Saturday, 29 October 2016

More delight from the goddess of vocals!

Image result for mariah carey
Been a while since we had some Mariah on the PCC blog.
Another vocal performance of par excellence.
Another cracking Morales remix.
Always a perfect combination.
Loving that little bit of Spanish guitar also.

Mariah Carey - My All
(Morales Classic Club Mix)

Get into the groove (of love)!

Image result for groove of love
A quality little catchy number.
Great little track this one, with some top class vocals.
Feel the groove!

e.v.e - Groove Of Love
(Groove Of House Mix)

Don't be a bad girl!

Image result for bad girls
You sometimes forget just how good some of these old classics are.
This is a track that inspired hundreds of others and has been sampled to death.
I haven't listened to it for ages, but it creates that sort of great emotions.
A total bonafide classic which although 37 years old still sounds fresh and is so timeless, that it will still sound great in another 37 years.
Quality never dies.
RIP Donna Summer!

Donna Summer - Bad Girls
(Special Discomix)

The world in numbers!

Image result for numbers
Haven't heard this one in ages, but still a cracking little number!!
Apologies I could resist that one.
An old Hac classic.
Don't be just a number in life!

Man Ray - Numbers

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Like love?

Image result for like love
A bit on the poppy side, but good all the same.
Like Love?

Solitaire - I Like Love (I Love Love)
(Moto Blanco Club Mix)

Lets whip it up!

Image result for whips and chains in the bedroom
This one raises the roof a tad.
A top quality mic from the top quality Red Jerry!
"Let's whip it up" indeed!

Sleazesisters with Vikki Shepard - Lets Whip It Up
(Red Jerry Mix)

Back with a bang (er)!!

Image result for broken heart
Alright people, sincere apologies for the lack of posts recently.
Things have just been very hectic and struggled to find the time.
Still many, many PCC yet to post.
Here's a pretty lively little number.
Which just stays on the right side of cheesy (I think?)

S.S.R. - My Heart
(Main Mix)

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Oh yeah, this beat is hot!

Classic house rap (No C) from 1991.
Not as widely placed as "I Control The Party", but every bit as good.

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - This Beat Is Hot
(Club Mix)

Dreams come true (the proper version)!

Here's the proper version from 1987 first posted on the PCC blog back in 2009.
Wow, that's 7 years ago.
This is a true Balearic classic, which still sounds amazing nearly 30 years later.
They simply don't make them like this anymore.
Top drawer!

Acts of Madmen - The Dream

Dreams come true?

Ok, so it's not anyway as near as good as the original Acts of Madmen 1988 version, but all the same it is a decent little mix from 1994.

ET 3 - The Dream
(Reality Mix)

Fall in love with music?

Ok, this was a little commercial but still a cracking tune.
I always love a bit of Flamenco guitar.
This track has a really great aura about it.
Great vocals as well.

Jam and Spoon featuring Plavka - 
Ride In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)
(Full Length Mix)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Got a big ego?

Love this track.
A bit more recent than most of my posts, but a great track.
If you gotta big ego, back it up!

Beyonce - Ego
(DJ Escape &  Johnny Vicious Club Remix)

Let's go back, way back, back to the future?

A corking little piano house track from 1992.
What's not to like about it.
Great bit of rapping, quality piano, catchy lyrics, it's all there.
Top notch little track this one.

Back To The Future - Kick It!
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Quality never fades!

This one was absolutely hammered back in '92.
It was just one of those tracks that was played everywhere by every self-respecting DJ.
Really simple built around a simple riff and loop, but devastating in clubs.
Simple is sometimes best.
It still sounds great even today, 24 years on!

PM Dawn - A Watchers Point Of View
(Todd Terry Mix)

I, I Follow!!

Top notch little track this one.
A little bit mainstream, but nice all the same.
It's not often I post tracks made after 2000, as it is very rare that they match the quality of the PCC blog ethos and the glory days of '87 to '96.
This one though, has great vocals, some great piano and some nice little breakdowns.
Get on it!

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
(The Magician Remix)

Monday, 28 March 2016

"I don't know" (which I like best?)

Cracking little track this one.
With two equally great but very different mixes.
I don't quite know which one I prefer as both are excellent.
The Viale & DJ Ross mix is much more pianoy and uplfiting, whilst the Jerome Isma-Ae mix is much more trancey.
Both are great though, so you choose?
Great vocals by the way. Really powerful!

Moony - I Don't Know Why 
(Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

Moony - I Don't Know Why 
(Viale & DJ Ross Remix)

Balearic bliss!

