Friday, 25 September 2009

A big Paradise Factory track coming your way!!!

Yo people get a load of this. A true club classic -this one is a sort of rap style track, but very very funky, a little bit Neneh Cheery-ish - it's got loads of attitude.
It was one I always loved, but to be honest had forgotten about.
Hence a bit shout out to Matthew for first of all bringing this one to my attention and also supplying the link.
Respect fella.
I hope you all enjoy the track - it's a great PCC

Dee Fredrix - Dirty Money
(Ramp Club Mix)

Let' up the tempo - a true Oakie classic!!

If there's any track that reminds of me of hearing Paul Oakenfold DJ then it is this one.
It is an absolutely belting track - if you're not a fan of trance get on this one, because this is what trance is all about.
Yes, it's fast, yes it's pumping, but it's also fantastically melodic, atmospheric, full of emotion, all the qualities that a lot of modern trance tracks fail to have.
You can't beat that bit where it's trancing along and then it just suddenly jumps into breakbeat - now breakbeats not my style, but this is good. Then it ramps back into trance mode. Stunning!!
If you not a trance fan give it a try you won't be disappointed.
This ones also for Simonh - a great contributor to this blog. Respect fella I know you were after this one.

Inaura - Como Aroma
(Perfecto Dub Mix)

Good Evening All - now for something a bit different!!

Stay with me on this one people. This is a tad different to the majority of the tracks which I post, but hey you know I wouldn't post something unless it is of the highest quality.
There's lots of blogs out there that post more frequently, probably more up to date stuff, but I hope you all recognise that I will only post stuff of the very highest quality on here.
It's quite simple if I'm not feeling it in the track then I won't post it.
Well for this one folks bring out your Pipes, because this is truly sumptious and absolutely superb piece of music.
I've included 2 mixes one is a club mix which is as you'd expect is dancey and in all fairness - is tops. The other is a Wind Mix and is much more laid back, but equally beautiful.
Lets have some feedback on this post, are you feeling this??
A huge shout out to my good friend in the USA - for suggesting this one. Allison this one is for you!!

Atahualpa - Luna de Sangre
(Club Mix)

Atahualpa - Luna de Sangre
(Wind Version)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Take Me Back To Love, Take Me Back!!!

Here comes another house classic and another huge Hacienda anthem.
A beautifully produced house track, with a great vocal performance form Kathy "Sister" Sledge.
The whole track's got a really uplifting feel with some great piano.
I'm sure it's one you all know and a great sing along track "Take me Back".
However, you probably won't have heard the Steve Anderson remix before.
Well as you'd expect it's a seriously fantastic piece of dance music production. Awesome!!

Kathy Sledge - Take Me Back To Love Again
(Shelter Me Mix)

Kathy Sledge - Take Me Back To Love Again
(Shelter Me Mix)

Bring it Back To Love people!!!

A brilliant house classic and a huge Hacienda track. I had a many a good night dancing along to this little beauty. Tracks like this were typical of what was played at the Hacienda in 1994.
I've upped two mixes of the track, as both are quality and to be totally honest I think the version they played at the Hac was slightly different as well.
Can anyone confirm that??
All the same a belting house track, with some great vocals and of course some beautiful subtle piano. The Chunked Up Vocal House Miz, just edges for me, it is just a touch more lively!!
Bring it Back to Love indeed!!

The Project featuring Gerideau
- Bring It Back To Love
(Chunked Up Vocal House Mix)

The Project featuring Gerideau
- Bring It Back To Love
(Smooth Groove Vocal Mix)

Did we all get Clubbed to Death!!!

I think we all pushed things to the limts in the good old days, but we're still hear to tell the tales.
Not quite Clubbed to Death - but we certainly Clubbed (at certain times) till we couldn't stand, talk, walk, speak and many other things. They were crazy times, but unforgettable times!!
I'm sure you'll all of heard this track and it did cross over in 1995 and therefore lost some of it's appeal, hence I've also included a Hybrid remix which retains a faster, harder club edge.
However, in my mind you still can't beat the original - the piano breakdown is still exquisite and really hits the spot. Cross over or not - I still love it.

Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death
Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death
(Hybrid Remix)

Who likes Dancing Daffodils!!!

A real stomping track from back in 1994.
Another huge Chris and James track and yet another which featured on their legendary Essential Mix from 1994.
If you haven't downloaded that yet, shame on you, for you don't know what you are missing.
Here's the link it to it and the post with the track listing. I can guarantee you, you won't ever hear 2 hours of better music.
About this track well a typical type of Chris and James rocking track, lots of nice bouny piano and a real driving feel.
I can fully confirm that this track used to send the dancefloor wild!! (with a capital W).
Get on it. It's a big one.

The Beat Syndicate - Dancing Daffodils
(Original Mix)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Who want's to go Higher!!!

Right peeps, last post of the night from me and as usual keen to go out with a bang.
They don't come much better than this, another huuuuge Chris and James remix.
A really great track, great vocals, great tempo, some lovely funky little noises in their and it just builds and builds into an almighty crescendo. Did I mention lots of wonderful piano as well.
Just a typical Chris and James remix then.
Absolutely barnstorming - Get on it people!
Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher, Higher......

X-Static - I'm Standing (Higher)
(Chris and James Epic Adventure)

Maddy's finest hour!!!

It would be the understatment of the century to say that Madonna has produced some wonderful records.
But in my mind this was and still is the best thing she has ever done.
The lyrics are wonderful, the vocal is superb, the gospel choir delightful. Quite simply one of the best tracks ever made. It was wonderful when dropped in a club, proper "tingles down thr spine time".
There are some many different versions of this track that I just couldn't choose which one I liked best. Hence here you go four versions. There's probably more out there as well.
The acapella is included as it's simply awesome. At push I think 12 inch Extended remix version is my fave.
I'm sure you'll enjoy all four.

Madonna - Like A Prayer
(12 Inch Extended Remix)

Madonna - Like A Prayer

Madonna - Like A Prayer
This ones a funky little remix, with a underbeat from a very familar tune which I just can't put a name to (but know well). It'll come to me.

Madonna - Like A Prayer
(Sticky and Sweet Edit)
This is the one with the Felix - Don't You Want Me sample

Oh Jesus this is good!!!

Get a load of this one.
Now I bet there's not many of you out there who have heard this one.
Well here's your chance and it's an absolute belter, as you'd expect from the genius that is Mr Steve Anderson.
I think some of this solo remixes are just as good as the BiR remixes.
This ones a bit special. Don't be put off because it's Jesus Jones - naff 90's pop band and all that.
This track is as you'd expect beautifully produced and very uplifting. It's got a really lovely feel to it. Let me have you feedback on this one. Do you like it??

Jesus Jones - The Devil You Know
(Steve Anderson DMC Remix)

This one goes out to my old Clubbing Buddy!!

This one goes out to one of my old clubbing buddies.
With had some wild hedonistic nights at the likes of the Hacienda, Hard Times, Paradise Factory, Corn Exchange to name but a few.
They were always messy, but oh so memorable.
The track is a fantastic house classic with a typical classy Morales remix and some great subtle piano.
I hope you enjoy this one Michelle!! (I've even included a picture of Paradise Factory!!)

Clubland featuring Zenya Hamilton - (I'm Under) Love Strain
(David Morales Lost in the Jungle Mix)

For all the Pleasure Seekers out there!!!

The Title of this track says it all "The Pleasure of the Music" for all the Pleasure Seekers out there!! Thats what this blog is all about.
Another storming piano tune from back in the day.
This one dates back to 1989 and yet still sounds pretty fresh.
I love that decoded vocal and of course some great piano.
Enjoy peeps!!!

Ester B - The Pleasure of the Music

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Satisfied!!!

A truly amazing tune. In my mind this was the first really big Mariah club track. (I think Make It Happen came shortly after) It was one which I remember being hammered by Sasha and rightly so because it's superb.

It dates back to 1991 and Clivillés and Cole really were the hottest remixers around at that time. They were also highly prolific and they put out some fantastic stuff in the space of about 18 months. I'm sure you've all got great dancefloor memeories of this one.


