Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Frankie Knuckles - Better Tears (White Label)

This one is for all the piano lovers out there ...
... '' it's a cross over of ' Better days ' & ' 40 miles ' (piano) and it works like a dream ''

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Only Your Loving....

Great news -
Our friends at the mighty Flashback (est 1996!) are considering doing another event, their first since 2006. They want 3,000 names on the petition before they will confirm it, so sign up for the petition here -ttp://!/group.php?gid=141034555912798
So to commemorate many great nights at Flashback, here's a piano screamer.

Dream Frequency - Take Me
Only your loving takes me up to the top,
Making my body rockkkkkk

Monday, 26 July 2010

A Sweet Sensation for you all!!

Alright peeps, apologies for the lack of posts from my side of recent.
Things have been pretty hectic.
Here we are "back with a bang".
A big old skool favourite from 1991.
IMHO this was Shades of Rhythm's best track. although they had a few good uns. This is their 3rd on the blog to date!
They were massive on the PA gigging circuit and I must of heard them several times in different clubs and at events etc. They were always pretty consistent.
About the track, well it's just a classic, very atmospheric, yet uplifting, not too heavy, but pumping all the same, with some nice piano in to boot!!

Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation

Apologies people, the link has been taken down by the DCMA.
If anyone wants it, please drop me an email at the usual address.
Keep the faith,
Best regards, PCC

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Da Pianoheadz - Lets Do It

Wicked piano tune from the Pianoheadz.
These people get classic club tracks and remix them to an inch of their life.
This one is from their ' Piano-Power EP ' release.
Samples ' Waterfall by Atlantic Ocean '.

Open Wide

D- Shake Yaaah (Original Mix)

This is a simple hipnotic tune that was a part of the whole Sheffield bleep scene. Released in 1990, the lyrics arent going to win any awards for song writing but that's not the point


Friday, 16 July 2010

"White lines, don't do it"!!!

Stay off the Bolivian marching powder kids, it's not big and it's not clever.
This is a great track though and unlike many on the blog, very recent.
This was released in 2008 and has a cracking Stonebridge remix.
They really do produce some superb remixes.
Love the vocals in this as well, really good.
The piano at the end is lush, as well.
Great track!!!

Sia - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
(Stonebridge Extended Vocal Mix)

This one's for you Denise!!!

This one is one of my favouraite Balearic tracks and one that I can't believe that I've not posted already.
It's just totally chilled and everytime I hear it I think of warm sunny hazy days.
It's so laid back it nearly falls over, yet is so compelling at the same time.
It's got such a catchy chugging riff and then the piano is so lovely and subtle.
Amazing to think it's 25 years old, it still sounds great.
IMHO truly one of the great Balearic tracks of all time.
Just simply stunning.
Enjoy, as I'm sure you will!

Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise
(Audiophile Dance Mix)

Piano, Piano, Piano and some more!!!

Here's two huge piano tunes.
You can certainly never accuse me of not keeping you all supplied with lots of great old skool piano anthems.
Here you have two absolute crackers.
Why have I posted them together, well quite simply because they both use exactly the same piano riff.
Both are great tracks in their own right.
"Hands in the air" time people - piano in the house!!!
The Two Amigos track also throws in a few Whitney samples, which you'll recognise.
Enjoy, as I'm sure you will!!

Floor Federation - Music For The Masses
(Original Mix)

The Two Amigos - That Piano Anthem
(Totally Uplifting Mix)

"Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Madchester vibes in the area"

I was a huge Mondays fan back in the day and saw them live several times notably at the G-Mex and also at Elland Road.
This was always my favourite Mondays track and certainly one of their most club based.
A truly sensational remix courtesy of the legends that are Mr Paul Oakenfold and Mr Andrew Weatherall (and Steve Osbourne), this was really the making of Oakey as a remixer.
The track well what can I say, it's absolutely storming, the piano is immense, the Hallelujah vocals are so sharp and effective. Then you've got usual unique drawal.
As you could imagine, this was massive down at the Hac!!!
Probably the great "indie" Club crossover track of it's generation.
Love it!!
Madchester in the house!!!!