A fantastic track so perfect for Summer!
This one dates back to 1990.
It sounds very much like A Man Called Adam's - Barefoot In The Head, which was also made in 1990, so not sure who influenced who here as they are very similar.
It also contains the riff from D-Jaimin's - Give You (which was later 1991).
Hence, I'm not sure if this was a totally original masterpiece which spawned the others or not.
Any views?
That said it's a beautiful track (and two great remixes).
Although the Nexus 21 remix is the one!
Bring on the summer!

Kate B - Free
(Nexus 21 Bio-Rhythmatic Mix)

Kate B - Free 
(Original Instrumental Mix Piano)

You bring out the best in me!

Image result for the best in me
You certainly do.
A top little lively piano number this one.
Very uplifting.

Eddy - You Bring Out The Best In Me 
(Gems For Jems Vocal Mix)

Just as long as I got you, I got love!

Just love this track.
Pure quality house music, which only people into house music will appreciate!
Totally timeless.

Anthony Acid - Just As Long As I Got You 
(Close To The Original Mix)

Same track, different mix!

I posted the Trousers Enthusiasts remix of this recently which is awesome.
This mix is much more commercial but very catchy.
It also showcases Donna's stunning vocals very effectively.
A real feel good track.

Donna Summer - I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro)
(Hex Hector Extended Vocal Mix)

You know you "gotta have it!!" again!

I've had lots of request to re-post this.
It took an absolute age to track it down.
I first came across it when Luvdup dropped it when they played at Vague in 1993.
Absolutely top notch little track which was then mixed into Outrage - Tall N' Handsome.
Lovely (much better than Joe Le Taxi).

Vanessa Paradis - Gotta Have It
(VIP Bootleg Mix)

That is a mircale!

Here's another track which contains a sample from that great 80's film Warriors.
I must of watched that film hundreds of times.
Here Cyrus preaches to the gangs, before he's shot down.
The track is a top notch skippy piano little thing.
"That is a miracle and miracles are the way things ought to be!"
"I say the future is ours!"
Very true!

Stereogen - Castle Vania

Don't tell lies!!

Totally love this track, it was one hammered by Oakey back in 1999.
It is perfect laid back floating trance.
Great remix by Tilt.

Karen Ramirez - Lies
(Tilt's Trinity Mix)

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you've all had a great time.
This track has nothing particular to do with Easter, but it's just a great track.
It was a biggie at the Hac and a big Parky fave.
It's what I refer to as top, top class house music.
Great vocals, great build up, great piano.
Top notch.

Future Force - What You Want
(Mark!'s Epic Vocal)

Saturday, 5 March 2016


Always totally loved Saint Etienne!
Cracking football team in the '70's and also a cracking pop band in the 90's.
When their tracks were remixed they created masterpieces.
This is one such track.
Superb remix by Kris Needs.
Spell-bindingly beautiful!
Exquisite IMHO!!

Saint Etienne - Pale Movie
(Secret Knowledge Trouser Assassin Mix)

Reach for the Sky (Plus)!

I think we were all excited when Robert Miles - Children first broke in '95, however it spawned a huge dirge of  "fake trance" copy-cat trashy tunes, with a clear focus on the overground (commercial/charts) and not the underground (where it was at!!)
This was one of the good ones, which still stands the test of time 20 years later.

Nylon Moon - Sky Plus
(Only Melody)

Bring on the Summer!

I know it's hardy summer here in old Blighty with temperatures at zero and snow on the ground.
But this one should bring a smile to your face and hopefully put you in a place for warmer climes.
I used to hammer this one back in 1992.
I always thought Espiritu were really unique and had a great Latin Flamenco summery vibe.
Great remix by the Farley/Heller. Top Boys!!

Espiritu - Francisca
(Junior Style House Dub)

Come on "Let's get down!"

Staying on the old school piano vibe.
Corking little track this one, with some charming vocals.
A tad cheesey maybe?
Ok a lot cheesey!! (Sorry!!)
You know you love it really!!

Byzantine - Let's Get Down
(U.S. Mix)

Piano on and on!!

A nice old skool piano banger.
Piano from start to finish.

Baffa - Piano On
(Max Version)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Back with a bang(er)!

Not posted for a while as been a tad busy with many other things.
However, here's back with a corker.
A big Parky tune back int' day!
Love everything about this track, intro, build up, vocals, lyrics, piano, top notch!
"Feel the Spirit" indeed!!

Giant City - Feel The Spirit
(Strike Mix)

Saturday, 16 January 2016

R.I.P. to a true pop Legend!