Mariah Carey - Emotions

(C&C Dub Dub Mix)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Time for some more Balearic Bliss!!

I remember being at a great party in about 1994 and this was dropped and the place just erupted. It was a superb moment. There were certainly plenty of happy people that night (not so sure about Shiny mind!)
The song is an absolute classic anyway, but one of those which is amazing when dropped at the right time in a club. It's good remix as well, which is "danced up" a bit.
It was also a big Chris and James tune to boot.
Enjoy peeps as it's the last post of the night.

R.E.M - Shiny Happy People
(Dance To The Music Remix)

This isn't no Fools Paradise!!!

Another track which is again possibly slightly cheesy for the purists among you, but I make no apologies when there as catchy as this is.
It's got some really nice vocals, the obligatory piano and a very catchy riff.
I could quite easily imagine this going down well in teh camper clubs out there.
It'd been a perfect track at the likes of Vague or Paradise Factory (eah particularly with the Paradise in the total).
Have a listen I'm sure you'll enjoy it!!

Donna Lewis - Fools Paradise

Let's have a bit more Piano!!!

I couldn't resist a little bit more piano.
Come on people get those hands in the air!!
In this one, there's more than a little piano, there's actually rather a lot of piano.
Another track which probably borders too closely on the cheese-tastic barometer, but it's still very catchy and has just enough cred to be a PCC. The vocals don't help mind!
The track intro really is very nice and then it transcends into cheese-dom.
Still I can't imagine many people would have their hands by their sides if this one was dropped.
Cheese can be good. Lol.
Enjoy people!!

Pianoman - Cast a Spell

Anyone ready for a bit of Soca Fever???

Now when I say Soca Fever - I don't mean the Americans getting excited about the football World Cup (Soccer Fever). Forget it. a really poor gag I know.
I totally love this track, it's absolutely mad.
I never ventured as fat North as Scotland in my clubbing daysm but I'm reliably informed that it was a huge track at the Rhumba Club in Dundee, Scotland.
And believe it was quite a sight watching a 1,000 clubbers going mad doing the Soca.
That's the beauty of club music even bizarre tracks can sound great in the right atmosphere.
Get on it!!

Afrika Bambaataa - Soca Fever (Rock It)

Time for another classic C&J remix!!!

Here comes another absolute stormer courtesy of another fantastic Chris and James. I believe that James Wilthsire (aka Jimmy Gomez) also had a hand in this.
C&J had a great talent for marrying fantastic subtle yet, uplifting piano chords with a really rocking tempo.
This one is no exception, coupled with some great vocals and some fine lyrics. It builds nicely until a huge piano breakdown. I know you're all gonna love this one.
Love Rules indeed!!

WESTend - Love Rules
(Chris and James Epic Adventure Edit)

Let's have a little more Jimmy G!!

Been I while since I posted one of Jimmy G's delights.
Here he is on top form. Don't Brand New Heavies just sound great when remixed well.
This one isn't quite up there with Back to Love or the BiR remix of Spend Some Time.
All the same still a pretty cracking piece of music. Just check out the superb piano that kicks in.
Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True
(Jimmy Gomez DMC Remix)

Lets get all Tribal!!!

Alright peeps, I've had this one lined up to post for quite some time.
It was just so unique when it came out back in 1991/2.
There weren't too many club tracks around which featured Aborigines chanting and didgerdoos.
It always went down an absolute storm.
I know that there's certainly one of my US friends out there who'll appreciate this.
Enjoy people. Treaty Yeah!!

Yothu Yindi - Treaty
(The Filty Lucre Mix)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

This is a true Epic - a Club Monster!!!

There are some tracks that are good, some that are really good and then ones that are simply epic!!
This one is truly epic.
14 minutes 37 secs in length but every moment of it is electric, the vocals are superb and the piano chords in it are wonderful.
It has a feel very similar to a Brothers in Rhythm/Jimmy Gomez remix, hence any BiR fans out there then this is a must.
A truly wonderful track and a big shout out to Holty for putting this my way. Keep 'em coming like this bud.
I know I probably say that every track on this blog is brilliant (well they are aren't they?), but this really is special. HuuuuugE!!!

