Monday, 28 June 2010

Progress Funk - Around My Brain Miami by Night Mix

Really like this tune, funky but hard, and the well used sample of "running around my brain". Pretty simple, but didn't hear this played out much back in the day, well worth a listen now. There is a much harder mix, the ibiza trip mix which I can upload if any one is desperate for.

"Don't dream, it's over" (once again!!)

The title says it all "Don't dream, it's over" as another disastrous England World Cup campaign ends and the dreams fade away.
Fair play to the Germans we were beaten by a much better team on the day.
Forget the goal that wasn't, Engalnd were a shambles for most of the game and full deserved the stuffing which we got.
Our dreams are over for another 4 years. Where to next? Stick with a manager on £6m/year, who can't get fantastic individual players playing well together?? Who knows!
Back to the music, well this one is an old Balearic fave, which was big on the scene back in the days.
Very chilled, very mellow, but very nice.

Less Stress featuring Katherine Wood - Don't Dream It's Over

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Let's finish on some perfect house music!!!

Now I'm not normally a big fan of male vocals, but this track is simply sublime.
Beautiful, beautiful house music, superbly laid back, but so soothing, it just takes me to a different place.
The original track came out in 1985, but this version has been given a wonderful uplift by one of my favourite remixers Mr Frankie Knuckles.
If you don't like this track, then you simply don't like house music - trust me this is house music bliss.
A truly awesome track.

Double Exposure - My Love Is Free
(Classic Knuckledusted Club Mix)

One tribe fet Roger - High as a Kite Happy Blaster Mix

This is a kitchen sink of a tune. ie its got a bit of everything in it.
A proper party tune this was a favourite of Tall Paul amongst others. I used to hammer this. Still sounds good today. Came out on FFRR in 1995.

"Oh so high - Feels so high"

Anyone want a drink?

Here's a track I've always loved;
"I said I want a drink, I said I want a drink, I said I want a drink, or I'm gonna break your radio"
(Drunk) I like to dance when I'm
(Drunk) yes, I romance when I'm
(Drunk) I like to dance when I'm
(Drunk, don't play the punk)"
Superb lyrics hey? Which are then repeated in Spanish.
A great remix by Bottom Dollar (Matthew Roberts et al) there stuff is always superb and there's plenty on the blog already.
This track was massive in clubs 1994 and was a big fave of DJ's like Jon of Pleased Wimmin.
All in all a great track.
Who's buying the drinks??

2 In A Room - El Trago (The Drink)
(Bottom Dollar Club Mix)

Go on then - one more for the Old Skoolers!!

I know that you are all big fans old skool out there, so this one should be right up your street.
Catchy as hell, with some superb bouncing piano, possibly a little on the cheesy side, but belting all the same.
The vocal samples are anything but original, but very catchy.
It's a perfect example of classic Italian House - which we all know and love!!
This one's from 1992 and brings back some great memories.

Lalene - Together
(Club Mix)

Black Machine - How Gee Original Sax Mix

One of the first pieces of vinyl I bought, this came with loads of different remixes. This is probably the best. This tune actually charted I think. It always reminded me of a novelty record, but was actually a big club record. The sax part is definitely borrowed from somewhere else, if you know, let us know.

Trance - Perfection!!!

It's great to see some excellent posts from the new contributors to the blog and it spurs me on to keep the quality tracks coming. It's been a while since we had some banging trance on the blog, so here is exactly that.
This track is immense, it was the mainstay of a lot of Oakey's sets in the late 90's/early 2000.
It is quite simply a blinding bit of pumping trance, just the way I like it.
Not too heavy, but pounding, banging and very atmospheric.
Like all good trance tracks it takes you on a journey, with lots of changes of tempo, dips and peaks.
Awesome!! If you don't like this one, well you simply don't like Trance music - full stop!
P.S. Forget the Armin Van Buuren remixes - the "original mix" is the one!

