Friday, 17 September 2021

Make my love, come my life!

 Cracking tune from Shawn Christopher and another great Stonebridge remix from 1993.

A big Hacienda track regularly dropped by Mr Park.

Still sounds great today.



Shawn Christopher Make My Love 

(Stone's Main Mix)

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Does it set your world on fire?

Another cracking track from E-Type courtesy of a fine Biff and Memphis remix.

The intro is lush and dreamy, which then develops into a throbbing, pulsating stomper of a track.

The cheesy vocals and horrendous rapping, come close to spoiling it, but thankfully the track is still strong enough to survive (only just though).

Hope you enjoy????

E-Type - Set The World On Fire 

(UK Biff & Memphis Remix)

Recent and excellent; shock!

Most of the track posted on this blog are pre 2000, quite simply because they were the halcyon days of clubbing music and what came after paled in comparison.

There are however, exceptions and it's great to know that good tracks are still be created.

Loving this track from 2019, great work by Kinky Roland and BG. They have done some damn fine remix work.

Love the piano in this.


Declan Bennett - You and Me 

(Roland Faber and A Boy Called George Mix)

Just a page in my history!

Ms. Dion's second appearance on the PCC blog, courtesy of yet another fantastic remix by the legend that is Eric Miller aka E-Smoove.

His remixes are always spot on and this is right on it from the opening piano chords.

Celine's vocals come out superbly, like a bonafide house music vocal diva.

Great track all round.

Get on it!

Celine Dion - Misled 

(E-Smoove's Mission 12")

Come on, get on the move!

 A quality old Italian piano house classic from 1990.

Lots of familiar samples and lots of great piano.

Just how we like 'em!


The Anghelus Project - Come On

Come on, come on, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah!

Surprised that I haven't posted this before now, certainly an oversite.

Absolutely huge track from 1995 which includes that delightful sample from Transformer 2's classic "Fruit of Love".

That breakdown is superb and it then builds back up again and in kicks some explosive piano.

"Come on, come on, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah!"

Top, top track!


Boston Bruins - Raise Your Hands 

(Mindwarp's Symphony Mix)

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Sometimes you just gotta keep searchin'!

I searched for this track for years and years and I've finally got to the version I wanted.

I first heard it on an old mix tape from 1992 which I used to play to death.

I then (wrongly) assumed it was Kylie Minogue and tried to track down all the versions and remixes of her track. 

Although the Brothers In Rhythm remixes were great, they just weren't a patch on this track.

Then in 2009 I came across this Within A Dream version and posted it on the blog, but although it was the right track, it still wasn't the right mix.

12 years on I've finally found the mix I was after and here it is.

Well worth the wait, it is an absolute corker of a track with little "fireworks" shooting off frequently and some delightful piano interlaced with some great female vocals.

Sometimes you just gotta keep searchin'!


Within A Dream - Where Is The Feeling 

(Tolleys Moodstrumental)

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Am I in heaven? I think so!

One of my favourite tracks of recent times. 

I came across it about 12 months on a LuvDup mix set (thanks Adrian - you are a ledge!), hunted it down and have played it so many many times since. 

It has everything I need; emotion, fantastic female vocals, delightful piano, lots of key changes, tempo changes and then that delightful skippy little banjo riff, in essence simply awesome.

Great remix by Ray Mang who is one of the best about nowadays!

Quite simply one of the finest tracks of recent years, no question!

Mari - Free 

(Ray Mang's Extended Version)

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

"Party People" - Yeah indeed!

 A proper old skool track this one.

Very fond memories of Carl Cox ripping the club apart when he dropped this at the Breakfast Club in Leeds.

Just such a huge and gripping track.

Possibly a bit heavy for some tastes, but boy did this rock.

A great piece of classic techno from 1993 (before techno got a bad name for itself).

This track will never date.

"Party People" - Yeah indeed!

Problem House - Vol. II - Party People

Why Go? Well you've just gotta!

 You've got to hand it to the Boy (George), he's had one hell of a career.

Pop Star, Club DJ and maker of some many fabulous tracks and remixes.

Talk about staying power.

This is pretty epic as you'd imagine from the combination.

Just a sensational track from 1999.

Faithless feat. Boy George - Why Go? 

(Ferry Corsten Remix) 

Pure genius!

 Although there are many remixes of these including some good ones by Rollo, Ferry Corsten and ATB, none of them IMHO quite capture the emotion and beauty of this original version.

Moby is true genius and has produced some real ground breaking tracks.

This is right up there with his good.

From that very first piano chord, you're in heaven.

Just lush!

Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? 

(Original Version)

It's all, it's all, it's all over!

 Another quality old skool classic.

This one dates back to 1989 and was pretty unique at the time as one of the first tracks to have break beats in it, that would become very popular in the early 90s.

Some quality piano sprinkled in now and again, give it that "hands in the air" touch.

The old skool hip-house rap just adds further to the track's appeal.

Jazz & The Brothers Grimm feat. Baby D - Casanova 

(Original Raising Hell Remix)

I would soar like a dove in the sky!

Grace were Oakey and Osbourne's sensational band fronted by lead singer Dominique Atkins.

They produced some absolute gems and this is one of them.

