 1995 and features their usual trademark epic trance vibe.

Some great breathy vocals from Bjork also.

All in all another great trance track which stands the test of time.

I've also included the longer Resurrection Mix which came later in 1999 and is also outstanding.

Tilt - I Dream 
(Casa de Angeles Mix)

Tilt - I Dream 
(Tilt's Resurrection Mix)

In Deep Space!

Happy New Year to you all and here's to a fantastic 2023.

Kicking off the New Year with one of my old favourites, a fantastic trance track which was one of the main stays of many of Oakey's sets in the late 90's, notably his fantastic Essential Mix in 1999 from the Rojan club in China.

It has everything a trance track could wish to have, hypnotic pounding rhythms that continue to build and build and then unleash an epic breakdown.

Close to trance perfection.

Superb work from John Graham (Space Manoeuvres) but more commonly known under his Quivver moniker. A class act!

There are many remixes of this and many of them great, but this is the best.

"In Deep Space. Abandoned. Any crew? Negative"

Space Manoeuvres - Stage One 

(Orkidea Mix)

Thursday, 29 December 2022

'Cause, it's worth it!

Staying on the Pet Shop Boys theme, I couldn't resist posting this one.

Yet another superb Brothers In Rhythm remix creates a epic re-working of a great pop song.

My admiration for the PSB's has grown over the years as I've uncovered more of their underground tracks and this is right up there with their best stuff.

Neil's vocals are always so distinctive and they work to great effect on this track.

BiR of course have the Midas touch and voila we have a supremely produced piece of dance music delight.

"Yes it's worth living for"

Pet Shop Boys – Was It Worth It?

(12" Version)

It's a scandal!

 A cracking re-working of an old Dusty Springfield track, by the Pet Shop Boys, from 1990.

They were huge Dusty fan's and also huge fans of the underground dance music movement, in addition to their more overground pop success.

A great remix by Oakey/Osbourne create a piano laden delight.


The Strings Of Love - Nothing Has Been Proved 

(Land of Oz Mix)

Wednesday, 28 December 2022

So good, it's so good!

 A big fave of mine, although not the mix I'm most familiar with which was the "149 Club Mix" previously posted on the PCC blog many years ago (back in 2010).

However, it's "So good, it's so good!" I thought it was definitely worthy of another post.

Love pretty much all Steve Proctor's remix work, he was and still is a dance music ledge!

Enjoy people!

Museka - Beautiful In Red 

(Steve Proctor Mix)

Take a trip to Mekka!

Cracking track from 2001 which was a regular feature in many of Oakey's sets around that time.

Also featuring the wonderful Dominique Atkins more famed for her vocalist work in the Oakey/Osbourne collab Grace.

This track has some pounding beats and those wonderful ethereal vocals snippets from Dominique.

Get on it!

Mekka - Diamondback 

(Original Mix)

Someday a spirit will lift you and take you there!

A cracking little track from 1995 which does indeed have the spirit of Ibiza '89.

It was also released under the title Everybody's Free (The Mambo Pacha Mix) by Rozalla.

It's a cracking little mix and well worth a spin.

Someday a spirit will lift you and take you there!


Espirit - Sueno Ibiza 

(Alfredo's Spirit of '89 Mix)

I'll be around anywhere!

Loved some of the stuff Dubstar did and always loved Sarah Blackwood's vocals.

This was their first track (from 1995) and it's a catchy little number with a great Graeme Park remix.

Of course in true Parky style it contains a great house groove and is laced with some excellent piano.

Fine work once again from the house music legend.

Definitely a hidden little gem!

Dubstar - Anywhere 

(Parkside Mix)

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Keep the Faith!

As a further tribute to Maxi, here's another well known Faithless track given a monster re-working.

Pretty much everything Above & Beyond touched was pure gold and this is no exception.

It retains the original vibe of the track, but just adds another dimension.

I also had to post the Danny Tenaglia remix which is equally awesome - 12 minutes of pure adrenaline.

Whilst the Way Out West Mix oozes their usual class and is also a cracker.

I'm not sure I could choose which is the best as they are all pretty different, but all very awesome at the same time.

That's the beauty of remixes!


Faithless - Salva Mea 

(Above & Beyond Mix)

Faithless - Salva Mea 

(DT's Main Club Mix)

Faithless - Salva Mea 

(Way Out West Mix)

R.I.P. Maxi

Very sad to hear that Maxi Jazz passed just before Christmas.

Hi vocal style was truly unique and although for me Faithless, were a touch too mainstream, they did undoubtedly create some epic tracks.

This is one of their best known and has two great remixes which make it more underground.

The Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix is everything you'd expect and done to perfection in their fantastic style.

The Armin remix is also great and really gives the track a new uplift.

R.I.P. Maxi your musical legacy will always be there.

Faithless - We Come One 

(Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix)

Faithless - We Come 1 2.0

(Armin Van Buuren Remix)

More excellence from Matt!

 Another banger from Matt Darey from 1999.

His remixwork from that era was always of such an impeccably high standard.

He certainly was the trance guru of that time.

This one is in his usual inimitable style, "rockin' the gaff".


Blockster - Grooveline 

(Matt Darey Remix)

Sunday, 18 December 2022

Acieed in the house!

 An acid house classic from 1988.

It combines those lovely squelchy acid Roland TB303 sounds with some great gospel style vocals and then peaks when some great piano kicks in.

I believe Adonis also had a hand in this.

A timeless classic.

Charles B - Lack Of Love 

(Club Mix)

Will you still love me??

Yet another fantastic remix by E-Smoove, this one from 1995.

Everything he touches is pure gold and he very rarely made a remix which wasn't top notch house music.

This is yet on the vibe and laced with his trademark piano.

Great track and some great lyrics also.

Bruce Roberts featuring Elton John - When The Money's Gone 

(E-Smoove Club Mix)

Our Father, who art in heaven!

Breeder created some great tracks just around the turn of the Millennium.

Driving progressive trance which had great energy and fizzed along, yet always had a wonderful serene and atmospheric peak.

I'm surprised this is the first track of theirs I've posted, but it won't be the last!


Breeder - Tyrantanic 

(Slacker's Kingdom Come Mix)

A blast from the past!

Superb track from 1988 and very popular at the time, both in clubs and the mainstream.

This version is pure class and still sounds great.

Love it!

Bomb The Bass featuring Lauraine - Don't Make Me Wait 

(Maximum Frequency Mix)  

Feel the funky music!

Fantastic track from the uber talented Ashley Beedle.

I'm amazed this is the first BSO track on the PCC Blog as most of their tracks and remixes were of the highest order.

Normally on the more soulful jazzy side of house, but always beautifully produced.

This is long coming in at nearly 12 minutes, but it one heck of a groovy journey.

First released in 1996 it still sounds just as impressive today.

Get on it!

Black Science Orchestra – Save Us (Funky Music)

Saturday, 17 December 2022

Music for the people indeed!

When I first heard this, I thought what a fantastic track and had no idea who it was.

Hence, I was really shocked to find out it was a new recording from the Luvdup legends.

Adrian and Mark have always been one of my fave DJ and Remix artists.

The quality of the work they have produced over the last 30 years is truly amazing not to mention their fantastic DJ sets.

I've had some of my best ever clubbing nights listening to their sets.

About the track, well it's just as good as everything and anything they've ever done, which is high praise indeed. 

It's a complete barnstorming piano avalanche of a track. Absolutely off the scale.

Chapeau chaps - superb!

Music for the people - most certainly!

Luvdup - Music for the People 

(Paradise Vocal Mix)

Say, doing alright, doing alright!

It's great to hear that there is still great music being produced.

This is one of my favourite tracks this year (2022).

It's just great from start to finish, with fantastic vocals from Pauline Taylor.

What a great track. 

I've posted 2 mixes as they are both superb.

The Floorplan remix is probably more clubby and contains some amazing piano, but both are fantastic.


Sophie Lloyd (feat. Pauline Taylor) - Angels By My Side 

Sophie Lloyd (feat. Pauline Taylor) - Angels By My Side 

(Floorplan Extended Remix)

How does it feel baby?

This has been getting lots of play in the past few weeks on the PCC playlist.

It is just a sensational timeless classic and one that gets better with every listen.

An amazing remix by Tom Moulton accompanied by superb vocals from Bettye Swann.

Dance music perfection? Not far off.

Just glorious!

Bettye Swann-When The Game Is Played On You 

(Tom Moulton Remix)