Monday, 25 May 2020

PCC is still alive!

Although the blog will no longer be updated Pure Club Classics will remain live and active via the PCC Facbook page

There we will continue to post the finest dance music to hit our dance floors.

As in true PCC spirit the focus will be on the halcyon days of 1987 to 2000, but we will also be posting lots of new tracks and also great new DJ mix sets that we have come across.

It's truly amazing to see that the likes of Parky, Oakey, Danny Rampling, Carl Cox, Luvdup Twins, Allister Whitehead  are still out there slaying it and at the forefront of dance music, just as they were back in't day.
Total respect to those doyens of club music.

It just shows the passion and love for the music that they have.
Muchas gracias for not just leading the way but also continuing to set the dance music agenda for a new generation.

If you like quality dance music keep vising the PCC Facebook page and get involved in the discussion.

Feel free to post comments, tracks you love or mix sets that you treasure.

Dance music influenced and changed the lives of many of us, so let's keep the faith and the "Spirit of Ibiza".

Sunday, 18 February 2018

That's all folks!

Image result for that's all folks
Well after nearly 10 years of running the PCC blog, the end is finally here.
To be honest I rarely get the chance to post tracks these days which makes the decision to end the blog feel right.
The PCC blog first started in 2009 as a way to share all the great music and experiences which we all enjoyed through our clubbing days.
Featured on the PCC blog are all the greatest dance tracks that rocked the nations best club dance-floors during the periods 1987 to 2000.
From the early daze of Acid House to the end of clubland as we knew it in 2000.
For all those who contributed to the PCC blog, I salute you all, there were many people who shared tracks, many PCC blog guest contributors and many others who suggested tracks to post and unearthed hidden gems. You all played a great part in allowing people to re-discover their forgotten faves and guilty pleasures from those halcyon days.
This blog has always been about the music and celebrating all the artists and DJ's who contributed to "the scene", many of the heroes like Paul Oakenfold and Graeme Park are still out there, still rocking the joints (no pun intended) and still delighting dance-floors across the globe. Many others moved onto alternative careers, although still reminisce favourably about the "good old days", whilst others like Frankie Knuckles and Tony De Vit sadly passed away but their memories live on through the music.
For me though the DJ's were always the true heroes of the scene, they lead the way discovering the latest tracks, becoming remixers and turning dull pop tracks in dance-floor stompers. Their ability at mixing tracks seamlessly and working a crowd, building the atmosphere and then unleashing endless crescendos was a skill beyond belief and gave us all the memories which we treasure.
However, for all the Paul Oakenfold's who made a fortune from the scene, there were many others who didn't, but they can take great pleasure in knowing that their place in dance music history will never be forgotten.
It's been great to interact with some of those great DJ's and Remixers, especially Chris & James who were always one of my favourite and one of the best very DJ's/Remixers on the scene and both connected very positively with the PCC blog. Everything they touched was pure gold and all their tracks still sound amazing even today. Proper clubbing legends!

The PCC blog of course, goes out to all my fellow clubbers, we had the times of our lives, memories we will always hold, knowing that we were part of something which was truly unique, truly special. Through the 9 years of the PCC blog, we have showcased over 1,000 of the greatest dance tracks ever made, all of which will live on and will always be Pure Club Classics.

I'm proud to look back at the PCC Top 30 listed on the blog and although it is nearly 10 years ago that they were posted on YouTube, that Top 30 still stands up and remains IMHO 30 of the greatest dance tracks ever made.
I've been thinking of a track to use for my final PCC post, which was always going to be a difficult choice and the one I have selected is probably the only track which I overlooked when creating that Top 30. It is one of those hidden gems that passed me by the first time around and whilst I heard it before, I'd no idea of the name of the track or the artist. As always it's a cracker a true PCC, bring on The Shaker. Just listen to those piano break downs - awesome!
The PCC blog may be gone, but the music will never die!
Respect and best wishes to all from PCC!

The Shaker - Star
(Bonesy's Original Crazy Diamond Mix)

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Loving this at the moment!

Image result for wilderness girl
Just picked this up recently which is currently big on the club scene and right up my street.
It's been heavily touted on Radio 1 and deservedly so.
It's not often I post current tracks on the PCC Blog, but this one is very hot at the moment and worthy of PCC status.
Get on it!

Yotto - Wilderness Girl
(Original Mix)

Who needs it?

Image result for blondie
Well I most certainly need some of this.
It's been posted on the PCC blog some time ago, but that was by a guest poster, so I thought I'd post myself and add a bit of commentary.
The track itself is sensational and was a massive track for Oakey in the 90's and a regular feature of his epic sets, including many an Essential Mix.
It is a fantastic remix by Danny Tengalia, possibly his finest hour.
The track is just one long journey of sensational pleasure, floating along beautifully with Debbie Harry's luscious vocals and some very catchy lyrics.
"Some days are all Mondays.
Sort of time on ice.
It seems like jet planes sit on runways under clear blue skies.
Who needs it?

