Sunday 25 February 2024

Be good to me!

A straight up house banger from 1995.

Lots of great uplifting piano as typical of Greed's remix work.

Jeanie has some powerful vocals and lets fly.


Jeanie Tracy - Do The Right Thing 

(Greed's Euphorik Club Mix)

Sweet indeed!

A beautiful slice of Balearic heaven.

Just such a feel good song, perfect for a hot summer's day.

Roll on the sunshine.

Great lyrics, great harmonies and such a cool and chilled vibe.


James Yuill – This Sweet Love 

(Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)

DJ's the man we love the most!

Love this track, quality bit of Balearic groove/Indie dance.

Of course it is inspired by the Stones fantastic original.

The chorus and piano on this is heavenly.

Most definitely a hidden gem and a much underplayed classic.

DJ's the man we love the most!

Pure class!

J.B.C. - We Love You 

(The Great Awakening)

Keep those fires - Hot!

A quality groover from 1994.

Some tidy work by Jon Da Silva.

This one was always a winner on the dancefloor.


Ideal - Hot

Follow the footprints!

I believe these guys have a mention on the site already with "Right Here, Right Now". personally this is my favourite track from Disco Citizens. Originally released in 1996, it got the revamp in 1997 and this remix is fantastic.

A lot of the music i have posted here so far has featured from 1995 to 1997 and probably one of my favourite periods in dance music. every week a track seemed to come out better than the week before!

Anyway Enjoy. leave a comment let me know what you think!

Disco Citizens - Footprint 
(Sonic Original)

Very tangy and tasty!

 Great track from 1992 which was one of the early progressive house track.

This one was on a slower vibe and more Balearic in nature.

Lemon Interupt were of course a pre-cursor which then became Underworld.

To be honest. I prefer the Lemon Interupt stuff more than what they later did as Underworld.


Lemon Interupt - Eclipse

Saturday 24 February 2024

It's more than alright!

 I can't help hearing this track and thinking Chris and James - Essential Mix set- still the greatest DJ moix set ever (no question). 

This was played just as Tongy voiced over.

It's a class tune and was absolutely bangin' in clubs.

A very typical Chris and James type track which just rocked!

It's better than alright.

It's slammin'!

S.A.I.N. - It's Alright 

(Nostalgia Freaks Remix) 

The spirit is strong!

Back in 1992 everything JR remixed was pure gold, with his famed trumpets.

This was another banger and just so trade mark his style.

Another great track which has retained it vibe and spirit despite being 30 years old.

His DJ sets from around that era were also pretty epic and I remember hearing him a good few times at Back To Basics in Leeds rockin' the gaff!


Sly & Lovechild - Spirit Of Destiny 

(Justin Robertson Mix)

Keep on believing the dreams inside of you!

 K-Klass were always super consistent with their remixes and whether it was a house remix or a more banging track, they rarely missed the sweet spot.

This is no exception and combines the superb Michelle Weeks vocals with some quality house beats and of course the obligatory K-Klass piano.

A top notch house track from 1997, which still sounds great.

Klass is permanent!

Keep on believing the dreams inside of you!

Michelle Weeks - Don't Give Up 

(K-Klassic 12" Mix)

Do you feel alright?

 Totally love this track from 1988 which still sounds ace today.

Lots of squelchy Roland TB303 and lots of great vocal snippets as well as some quality piano.

A real mish-mash of a track, but much loved and very much a forgotten classic.

We were just Perfectly Ordinary People (having amazing and unforgettable nights).

Rock on!

Perfectly Ordinary People - Theme From P.O.P. 

(Club Re-Mix)

Let go, I can't let go!

Pretty much everything The Delorme touched was special and although this isn't one of their better known tracks, it's still a banger.

No Chris Day involvement in this one, but some quality tinkering from James Wiltshire (aka Jimmy Gomez/Freemasons).

Just a great groove which creates a nice moody house vibe, with sprinkles of piano and of course the unmistakeable sample.


The Mack Vibe Feat. Jacqueline – I Can't Let You Go

(The Delorme Club Mix)

Epic and then some more!

Just forget how big of a legend Fabi Paras was and the pure excellence of some of the stuff he remixed and produced back in the day.

He really was at the forefront of that early progressive house era back in 1993.

This is one of his finest and is completely off the wall in terms of energy and just sheer explosive power.

