Sunday, 17 August 2014

Enjoy the perks of life!!

Now there aren't many songs that used to make me laugh when I was out clubbing, but this one always used to.
Well if you put together two of clubland's most notorious club promoters (Dave Beer and Charlie Chester), who certainly enjoyed "the Perks" I guess you're bound to get something off the wall.
A really catchy little number which always brought a smile to my face and a chuckle as well.

Perks Of Living Society - Too Damn Free
(P.L.S. Arena Mix)

Just breathe!!

Another good soothing trance number.
Lovely vocals by Lucy Cotter.
Matt Darey behind this one, nice!!

Tekara - Breathe In You
(Lost Tribe Remix)

Hold on - this is good for the soul!

Another corking remix as ever from Adam K and Soha.
A really soothing trance voyage.
Puts you on the relaxation cloud!!

Lazee - Hold On
(Adam K and Soha Vocal Mix)

Seize the moment!!

A cracking house track, great vocals, great rhythm, great piano just how we like them.

Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Michelle Weeks
- Moment Of My Life
(Classic Club Mix)

Saturday, 2 August 2014

I beg your pardon!!

Always loved this track.
Just really good dance music, which has stood the test of time!!
Especially love the female vocal bit!!

Kon Kan - I Beg Your Pardon
(Club Mix)

Coming with me on this one??

As always another banging Trouser Enthusiasts remix.
Uses the fantastic vocals of Donna Summer to great effect.
This really is a massive pumping stomper!!

Donna Summer - I Will Go With You
(Trouser Enthusiasts Twisted Kiss Mix)

Feeling sky high??

No mistaking the vocals on this one.
I''m sure you'll recognise them as soon as you hear them.
One of my favourite dance music vocalists.
Cracking little track by the way.
Good remix from Stonebridge also.

Voices Present Individual - Sky High
(Stone and Nick's Club Mix)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ooh feel the Ice Rain!!

A cracking throbbing piece of trance heaven.
Love the subtle piano undertones.
Top track.

Alex Whitcombe and Big C - Ice Rain
(Heliotropic Epic Vocal)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Show me love!!

Another quality piece of dance music from The Space Brothers.
Everything they touched was pure gold.
Great vocals on this one as well.
Show me love - indeed!!

The Space Brothers - Legacy (Show Me Love)
(Club Mix)

Just let your body be free!!

Used to love this track from 1993.
Very simple, but very effective with some lovely soothing piano.
"Just let your body be free"!!

Volcano - Let Your Body Be Free
(Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Keep on running!!!

A massive track, typical Blue Amazon remix - top quality!!
Love the piano chords - very intense!!

Blue Amazon - The Runner

Sunday, 22 June 2014

It's the Bomb!!

Top track this one, right from the opening piano cords it never lets up.
Another very fine Mr Morales remix.
Top notch!!

Toshi Kubota - Funk It Up
(Morales Club Of Funk Mix)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Real, real love - happy house music!!

A top little house track this one from 1991.
Lots of lovely piano, just very refreshing.
Feel the real love!!

Helen Bruner - Gimme Real Love
(Unity Mix)

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Always happy house music - no broken promises!!

Sometimes I just love house music because the tracks are very simple and not over produced.
This is one such track, just a quality old skool house track encompassing everything you need in a track, great vocals, great lyrics, superb piano and a catchy as hell house rhythm.
Happy house music to put a smile on your face.

Red Follies featuring M.J. White - Broken Promises
(Cub Mix)

A true PCC - Right before my eyes!!

One of my fave golden oldie tracks (now 26 years old).
I know I've posted this before on the blog, but can't seem to find it, so can only presume it was taken down.
Anyway a great excuse to re-post.
I believe that there is a new track which has just come out which rips this off.
In fact I was in the gym the other day when it came on the radio.
It is nowhere near this original classic though, which is just a masterpiece.
Lyrics, vocals and piano are top notch.
Funny, that the youth of today still have to steal our old classics to make music!!

Patti Day - Right Before My Eyes
(House Vocal)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Fireworks of trance!!

A huge fave of mine, which used to blow the dancefloor when it was dropped.
It still sounds awesome.
The Rank 1 remix was where it's at, it's like fireworks going off in your head.
Good music never dates.

Cygnus X - Superstring
(Rank 1 Remix) 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Everybody wants to be - Bourgie, Bourgie!!!