Moogwai - Viola
(Original Mix)

Salt City Orchestra - The Book

Not the type of track that I normally post, but this reminds me so much of Back to Basics. A deep house number that chugs along, and really only says "I write the book" over and over.
Its one of those that in the right club, with the right atmosphere really makes sense.
Also this was a favourite at the Faversham pub in Leeds that used to host DJ's. I can remember seeing David Morales (or was in Junior Vasquez?) play at that pub on Valentines night 1994. I don't think you'll get many superstar US DJ's playing in pubs these days

Friday, 25 June 2010

Sugar Daddy

This is a track which blew me away the first time I heard it in a club. Released on Andy Weatheralls Sabres of Paradise label in 1992. A monster track - Sugar Daddy by Secret Knowledge

Do It!

A massive piano house anthem from 1991. Two sound lads from Stoke on Trent, Danny Spencer & Kelvin Andrews - The Disco Brothers - Do It!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

everybody move

Cathy Dennis

"Everybody Move"

Shep Pettibone remix

Awesome house remix and thats all i can say about this 1

cathy dennis

"everybody move"

Oh You Bastard (808 mix) - Lost the Plot EP

A huge rip off of Far Out, with the famous "Don't be so f@cking serious" vocals over the top
Not the most imaginative tune ever, but a real dance floor destroyer
Hammered by DJ Sy when he played house sets, this is a 139 BPM of full on 1996 house fun


Flipped Out - So Much Joy (Original Mix)

Following on from the last post about the world cup, this is just one of those tunes. 5 mins 8 secs of fast 1992 beats and uplifting piano. Flipped Out included legendary Leeds DJ Rob Tissera, and later produced quality tunes like Basstab and Lovebomb for the Ark label.

141 BPM? Yes please. Much Joy (Original Piano Mix).mp3

(There are couple of small skips in this version).

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Hallelujah, Hallelujah - we're through!!

Massive sigh of relief, but a big well done to the Boys - you did us proud England.
Yes, Slovenia aren't exactly world beaters, but it was an impressive transformation for England and much improved on the previous 2 matches. Milner was superb and definitely my MOM, Terry was immense also.
Bring on the Germans!! (or Ghana).
About the track well - Hallelujah says it all, it's a typical old skool hands in the air piano driven monster from back in 1993.
Enjoy and Come On Engand you can do it!!!

Interceptor 17 - Hallelujah
(Original Mix)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Arizona Slide on the Rhythm Vocal Mix

Bit of an undiscovered classic this one. Interesting vocal, although it's not going to win any awards for originality. Perky piano and 122 BPM with some bubbly breaks make this something I would have loved to have heard played out in clubs more often. They only did one more tune I think, Specialise in Love, and then that was that!

If you ever heard this played anywhere then drop us a comment about where it was!!

Take my hand, and I'll take yours, and we can come on down!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Beautiful in red?? Yes indeed!!!

Yes, the blog does look beautiful in red!!! Lol!
This one goes out to Rich - for this track suggestion and for the link.
It was one which I'd forgotten about, but at the same time one I totally love.
It was a massive track in clubs back in 1991/2.
It still sounds amazing today.
There are very few tracks as diverse as this, it contains accordions, didgeridoos, some superb cascading piano and great vocals, it is a truly superb track.
Nice one Rich - keep 'em there buddy!!
By the way she does look beautiful in red!!

Mueska - Beautiful In Red
(149 Club Mix)

This one is pretty huge - hold on to your hats!!!

You've probably heard this track before, but this remix like lots of Paul Gotel's remixes is absolutely stunning.
It transforms an already good track into an absolute monster of epic proportions.
It has some really crisp production and pulls at all the right strings.
It has a great slow vocal intro and then it continually builds and then finally explodes, a bit BiR/T-empo in style.
A great remix of a really good track.

Loveland - I Need Somebody
(Paul Gotel's Embryonic Soundscape Mix)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

"It's Not Over Yet"!!! - Just a reminder to England - Keep The Faith!!!