Happy Mondays - Hallelujah
(Club Mix)

"Workout in the morning, in the evening"!!!

Another piece of classic house music courtesy of the legend that is Mr Frankie Knuckles.
It's everything you'd expect from a Frankie Knuckles track, great piano, great rhythm accompanied with some very catchy lyrics and some great vocals from Roberta Gilliam.
It was remixed by David Morales and produced by Todd Terry hence with 3 house music legends involved it was bound to be special.
Top class house music - just as we love it!!
"Work out in the morning, work out in the evening, workout, take me higher"
"Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby,"
"Workout, do it baby, make me crazy, workout, lift me higher"
"Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby,"
Come on!!

Frankie Knuckles Featuring Roberta Gilliam - Workout
(1992 Vocal Mix)

No "regrets" about this one, it's pure quality!!

I've always been a huge New Order fan (and Joy Division for that matter), but never been a really big fan of New Order songs which are remixed.
However, this is a real exception.
On the same note I've never been a big Farley/Heller/Fire Island fan.
Their remixes to me are always a bit dull and a tad monotonous.
However, again this is a real exception. The remix is so good it's more like a Frankie Knuckles remix.
Quite simply, it's pure heaven, it really compliments Barney's unique vocals and the piano is just lush (very Frankie Knuckles-esque!!).
It gives the whole track a really beautiful feel.
Absolutely top drawer this one!!

New Order - Regret
(Fire Island Mix)

"Because the night, gives us the chance"!!

Love this one.
Some fantastic vocals and lyrics.
A big thank you to Roberto for tracking this one down.
It's just one of those tracks that you can't help but love.
Cracking vocals, great lyrics, very funky and uplifting, coupled with some great piano.
What more could you possibly want?
"Because tonight, gives us the chance, to be together, like true lovers"
"And when the sun shows it's face, no need to run for cover, you're alive with no other"
Love it!!

Jackie Moore - Because The Night
(JTC Club Mix)

Are we all ready to "Jam on"?

A big old fave this from back in 1991.
Youl'll know it as soon as you hear it.
"All I know is what the heat is, keep on jammin"
It was one of those tracks played by each and every DJ in those great old days.
Secchi did quite a few other old skool classics, which will be posted in due course.
Meanwhile - "Jam On"!!

Stefano Secchi featuring Orlando Johnson
- Keep On Jammin
(Absolute Version)

The man like, get's it "Together"!!

Evening all, I hope you've had a good week.
Now those of you who visit the blog regularly will not I'm not a great fan of Sasha's production work and although he created a few undoubted belters, the large majority of his studio work as IMHO pretty average.
As a DJ from 1989 to 1991 - I'd say he was probably one of the best (if not THE best), post 92' his DJ-ing sets were IMHO very dull.
This however, was great little track and one that I loved hearing out in clubs back in 1993.
Great vocals by Danny Campbell, some very choice lyrics - I used to love the lines
"When you're out there dancing, is it my groove you're groovin' to"
"With me next to you, you next to me, just the way we should be"
It's got some great piano as well.
An all round top tune!!

Danny Campbell & Sasha - Together
(Sasha's United Club Mix)

This started it all for me

Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid (Original Mix)

The acid house tune for me, a real tingler.

From the chaps who went on to form Future Sound of London.
Brilliant when played loud!

Friday, 9 July 2010

dina carroll
"why did i let you go"
phil kelsley dmc remix
taken from a dmc dj only remix 12" this is a superb remix of this diva, this could have been done by morales if you listen to the production on it. quality vocal house

"Can you hear it - release the pressure?"

Another one I used to love back in the day.
This was a huge track at Back To Basics in Leeds in 1992.
It really epitomised the spirit of a lot of the music coming out at that time.
The piano tunes of the old skool days as we knew it were no longer played out and the onset of progressive house and harder edged tracks were very much in vogue.
This was a typical example of one of those tracks and along with tracks likeFunky Guitar and Rhythm de Londres were storming examples of the new music coming through, with that great looping opening!
"Can you hear it, release the pressure".
Geat vocals by Earl Sixteen - to boot, as well!
Leftfield produced some great tracks and more will be posted on the blog in due course.