Don't they just!!
Totally love this old classic and all the versions posted.
The original is amazing, the Joe Claussell remix is executed beautifully and just adds to and extends the original beautifully, whilst the vocal version is just pure Paradise Garage disco!!
Tracks this good never grow old and in fact seem to get better every time you hear them.
This is pure gold.
Can you believe it is 37 years old!!
This is and always will be an eternal timeless classic.

Ashford & Simpson - Bourgie Bourgie

Ashford & Simpson - Bourgie Bourgie
(Joe Claussell's Classic Remix)

John Davis  With The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie Bourgie

Saturday, 3 May 2014

A touch of Paradise??

This was a big progressive house classic out on Cowboy, back in 1992.
Very Back 2 Basics for those that remember!!

Paradise Organisation - Prayer Tower
(Full Circle Mix)

Be a star all your life!!

Absolute monster of a track this one.
Proper euphoric trance.

Kimball & Dekkard - Starlife
(Original Mix)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Stay Home and Play!!!

Staying on the Frankie vibe, another delicious track which epitomises Frankie's style and his genius.
Totally love this track, absolutely massive.
Again another recent one and testament to the man's quality.
This is as good as anything he ever produced.
Simply stunning house music!!
Viva La Frankie!!!

Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut 
featuring Inaya Day - Let's Stay Home
(Director's Cut Club Classic Mix)

Ready for some Hot Stuff??

Yeah, of course you are.
Staying on the Frankie vibe and further endorsing my statement that the Great Man maintained his prolific nature of churning out absolute quality all throughout his long and illustrious music career.
This must have been one of the last things he produced before his untimely death.
It's an absolutely tops re-working of the old Donna Summer classic.
Loving it!!
Big shout out to Simon for passing this one my way.
Cheers fella!
Enjoy people!!

Donna Summer - Hot Stuff
(Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper As Director's Cut Signature Mix)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

"One Man" who contributed so much!! R.I.P. Frankie!!

I'm sure that you've all heard the very sad news that Mr Frankie Knuckles the Godfather of House music passed away just recently aged just 59 years young.
Anybody who has ever followed this blog will be aware of my huge admiration for Frankie and the music he both made and remixed, not forgetting his fantastic talents as a DJ.
He always was and always will be one of my all time favourite remixes and from the very early creation of house music in the 86/87, he has been the "One Man" who has consistently remained at the very top for nigh on 3 decades. "One Man" who never let you down!!
My respect cannot reach out strongly enough.
R.I.P. Frankie your music and talents have touched so many people and will never be forgotten.
I've posted  many of the tracks he made and remixed on this blog and I post this one in honour of the man who was Mr House Music!! (This one was remixed with Morales)
Frankie "One Man " who changed the world forever.

Chanelle - One Man
(One Mix)

Re-post because it's Tops!!

There are loads of tracks which I posted many moons ago on the PCC Blog, which got blocked when Mediafire blocked by account.
As always if there are any tracks which people want re-uploading then please give me a shout and I'l re-up.
This is a quality track, with some big piano (no sorry some Maseeve piano!!), Tops!!
Enjoy Davy boy!!

Rollo Goes Camping Again - Get Off Your High Horse
(LuvDup Remix)

Friday, 28 March 2014

A bit of a monster!!

Wasn't that a old Tongy phrase "it's a bit of a monster?"
Well this track certainly is.
It was a mainstay of many of Oakey's sets when he was in his pomp in the late 90's.
It is an awesome, spellbinding track that used to shake you to the bottom of your boots.
Trance had never been so good.
Almost perfection!!

The Sneaker - Scatterbomb
(String Mix)

Can I Touch You There???

Never thought I'd have Michael Bolton on the PCC blog, but stick with me it's a corker.
Very much thanks to a superb remix by the legend Frankie K.
A top house music track with some delightful piano.
Love it!!
Can I touch you there? Bit forward innit??

Michael Bolton - Can I Touch You There
(Classic Club Mix)

It's a cold world!!

Now, as followers of the blog will know I'm not a big fan of male vocalists, however Jamie Principle is a big exception, he has a stunningly haunting vocal talent, that just gets you right there!
Some of the tracks and music he put out in the early days of house were outstanding and so good they have totally stood the test of time and still sound great today.
This one is now 25 years old and it still sounds brilliant.
Big respect to Steve "Silk" also for a cracking track, but it's Jamie's vocals that make it.

Steve "Silk" Hurley featuring Jamie Principle - 
Cold World (Extended Mix)

Apologies, apologies!!