This tracks just builds and builds with layers of piano and energy, then just when it peaks it goes on and builds some more, then more.

It is totally epic and although I don't recall being fortunate enough to hear it out in a club you could imagine it blowing the roof off.


Not For Love - Dance Shooter 

(Fabio Paras Remix)

You're the only one!

Big fan of this track, just a slice of great house music, thanks to a cracking remix.

Just lovely in style, very relaxed but very catchy.

Bimbo Jones does some cracking remixes, with lush piano.

The amazing vocals of Loleatta are stand out also.

Nice job!

Lenny Fontana – Chocolate Sensation 

(Bimbo Jones Good Times Remix)

Sunday 18 February 2024

Oh, we close our eyes!

The genius of Moby has only really hit me in recent years as I've come across more of his amazing tracks.

I'd previously failed to appreciate his outstanding ability to create such unique and effective tracks.

Hence when you get the genius of the Guvnor, Lord Sabre remixing one of his tracks you just know it's going to well, create "The Perfect Life" (at least for 8mins 36 secs).

This is truly a wonderful track.

True Balearic brilliance.

Enjoy the perfect life!

Moby - Another Perfect Life 

(Andrew Weatherall Remix)

Take away my sorrow and this pain!

Love this track from last year 2023.

Just a fantastic track from start to finish, with great vocals, great lyrics and some really solid production.

Great to hear quality dance music still being produced.

You could say it's a touch on the commercial side, but don't let that detract for it's sheer quality and impact.

A really top notch track, which never feels to hit you where it matters.


Rex The Dog - Change This Pain For Ecstasy 

(Extended Version)

Sunday 11 February 2024

Follow the light!

 Last track on the aforementioned Keinemusik mix set.

This is simply stunning.

Just an awesome piece of emotive piano-tastic dance music.

Another of those tracks which totally captivates you from start to finish.

Just heavenly!

Get on it!

Fahlberg - The Light 

(Original Mix)

Simply blown away!

Now it's very rare that I post mix sets on the PCC blog and there is a very good reason for that.
Mainly that there are many fantastic sites which have an amazing collection of mix sets especially old skool sets etc and hence the PCC blog was always about amazing tracks.

However, there have been a few notable exceptions over the 15 years the PCC blog has been running.

This includes the Chris & James - Essential Mix set from 1994 - it was then and still is the best mix set ever played even 30 years on. Other very notable sets were Oakey's ground-breaking Goa Mix set from 1994 and TWA's Essential Mix also from 1994 which was amazing.

However, recently I came across this mixset from Keinemusik - a collaboration for 3 amazing DJ's, producers and remixers namely Rampa, Adam Port and &ME.

This set totally blew me away. 

I liken it to the moment when Sasha was getting a little bit bored with the scene and then along came BT (Brian Transeau) and totally re-lit his passion and desire with the fantastic music he was creating.

Well this is exactly what Keinemusik has done with me.

The approach, the sounds, the sheer quality and the vibe they create is like nothing I've heard before and the tracks they make are just sheer perfection, which hit you deep.

There music is a mixture of Deep house, afro house and slow melodic trance with this gorgeous laid back chilled vibe and is usually underpinned by some gorgeous and subtle piano - it is simply mind-blowing.

I didn't realise they have been around since 2009 and their music seems to have developed over the years.

I'll be posting much more of their stuff on the PCC blog as so much of it is just truly outstanding.

I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

In the meantime sit back relax and enjoy 2 and a half hours of deep house music perfection.

P.S. The Burning Man event looks pretty good also, (but very different to the good old days!)

Keinemusik (&ME, Rampa, Adam Port) 

