Friday, 28 January 2011

Come on, shower me with love!!!

A huge, huge shout out to Black Sun, thank you ever so much for tracking this one down for me.
This is a huge, huge favourite of mine and one I've been after for ages.
It's a fantastic house track, very much in a Frankie Knuckles remix style (although I don't believe that the great man has had any hand in it).
From start to finish is is absolutely top drawer.
Truly fantastic vocals, some wonderful lyrics, lots of lush piano chords, simply stunning.
Give it two or three listens and you'll be hooked.
Now here we go, all sing along;
"Shower me with gold, you're gonna get nowhere, nowhere"
"Over power me with roses, ooh, I just don't care, don't care"
"And if you shower me with pearls, it's gonna be a nightmare, nightmare"
"But if you shower me with love, you could be getting somewhere, somewhere"
Wonderful, wonderful - house music at it's finest.
Thank you once again Black Sun - Top Man!!

This one also goes out to Allison who first introduced me to this track and is sadly no longer with us, but always will be, in spirit.
A huge shout out also to Ed - who I know will love this one; Afterglow - Ascension forever!!!

Club X featuring Gladys Bankston - Shower Me With Love 
(Club Version)

Why can't we see ... we've got to live together!!

This was another huge track back in 1991.
It sounds a tad cheesy now, particularly the ZZZZ, ZZZZ, bits which I always hated.
However, the track has a magical feel about it and the intro is just superb.
When that used to come on in a club it was absolutely tops and the palace would go radio rental!!
I love that bubbling throbbing bassline as well, loads of energy!!!
"Yeah see"

R.A.F. - We've Got To Live Together
(Club Mix)

Bring on the Sunglasses!!!

Now this one's a bit heavier than tracks a usually post, but it's an absolute stormer.
Massive with the likes of Tall Paul (well it would be, he bloody made it!) Tony De Vit, Anne Savage and those DJ's who liked that slightly harder edge.
This track just pumps and pounds along.
"Feel the beat"
Oh yes!!!

Sunglasses Ron - Feel The Beat
(Original Mix)

Very glam indeed!!

Another big tune from back in the day.
This one was from 1993 and was IMHO one of Mr Rampling's finest remixes.
Although a great DJ and a true legend, he didn't produce too many great remixes, but this is probably one of his best.
Great vocals from the fabulous Lisa B, she was indeed "Glam".
Some great memories of groovin' to this one.

Lisa B - Glam 
(Danny Rampling's Vocal Mixture)

Contender for remix of the century?

Well it' certainly up there!!
Now I'm sure you all know the  poppier version of this track, but this remix is absolutely par excellence.
It is so different from the original, but oh, so good.
It used to be a big Sasha track, back in the day and I have fabulous memories of dancing to this at Soak events in Leeds Corn Exchange back in 1992. Believe me this one used to bring the roof down!!!
Hats off to Farley and Heller, this remix is a Pure Club Classic - storming.
The intro is superb and very funky, but it's when the piano break drops at 3mins 48 secs. Pure Heaven.
If you haven't heard this before, it'll knock your socks off.
"You are the one, hey, hey, her"
Yes indeedy. Absolutely top drawer.

Degrees Of Motion - Shine On 
(Junior Style Dub)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Think I'd better let you know....

...that it's time for you to go, cause you're gonna break my heart"
Oh what a feeling when you hear that opening line and the piano kicks.
Different class.
Another Italian House sounding classic, except this one originated from Belgium.
Again a tad cheesy, but we all like a touch of Edam don't we??
Feel the groove indeed!!!

Cartouche - Feel The Groove

Now how do you feel about that???

Here's a superb bouncy little old classic from Messrs Farley and Heller, under the guise of Roach Motel.
This was IMHO one of their (Farley and Heller's) best tracks.
It's a really bouncy little number with some great piano and those oh so catchy lyrics.
"You're love disappoints, you're loves got me movin' on"
"So how do you feel about that?"
Quality. There's quite a few mixes of this, but this "the one"!!
P.S. - Don't forget the Roach!!

Roach Motel - Movin' On
(Correct House Mix)

Warning Toxic!!

As promised this is the Toxic Two.
For all those that DJ out there, try this mixed under Fever Called Love (below), a la Sasha style.
Happy memories.
You'll know this one when you hear it.
It's throbbing and chugging along with those little "owl" tweets and those big "whoo, whoo" breakdowns.
Then the crowd noise dipping in.
It then peaks with a Hardcore Uproar sort of feel.
Absolutely top drawer.
You'll know it and love it, as soon as you here it!!!

Toxic Two - Rave Generator 
(Original Mix)

Tossing and turning my body is yearning....

Here is a huge old fave, which was a big Sasha track back in the day.
I distinctly remember one of his mixes when he mixed this into Toxic Two - Rave Generator (yep another PCC, I'll up that next).
This one goes out to Paul R, thanks for reminding of this one again. Top class fella.
I love the way that it bubbles along, possibly one of the best acapellas ever!!!
Just check out these  fabulous vocals and lyrics
"Tossing and turning, my body is yearning and burning for fever called love"
"You have come home with the feelings that I'm dreaming of, yeah-hay"
"And to know you're here with me, just means the world you see, together in Ecstasy, err huh"
"You send me up, up, up to the highest peak, I feel weak, but I still hold on"
"You send me up, up to the  peak, 'cause your love is deep so I must be strong, hold on"

"Rocking and rolling, you play with my soul, and I fall for your fever called love"
"Caught in your trap, and  there's no turning back, I'm hurt, but I can't get enough"

"And to know you're here with me, just means the world you see, together in Ecstasy, uum huh"
"You send me up, up, up to the highest peak, I feel weak, but I still hold on"
"You send me up, up to the  peak, 'cause your love is deep so I must be strong, hold on"
The absolute dogs bollocks, especially with Toxic Two mixed in underneath.
Loving it. Enjoy!!!

Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love 
(Ambient Mix)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Love Shack !

B52's - Meet 'DJ Tonka' (At The) Love Shack

'' Club style remix of the popular tune, first released in 1989 ''


Friday, 14 January 2011

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother this is the dogs....

There can be no greater PCC than this one.
It came out in 1973, that's nearly 40 years ago and it still sounds absolutely fantastic.
This was the TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia).
From start to finish it is a musical masterpiece, the saxophone is to die for.
People will still be loving this track in another 40 years.
It was also a big track at Shoom in those early days of Acid House.
Superlatives fail to do it justice. Musical heaven!!!

MFSB - The Message Of Love

Back with a Hacienda classic!!!

Let's get back to the House groove.
Here's an absolutely superb Hacienda classic.
This is pure heaven, a beautiful silky voice and a piano breakdown that just warms the soul.
Pure classic house music.
A fine remix by Mr Morales to boot!!!
As smooth as you like!!!
If you don't like this, then you don't like House music!!!

Nayobe - I Love The Way You Love Me 
(Nayobe's Love Dub)

Apologies, once again those swines at the DCMA have complained about the link being posted and have threatened to take it down.
As usual if anyone wants the link, please drop me a line at the usual address.
Keep the faith,
Best regards, PCC

Let's kiss and make up!!!

I'd promised before to post some more Indie dance on the blog and although these tracks were not always played at the peak of the night, they still found there way onto many of the nations dancefloors at certain times.
This was and still is a track which I absolutely love.
I remember buying the vinyl 12" in 1990 and playing it to death. I've still got it as well, although it's a bit battered.
Saint Etienne, Mssrs Stanley and Wiggs were masters at turning covers into fabulous, vibey, delicious pop/dance tracks.
This is absolutely lush, with delightful vocals by Donna Savage (before Sarah Cracknall became lead singer), with that fantastic skippy piano beat.
"Let's kiss and make up, let's kiss and make up"
"Let's you and I, kiss and make up"
From start to finish this track is pop/dance perfection.
I love it!!!

Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up

U girls look so sexy......

Now I can't believe that I haven't posted this before.
It's one of those tracks which I could have sworn I'd already posted.
Well, if I haven't it's certainly well over due.
I have to say that back in 1994 this was probably one of my favourite tracks.
It was simply amazing in clubs, with it's bouncing hypnotic beat, the fantastic loops, the brilliant piano breakdowns and of course those fabulous lyrics.
It was an amazing track to dance and sing along to.
I'm smiling just thinking of those nights at Cream and Love To Be dancing on the stage and singing the lyrics to the glamorous females on the dancefloor.
"U girls look so sexy, I wish you were all up here with me!!"

Nush - U Girls
(Original Nush Mix)

We're on an old skool roll!!!

If it ain't broken, don't fix it!!!
The old skool roll continues, with another Italian old skool belter.
It's another one with some fantastic piano and some great rapping.
Again it's one which you may not know by name, but you sure as hell will when you hear it.
I'm certainly spoiling you tonight.
Enjoy peeps - they don't make 'em like this anymore!!
Just check that piano - awesome!!

Marika Lenny - Beat Summer 
(Extended Version)

A big, big, old skool fave!!!

Now this is an old skool track which I totally love (and yet more Italian)
In fact I can't believe I've waited so long before posting it.
This track has everything corking piano, a real groove to it, lush vocals, some first class rapping and a superb melodic riff that floats in.
Absolutely massive.
You might not remember it by name, but as soon as you hear it - old skool heaven!!!
"Come on, Come On, Do It"

Ex-plain - Check Out
(Club Mix)

More from the Italian master!!!

Some more fantastic old skool from the Italian master Mr Stefano Secchi.
Bloody hell, didn't he make some belters!!
A tad cheesy granted, but top drawer old skool hands in the air.
Tracks that you can't help but love.
They certainly had a great effect on the dnacefloors back in those halcyon days.
"You do everything that I like, you I do everything you like"
"I'll do everything that you like"
"We're easy to love"
You're not wrong!!!
PCC all the way!!
Why the picture - well Megan's easy to love isn't she??

Secchi featuring Taleesa - We're Easy To Love

Ever been stuck on the Orbital??

Another massive track this one.
Orbital produced some great stuff, but this and Belfast (already posted) must be there best.
This was a massive track back in the day.
The Hartnoll brotthers were really the first to bring techno to life as a live act, although it was never quite my scene.
Great track though!!

Orbital - Chime
(12" Version)

Please Mr DJ get heavy on the bass..............

You can't beat quality and this is pure quality.
In fact many of the tracks Jomanda did were right up there and hence a few more to post in the future.
This one is probably one of their most famous and it is pretty much immortalised in house music history.
Hard to believe, it's over 21 years old!!
It must have been sampled many, many times.
Great lyrics, great vocals, some great subtle piano, great rhythm.
What more could you ask for - a true PCC!!!

Jomanda - Make My Body Rock
(Basic Mix)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Fancy a bit of Italian??

Yes, of course you do.
Here's a classic piece of old skool Italian House which was huge back in the early 90's.
It's very simple, but very catchy.
Old Skool piano anthems as we know and love them.
The Italian girl's not bad either!!!

Pako - Pakito Lindo