Visions featuring Dianne Lynne - Coming Home
(Sunday Club Remix)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Go on then, just one more!!!

Well, I've not posted any BiR yet tonight hence one's well overdue.
This one is yet another fantastic remix, as you come to expect from the BiR team.
In their usual style it builds nicely, retains the feel of the original, fully complements the vocals and throws in the uplifting piano chords at exactly the right moments.
Let's just say "Masters At Work" (and I don't mean Vega and Gonzalez).
I'm still searching for the final 2 BiR remixes I've yet to track down, if anyone out there can help (Pulp and Polaroid as featured on my most wanted list).
This track is just awesome when the "Can't stop praising his name" bit kicks in.
Nobody can like BiR can!! Look even Jesus has his hands in the air!!!

Voices of 6th Avenue - Call Him Up
(Brothers in Rhythm Club Mix)

Final one for tonight, but a good 'un!!!

I've been searching for this for sometime, it's a true old skool classic, that like many of the "piano tunes" from that era has a touch of cheese, but all the same are bloody good.
This one's as catchy as hell with of course the obligatory piano breakdown.
Come on let's see those hands in the air, especially at the end for the finale.
"Not giving you up, not giving you up, not giving you up"
"I never give, I never give, I never give you up"
It was no wonder we had so many good nights out with tunes like this being dropped.
Thanks to Antti for tracking this one down. Respect fella.

Rhythm of Life - Never Give You Up

You've gotta Keep Movin'!!!

Here comes a fantastic house track and one that you'll know as soon as you hear it, if not by title.
This one dates back to 1991 nd although 18 years old it still sounds as fresh now as it did in clubs when it was released.
A pure club classic with a really catchy hook and then it breaks into some superb key changes mid through. The word "House Classic" is widely over used, but it is the only way to describe this track.
As I've said many a time before about tracks as good as this "if you don't like this you ain't got a dancing bone in your body"
Get on it peeps.

Mike Perras - Keep Movin'

This is Above and Beyond the call of duty!!!

Just check this out for a fantastic remix. Above and Beyond have created some brilliant stuff and their type of trance is just my bag. Not too heavy, but really pumping, yet melodic at the same type with epic build ups and drops.
This track is "simply awesome". It just touches every spot going.
It combines the great vocals, the full atmosphere and it takes you on a great journey.
They'll be plenty more Above and Beyond on the blog in future.
Check this one!!

Madonna - What It Feels Like For a Girl
(Above and Beyond Club Mix)

We're on a roll - some more classic disco!!

Just had a bizarre experience and my second "Unaghi Effect "moment of the night (Holty'll know what I mean my that).
I've had this track lined up to post for the last few weeks, but never got round to it, then out of the blue it was suggested by Allison a new friend to this blog and responsible for providing some corking tracks to boot.
This ones another huge disco classic - and a huge Chris and James tune.
Respect to you both fellas.
I've upped two versions one is the Original version back to 1979 and the other is a Razormaid remix which keeps much the same feel of the original, but extends into a kind of Donna Summer - I Feel Love type vibe. Very nice indeed.
Disco rocks!!!

Tantra - Hills of Katmandu
(Original Version)

Tantra - Hills of Katmandu
(Razormaid X-Class Remix)

Let's stay on the Disco vibe!!!

Peeps it is of vital importance to pay homage to Disco.
If we hadn't had disco we wouldn't have house music and if we hadn't had house music wouldn't the world be a much sadder place.
It never ceases to amaze me how many of the great house tracks can be traced back to disco, whether its samples, riffs, lyrics, beats whatever.
This is a fantastic classic disco track brought up to date with a 90's feel - also known as the theme from The Soul Train.
It was a huge Vague track and it's a really fantastic piece of music.
It retains the classic disco feel, but has that 90's kick.
Disco will never die.

Johnny Vicious vs. MFSB - T.S.O.P.
(Theme From Soul Train '94)

Let's get Disco-tastic, no let's get Horny!!!