David Bowie never really touched the dancefloor too much but he was a true inspiration for many people a bona fide icon, legend and innovator.
His only real flirtations with the club dancefloors as we know it was this track (and the Placebo B.I.R. remix) and like anything B.I.R. touched it was pure gold dust.
I remember first hearing this on Pete Tong Essential Selection show on Friday night back in 1993 when it was "tune of the week".
That was back in the day when we used to tape off the radio (remember that? You probably won't unless you are over 40).
I they repeatedly played the track to death, until I was able to get it on vinyl and I still have that 12" stored away somewhere in the garage.
The track was just awesome, as with all B.I.R remixes it built and built and then exploded.
I've posted this track previously on the PCC blog back in February 2009 (wow, how time flies).
R.I.P. Mr Bowie - legend is a vastly over used word, but you were certainly one.

David Bowie - Jump They Say
(Brothers In Rhythm Remix)

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Always a pleasure!

"I've got, I've got, got your pleasure!"
"I've got, I've got, got your pleasure!"
"I've got, I've got, got your pleasure!"
A tad cheesy, but always a catchy little number to hum along to on the dancefloor!

Pan Position - Elephant Paw
(Club Mix)

Ones that never go away!

There were some tracks that were played at every club by every DJ.
This was one of them.
This track was omnipresent back in 1992 and every time it went away out came more remixes.
Still sounds great.

Pamela Fernandez - Kickin' In The Beat
(Extended Dance Mix)

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Feel the natural high?

2 very different remixes but both are absolutely top notch.
I think the K Klass mix edges it for me.
Stunning! Just love that piano.

People Get Ready - Natural High
(High Over The Moon Mix)

People Get Ready - Natural High
(K Klass Instrumental Mix)

Remember who you are!

Top notch trance.
Spell binding this one.
Get on it.
A lot more recent than most of my trance posts, but it show that there was still some good trance created post 2000.

Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember
(Extended Main Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Join the journey!

Usual top quality remix work by Adam K and Soha.
Their trance is always right on the button.
This is as smooth as silk.

Serge Devant & Emma Hewitt - Take Me With You
(Adam K & Soha Club Mix)

Can you be my alibi?

Top notch this one.
K-Klass right on the money with the remix.
Exemplary vocal from Jocelyn as you'd expect.
Quality house music!!

Camboso Featuring Jocelyn Brown
- Love Alibi
(K-Klass K Klassic Club Remix)

Enjoy the freedom!

Just stick with this one, once it stops thinking it's a rave track for the first 2 mins, then the quality kicks in.
This was typical of a lot of tracks from the '91 era, they were trying to hard to be ravey.
However, t's worth the wait, a quality piano laden stomper.
Shame about the first 2 mins, but stick with it, it's a good 'un.

Awesome 3 - Freedom Of Life
(Free 12")

Feel the Blast!

A bit of a biggie this one.
Hammered in all self respecting clubs and played by all the top Jocks.
Still sounds quality today (even though 21 years old).
Love that piano.

Blast - Crazy Man
(F.O.S. In Progress)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Children of the world join together!

Another banger.
Hold on to your hats children!
Feel the power of that piano!!

Moseph Cat - My Children

What would you like to do to me???

An absolutely belting track, given a glorious working over by the sensational JotPW.
A top track this one.
If you like your trance deep down and dirty, this one's for you!
JotPW was a complete ledge, back in the day. Top jock in a frock!
Many of his sets were pure quality and at the time he was certainly one of the most exciting DJ's on the circuit!

Eurogroove - It's On You (Scan Me)
(Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin Club Mix)


Love this and always have.
A top little Balearic number.
Love the piano in it.
Proper end of night tune!
P.S. In case you were wondering the picture is a Latin model called Gloria!

R.J. And The Family - Gloria
(Club Version)

Love can do.... just about anything!

Nothing fancy about this one, just a good old piano banga from back int' day.
Italian house like we know and used to love back in '89.

Blue Tattoo - Love Can Do
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Your paradise eyes!

If you go away, I would like to say!
Love this track along with Melodies of Passion.
Still sounds amazing after all these years.
It's nearly 25 years old.
The piano is exquisite!
Quality never dies!

Andy On The Eve - If You Go Away

Have no jealousy!

I know I shouldn't really be putting Will Young on the PCC blog, but apologies I really like this track.
A cracking remix by Moto Blanco and some excellent vocals by Mr Young.
A top track, a tad commercial but good all the same.

Will Young - Jealousy
(Moto Blanco Club Mix)