Leftfield - Release The Pressure
(The Vocal Mix)

Are we all ready to "Doop"??

Well here's goes risking my credibility and reputation again here, but who cares?
I'm sure you all remember this one.
If I'm not mistaken I think it even got to number 1 in the Charts??
Well, there was a time when this was an absolute cracking club tune.
I remember it going down an absolute storm when played at Vague, everyone just lost it and went crazy when it came on.
Then again there weren't many clubs other than Vague that could have got away with playing this.
Believe me, it was an absolute PCC in it's day, hard to believe now, although in my mind it still sounds great.
Really annoyingly catchy, or just plain daft?? You decide?
If nothing else I'm sure it made you laugh or brought back a few good memories!!
Come on lets "Doop" - I know you want to!!

Doop - Doop
(Extended Mix)

You "don't know what you're missin'"" - if you ain't heard this one!!

A big, big track from 1989.
A real old Hacienda classic.
Very simple, but that piano is just heaven.
The tracks back in those days were so raw, but the quality just shines through.
This is absolutely top drawer.
Again one that you may not know by title, but just wait until you hear (and feel) it.
If you never had the pleasure of going to the Hacienda, then I'm afraid you won't ever know what you were missin', but trust me it was special!!

Jillian Mendez - Don't Know What You're Missin'
("Sin" Club Dub)

Help me to believe - yes indeed!!!

Now this was a big track back in the day, going all the way back to 1990.
It was an absolute stormer and I'm sure will be one of those tracks, which you may not know by the title, but as soon as you hear you will go  "oh my good what a tune, used to love this one".
It's a really simple track, but oh so effective.
It's always been a big fave of mine.
You may also not be aware that Moby made this track, under one of his alias'. He certainly had a brainstorm when he made this. Lol.
A PCC for sure.

Brainstorm - Help Me To Believe

Shine on people; this one rocks!!

A big shout out to Matt for suggesting some Space Brothers tracks and a few other corkers.
This is one of my favourite Space Brothers tracks and was a huge track hammered by Oakey.
I remember playing it to death on an old Essential Mix tape from 1997.
A top drawer piece of rocking yet melodic trance, with some great vocals from Joanna Law.
"The soul of an angel, touched from above"
"Your spirit is shining, surrounded by love"
Love it. Absolutely top drawer!!

The Space Brothers - Shine
(Full Vocal 12" Mix)

Are we ready for a Revolution??

A big shout out to Roberto for tracking this one down for me.
It's been on my "most wanted" list for quite a few months and originally came from a request from somebody.
To be honest I can't remember who requested it, but anyway here it is.
The track is an absolute stormer.
Be patient with it as it takes a while to build, but like most Jimmy Gomez remixes, it is immense and really hits the spot. Enjoy!!
"One solution, Revolution, One solution, Revolution"
Cheers Roberto - Top Man!!

Route 66 - Revolution
(Pappa And Gomez Mix)

Will the Spanish Fly???

Good Evening all. I hope you've all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend.
Who's gonna win the World Cup? I must admit I fancy Spain. They certainly know how to play the beautiful game. Football maestro's!!! Xavi and Iniesta are like football poetry in motion and Villa is different class also. Those 3 (pictured right) will be the men to win the World Cup!!
Enough about football, now about the music.
Well this track is a delightful piece of early progressive house.
It dates back to 1994 and it really kicks as well as floating along in a magical sort of way.

The Delorme - Spanish Fly
(Dharma Bums Mix)

10 Years Ago Today

I was at the Leeds Love Parade
It was a strange day, I couldn't really get into it, the weather didn't help. It was obviously a bit of history (250k people) but we couldn't even make it down to where the floats were as you would never have seen your mates again. After about 4 hours I realised the bloke dancing in front of us was someone we hadn't seen for 4 years which was a bit of a coincidence.
After the event at Roundhay Park finished we headed to Majestyk, where Timo Maas, David Morales and Pete Tong were playing. Again it wasn't great, the crowd contained quite a few people who were there just because it was on Radio 1, but it was the music that was the problem really. Listening to the Essential Mix again now, the music was very tribal, dark and basically dull. What a missed opportunity as some some proper old skool tunes would have taken the roof off.
Anyway, was glad I went, as the event was never repeated, and apart from Fatboy Slim on the beach in Brighton was the biggest ever UK dance music crowd, in fact it must have been one of the biggest ever UK crowds for anything!!!

Sasha and Darren Emerson - Scorchio
One the the tunes that did rock that day -

Monday, 5 July 2010

Do one

Helicopter - On Ya Way

A massive massive tune. A big favourite at the Music Factory in Leeds, home of Up Yer Ronson and Back to Basics, this found its way into the boxes of all kinds of DJ's. Remixed in 1996 with a good effort by The Lisa Marie Experience, its still all about the original.
122 BPM, all together now "wah wahwah wahwawawawah on ya way wa wah wah wawwaawah"

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Cross your fingers

Happy Clappers - I Believe (Original Mix)

I'm surprised this isn't already up on the blog. Absolutely massive tune that crossed over in the charts in 1995. Probably should have posted this picture before the World Cup.

"Come into your heart, Woah-oh, I believe!"

The team is growing and the blog getting better!!!

A big shout out to Team PCC, there's been some great posts of recent, nice one Jay, Paul, Rich, keep them tracks a-coming!! It's great to have added assistance in keeping sure that we roll out tracks of the highest order from the nations dancefloors over the past 25 years.
Here's another old skool favourite which you should all know and love from 1990.
It's got some really good vocals, lyrics and samples and of course some great piano.
Who can resist singing along to that "You are my baby - Heaven!!" chorus.
"Pump it up, rock the bass, hype the music in your face".
Tune indeed!!

Lee Marrow - Do You Want Me (Let's Go)
(Extended Version)

Friday, 2 July 2010

Patience, patience

Chapter 9 - I Can't Wait

Everything comes to those who wait evidently. And even, if this massive fast house tune is to be believed, love. Just like everything Chapter 9 did, this is a tune for maximum dance floor impact. Lots of squiggly beats, squelchy sounds and a great break.

A favourite with DJ Sy when he was playing a house set, its on his fantastic Scratchmasters Obsession House Cd. It always used to rock the Ark dancefloor.

We've all been there

Bump - I'm Rushin Martian Mix

You know this tune, and you know what it's all about. That 2am feeling, when everything makes sense, even if it's all happening too quick

"I know I'm rushin
Just a little little too fast"

Down The River We Go

I thought I would finish off with a bit of Balearic madness. This track samples Bogart and Hepburn from the movie African Queen. Drop the anchor and down the river we go.

Cry Sisco - Afro Dizzi Act!

Keep takin' the pills

Great rave track from 1991. Bangin' piano and great vocals - a classic!

Shades Of Rhythm - Extacy

Drunk? No... Intoxicated!

I just love this track - just really good progressive house from 1991 on the fantastic Guerilla label. There were lots of remixes and they were all good, but I think this DubField mix is the best.

React To Rhythm - Intoxication

Let's go out and get funked up

Funky horns and funky guitars...a belter of a track.

Mother - Funked Up

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Living In A Fantasy.....

Urban Hype - Living In A Fantasy (Greed Club Mix)
released: 1992
genre: Rave / Acid

'' One of my faves of all time,
Urban hype have done nothing better in my opinion..
Several remixes have been released, but this is the best ''

Is This a Dream ??

Disco Brothers Present Nu-Luv - Is This A Dream?
released: 1991
genre: House

'' Good tune from the early 90''s, simular to the love decade release. ''

Is This A Dream? (Oceana Mix)

Piano Madness II

Outer Rhythm - Piano Madness II
( DJ Scott / Technocat )
released: 1997

'' Quality piano track, a mash-up of a few familiar tunes in a melody of piano.''


* This is my first post for PCC, hope to post more oldskool classics soon.