Here's a simply storming tune which I'm sure you'll all know when you hear it.
It absolutely disco-tastic with so many familar breakdowns and samples.
You'll be able to hear Relight My Fire in it and lots of other disco records, that I should know the names of but can't quite recall.
However, it all creates a fantastic dancefloor moment, although it dates bacl to 1989 I remember Sasha playing it once at a Soak event the Leeds Corn Exchange.
If anyone knows the other disco tracks featured in it give me a shout.
I'm sure you'll agree it's another PCC.

Mister B - Let's Get Horny

The Sun always shines (not in Blighty it doesn't!!)

It's funny sometimes I have things lined up to post and then someone asks me to post the same track. It must be fate!!
The A-Ha track, people might thinks it cheesy, but I heard this once at a great house party back in about 1994 and I can tell you I don't think I've rushed as much in my life. It sounded simply amazing.
A big shout to Alllison for providing this version, it's much better than the poppier version I had.
I've also posted the re-worked version which came out in 1994 by Diva. It's not a bad re-work but give me the A-Ha version anytime. Even an Oakie Perfecto remix didn't improve it sufficiently enough to beat the A-Ha version.
Believe me peeps when I tell you the A-Ha version isn't cheesy, it is pure Balearic Bliss.

A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV
(Extended Version)

Diva - The Sun Always Shines on TV
(Perfecto Mix)

Keeping on the trance vibe!!!

Now here's the best thing that Utah Saints ever did. Forget all that commercial stuff like "What can you do for me" and "Something Good" (although that was quite good), this one is the real deal.
The best track they ever made by far - another awesome tune that Oakie hammered.
I remember hearing this in Cream and being totally blown away.
A great remix by Red Jerry - who did some pretty hot remixes (e.g. Wizards of Sonic).
This ones a really pumping track, but then breaks down into the most amazing trance moment with some beautiful piano, it really is another "shivers down the spine" moment.
Simply stunning!!
"Won't you come back tomorrow, won't you come back tomorrow, won't you come back tomorrow"
"Won't you come back, won't you come back"
A big shout out to Harvs for reminding me to post this one. Nice one bud!

Utah Saints - Star
(Red Jerry Mix)

Time for something a little harder!!!

Well I couldn't go on upping nice chilled beautiful tingly paiano tracks all night could I??
This one seriously raises the tempo and is a pumping, thumping trance monster.
Absolutely hammered by Oakie and a key part of many of his sets in the late 90's.
It is quite simply a stunning piece of pumping trance music.
This ones got everything, pumping beats, slowed trance vibes and then the build up into the drum rolls as it kicks in again.
I believe that man DJ Tiesto was behind this one. Tiesto was responsible for some of the best trance music ever made.
This is a true trance anthem. If anyone out there isn't sure about trance, get a load of this.

Gouryella - Gouryella

Time for something a little more recent!!!

Well we seem to be on a wonderful tingly piano vibe tonight, so why not stick with it.
Let's not change a winning formula.
Here's another fantastic track which is in my opinion is one of David Morales's finest remix moments. I'd put this up there on a par with Novocento - Day and Night.
In my mind Morales is one of those who's done some simply amazing stuff, but he's seems to chase the pound notes too often (or dollars in his case) going for quantity rather than quality.
This though is absolutely sublime. A really warm, "shivers up your spine" type of feel to it.
Coupled with some great vocals.
It's funny although it dates back to 1996 - it's not one I remember hearing in clubs too often.
I think it was Simonh who brought this track to my attention, if so cheers fella. Respect.
I'm sure you'll all enjoy this one!!

Kuva - Isn't It Time
(Morales Euro Club Mix)

Staying on the old skool vibe!!!

Here's another old skool tune which I'm sure you'll all know and love.
Again this is from 1990 and similar to the last post it's just another brilliant laid back club classic.
Very simple in it's delivery, but oh so effective, with some wonderful uplifting (but gentle) piano.
Which then kicks in a bit faster towards the end.
Another simply stunning track.
Don't you just love this one??
Get on it!!!
(For the slightly less horticultural amongst you - the picture's of Forget Me Knots)
Hey I could of put Fifi up there, but I guess only the Mums and Dads amongst you would get that. Lol.