The fierce production combined with Dominique's gorgeous vocals were just heaven in the mid 90's.

Shame that they didn't produce more material, but Oakey was usually too busy with his hectic DJ schedule.

Still good while it lasted!


Grace - If I Could Fly 

(Oakenfold and Osborne Trance Mix)

Reach for the Elevator!

Love this track from 1996 and yet another fantastic remix by Biff and Memphis, who were mighty fine remixers.

It starts off slow and dreamy but is nothing but endearing.

It then builds into a true epic, with some quality piano.

It has a very Saint Etienne, World of Twist vibe, just lovely.


Dubstar - Elevator Song 

(Biff and Memphis Club Mix)

Oh we felt it (the music that is)!

 This was the other side to the amazing "Dance with Me" which was a huge Northern classic.

This one isn't quite as monstrous, but it is still a more than nifty slice of old skool.

Laden with some great piano throughout.

A cracking little tune, that should have been bigger!

Control - Feel The Music (Music Is The Drug) 

(Feel A 12' Mix)

I know you're going to want me!

 Surprised that I haven't posted this before now.

This was always a big track back in 1991 and was a regularly a part of Sasha's set.

Great vocals, piano to die for, just a good track which was the epitome of that era.


Bowa - Different Story 

(Original Mix)

If you're not gonna give me!

 More classic house music.

This ones from 1993.

Great piano throughout.

Top Notch!

Andrea Mendez - Real Love

(Flip Mix)

Whatca Gonna Do - just dance!

 Did Inner City ever produce a duff track?

Not in my opinion.

This is another classic, courtesy of a fantastic remix by the two house legends that are Frankie and Morales.

Just a fantastic piece of classic house music from 1989.


Inner City - Whatcha Gonna Do With My Loving 

(Knuckles / Morales Def Mix) (Fist fusion)

Hot - you bet!

 A great pianotastic remix by the Cotton Club who did some great tracks back in the day.

This ones from 1995.

It's hot!

Majick Village - Hot 

(The Cotton Club's Piano Affair)

Sheer quality!

Absolute classic track with that classic F.S.O.L magic.

I was never a big fan of Prefab Sprout although they were quite big in the 80's.

This remix is sensational though and has you encapsulated from start to finish.

Top class.

The Future Sound of Prefab - If You Don't Love Me 

(F.S.O.L. Deep Field Mix)

Come on! Yaaaaah!

Hard to forget just what a monstrous track this was on the dancefloor.

It was like a pneumatic drill, pounding away blowing the dancefloor to bits.

A huge Sasha fave and a big part of his sets in the early 90s.

Still sounds amazing today.

Simple, hypnotic and just immense!

 D-Shake - Techno Trance 

(Paradise is Now)

Sunday, 15 August 2021

Feel the wave of Euphoria!

Some fantastic tracks came out on the Guerilla label in the early 90s and this was definitely one of them.

Deep, dark and dangerous.

This captures that typical Guerilla progressive house sound.

Euphoria - Mercurial 

(Euphoria V's Ernie & Bert Travelling At The Speed Of Light Mix)

There's something inside you!

As per usual a fantastic remix by the Freemasons.

I think I've evangelised enough on the PCC blog about the talents of Mr James Wiltshire.

This track is superb with some lovely powerful vocals.

"There's something inside you!"

London Grammar - Nightcall 

(Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix)

Music is my life??? Maybe!

 A high octane old skool belter from 1993.

A tad cheesy, but always got a great response on the dancefloor.

Great energy!

Chase - Music Is My Life 

(Original Mix)

Feel the inspiration!

 A delightful old skool classic.

Capturing cool vocals, with great piano and a seriously catchy vibe.

This track rides, the Italian House, Balearic, Old Skool vibe all in one go.

A great track which certainly captures the spirit of the scent in the early 90's.


Alfredo - Inspiration 

(Pacha Vocal Mix)

It's just the sun rising, it's shining!

The Beloved were one of my fave dance acts.

Jon Marsh's vocals were just on another level and of course they were heavily involved in the whole Acid House scene.

This is one of their most famous tracks, but with a great remix by the main man Danny R.

Danny for me didn't get into the studio enough, as most of his remixes were class and just hit the spot.

In a nutshell "class!"

The Beloved - The Sun Rising 

(Danny's Love Is Mix)

Are you a Sungod?

Fantastic trance track which totally encapsulates you from beginning to end.

Not one of the better known trance tracks which is surprising due to it's quality.

This is very typical of the Goa trance era back in the late 90's.

The piano in this when it kicks in is sublime.


Sungod - Ancient Forest 

(Yantra Mix)

God bless the world!

Inner City were one of the few dance groups who  made high quality tracks on a consistent basis.

The genius of Kevin Saunderson and the fantastic vocals of Paris Grey were a combination only matched by the likes of M-People.

Here's another great track from Inner City.

Not there best known, but still top notch.

Inner City - Praise 

(Reese Re-Spiritual Mix)

Saturday, 14 August 2021

There must be music, come on, come on!

Totally epic track, that I must admit I missed when it first came out in 1995.

I can't understand why it wasn't played more as it is truly epic.

Glad I discovered it though as it is a true PCC.

It takes you on a journey from first minute to last touch with some lovely subtle piano.