Nothing is real but the girl.
Nothing is real but me.

Money goes to money in a figure eight; around me.
Money where will love be, when you liquidate, you're drowning.

Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.
Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.

Wind down.
Put your mind down like your missing school.
I'll teach you to find out while your dying in your living room how much you need me.

Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.
Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.

Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.
Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me."

A truly sensational track!

Blondie - Nothing Is Real But The Girl
(Danny Tenaglia Club Mix)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Coming home!!

Image result for dotan
Totally loving this track.
I heard it recently on an Oakey mix and instantly fell in love with it.
Great to know that there are still some quality tracks being made (this one is 2014).
However, can't help feeling it needs to be longer, as it ends too abruptly.
If any of you DJ techies/remixers, wants to re-work it and send me a longer version, that'd be much appreciated.
This one would have gone down a stormer in the clubs I used to frequent back in the day, like the Hac, Cream, Basics, Soak, Ronsons etc.

Dotan - Home
(The Him Mix)

Danger, Danger!

Image result for billy ocean
Danger, Danger, seriously quality track.
Well the last track was nearly 30 years old, this one is over 40 years old, dating back to 1975 and again it still sounds amazing.
I've not heard it for ages, but funnily enough heard it again while watching Peter Kay's - Car Share and just remembered what a fantastic track it is.
Fantastic vocal performance from Billy Ocean - his best IMHO.
A Pure Club Classic is every sense!

Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger
(1987 12'' Remix)

Back with a corker!

Image result for house music

It's been a long while since I last posted, as I just don't seem to have the time these days.
However, my passion for top class dancefloor classics from back int' day never wane.
This is a corker.
It's almost 30 years old and still sounds amazing.

Hithouse - The Deep Piano House

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A little bit glorious!

Image result for glorious
This is indeed a trifle glorious!
Beautiful ethereal vocals, a little bit like Novocento.
Very uplifting.

Mary-Jess - Glorious
7th Heaven Club Mix)

I believe!!

Image result for I Believe
Keeping it on a positive vibe!
A cracking track, very gospel, but very well produced.
A top notcher piece of classic house!
I always love a track that slows down/stops and then kicks back in.
Just believe!

The Absolute featuring Suzanne Palmer - I Believe 
(Mark's Full On Gospel Mix)

Never give's such a wonderful life!

Image result for Wonderful Life
"Never give up... it's such a wonderful life".
First time I've posted in ages, but back with a bang.
A cracking track this one, with some Freemasons magic.
ThePCC  blog still rolls on and will continue to bring some corking tunes in the future!

Hurts - Wonderful Life
(Freemasons Club Mix)

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Image result for Adeva
Another awesome track.
It beggars belief why I've not posted this earlier as it was a huge PCC in all the self respecting clubs of the 90's.
Simply huge.
Great Perfecto remix from Oakey/Osb, quite different from their normal style.
Adeva was undoubtedly one of the great vocal talents of our generation.
Pure class!

Adeva - Don't Let It Show On Your Face
(Full Length Perfecto Mix)

I (might be) leaving you!

Image result for Leaving you
Love this track.
Very powerful vocals and great delivery.
The lyrics are quality and the track just kicks on.
Top notch house music.

DJ Pierre Featuring LaVette - I Might Be Leavin' U
(Mad House Mix)

Friday, 3 February 2017

All I want, all I need.....

Image result for someone to hold
Another stormer of a track.
Love the middle bit that just builds and builds and then kicks off.
Followed by the bit 7.30 in that goes all Mariah-esque, then builds and kicks in again.
Top drawer.
"All I want, All I need is someone to hold.."

Veronica - All I Need Is Someone To Hold
(Johnny Vicious Full Length Dance Mix)

It's another one night stand....

Image result for one night stand
A simply amazing piece of music.
"It's another one night stand, cos it makes me feel; like a real man"
It's probably pushing it a touch calling it dance music, but this would be perfect in any club chill out room.
A beautiful remix, all 13 and a half minutes of it.
Music to soothe your soul.

The Aloof - One Night Stand
(The Long Night And The Samba - Ashley Beedle Remix)

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

You're desire!

Image result for love desire
Another superb piano track.
Top notch this one, absolute corker.
Pure piano power and great vocals to match.
A true PCC!

D'Bora - Love Desire
(Raw Mix)

Enjoy the juice!

Image result for juice
Another little piano corker to brighten up your festive season.
Hope you are all having a great Christmas
This one is one of those tracks which appears to be going nowhere and then it unleashes a fierce piano kick and it's hands in the air time!
This one goes out to Ben J, thanks for all the recent tracks buddy.