This track is dedicated to the England team and more importantly all us hard suffering fans out there.
Yes, their performance against Algeria last night was abysmal, but as the track says "It's Not OverYet".
Let's try and keep the faith. We can beat Slovenia - I'm sure!! (Ever the optimist).
About the track well it's one of those that everybody absolutely loved. I'd stick my neck out and say it was probably the biggest track of 1993/94.
It was one of those played out in every club by virtually every DJ and it always brought the roof down.
Everytime you heard it, the clubs would go crazy, I have particularly great memories of this at Cream, Wobble, Leeds Corn Exchange nites, Back To Basics, Up Yer Ronson and probably loads more nights I've long forgotten about.
There were loads of different mixes done and here's a selection.
The Perfecto mix was the big one which was played most, but the BT and Dancing Divas mixes are also very good.
Grace were of course the face of the legendary Paul Oakenfold and they produced some great tracks.
On a final note about the football, just remember folks - Keep the faith, as the track says;
"It's not over, not over, not over, not over yet"
Come on England - you can do it!!

Grace - Not Over Yet
(Perfecto Mix)

Grace - Not Over Yet
(Dancing Divaz Club Mix)

Grace - Not Over Yet
(BT's Spirit Of Grace)

Oh dear, I'm sorry about this one!!!

Oh dear, I'm really risking all my credibility and reputation by posting this one.
Possibly one of the cheesiest posts on the blog to date (no I correct that definitely the most cheesiest), but all that said and done it's still a great track and was is a PCC.
It was huge track at The Gallery in Leeds back in 1991 - days when it was still cool to be a raver, and that place did rock - I can tell you.
The track of course is most famous as the theme to "The Hitman and Her" that embarrasing, cringeworthy show with Pete Waterman and Michaela Strachan that we all used to watch (come on admit it, I know you did too)!! I also remember having a crush on Michaela (pictured) as well (but we all did that didn't we??)
All said and done it's a great piece of synth/dance/pop and it used to raise the roof when dropped in a club like The Gallery.
Love it or hate it, you can't deny it's very catchy!!

Rofo - Rofo's Theme

"Oooh, if you're looking for love, don't follow me!!"

Another one that goes way back - all the way back to 1987 in fact.
This is a real timeless classic and if I'm not mistaken it also crossed over into the charts, which is unusual for tracks posted on this blog.
It's just a really great track though which still sounds really great even today.
It's got some really great vocals, nobody could resist singing along to that chorus.
"Oooh, if you're looking for love, don't follow me!!"

Krush - House Arrest
(The Beat Is The Law)

You all ready to "Get Loose?"

This one is a bit of a blast from the past, very much on the old skool vibe.
Big in clubs in 1991 it is another catchy piece of Italian dance music.
Simple, but very effective and very catchy.
Come on people let's "Get Loose"!!

Band In A Box - Get Dynamite
(Club Version)

Tracks of the highest quality - "As Always"!!!

Alright people, well the blog may have had a bit of a re-fresh with a template change, but most importnatly the quality of track slecetion remanins - "As Always".
I hope you like the new look, I feel it looks a bit fresher and a bit more current.
About the track - well it's another huge fave of mine and one that "always puts a smile on my face".
It was absolutely huge in UK clubs back in 1992 and is a cover of the old Steve Wonder track.
It has a superb piano intro, some great lyrics and vocals and that fantasic gospel choir.
Forget the Farley and Heller remixes (they were pants). This is the best version by far!
Just as really great feel good track - Quality remains - As Always!!!

Secret Life - As Always
(Gospel Mix)

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Check this one out for a monster!!!!

I used to absolutely love this one, which was huge back in 1993 - and an absolutely massive track at Back To Basics in Leeds (and here's and old flyer as a further reminder).
I spent many a time spinning round the dancefloor to this one.
This is progressive house at it's finest - a fierce driving rhythm with some scorching beautiful piano blended in.
This was one track which you just couldn't stand still to.
Oh the memories - Awesome!!!!

Miro - Pure Silk

Friday, 11 June 2010

Now for something completely different!!!