"There must be music, come on, come on!"

A superb track!


Justin Garrett - There Must Be Music 

(Emissary Remix)

Say it yo!

Quality remix's of fantastic old disco track.

The original came out in 1983 and the acapella is fabulous and very much used and sampled.

These are 2 great remixes with some luscious piano.

I'm not a big fan of the male vocals, but the rest of the track is on it.

Sure Is Pure were one of the top remixers in the early-mid 90's and were very prolific.

The Disco Brothers were also excellent remixers and also created some great dancefloor anthems.

I'm not sure which remix I prefer as they are both great.


Sinnamon - I Need You Now 

(Sure Is Pure Mastermix)

Sinnamon - I Need You Now 

(Disco Brothers 12" Remix)

Friday, 13 August 2021

Taste the experience!

Surprised I haven't posted this one until now.

This was a huge Oakey track and a mainstay of many of his mix sets in the late 90s.

Beautiful chilled trance, that never dips and always keeps you fully engaged.

The operatic vocals are heavenly,

Pure class!

Tastexperience - Summersault 

(Original Mix)

How do I feel this good sober?

 Great track and great remix.

P!nk has proved to be one of the most talented of her generation and her longevity is testament to this.

Some of her tracks have had superb remixes.

This is one of them.

It captures P!ink's bad-ass attitude and adds the essential dancefloor elements.

Quality from Bimbo Jones, yet again!

P!nk - Sober 

(Bimbo Jones Club Mix)

Here's where you kiss me!

Another corking track by Dina Carroll.

She was a great vocalist and great at belting those anthems out.

This isn't quite in the class of "Ain't No Man", but is nonetheless a fine track.


Dina Carroll - Here 

(West End Mix)

Pay attention Little Sister!

Huge house classic from 1994 and another big Hacienda favourite.

It's got some great piano and lush vocals and yet another fine remix by K-Klass.

Still sounds great all these years on.

Great track!

Remember, "Better listen to your Mama!"


Carleen Anderson - Mama Said 

(K-Klassic Mix)

Make me feel good!

Quality house track from 1991 and an old Hacienda favourite.

Great vocals, great piano, great house vibe.

"Make me feel good". 

Yes indeed!

Anambi - Our Love Climbs Higher 

(Extended Mix)

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Don't have a hope for you right now!

Totally love this track.

Jonathan Peters created some sensational remixes and very much in line with that Sound Factory style lead by Junior Vasquez.

Those guys were rocking it in the US when the scene in the UK had become a little jaded and uncreative.

They had a great habit of turning naff pop songs into dancefloor epics.

Just like this one!


Jessica Folker - To Be Able To Love 

(Jonathan Peters Club Mix)

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Feel good - most certainly!

 Another absolutely stonking track from The Delorme.

You can very much feel the Chris Day influence in this.

It has his classic touch mixing in a bit of Balearic guitar with some amazing piano breakdowns.

His tracks and remixes were always absolutely on the button.

Most certainly, one of the great remixers of our generation as all his work still sounds amazing and stands the test of time.

Also one of the most unsung heroes of our time. DJ and Remix legend!!

P.S. Worth noting that James Wiltshire (aka Jimmy Gomez/Freemasons), also engineered on this track.

The Delorme - Feel This Way 

(Club For Life Mix)

I won't take second place!

I've always been a huge fan of all things Diana.

Her vocals are second to none and her longevity is testament to her supreme talent.

Her vocals on this are stunning!

Totally love this remix.

"I won't take second place"

Top Notch.


Diana Ross - No One Gets The Prize  

(AC Re-Edit)

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Reject all the values of society!

Absolutely fantastic remix by Biff N' Memphis.

Probably not the sort of track you'd play in front of your Mum and Dad, but what a track!

(You have been warned!!)

Completely different to the E-Smooth remix of the same track which is more of a house classic.

This is pumping, pounding, stomping epic monster of a track.

Reject all the values of society!

Jimmy Somerville - Heartbeat 

(Heartbeat II Mix)

I despair, I despair?

Huge track hammered by Oakey back in 1997.

Used to love this one and still do.

I used to think it said "I despair" until I found out the title of the track!

Trance music at it's very best.

Timeless classic.

Groovezone - Eisbaer 

(Extended Mix) 

Big in your town?

 I loved Deacon Blue, they had some great pop hits.

They were however, not really dancefloor fodder.

This is a great remix though from Oakey and Osbourne.

Quality track from 1992, progressive and pounding!

Get on it!

Deacon Blue - Your Town 

(Perfecto Mix)

She going to take everything I own!

Superb remix from Freemasons and of course delightful vocals from the delightful Beyonce!

The Freemasons produced some brilliant tracks and remixes and this is right up there with the best of them.

Top notch.

Beyoncé - Ring the Alarm 

(Freemasons Club Mix)

We've got to move this beat going on!

 Superb track and a huge Hac anthem hammered by Mr Park.

Great vocals, great house groove and superb piano and great remix from Stonebridge.

Top class from start to finish.

We've got to move this beat going on!

In fact I can't believe that I've not posted this until now.

Top track.

Subterrania feat. Ann Consuelo - Do It For Love 

(Stone's Essential Club Mix)

Come to the Holy Land!