Juice - Do It Right

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Keep on loving......House Music!

Image result for keep on loving
A nice little piano blaster this one. 
Keep on loving people!

Maydie Myles - Keep On Luvin
(Disco Style Mix)

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Not Alone!

Image result for together
Loving this cheeky little number, following on from Alan Walker's brilliant faded, this is another top notch little choon.
Very melodic with some lush piano.
It'd be a perfect summer tune and I'm sure would go down well in the Balearics.
Hopefully it'll provide some winter warmth?

Alan Walker - Alone
(Fre3 Fly Remix)

Saturday, 29 October 2016

More delight from the goddess of vocals!

Image result for mariah carey
Been a while since we had some Mariah on the PCC blog.
Another vocal performance of par excellence.
Another cracking Morales remix.
Always a perfect combination.
Loving that little bit of Spanish guitar also.

Mariah Carey - My All
(Morales Classic Club Mix)

Get into the groove (of love)!

Image result for groove of love
A quality little catchy number.
Great little track this one, with some top class vocals.
Feel the groove!

e.v.e - Groove Of Love
(Groove Of House Mix)

Don't be a bad girl!

Image result for bad girls
You sometimes forget just how good some of these old classics are.
This is a track that inspired hundreds of others and has been sampled to death.
I haven't listened to it for ages, but it creates that sort of great emotions.
A total bonafide classic which although 37 years old still sounds fresh and is so timeless, that it will still sound great in another 37 years.
Quality never dies.
RIP Donna Summer!

Donna Summer - Bad Girls
(Special Discomix)

The world in numbers!

Image result for numbers
Haven't heard this one in ages, but still a cracking little number!!
Apologies I could resist that one.
An old Hac classic.
Don't be just a number in life!

Man Ray - Numbers

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Like love?

Image result for like love
A bit on the poppy side, but good all the same.
Like Love?

Solitaire - I Like Love (I Love Love)
(Moto Blanco Club Mix)

Lets whip it up!

Image result for whips and chains in the bedroom
This one raises the roof a tad.
A top quality mic from the top quality Red Jerry!
"Let's whip it up" indeed!

Sleazesisters with Vikki Shepard - Lets Whip It Up
(Red Jerry Mix)

Back with a bang (er)!!

Image result for broken heart
Alright people, sincere apologies for the lack of posts recently.
Things have just been very hectic and struggled to find the time.
Still many, many PCC yet to post.
Here's a pretty lively little number.
Which just stays on the right side of cheesy (I think?)

S.S.R. - My Heart
(Main Mix)

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Oh yeah, this beat is hot!

Classic house rap (No C) from 1991.
Not as widely placed as "I Control The Party", but every bit as good.

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - This Beat Is Hot
(Club Mix)

Dreams come true (the proper version)!

Here's the proper version from 1987 first posted on the PCC blog back in 2009.
Wow, that's 7 years ago.
This is a true Balearic classic, which still sounds amazing nearly 30 years later.
They simply don't make them like this anymore.
Top drawer!

Acts of Madmen - The Dream

Dreams come true?

Image result for ET
Ok, so it's not anyway as near as good as the original Acts of Madmen 1988 version, but all the same it is a decent little mix from 1994.

ET 3 - The Dream
(Reality Mix)

Fall in love with music?

Ok, this was a little commercial but still a cracking tune.
I always love a bit of Flamenco guitar.
This track has a really great aura about it.
Great vocals as well.

Jam and Spoon featuring Plavka - 
Ride In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)
(Full Length Mix)

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Got a big ego?

Love this track.
A bit more recent than most of my posts, but a great track.
If you gotta big ego, back it up!

Beyonce - Ego
(DJ Escape &  Johnny Vicious Club Remix)

Let's go back, way back, back to the future?

A corking little piano house track from 1992.
What's not to like about it.
Great bit of rapping, quality piano, catchy lyrics, it's all there.
Top notch little track this one.

Back To The Future - Kick It!
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Quality never fades!

This one was absolutely hammered back in '92.
It was just one of those tracks that was played everywhere by every self-respecting DJ.
Really simple built around a simple riff and loop, but devastating in clubs.
Simple is sometimes best.
It still sounds great even today, 24 years on!

PM Dawn - A Watchers Point Of View
(Todd Terry Mix)

I, I Follow!!

Top notch little track this one.
A little bit mainstream, but nice all the same.
It's not often I post tracks made after 2000, as it is very rare that they match the quality of the PCC blog ethos and the glory days of '87 to '96.
This one though, has great vocals, some great piano and some nice little breakdowns.
Get on it!

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
(The Magician Remix)