Tongue N Cheek - Forget Me Nots

Bring out the Steel Drums!!!

A real classic track from way back in 1990 - just a really great track with a lovely feel good factor.
It's not often you hear steel drums in house/club music and these give the song a real Caribbean feel. Mix that with some wonderfully subtle piano and you get an amazing track
Big repsect to Trevor Fung who I believe was behind this.
Trevor was also one of the pioneers of Acid House. Respect to you fella.
It also reminds me of True Romance - one of my favourite films with Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette (hence the picture) ans some brialliant cameo roles by Brad Pitt and Gary Oldman.
I'm sure you'll remember it as soon as you hear it.
Bloody Lovely.

Playtime Toons - Shaker Song

How about a bit of Classical Music for you!!

Well it's not often the PCC blog goes all classical (although it did before with a bit of Carmina Burana), but here with have a classic.
Probably better known and the intro to 2001 A Space Odyssey.
It was one of those pieces of music that was just awesome when dropped in a club, so atmospheric.
It was regualrly dropped on News Year Eve - just as the clock was striking 12 to bring in the New Year. What better way to do it.
A truly uplifting moment on any dancefloor.
Enjoy and let me know if you've heard it on a NYE night.

Richard Strauss - Thus SpokeZarathustra
Intro to 2001 A Space Odyssey

A true Club Classic of the highest order!!

Oh what a tune this is. A real favourite of mine.
Possibly overlooked when compiling my all time Top 30 PCCs.
This track has everything a real fantastic atmosphere, some lovely haunting vocals and a great little chuggy beat. A really special track. This one dates back to 1991.
It was one of those tunes that when you heard it in a club, you'd just close your eyes, bliss out, and then open them again with a huge grin on your face and give a big nod and hugs to the nearest person to you. Crazy, I know, but that's what we did.
"Move a little closer indulge your wildest dreams"
"The price of my seduction is not what you may think"
"Don't ask why"
"Don't ask me why"
Are you loving this one??
The Beat Club - Dreams Were Made To Be Broken

A great fanfare to kick off the Weekend!!

I'm sure you'll have heard this out before, it's a very famous track and the intro has been widely used in a lot of DJ sets.
It used to be big with Sasha back in the day.
A truly brilliant piece of music and I'm sure one that all your Mums and Dads will know. Lol.
The track itself is true Balearic Bliss.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Fanfare for the Common Man

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hands up who likes Piano???

Been a while since I upped some real stomping piano tunes.
This one goes back to 1991 and it was a true hands in the air piano anthem.
Typical of the Italian piano tracks that were out at that time.
They all had a similar formula, great vocals (Black Box-ish) and of course some stomping piano.
"Pump me up, mess me up, pump me up, wreck my body"
"Only one way to go, Higher, Higher"
"Work together, Work together, show a little Unity"
Hands in the air people please!!!

Unity - Unity
(USA Mix)

There's no mistaking this one! Melody is good to me!!

"Check the beat, check the rhythm on the beat".
One of the all time classic disco tracks. This track was huge on all dancefloors from it's original release in 1979. It was then given a fantasti re-working by Sure Is Pure in 1993.
It's that era that brings back some great memories of dancing away to this. It was one of those tracks which was regularly dropped as it got such a fantastic response on the dancefloor.
Everyone knew it and hence everyone danced and sang along.
Sure is Pure - were on fire at that time and were putting out some superb stuff.
This track will go down in club history as one of the all time greats. It still and always will sound fantastic.
"We're Lost In Music, Caught in a Trap, No turning back, We're Lost In Music"
Never a truer word said!!

Sister Sledge - Lost in Music
(Sure is Pure Remix)

I Can't Help, I Can't Help Myself!!!

An absolutely massive track from 1997 - a true club anthem - absolutely storming - huge brekdowns, monstrous bassline, that de-coded vocal "I Can't Help Mysaail-ef".
Quite simply one huge, huge clubland track!!
And rightly so, top drawer this one.
Get on it!!! I'm throwing a few shapes as I listen to it - Rockin'.