Huge trance track from 1997.

Hammered by Oakey back int' day!

Still sounds great and so much better than the so call Trance which is churned out nowadays.

The Nomads ‎- The Holy Land Spirit 

(Club mix)

No matter what you say!

While "The Corporation Express Dub Mix" of this track was the one which was the most explosive in clubs, this version was still great.

Much poppier and commercial but still very catchy and endearing.

Still sounds great!


The Flavour - 'No Matter What U Do (I'm Gonna Get With U) 

(The Tesko Development Vocal Mix)

I wanna be free!

Staying on the quality house music vibe, here's another.

Superb Steve Silk remix as per usual.

He always uses piano so well in all his remixes.

I wanna be free!

The Party - Free 

(Hurley's 12  Without Rap)

You're the only woman that I'm dreaming of!

Top track from 1989.

Great C&C remix.

Quality house music.


The Brat Pack ‎– You're The Only Woman 
(The Cole:Clivilles Club Mix)

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode!

Just adore this track.  

One that was amazing on the dancefloor and would certainly put you in another place.

Lush piano and delightful ethereal vocals.

"Sometimes I feel like I'm going to explode!"

"Can't you feel what I feel?"

A biggie with Sasha back in '91.

A definite PCC.

The Formula - Exploded 

(Original Mix)

Come into the Blue Room!

Fantastic track as per usual from T-empo.

They were always on the button with their productions and remixes.

This is slightly more trancey and progressive than their usual style and more akin to Way Out West.

A great track though, that takes you on a very nice chilled trance journey.

Love it when the piano kicks in - another level.


T-empo - The Blue Room 

(Original Mix)

Sunday, 4 July 2021

I want your love!


Can't quite believe that I haven't posted this until now.

This is one of the true house classics.

Totally timeless.

From 1988 but still sounding amazing.

"I want your love, I need your love!"

A true PCC!

Dionne - Come Get My Lovin' 

(NYC Mix)

Fiddle away!

Love Kinky Roland's work.

He's done some cracking remixes and made some great tracks.

Definitely doesn't get the acclaim that his work deserves.

This is a cracker - just wait for those fiddles, you could be in Ireland for a moment!

Ezee Posse - Deliverance 

(Kinky Roland Fiddled with Me Mix)

This'll put a smile on your face!

 Another epic remix by T-empo.

They really did some great "knob twiddling" back in the days and created many, many epic remixes, several of which appear on the blog and several more still to post.

Beautiful piano runs throughout this one and it builds, bends and curves.

It'll certainly put a smile on your face!

"Keep On Smiling!"

Black Masses - You Put a Smile On My Face 

(T-empo mix)

No more wasting all my time!

Just a great skippy little old skool classic from 1992.

Full of energy and always brings a smile to your face.

"Well every time it laughs in my face"

It does sound a little dated, but still very good.

B.F.I. - Why Not Jazz

(Summer Version)

I can feel it!!

Another big progressive house track from back int'day on Guerilla records, which was probably the hottest label around at that period.

This is a lush progressive journey of a track.

"I can feel it!"

Of course you can!

Dr Atomic - Schudelfloss 

(High On Hedonisim Mix)

Body, Body!

Proper progressive house from 1992.

Stick with it, it builds and then explodes with some lush piano.

Brings back some great memories of Back 2 Basics in Leeds downstairs in the Music Factory.

Good old days!

Acorn Arts II - Body 

(Zoom Snakecharmer Mix)

Balearic Bliss - Early Dream Music!

Love this track from 1993, just so smooth and slick.

It's like Dream Music years ahead of Robert Miles type tracks.

It's like being wrapped in a cocoon of Balearic bliss.


I can never decide which is the best mix, so I've posted them both. 

The Guerillas mix is a touch more upbeat and lively.

Both are quality.


Bora Bora - Love Song 

(Supreme Trance Mix)

Bora Bora - Love Song 

(Guerrillas Mix)

Something a bit different?

 Love this track.

Such a beautiful chill out Balearic track.

Think Orbital - Belfast and you are not far off.


Bleep Booster - Genki 

(Technology Remix)

Nowhere to slide!

Fluke made some quality tracks and remixes.

This is a fabulous remix by JR, in his typical stylee.

This one's from 1993.

Quality track.

Fluke - Slid 

(Justin Robertson's Scat And Sax Frenzy Mix)

Oh yeah - Come inside!

 Always loved this and enjoyed hearing it played in clubs.

Quality track from 1991.

Thompson Twins were very much a pop act, but this is PCC status.

Some great catchy piano.


Thompson Twins - Come Inside 

(Feedback Max house mix)

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Enjoy the ride!

 When LME are on the remix you can rely on a pretty corking track.

They maintain and enhance their reputation on this one.

A true banger from 1999 with an amazing energy as the track just builds and builds.

Top notch PCC!


The 3 Jays - Feeling It Too 

(Lisa Marie Experience Remix)

Big PCC track in the house!

For the life in my I can't think why this wasn't a bigger track.

Dating back to 1988 it is indeed one of the most unheralded classics.

It's an absolute top notch piece of classic house music with great vocals, some great piano and some amazing chops and cuts.