- Mayan Warrior - Burning Man 2022

Full track list

0:00 : Djamou Sangare & Idd Aziz - Lua (Pippi Ciez) 
8:00 : Juan Yarin - LoveFool 
15:00 : Caiiro & AWEN - Your Voice (Adam Port Remix) 
21:00 : Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar (Clavis Remix) (unreleased) 
27:30 : &friends ft. El-Jay & Oluwadamvic - Ode Ireti (Nitefreak Remix) 
33:00 : Enzo Siffredi & MoBlack ft. Mariam Zawose - Shikiria 
38:00 : Caiiro - Mapoch War 
44:00 : Röyksopp ft. Alison Goldfrapp - Impossible (&ME Remix) 
54:00 : Adam Port & Alan Dixon - Forms Of Love 
1:01:00 : WMW & Rampa - UUUU (&ME Remix) 
1:08:00 : Roy Rosenfeld - Kali 
1:15:00 : Adam Port & Monolink - Point Of No Return 
1:23:00 : Rampa ft. Chuala - Les Gout 
1:28:00 : Abra - Feel (&ME Remix) (unreleased) 
1:35:00 : Enoo Napa & DJ Merlon - Two Zulu Men In Ibiza 
1:41:30 : Michael Gray - The Weekend 
1:49:00 : &ME, Black Coffee - The Rapture Pt.III 
1:57:00 : Sunday Service Choir - Follow Me - Faith (Adam Port Edit) (unreleased) 
2:01:30 : Uncle Waffles & Tony Duardo ft. Sino Msolo & Boibizza - Tanzania (Rampa Edit) (unreleased) 
2:08:00 : Moderat - More Love (Rampa Remix) 
2:14:00 : Dave Seaman, Danny Howells & Darren Emerson - Known Love 
2:22:00 : Fahlberg - The Light

Saturday 10 February 2024

Been talking to myself forever!

An absolute monster of a track from those masters of trance Above & Beyond.

They were certainly up there as one of the very best trance remixers/producers.

This is epic, sublime and monstrous all in one go.

Lush vocals, pumping rhythm, pounding beats all crafted together and combined with gorgeous piano breakdowns.


Above & Beyond presents OceanLab - On A Good Day 

(Above & Beyond Club Mix)

Leaving me again!

Not heard this for ages and it still sounds fantastic.

A house classic from 1992 with wonderful production from Larry Heard and an equally wonderful remix from Frankie Foncett.

Superb vocals combine with some great sax to give it that jazz vibe.


Mr Fingers - Closer 

(Frankie Foncett Dude Mix)


How many fingers?

Fond memories of this one from 1994.

It was always one which went down a storm on the dancefloor.

Great nights at Cream hearing this.

Mike - Twangling (3 Fingers In The Box) 

(Club Mix)

For all you beautiful people!

A fantastic house for all you Beautiful People.

Glorious vocals by the fabulous Barbara Tucker and CJ spot on with another sublime remix.

House music heaven from 1994.


Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People 

(C.J.'s Club Mix)

See the stars, they're shining bright!

Staying on the Depeche theme, possibly not the most dancefloor track, but I reckon dropped at the right time in a set or as an end of night track, it could be lethal.

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again 

(Split Mix)

One of my all time favourite Depeche tracks and right up there with the best crowd participation track ever.

When I first saw the famous Pasadena Rose Bowl concert in 1989 video of this track I was blown away and it still gives me goosebumps even today when I watch it.

Epic in every sense!

Keep off the floor!

I'm a huge Depeche fan and saw them recently and they were amazing.

Dave Gahan was amazing and produced a stage routine like a man half his age.

DM didn't have many tracks which were really good dancefloor fodder, hence great to post this remix which is top class.

The lyrics are very much about David caught up in the middle of his well publicised drug addiction.


Word of warning children, stay away from the dirty sticky floors!

Dave Gahan ‎– Dirty Sticky Floors 

(Junkie XL Vocal Remix)

Keep pushing me!

Madonna is unquestionably the Queen of Pop - nobody can contest that.

Her longevity, her chameleon like nature to transform into something totally different and still stay current will never be surpassed.

Many of her early tracks although great pop tracks, were never very dancefloor compatible.

Since then many have been remixed and this is one of the best.

A fantastic piece of work by Tom Moulton which like most good remixes keeps the very essence of the original but just adds those little bits which make it more dance-tastic.


Madonna - Borderline

(Tom Moulton Mix)

No headache here!

Yet another fantastic remix by PDM.

His remix work and his production work is always bang on and though slightly more commercial than many of my dance music tastes, it always hits that sweet spot.

This one is truly delightful with some great vocal snippets, some great build ups and some lush piano.

Top notch. 

Roll on the Purple Disco Machine!

Anabel Englund - London Headache 

(Purple Disco Machine Remix)

Saturday 27 January 2024

Junior showing his true colors!

There's no doubting that in the late 90's Junior was one of the main jocks on the scene.

His residency at the Twilo club in NYC was legendary and some of his remix work around that time was amazing (there was also quite a lot of dross also, as he was almost too prolific and often chased the dollar).