Sincere apologies for denying you the pleasure of not posting this one sooner.
This is an absolute corker of a track and completely sums up why Chris & James were my all time fave DJ's and one of my fave remixers.
Everything about this track is just top notch and IMHO it just epitomises the C&J style.
Banging piano, big build ups, huge breakdowns, great samples, it's got everything.
Totally, totally love it.
Big up fella's!!

Chris & James - Shakermaker

Get ready for the Master Blaster!!

This was a big old fave back int'day.
This Mathhew Roberts (aka Bottom Dollar) remix makes it even better.
Top drawer track!!
Love the piano!

Gongo - Master Blaster
(Matthew's Master Mix)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

This'll take you to Parra Dice

Sometimes tracks are just so good that they warrant posting twice.
This is one such track, I had a recent request to re-up, so here it is.
Quite simply one of the greatest "hands in the air" piano choons of all time and featuring pretty high on the PCC list of all time faves. The track has everything, a pumping rhythm, amazing piano, great vocals, it's just tops!!
Enjoy!! (And if you don't like this track, then get off my blog - because this is what we're about!!)

Parra Dice - Can You Hear Me

Saturday, 8 March 2014

This one's.. Just for you!!

What a combination the fantastic M-People, the wonderful vocals of Ms. Small and the delightful remixing skills of the legend that is Mr Frankie Knuckles.
A match made in heaven.
Top, top, soulful house music.

M-People - Just For You
(Knuckles Classic Gospel Mix)

S Club on PCC blog shocker!!

I know I post a touch of cheese now an again and usually (justifiably) get a bit of stick for it.
Well there could be some more for this one.
However, I'll defend it as this is a cracking remix.
Very reminiscent of his Xanadu remix, this is tops!!
Steve Anderson is a musical genius - pure and simple and will always be one of my all time fave remixers.
Top man, top track.
Enjoy!! (or not??)

S Club 7 - Reach
(Steve Anderson Remix)

Feeling great!!!

Staying on the Oxy vibe!! I couldn't resist it.
I know it's been posted on the blog before, but the file was deleted by mediafire, so here's a new upload, you lucky people.
This was simply a monstrous "hands in the air" tune back int' day.
It was certainly a track which had us "feeling great".
Love the lines;
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel wanted , you make me feel great"
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel wanted on a cloudy day"
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel wanted , you make me feel great"
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel happy on a cloudy day"
Love this big time and still do.
Even the dodgy techno/cheese bit halfway through doesn't spoil a belting track.

Oxy - The Feeling
(Vocal Version)

Another rock to the beat!!

Now you'll never beat the Reese classic version of this track (Mike Hitman Wilson remix), which is one of my fave tracks and a true house music bona fide classic (previously posted on the PCC blog), but this nonetheless is an excellent reworking.
I love the audience participation vibe which creates a great atmosphere.
All in all a great working of a house classic, but the Reese version will never be topped.

Oxy - Rock To The Beat
(Audience Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dream time... oh yeah!!

Dream time indeed - the beautiful Adriana Lima.
Back to the music - two great remixes of a stunning laid back trance classic.
A massive Oakey track back int' day.
The Quiver remix was probably the most widely known and widely played.
Top class chilled trance.

Zee - Dreamtime
(Quivver Vocal Mix) 

Zee - Dreamtime
(Shaker's Full Vocal Mix) 

Just a little more time...I'll wait!!

Everything E-Smoove remixes is pure gold.
This was huge track in clubs back in the early 90's.
Fond memories of Mr Park dropping this at the Hac!!
Taylor Dayne had a superb unique vocal.

Taylor Dayne - I'll Wait
(E-Smoove Anthem Vocal Mix)

So good, it's posted twice!!

Now there are not many tracks which get posted twice on the PCC blog.
However, this track stakes great claims for two reasons;
1) It's a top, top old skool piano anthem
2) It was actually released under two different titles.
Originally released under this moniker, it was also released called "Perfect Love" (as previously posted on the blog).
Two titles - one corking track!!!
This was a huge "hands in the air" track back int' day.
"We are so in love"!! (with this track!!)

DJ Pierre Feroldi featuring Linda Ray - Movin' Now
(Extended Mix)

Perry good indeed!!

Great remix by Freemasons!!
James Wiltshire is one of the finest remixers ever without question!!
The Freemasons stuff is never quite as good as his remixes under the Jimmy Gomez moniker, but this is still a very fierce remix.
Love the bit when the piano kicks in!
Top stuff!!
"Look at me I'm sparkling"

Katy Perry - Part Of Me
(Freemasons Club Mix)

Silence in the house!!

A beautiful chilled piece of laid back house.
It sounds a little East 17-Boy Band-ish, but nonetheless it is a top track.
I love the smooth chilled undertones which it creates.
It's a very Balearic vibe.

Bad Boys Blue - The House Of Silence
(12" Mix)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Can I get, can I get, get, can I get, get!!

Totally love this track.
You just can't beat a steel drum, it just brings out that sunshine happiness feel.
A lovely laid back track, perfect for Summer - we can only wait in anticipation!!
"Can I get, can I get, get, can I get, get!!"
Yes, you can!!!

Tensnake - Coma Cat

Oops sorry 'bout this one!!!

Every now and then I like to shock you (disappoint you) with a piece of absolute cheese!!
Well, I've well and truly blown my cred here!
It's almost bubble gum pop, but at the same time very infectious and just gets the PCC nod of approval.
Apologies in advance (but I like it anyway!!).
Enjoy!! (or not??)

Sarina Paris - Just About Enough
(Extended Version)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Back to bangin'!!

Ok after that beautiful bit of laid back ambience in the last post, we are back to what we know and love.
Another big old skool favourite.
Nothing fancy about this one, just a piano driven stomper.
Get on it!!!

Infretta - Something About The Music
(Original Mix)

Feel the Mushrooms!!

Quality dance music doesn't always need to be banging!!
Totally love this track, beautiful ambience.
Just right for the mushrooms!!!
You know the score!!

Infected Mushroom - Elation Station

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Now give me all your love!!!

God, I forgot how good this track is.
I absolutely used to to love this on back int' day.
An absolutely top notcher Italian piano screamer.
This just epitomises the spirit of those piano tracks back in '91.
Those days will never be forgotten!!
Love it!!

Mimmo Mix featuring Valerie Etienne 
- All Your Love
(Club Mix)

Gotta be number 1!!

One of the greatest vocalist of our lifetime, the magnificent Loleatta Holloway. R.I.P.
Totally love this track, all those Salsoul classics were brilliant, but this is one of my faves.
"Gotta be number 1"
Love the "huh hoo" bits like at 30 secs in. Divine!!
Classics, just check the vocals as well.
Amazing remix by Walter Gibbons also.

Loleatta Holloway - Hit And Run 
(Walter Gibbons Mix)

That's just the way it is!!!

Quality house music once again.
Anything that E-Smoove remixes is always pure magic.
Lisa Moorish was a superb vocalist I've always loved the tone of her vocals.
All in all a top piano laden house belter.
Rock on!!!
"That's just the way it is!"

Lisa Moorish - Just The Way It Is
(E-Smoove Mix)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

All be, all because of me!!

Top top drawer house music.
Great vocals, great rhythm, great piano - what more do you need.
Exceptional E-Smoove remix as per usual.
Love the bit at the end when it changes tempo and speeds up!!
Classic house music!!

Georgie Porgie - All Because Of Me
(E-Smoove Mix)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Shine like a star!

A top track this one, which was a big Vertigo track.
Vertigo was a top DJ and bridged the gap perfectly when the rave-house scene split.
He was one of the very few DJs that stuck to the vibe of playing proper old skool piano tracks, like the ones we used to love back in '91.
This is a proper tinkly little piano number with a cracking vibe to it.

Varied Lily - Star
(Piano Emphasis Mix)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

I'm the one the only one!!

Yes, it's all about me. Lol.
Here's a massive, massive track for me old mate Velvetpants.
We started our blogs at a similar time way back.
Mr Velvetpants can be found every Sunday on 2-4pm or d/l the free app for smart phones.
So make sure you check him out, as I guarantee he'll be playing some top tunes and probably a few PCC gems chucked in there for good measure.
Enjoy the track fella!!
About the track, well it's an awesome remix by Paul Gotel and I mean massive - check it out, you'll know what I mean!!

Eternal - I Wanna Be The Only One
(PG's Dark Skies Mix)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

An epic of humongous proportions!!

I can't believe I've not posted this track until now.
It totally epitomises the Goa Trance sound which Oakey created in the mid/late 90's and was a key feature of his legendary Goa Mix.
This caused serious dancefloor devastation when dropped.
Cracking remix by Man With No Name - he was certainly on it back then.
Just massive in every instance.

Marmion - Schöneberg
(Man With No Name Remix)