This needs a re-release to unlock it's true potential.

Get on it, a true PCC!

Terry Leigh - Everybody Can't Win 

(Garage Mix)

Fill my canvas with everything nice!

Just delightful!

Pretty much everything M-People did was pure gold.

Heather was a truly fabulous vocalist and with the legend that is Mike Pickering behind a lot of the creativity they were always going to be a winning combination.

This is a great track and a great remix by the Perfecto leg-ends!


M People - Colour My Life

(Oakenfold & Osbourne Remix)

Saturday, 12 June 2021

Come on - Get Yourself Together!

Surprised this one hasn't been posted to date.

Stonking piano from start to finish.

Another great old skool track, nothing fancy about it, just pure feel good factor.

Enjoy and Get Yourself Together!

P.W.M - Get Yourself Together 

(Club Mix)

Just remember - we can make it!

 Another old skool banger.

From those opening piano chords you know you are on to a winner with this one.

It would win no prizes for originality, but it just sounds great.

Typical old skool quality.


Nancy Color - We Can Make It 

(Club Mix)

Stop, stop bring this to a stop!

Always loved this track, just a great feel good track.

I think I had it on an old Vertigo mix tape and played it over and over.

Stop, stop bring this to a stop!

Except, you never wanted it to stop!

Classic old skool - timeless!

Istitution - It's Not Over 

(Master Mix)

Oh Happy Days!

Happy days indeed!!

A great track from 1993 which always sounded great when heard in clubs.

It was one of those that brought a smile to your face with a great sing-a-long chorus.

Most definitely Happy Days!

Beat System - To A Brighter Day 

(Happiness Mix)

I wrote to you a Dear John letter!

 Adeva was truly sensational and had an amazing vocal range.

This is one of her true PCC's which still sounds great 33 years on.

A big Hac fave and one I still love to hear.

It's also had a great re-working and refresh from Michael Gray which is also very tasty.

Get on it!

Adeva - In And Out Of My Life 

(Club Mix)

Adeva - In & Out Of My Life 

(Michael Gray Remix)

You've blown it all Sky High!

One of the classic disco tracks which still sounds utterly amazing, 46 years later!!!

It's right up there with some of my all time fave tracks.

It's sensational from start to finish and this Disco Purrfection remix is well exactly that; quite simply Disco Purrfection!!

One of the greatest disco tracks ever?? 

Certainly in my book!

You've blown it all Sky High!

Jigsaw - Sky High

(Disco Purrfection Version)

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Just let it Flow!

Fantastic remix from the genius that is Rollo (and Sister Bliss).

He has produced and remixed so many epic tracks and this is another of those.

He uses the vocals to great effect and the track just builds and builds.

Top Notch.

"Everything will flow" indeed!

The London Suede - Everything Will Flow 

(Rollo's Vocal Mix)

Sunday, 30 May 2021

Fills my prescription every night!

 A true work of art.

Taking an absolutely disco classic and creating 12 minutes of dance music perfection.

A fantastic C&C re-working, which retains so much of the feel of the original yet adds that fantastic C&C remix formula.

Superb vocals by Rochelle Fleming.

Pure class, a true PCC!

First Choice - Doctor Love 

(Love Mix)

Once I was lost now I'm found!

Fantastic remix of a legendary song.

Just love this, as funky as hell, yet respecting and retaining that superb feel of the original.

Exquisite vocals (as per usual) by the fantastic Stephanie.

Pure class and a great production.

Stephanie Mills - Never Knew Love Like This Before

(Barry Harris Remix)

A little slice of heaven!

A great track.

Loved some of the stuff Sarah Washington did, a really great vocalist.

This is a seriously uplifting track, with some great piano.

A great remix again by Serial Diva (aka the legendary Paul Taylor of Angels fame).

Definitely a little slice of heaven!

Sarah Washington - Heaven 

(Serial Diva Heavenly Club)

I'm flying over you!

Totally this love.

Fantastic track from 2012.

Very unique in it's sound, but very special.

Just a great track.

Psyche - Goodbye Horses 

(21St Century Immortality Mix)

I was lying on the grass!

Catchy, cheeky, kitsch and totally fabulous!

Yes, it was a bit commercial but it is a great track.

Always loved that piano in this.

Confident to give this PCC status!


Len - Steal My Sunshine 

(Skyjump Club Edit) 

Always the Guru!

Totally love this, it just puts me in a different place.

Those piano chords are so crisp and beautiful.

Pure heaven!

(And not a saxophone in sight!)

Guru Josh - Warehouse Requiem 

(Long Version)

Why do you want to treat me this way?

Quality house music from 1989.

Top notch vocals and some great piano.

"Why do you want to treat me this way?"

Eddie Flashin Fowlkes featuring Crystal Gaynor 

- Standing In The Rain 

(Club Mix)

Feel the Horn!

Totally love this track from 1996.

Very unique in sound and enthralling from start to finish.

Just love that horn!

Digidance - The Horn 
(Klubbheads Blow Da Klubbs Mix)

Certainly better than silence!

Totally love this and would go as far to say it is one of the best things George has done.

Great vocals and some spellbinding piano.

A total PCC.

Get on it!

Culture Club - More Than Silence 

(Boy George & Roland Faber Remix)

Progressive Epic!