This is one of the amazing ones. 

Imagine this being mixed in in the throes and a sweaty dancefloor with everyone going for it.

It starts slowly, then builds and takes off, then gets slower and then builds back up and really explodes.

A great remix of a fantastic song.

Enjoy - all 13 mins of it!

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors 

(Junior Vasquez Gay Pride Mix)

Old, but still a goldie!

Quite possibly one of the most overplayed tracks in clubland, but we shouldn't forget how big this was on the dancefloor when it first came out back in 1995.

Everyone and I mean everyone would just go crazy when it came on.

It really was a fantastic track.

Of course since then it has been hugely overplayed, sampled, pillaged remixed etc.

Despite all this, it still brings a smile to my face and reminds me of so many great nights out clubbing hearing it.

Gusto - Disco's Revenge 

(Mole Hole Dirty Mix)

Totally adore this!

Love this a big return to form from Bob Sinclair from 2023.

Beautifully chilled with some amazing piano tinged throughout, a really great track.

I heard it from a Kleinemusik set and I have to say the music that Rampa, Adam Port, &me are creating is some of the best new music out there.

Their DJ sets are epic and a fantastic blend of African beats and melodic chilled house. Their best tracks usually contain some beautiful piano chords which just "put you in another place".

If you've not heard their stuff then check it out, there's loads on YouTube and to be honest it's blown me away recently and re-established my faith that there is lots of great new dance music being created in amongst all the absolute tosh EDM.

I'll post lots of similar tracks on the PCC blog in coming months, because many of them are epic.

Of course there will still be many of the old renown PCC's from yesteryear also posted.

Keep checking in!

Bob Sinclar - Adore 

(Extended Mix)

Sunday 21 January 2024

Here I come!

This was huge back in '94 and was especially widely played by the likes of JoPW and TWA.

There's not too much of Loleatta's actually singing, it just vocal snippets and samples, but it was very catchy and very much part of that "Glammer House" type era.

It always went down very well on the dancefloor in the likes of Cream, Back To Basics, Vague etc.

"Do you want me to come downstairs with rollers in my hair!

Get on it!

Loleatta Holloway - The Queens Anthem

(Cummin' In My Rollers Mix)

Do you like it?

I loved Jomanda they were like the original girl band back in the late 80's and when remixed by the likes of Steve Silk, E-Smoove and the like, their tracks were superb on the dancefloor.

This is one of their lesser known tracks, but it is another bona fide PCC courtesy of a fine E-Smoove remix.

Ooh I like it and hope you do too!

Jomanda - I Like It 

(Extended Smoove Club Mix)

Oh yeah CJ on the dub!

Sometimes there are so many remixes of one particular track that it can take ages to track down the version which is the one you really want.

This is such a track. There are loads of great remixes of this, but this is by far my favourite, that rolling piano from start to finish is just the best and when those vocals kick in I'm just in heaven.

A top top mix Mr CJ.

Janet's "ooh, ooh's" have never sounded so good against that piano background.

This track was amazing on the dancefloor back in '93 - great times, great memories.

Need more of Janet on the PCC blog, as when remixed some of her tracks were superb.


Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes 


We're going to bring a case of wine..

 I totally love The Stones, they are truly the quintessential British band.

Is this a PCC? Well it might not be the type of track played at peak time of the night, but as part of a Balearic set or played last track of the night, hell yeah!

This is The Stones at their fantastic best with Mick all cocky and brash and the amazing guitar from Keef.

It's got the "whoo-whoo's", amazing harmonies, unbelievable guitars, great lyrics and a fantastic groove and vibe throughout, it's just a stunning track.

Top class - all the way, seven minutes of heaven!

The Rolling Stones - Miss You 

(Dance Version)

Just do it, do it for me!

 Although I'm sure Tony Di Bart will always be remembered for the fantastic "Real Thing" track, which despite it's over play and commerciality still remains as one of my all time fave tracks.

This was the follow up and although not quite as good it is still a really good track and one I also think worthy of PCC status.

It was still pretty good on the dancefloor and always went down a treat.

The part I love best is the female vocal harmony later in the track. Tops!


Tony Di Bart - Do It 

(12" Dance Mix) 

Sunday 14 January 2024

It's better to say, I've known love!

One of the stand out tracks of 2023 for me.