It's been a while since we had a bit of balearic on the PCC blog and since it is very much one of my favourite music genres, it's well over due.
Grab this for a little slice of Balearic heaven.
You'll know the song very well, but are probably less familar of this version.
Huge on the nations finer dancefloors back in 1989 - this version is courtesy of another great remix from the legend that is Mr Steve Anderson.
A really quality re-working, however don't play it if the kids are about as they might ask what those strange noises are!! Lol!! You have been warned!!
Enjoy the Balearic mayhem!!

Impedance - Tainted Love
(Steve Anderson Remix)

A true Club Classic - but which is the best mix???

Now there can be no doubting that this track is a PCC of the highest order.
I'm sure that I read somewhere that it (the Seduction version) was one of Alistair Whitehead's favourite all time tracks. Great praise indeed as Mr Whitehead is a DJ of impeccable musical taste.
So which version is best?
The Seduction version or the Ann-Maire Smith version.
Do you know what I can't choose, as they are both bloody great tracks.
The Seduction version is a true classic (produced by C&C) from 1989 and many will probably feel original tracks of such quality shouldn't be re-worked as they are never as good, but the Ann-Marie Smith version from 1995 certainly does it more than justice. It raises the tempo and just belts it out with a really great vocal performance to boot. My money's on the Ann-Marie Smith (but only just), it's that belting piano that just swings it.
Let's face it both are true PCCs.

Seduction - (You're My One And Only) True Love
(Club Mix)

Ann-Marie Smith - (You're My One And Only) True Love
(Clock GMT Mix)

"Come on take me up!!"

Wow, I can't think how many tracks have used this sample vocal, although it absolutely loads.
Here's just two of the tracks that have.
The Soundsource track is an old favourite from 1991 which also samples the Bassheads rap, coupled with a great (as usual) Luvdup remix. Lots of energy, so great piano and plenty of hands in the air moments.
I've also added a Loveland remix of the same track which is also very good (as usual for Loveland mixes as well).
The F&T 505 track is also pretty hot from 1992 with some really lush piano which really hits the spot.
Definitely one for the old skool me thinks.
Enjoy people!!!

Soundsource - Take Me Up
(Luvdup Mix)

Soundsource - Take Me Up

(Love Decade Mix)

F&T 505 - Nocte Aeterna

You got me runnin, got me runnin, runnin' away!!!

Evening all - I hope you are well and all excited about theWorld Cup. Lets's hope all England's opposition run away. I'm sure we'll spank the Yanks tomorrow. (Apologies to the American followers, I couldn't resist that!!).
A big shout out to the Old Skool Ranger a new contributor to the blog who will be posting some belters going forward and kicked off with a belter yesterday.
About this track, well it's typcial Lisa Maire Experience lots of great piano, pretty mainstream but also pretty good. Their remixes were always of a high quality and very consistent.

Nicole - Runnin' Away
(Lisa Marie Experience Mix)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Remake - Bladerunner

Back from a weeks holiday, I thought we'd start back off with a a mellow, progressive house vibe on this tune. You'll probably be expecting to hear the Inner City vocals of "Til We Meet Again" over the top, a mash up hammered by Sasha. In fact to such an extent that many of us thought that the tune came with those vocals originally until we were put right. It was also on the legendary Renaissance Mix Compilation.

However this is the original classic non vocal mix. Simple, beautiful, effective.

Quench Dreams

Quench - Dreams

How about this for a first post from me. Massive tune.

For a time in 1996 this was the tune of choice at clubs that played at the harder end of the house spectrum. I can remember hearing it at Ark several times, and it was a highlight of the last ever Ark held on 22nd Feb 1997 at the Leeds University Refectory. A favourite with DJ's such as Sy, Rob Tissera etc, it also made it into the box of Jeremy Healy. The reason for that? Well its not the lyrics. It might be the crunching beats, it might be the 134 BPM pace that never lets go for a second, or it may be the break that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. However I reckon its the bells. They may not actually be church bells, but the bells add a certain something to this tune that elevates it above and way beyond most other early hard house.

Remixed several times since, with a corking Tony De Vit mix from 1998, this is the original and best mix.