This was a real stomper back in the day in 1992.

Great piece of progressive house.

Hard, fast, pounding, but totally engaging throughout!

Great breakdown in this track which used to blow the roof off!

Back II Front - Viewfinder

(Original Version)

Go on, let your soul fly free!

Quality house track given that little bit of Hac magic by Parky's excellent remix.

Lots of lovely piano laced around some great female vocals.

Top notch house music!

Darlene Lewis - Soul Fly Free - 

(Graeme Park Remix)

Follow the Pied Piper!

Classic track which came out under a few different guises.

Always a biggie in clubs and still sounds great 30 plus years on.

Quality never dies!

The Pied Piper - Kinetic 

(Orbital Remix)

I feel the night explode, when we're together!

 Very surprised to find that I've not posted this before.

Another corking remix from T-empo (as they always are).

"I feel the night explode, when we're together!"

This track is pure class from start to finish.

Huge on the dancefloor, a true PCC!

Just how we know and like 'em!


Taylor Dayne -  Tell It To My Heart

(T-empo's Club  Mix)

Come with me to the dancefloor!

Quality old skool track.

As soon as you here those opening vocals "Come with me to the dancefloor!" you're there.

And dance the night away was exactly what we did.

Get on it!

Final Cut Presents True Faith - Bridgett Grace 

- Take Me Away 

(Pin-Up Girls Remix) · 

Cheese or Quality??

I still quite decide whether this is cheese or quality, but ultimately it is still a very engaging if slightly overly commercial piece of piano heaven.

I'll leave it at that and let you decide?

Cheese or quality???

K.R.B. - El Piano 


Sunday, 16 May 2021

"Floating in the air, floating in the sea, take my hand, come with me!"

You know you are in Balearic heaven as soon as that first piano chord drops.

A fantastic Balearic classic from the genius that was Mr Andrew Weatherall (R.I.P.)

Pure quality from start to finish and oh so perfect for those chilled summer evenings.

"Floating in the air, floating in the sea, take my hand and come with me!"

Oh yes!

The Grid - Flotation 

(Subsonic Grid Mix)

Come on people, yes indeed!

Old skool in the house.

More stomping Italian Piano tunes!

Love this track, so simple yet so effective.

Piano-tastic from start to finish and truly delightful.

Sunset Regime - Come On People 

(Piano Mix)

Put your hands together!

I had to check and re-check again, that I hadn't posted this before, but no I hadn't, which is a real surprise as it is a seminal house classic.

A huge Sasha track back int'day and one which always created a great vibe on the dancefloor.

Sensational vocals, catchy lyrics and such a great groove and vibe.

Bonafide PCC, which all these years on still sounds amazing!

Put your hands together!

Quality never fades!


Nicole - Rock The House 

(Club Mix)

This is the warning!

 Always loved this track.

A sensational piece of deep house from 1990.

Love the fierce beats and the lush subtle piano.

A house classic, no doubt!

Get on it!

Logic - The Warning 

(Inner Mix)

Do You Believe In The Wonder? The Wonder of Love!

 Always enjoyed hearing this track out in clubs, very anthemic!

I always love tracks that slow down and then build up.

This one almost stops and then pumps back up.

Some great vocals by Jeanie and some lush piano chords.

Great club track from 1994 which was always great on the dancefloor!

Jeanie Tracy - Do You Believe In The Wonder 

(Band Of Gypsies Mix)

More old skool? Thought so!

Cracking track from 1993.

This was also found on the flip side to one of my all time favourite tracks Parra dice - Can Your Hear Me.

It doesn't quite reach the heights of that, but still contains a few catchy little samples and of course a cracking piano breakdown that takes a while to kick in, but is well worth it.

Another good slice of old skool!

Global - A Better Love 

(Original Version)

"Sorry won't fix it, no not anymore!"

 A sensational track from 1994.

This track has everything, great vocals, a superb catchy rhythm, great build up and of course those beautiful piano breakdowns we all know and love.

"Sorry won't fix it, no not anymore!"

Top drawer!

Get on it!

Gladys Knight - Next Time 

(Spike Club Mix)

I just wanna hear a good beat!

 Always loved this and not heard it for a while, but great to hear it again.

It still sounds just as good as it did all those years ago in 1991.

Just love the piano and the funky nature of this track.

"I just wanna hear a good beat!"

Oh yes, indeed!


Ellis In Wonderland - Good Beat 


Float away on the Airwave!

Staying on the beautiful floating trance vibe.

This is another cracker, this time a bit later from 2004 which is outside the typical years of a track on the PCC blog.

However, there is no mistaken the quality of this track, hence a worthy inclusion.

Float away and enjoy!

Airwave - Ladyblue 

(Original Beat)

Ride to the Milky Way!

Beautiful floating trance track from 1994

Great intro which just touches the soul.

Superb track which then builds into a real trance stomper with lots of "bounce and fizz"

Reach for that Milky Way!

Aurora Borealis - The Milky Way 

(Original Mix)

Monday, 3 May 2021

Love a bit of Billie!

 It always amazed me how Billie wasn't a bigger star, she had one of the most unique and amazing vocals and she should have been a megastar.