You only have to look at the artists involved and you know it's going to be a bonafide PCC.

3D are Danny Howells, Darren Emerson, Dave Seaman, 3 DJ icons/producers.

Robert Owens, is there a better male house vocalist? He's certainly up there.

David Seaman is one of the true legends of dance music from his BiR work, his consistently fantastic DJ-ing from the late 80s and still going strong.

Darren Emerson through all his contribution with Underworld and his DJ prowess and Danny Howells, whilst he's the least experienced of the 3D's he's still been knocking out great dance tracks for 20 years.

A great collab and a great track.

3D Featuring Robert Owens - Known Love 

You are an obsession!

Used to love this track as a youngster in 1985 and here it is with a wonderful re-working my the genius that is James Wiltshire.

Not a massive re-working to be honest and probably not his finest remix, but it was always a great track and hence anything it enhance it's danceability is good for me.

My life is trembling I have no control


Animotion - Obsession

('94 Club Mix)

Sunday 7 January 2024

15 years and still going strong! Happy New Year for 2024

First of all a belated Happy New Year to you all.

The PCC Blog is now entering it's 15th year and the tracks still keep coming.

I think (good) dance music has taken a real resurganece in recent years, mainly due to the influence of the top jocks from the golden era still doing what they did so wonderfully well back int' day.

Stand up Graeme Park, Paul Oakenfold, Allister Whitehead, the Luvdup twins, Dave Seaman, Todd Terry, Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Dave Lee (aka Joey Negro) and many many more.

It's also worth pointing some of those newer artists/remixers who are leading the way most notably David Penn, Jo Ventura, Michael Gray, Dr Parker, Carckazat, Purple Disco Machine.

They are all pretty prolific and put out some great tracks over the last 12 months.

The one big label that has blown me away in 2023 is the BIG Speaker Music label pretty much everything they release is dancefloor gold and they are without doubt the number 1 house label of the current house music generation.

Lots to look to in 2024. Here's wishing you a fantastic year and lots of great future PCCs.

Here's a classic for you, there's lots of different remixes of this, but this Joe Claussell version is just perfect, it retains all the respect to the brilliant original and yet house's it up beautifully.

Such a powerful track.


Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place 

(Joe Claussell 10:00 Edit)

Sunday 31 December 2023

Stimulation indeed!

Love this track.

It draws on so many other tracks, none of which I can quite put my finger on, but all are familar.

Just a great piece of atmposheric porgressive house, almost bordering on trance, but not quite.

Love pretty much all Tom Middleton's stuff.


Humate - Love Stimulation 

(Tom Middleton Remix)

Say after me - I am free!

 I've posted a different version of this classic on the blog before, but there are also a couple of other amazing remixes of this track which are certainty PCC status.

This William Orbit remix is amazing, with so many different sections, to it.

It starts off slow and just so hauntingly beautiful and then really picks up the pace and goes off the wall crazy, then slows down a touch and then goes again.

What a remix. it totally engrosses you for the full 10 mins.

A big track for "The Man Like" (Sasha).

Really quality and very unique.


Morgan King - I'm Free 

(William Orbit Remix)

Now this version could almost be a different track.

It was the same amazing opening chilled vibe, but in this mix it stays chilled throughout the track and is just gloriously luxurious and atmospheric.

It feels like floating on air!

Fantastic track.


Morgan King - I'm Free 

(The Full-Length La Serenna Mix)

I hear your voice!

 Loving this track just beautiful.

Those Keinemusik boys are very hot at the moment and create some amazing tracks.

Very much on an african vibe, but they are from Germany, so go and figure.

This track is delightful with some beautiful vocals and some amazing piano, just gorgeous.

More to come from these guys.


AWEN & Caiiro - Your Voice 

(Adam Port Remix)

Sunday 24 December 2023

Oh yes, feel the rapture!

Loving this absolutely superb track and one of my faves of 2023.

Out of Germany this year and just delightful.

Deep house combined with beautiful piano chords.

Pure quality.

Great to know that real quality house music is still being made.

This would go down a storm in any club.

&ME, Black Coffee - The Rapture Pt.III

Get on the scooter - enjoy the ride!

Didn't think I'd be posting Scooter on the PCC blog, but this is a cracking track often dropped by Oakey back in 1994.

Still sounds great today and not at all commercial.

