Saturday, 26 June 2010

Salt City Orchestra - The Book

Not the type of track that I normally post, but this reminds me so much of Back to Basics. A deep house number that chugs along, and really only says "I write the book" over and over.
Its one of those that in the right club, with the right atmosphere really makes sense.
Also this was a favourite at the Faversham pub in Leeds that used to host DJ's. I can remember seeing David Morales (or was in Junior Vasquez?) play at that pub on Valentines night 1994. I don't think you'll get many superstar US DJ's playing in pubs these days


Pure Club Classics said...

Another I remember well.
I used to frequent Faversham's regularly also - it was the perfect pre-club venue.
Also great chilling outside on Sundays on the lawn in summer. Good old days.
The track - well it used to drive me insane!!! Good though!!

cowspeutum said...

B2B was a fantastic club - didn't go that side of the Pennines too often but it was always a great night.

RIP Ali Cooke

Anonymous said...

Salt City Orchestra did some great stuff on both the Paper and Tribal labels. I think they did "Storm" also which is a top track.