However, she can rest contented that her glorious vocals transformed so many tracks into Pure Club Classics.

This one is no exception, her amazing vocals just make an ordinary track, extra special.

Billie Ray Martin -- Space Oasis 

(Junior's UK Mix)

Let the sun shine!

 Love this track, very commercial, but just so endearing.

Huge sing along chorus, which you can't resist singing along to.

Great dance music doesn't always have to be cool, it can also be fun!

"I fashion my future on films and space!"

Army Of Lovers -  Let the Sunshine In

(Extended Mix)

Feel the Eternal Spirit!

 Epic progressive house, early trance track.

Still sounds amazing with unlimited amounts of energy and that lovely squelchy, bouncy acid vibe.

A really fierce track from 1993.

Feel the Eternal Spirit!

4Voice - Eternal Spirit 

(Northern Mix)

I want to ride on the rhythm!

I can't believe I've not posted this previously.

This is one of the all time house classics.

Everything about this track is fantastic.

The piano is to die for!

Kenlou were certainly Masters At Work in every sense of the matter!

Huge track played by Parky at the Hacienda.

House music perfection.

 'Little' Louie & Marc Anthony - Ride On The Rhythm 

(Masters At Work Dub)

The vocal version is equally fantastic. 

'Little' Louie & Marc Anthony -Ride On the Rhythm 

(Kenlou Rhythm Mix)

Sunday, 25 April 2021

New York, London, Paris, Chicago, Rome!

Staying on the Italian Piano House theme, here's another corker.

This one's a little earlier from 1989 but contains many samples which were widely used in lots of other house tracks which you'll instantly recognise.

A great old skool classic and a true PCC!


Meeting Place - House From The World 

(Club Mix)

Let yourself believe!

Another quality Italian House Piano classic.

Catchy from start to finish and interlaced with some catchy little rapping.

This one is from 1992 and still sounds great.

Infectious little track this one.

Lory Lee - If Your Soul Believes Me 

(Club Mix)

Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be alright!

 Another old fave in that classic Italian Piano House stylee.

Another track that should have been posted before now.

I used to love this in clubs, a proper hands in the air anthem with some divine piano.

Absolute top notch track.

"Gonna be, gonna be, gonna be alright!"

Laura D - Be Alright

(Extended Mix)

I want you girl tonight!

 Sensational old house track from 1988.

This track just has an amazing feel to it.

Pretty unique in it's style and it's delivery, with some very effective male vocals.

A true PCC!


Johnny O - Fantasy Girl 

(Club Mix)

Let's get happy in the rain!

 Quality house groove with some lush piano.

This one dates back to 1990 and sounds very much in keeping with the great house music of that time.

Great remix work by Tony Humphries.

More quality house music!

"Let's get happy in the rain!"

Intense - Let The Rain Come Down 

(Down Pour Mix)

Listen can you hear it, it's getting closer!

Right up there as one of the catchiest house grooves about.

Clever utilisation of Lil Louis' - French Kiss, coupled with those encapsulating tree frog snippets.

Just love this track, absolutely hypnotic on the dancefloor and great to mix in and then out of other tracks.

House music of the top order!

 Hope - Tree Frog 

Original Mix

Saturday, 24 April 2021

Oh love to love you baby!

Just pure class.

A big, big old favourite from way back in 1990.

This still sounds amazing today.

The vocals and piano are just lush.

An all time house classic!

Get on it!

Fidelfatti featuring Ronnette - Just Wanna Touch Me 

(Hallelujah Mix)

You gotta do what you gotta do!

Quality house music.

Great kicking piano, funky deep house groove and eminently catchy.

Get on it - make that choice!

Chez-N Trent - The Choice 

(Windy City Club)

Sweet sensation (but not the original)!

Nothing to do with the Shades of Rhythm track, which we all know and love.

This is a lot newer than the typical tracks on the PCC blog, this one coming from 2010.

A good track though and provides a bit of originality, yet also has an old skool type feel.

Very well made.

Chase And Status - Blind Faith

Let the sun shine!

 An absolute corker of a track, best saved for those sunny days.

Total feel good factor with this track and worth every bit of the 10 minutes plus.

That chorus and piano is to die for!

Top notch track this one.


49er's - Let The Sun Shine In 

(Extended Mix)

Love can be easy, if you believe me!

 Another track that I'm surprised hasn't been posted before now.

Lovely little catchy hook with this tracks which draws you in every time.

The vocal version is also very good and was also played out quite a bit.

Two great tracks, which still sound quality.


Tamsin - It's Easy 

(Mandelbrot Mix) 

Tamsin - It's Easy 

(Token Vocal Mix)

Party time is anytime and anytime is Party time!

 Surprised I've not posted this before, another piano house classic from 1991.

They just churned them out back int'day.

Great catchy vocals and quality piano, what's not to like!


System - Don't Stop 

(Club mix)

Hopes and dreams become reality!

 Now we must forgive Urban Hype for their most famous track, the ridiculously pathetic "Trip To Trumpton", which even thinking about it makes me cringe.

This however, is a much improved effort and is a pretty fine track.

Some corking piano and some nice ethereal vocals.

Even only they hadn't produced "that other" track.