A quality piece of progressive house.


Scooter - Vallée De Larmes 

(Re-Incarnation By The Loop! Version)

The original mix also very good and hence also included.

 Scooter - Vallée de Larmes 


Sunday 10 December 2023

Oh boy TE did it again!

 Another stupendous remix by the wonderful talent that it the Trouser Enthusiasts from 1997.

Their remixes are always absolutely on point and of the very highest quality.

This one is just as epic as all their stuff, cleverly using the Kylie lyrics alongside their pumping trance vibe.

Kylie's vocal in this one, sounds very much like Garbage (I mean Garbage the band, I'm certainly not eluding they are rubbish LOL!)

Enjoy the track it another spellbinding TE classic!

Kylie Minogue - Did It Again 

(Trouser Enthusiasts' Goddess Of Contortion Mix)

Feel the rain!

Well I'd always loved Erasure and love Blue Amazon also, so put them together and I guess I should that also, which I'm pleased to report, I do.

This is just as you'd expect from Blue Amazon a true progressive musical journey, that grips you from start to finish.

There's not much Erasure in here, but not to worry!

A true epic house masterpiece.


Erasure - Rain 

(Blue Amazon Twisted Circles Mix)

It's no good? Well actually it is; very good!

Depeche are one of the great bands of the modern era - fact, but there isn't too much of their music which truly translated across onto the dancefloors of the best clubs.

However, this is a real exception thank you to some amazing production by Brian Transeau.

BT was heralded as almost the saviour of dance music (at least in Sasha's eyes), but although some of his tracks were outstanding; many weren't.

This one however, is in the outstanding bracket and is a wonderful progressive journey that keeps you encapsulated from start to finish.

The Depeche vocals are superb throughout as you'd expect.

Depeche Mode - It's No Good 

(BT Trance Vocal Mix)

Let's make today a beautiful day!

I simply haven't got enough U2 on the blog and whilst very much a rock act, their tracks are fantastic when remixed.

This is a great remix by Oakey who uses the Bono lyrics to perfection and layers the trance with a great trance vibe typical of his Flouro sound.

There are lots of remixes of this classic track, but this is the best,


U2 - Beautiful Day 
(Paul Oakenfold 2004 Mix)

Geniuses at work!

 Not MJ's best piece of work, but totally transformed by the remixing genius of Frankie and Morales.

Everything they touched was pure gold and this is no exception.

Just a truly wonderful piece of classic house, taking an average MJ track and turning it into a classic house stomper.

Geniuses at work!

Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good 

(David Morales & Frankie Knuckles Classic Tribute Mix)

I won't change my life!

 Always love a bit of MJB.

This is probably not one of her best, but damn fab all the same.

Moto Blanco are always pretty consistent with their remixing just managing to navigate that fine line between commercial/underground and generally keep their tracks clubby enough and not too poppy.

What do I think about this track, I'd say "Just Fine"

I ain't going to let anything get in my way!


Mary J Blige - Just Fine 

(Moto Blanco Club Mix)

Lost my sparkle, lost my smile!

Love this track from 2020.

It has a depth and vibe which feels older but that is complimentary as it feels more like a track from the 90's rather that the 2020's.

A real house classic with great vocals, great lyrics and some delightful piano.

A top notch track.

Lost my sparkle, lost my smile!


Melvo Baptiste (feat. Phebe Edwards) - Bad Company 

(Extended Mix)

Why does it have to be like this?

Pretty much loved everything Jay Kay did, he was one crazy Kat!

Especially when his tracks were remixed in fact I need to post more than I have done to date.

This one is just quality thank you to a fantastic disco-licious remix by the legend that is Dave Lee aka Joey Negro (perhaps the most prolific remixer/producer out there).

What you get is a great track - disco through and through, funky as hell with just a great vibe.

Why does it have to be like this?


Jamiroquai - Little L 

(Dave Lee Disco Re-Blend)

Pure luxury!

Took me ages to track this one down.

I first heard it played by the legend that is Graeme Park and just loved it and after many months of searching finally find a version.

This couples Róisín's marvellous vocals with the "Lil Louis - French Kiss" sample and it just builds and builds with a subtle yet luxurious vibe.

A really special track and one which I bet could be lethal on the right dancefloors dropped at the right time.

Róisín Murphy And DJ Koze – Can't Replicate

(12" Edit)