Lucid - I Can't Help Myself
(The Lucid Vocal Mix)

It's You, It's You I Want Tonight!!!

A fantastic old house track, so simple in delivery, but really emotional.
Just get into the vibe of this track.
A huge Hacienda track back in 1989 - which was before I starting going there.
The track is pure quality, a bonafide club classic.
Remember "It's You, It's You I Want Tonight"

ESP - It's You

Friday, 11 September 2009

I will be with you In Spirit!!!!!

Now the original version of this track is one of my all time favourite tracks (and it was one of the first tracks I posted on this blog .
I voted it No.5 in my all time favourite club classics and I stand by that position.
The original version is one of those tracks, which what can I say, it just takes you there (to another place). It's a pretty simple track, but at the same time stunning and so, so emotional.
Hence, when I realised that one of my favourite remixers Jimmy Gomez had done a remix of it, I was let's say, intrigued to track it down.
So, a huge shout out to a big contributor to this blog - Wee-Ste - you're a legend pal, keep on finding those on the most wanted list for me bud. Muchos appreciated!!
Wee-Ste - was responsible for tracking down the Jimmy Gomex remix of this track and while I feel it would be impossible to improve on the original version, the Jimmy G remix is still pretty hot, no in fact it's really, really good.
I've also upped the Biff & Memphis remix which is very cheesy and I really shouldn't like it but I do, as it's still catchy as hell.
All in all it's just a brilliant track and all 3 mixes provide something different. I first posted the original back in February - doesn't time fly when you're having fun.
Enjoy!! Cos, if you don't like this track - you ain't got a dance-able bone in your body!!

Dilemma - In Spirit
(Techno Mix)

Dilemma - In Spirit
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

Dilemma - In Spirit
(Biff and Memphis Remix)

There's only one Diana!!

Now I know that there's probably lot of huge Princess Diana fans out there, but I certainly ain't one of them, unless you mean the real Diana - a la - Mrs. Ross.
This is the real Diana - her of the Supreme vocals (no pun intended).
Here she is providing those fantastic vocals to a nicely remixed club track by T-empo.
By the way T-empo did some wonderful remixes, so watch out for some more of their stuff coming up on the blog.
Meanwhile enjoy the fantastic vocal talents of the real - Diana.

Diana Ross - Take Me Higher
(T-Empo's Club Adventure)

Have a Good Time. Yes Indeedy!!!

A cracking funky little number. Luvdup put out some quality tracks and also did some really great remixes. Club Lonely, What You Need - were superb Luvdup remixes and there's quite a few more of their remixes lined up to post.
I also have a mix set which Luvdup did at Vague in 1993 which is awesome and it remains as ome of my favourite mix sets ever. It's not quite up there with the Chris and James Essential Mix, but it's not far behind. I'll post it in the future The eclectic musial taste is awesome.
A bit more about this track. Well - try catchy, funky, energetic, cheeky, what about bloody rocking!! Yes, that hits the spot.
Get on this one and make sure you "Have a Good Time!!!"

Funkydory - Goodtimes '96
(Luvdup Mix)

Now for the Second Contest of the Night!!

Ding Ding Round Two.
This time it's a match of my other favourite heavyweight contenders.
In the red corner we have Brothers in Rhythm the reigning world champions - the greatest remixers to walk this land vs. Jimmy Gomez in the Blue corner as the undisputed underdog(vying with Chris and James as my second favourite remixers ever).
It's a David vs. Goliath match - with Jimmy Gomez being the underdog.
Who's gonna win?
The track is good, but not amazing and in my mind it's only the quality of the remixers that push it into PCC status.
The BiR remix, threatens to explode but then never really does, although it's a fabulous piece of production and a really lovely track.
The Jimmy Gomez remix has in my opinion that little bit of extra kick, it's just a bit more enticing, a bit catchier.
In all it's very close, but I have to say the Jimmy Gomez remix just shades it (and I mean just) ever so slightly. Again it's a split decision but the UK judge scores it slightly in the favour of JG.
What's your opinion. I'll stick a poll up for a bit of fun (and also for the D-Ream track).
Are you with me, or agin me??? Lol.

Daphne - Change
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Daphne - Change
(Jimmy Gomez Expresso Special)

Head to Head - Challengers vs Champs!!

Now it's not often you get your (or in my case my) two favourite remixers both remixing the same track.
So here we have it my numero uno favourite remixers Brothers in Rhythm (and widely acclaimed as being the greatest remixers ever) vs. my other favourite remixers - Chris and James (although Jimmy Gomez remixes are also up there as well).
The track is a good 'un, although I can't help feeling that Pete Cunnah's vocals are a bit cheesy sounding. They sounded better through the decoder - a la U R The Best Thing.
So which remix is the best??
BiR do their usual beautiful production - building, building - take the roof off remix - which really takes some beating. Top drawer BiR as usual.
The Chris and James remix is also different class, it teases and builds and has some great piano, but in my mind doesn't quite get to the intensity level of the BiR mix.
My verdict - BiR win on points - a split decision mind.

D-Ream - Take Me Away
(Brothers in Rhythm Club Mix)

D-Ream - Take Me Away
(Chris and James Club For Life Mix)

Get a load of DJ Tim A!!!

As mentioend previously on this blog, I get sent loads of tracks and request to post stuff, but as always tracks only get posted which meet the criteria of being a pure club classic.
I've always been conscious of trying to keep the quality of music as high as possible, so that when people come onto the blog, they know that the tracks they download have either been tried and tested on the dancefloor or at very least verified as being true club classics.
Here's a superb remix - really liking this one.
Top bit of work from DJ Tim A - also check out his blog which has some great stuff on it.
Respect fella. Keep 'em coming like that!!

Madonna - Celebrate Another Day

Beautiful, Beautiful House Music!!

There's been some fantastic female singers on house tracks and none greater than Chaka Khan, she's right up ther with Loletta Holloway, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown - all absolute legends.
You put their vocal performance with a great house track and you can only get a club classic.
This one is an absolute stomper, full of huge piano - a really "infectious" club track.
Another big Chris and James track as well.

Chaka Khan - Love You All My Lifetime
(House Mix)

This is the Rhythm of Life!!

Another monstrous Chris and James remix. (And when I say monstrous I don't mean bad, I mean absolutely huge, epic, you know the sort).
Out of all the tracks and styles Chris and James productions and remixes came in e.g. disco, balearic, proggy, trancey, this in my opinion was their best style - that is, pumping club music which just built and built, laden with superb bits of piano. Just lovely.
This one is a really great track, but one which is not widely known or was widely played.
In my mind a true hidden gem. Just check out that piano, beautiful club music.
Respect to C&J.

Oleta Adams - Rhythm of Life
(Chris and James DMC Remix)

Do you want Independence??

Well here you have it?
A huge Hacienda track back in 1993 - only made possible by the genius that was Brothers in Rhythm. How else would Lulu get a pure club classic.
This one is a typical BiR remix, lots of wonderful piano and great production. It's not a bad vocal performance from Lulu either.
I can tell you it went down an absolute treat on the dancefloor.

Lulu - Independence
(Brothers in Rhythm Club Mix)

There's no Hiding-Away from this one!!!

Now there were two tracks that came out pretty close to each other one got loads of hype and I thought was absolutely pants (De Lacy - Hideaway - which came out in 1994) and then this one which was so much better, but didn't get much acclaim (Strange world innit??).
All the club mags were raving about the De Lacy version, which I thought was totally crap. I remember being on the dancefloor at Cream and everyone going mad to it and I was looking round thinking this is crap and just walked off the dancefloor.
Believe this version i much better and with a great Lisa Marie Experience remix and some monumental piano.
"Hideaway, let's find a place where we can hide away"
Get on this one, not the "I need to he, he, he hideaway" version. Lol.

Nu Soul featuring Kelli Rich - Hide-A-Way
(Lisa Marie Experience Remix)