Urban Hype - The Feeling 

(Original Mix)

New York is red hot!

 Love this, just another fabulous Italian piano house track from 1991.

Not a very common one this one, but contains quite a few familiar samples.

Cracking little number!


Royal Society - New York 

(Up Mix) 

Saturday, 17 April 2021

Pure Delight; a hidden Gem!

 One of the great pleasures of running this blog has always been and always will be unearthing hidden gems. 

Tracks you were unaware of, had forgotten about or simply didn't know the name of and finally tracked them down.

Just when you think you have heard and know pretty much every great track you come across something as fantastic as this.

Just totally love this track, very new beat, but so so good.

Beautiful ethereal vocals sounding a little like Madonna, coupled with great piano and a cool new beat sound.

It is from the The Results of Reasoning E.P. (the rest of the track on the EP are pretty average), but this one is a stunner. 

It's only short, but it makes up for it in quality. 

It's definitely a grower and one that gets better with every listen.

I've been playing it over and over since I came across it.

Hope you enjoy it also!

S.U.N - Vision

Monday, 5 April 2021

Wow, just wow!

10 minutes of pure excellence.

Don't even think about not listening to this track in it's entirety, it is absolutely top notch.

Laced with superb piano throughout, it speeds up, slows down but also keeps you totally intrigued and wanting to hear more.

It's like about 5 tracks in one.



Tom Salta - The New Generation 

(The Underground Mix)

Na Na Na hey!

 A fantastic progressive house track, which surprisingly wasn't as big as it should have been.

Still sounds great although it's nearing 30 years old.

Very similar in style to the likes of Rhythm De Londres that epitomised that progressive house era of 1993.

A great track.

Jagga - Na Na Na

(Acido Latino Mix)

Say your prayers!

Sometimes some of Digweed's stuff bores me a little, as it is a little too progressive and takes too long to take off and then finally when it does, it's not that great and feels like that long wait wasn't really worth it.

On other occasions it feels totally epic and ever has you gripped from the opening chords.

I'm glad to report, this one definitely falls into the latter category.

A big track from 1995 which was huge in clubs.


Marco Polo - Prayer to the Music 

(Digweed's Northern Exposure Mix)

Somebody, somebody to touch me and hold me!

Nice piece of bubbly house music, a little on the commercial side, but just erring on the credible.

Quite similar in sound to Alex Party and Living Joy (hence pretty commercial).

Also similar in sounds to "Billie Ray's - Your Loving Arms"

Good all the same though.

 KMC Feat. Dhany - Somebody To Touch Me 

(The Classic)

Need saving?

Classic house music nice and simple.

Great vocals, lovely piano and a super smooth groove.

Quality remix right on form from the maestro Mr Morales!

Lisa Fischer - Save Me 

(DM² Mix)

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Feel the Spring Rain?

 A fantastic remix which takes anold Disco classic and adds a modern feel.

Laced with some delightful piano.

This is exactly how remixes should be, respecting the original but giving it a  new lease of life!


Silvetti - Spring Rain 

(Original Reprise)

Love is a mystery; to me!

A slice of musical heaven from 1990.

This is a sensational track, very Beloved-esque and very nice.

It stirs lots of different emotions and has some love tingly piano.

It's sounds was very much ahead of it's time and it feels more like a track from 1993.

Pure Class!


Tropical Moon - Love Is A Mystery

Don't stop, don't stop!

 Usual quality classic house remix from the dependable E-Smooth.

His remixes are always right on the button, laden with lush piano.

Very Hurley-esque and of course very good.

Don't stop, don't stop!

The Beatmasters - Dunno What It Is (About You) 

(E-Smoove Groovy Mix)

"I'm happy, so happy"!

Totally love this track, it's absolutely immense.

A top notch remix which delivers an epic masterpiece.

Driven piano to die for.

"I'm happy, so happy"!

Michelle had some great dance remix tracks.


Michelle Gayle - Happy Just To Be With You 

(So Happy Argonaughts Mix)

Friday, 2 April 2021

I'm in a trance of love!

 Quality stomping progressive house.

Some lush piano accompanying a pounding beat and some great vocals.

Just loads of energy in this track.

Still sounding completely on it even though it's nearly 25 years old.

Top track!

Three  n  One Presents  Johnny Shaker 

(feat. Serial Diva) - Pearl River 

(Vocal Mix) 

I tried and I tried!

 A big Sasha track back int'day.

Very chilled and very smooth.

Great vocals and just a great Balearic vibe.


Taja Sevelle - Love Is Contagious 

(Ben Liebrand remix)

Come and take a trip, oh yes!

 Once this got in your head there was no way it was coming out.

Catchy and infectious, it had a great groove and always used to get everyone bouncing along on the dancefloor.

Fond memories of grooving along to this back in 1994!


Smooth Touch Featuring Althea McQueen ‎– 

Come And Take A Trip

(Erick "More" Club Mix)

She's that chick!

Another appearance on the PCC Blog for the delectable Ms. Carey, her of the velvet tonsils.

Her vocals are as per usual exquisite and back up with a very good remix from Tony Moran and Warren Rigg.

Possibly not quite as catchy and instant as many of her classics, but still very nice.


Mariah Carey - I'm That Chick 

(Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix)