Friday, 24 September 2010

The Boss remixing The Boss??

How about this one then, Morales the self-titled The Boss remixing The Boss!!
This is a great Morales remix, very dramatic with some huge piano drops!!
Diana Ross is one of my all time favourite vocalists and I've aways loved all her tracks from her Motown years right up to her last good tracks like Chain Reaction.
Her vocals on this are par excellence.
This is one of her most famous tracks, given a wonderful remix by Morales.
When Morales is good, he's very good. This is "The Boss"

Diana Ross - The Boss
(David Morales Remix)

Apologies, those nasty people from DCMA have threatened again.
They appear to be more vigilant than ever.
If anyone wants the link then please drop me and email at the usual address.

It's you, you and only you!!!

Here's a bit of a belter with some of the crisp-est piano you are ever likely to hear.
(E) Sensual indeed!!
The lyrics are a tad nursery rhyme, but the piano in this is pounding.
It makes for an absolutely banging track.
A big shout out to Braddy - who sent me this some time ago.
I hope you are well bud, not heard from you for a while!!
This is "Absolutely E Sensual!"
Get on it.

Jaki Graham - Absolute E Sensual
(Sleazesisters Gay And Happy Vibe Mix)

Oh dear - I'm really sorry about this one!!

How could I?
I post an all time house classic like "Waiting on an Angel" and then post this bag of old cheese.
Apologies, but I just couldn't resist it.
This was probably one of the tracks that helped to cause the death of the rave scene.
Does anybody remember it being on Top of the Pops - if I remember rightly the girl who sang/lip synched was quite fit. Anyone remember?
About the track well it's cheese and then more cheese, but it is very, very catchy and pretty infectious.
It's the "oh, oh, oh, oh",  "oh, oh, oh, oh",  and the piano that does it for me.
Possibly the shortest club record in history at 3mins 20secs, but 3 mins of fun!!
The remix is slightly longer, less instant but still pretty good.
"Press your buttons now!!"
"Wanna Party??" - "Yes, course you do!!"

Bass Value - Do You Wanna Party
(Original Mix)

Bass Value - Do You Wanna Party

Let's go back, way back, back to the early days!!!

Now this is one of my favourite old house classics.
It is an absolute fantastic track and hard to believe it is now 25 years old.
It still feels so unbelievably powerful.
Now I know we've talked about me not being a big fan of male vocals, but Jamie Principle is another exception - the vocals in this are amazing.
It was produced by Frankie Knuckles and hence probably one of the reasons it's so bloody good.
House music this good will never die!!
"Angelic" house music - beautiful!!
I love the really camp "fake" laugh sample as well - genius!!
Couldn't resist the picture of Jo Lo -  a true angel from above!!!

Jamie Principle - Waiting On My Angel
(Club Mix)

Now this is massive!!!

This is another huge favourite and one that used to be massive on the trance scene!!
Possibly bordering slightly on the commercial side, but it's a really amazing piece of trance.
The piano in it is absolutely lush and the whole atmosphere of the track is electric.
I love the way it slows mid track and builds back up and explodes again and then breaks into that amazing piano!
Pretty epic in my opinion!!
This was one hammered by Tiesto et al - The modern trance maestros's - post my clubbing days, but still massive all the same!!!

Jurgen Vries - The Theme
(Original Mix)

Bring out the Axe!!

Here's an old classic - that ued to sound great out in clubs.
It was one of those tracks that you used to hear whenever you went out circa 1991.
Very chuggy, but very effective, I especially love the breakdown and tempo change mid way through.
It's funny it's only when I googled Axe - that I realised that is what they call Lynx (deoderant) in foreign climes.
Bring on the Axe girls!!!

Axe Corner - Tortuga

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Shined On Me

Praise Cats - Shined On Me

Original Released: 2001
however it has been remixed and re-released far too many times in my opinion.
Great funky house track, i really enjoy the long intro.

Vocals: Andrea Love
Written by: E-Smoove

Praise Cats - Shined On Me (Ropero Remix)

Praise Cats - Shined On Me (E-Smooth Vocal Remix)

Praise Cats Vs Martha Wash (Bootleg Mix)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The voice a true "A.N.G.E.L."!!!

Bringing up her 3rd post on the PCC blog, I simply love Natasha's vocals. Her voice just has a fantastic quality to it.
Probably not the purest of vocals, but one that just hits exactly the right spot.
Most definitely the voice of an A.N.G.E.L.
It complements dance tracks so perfectly.
This one is a bit of a grower and builds in a nice mellow trance groove, courtesy of a great Chicane remix.
This track isn't quite as good as the previous 2 Natasha tracks I've posted - but it is still pretty damn good.
Are you feelin' it?

Natasha Bedingfield - Angel
(Chicane Club Mix)

Do You "Know How"??

It doesn't matter where you went out clubbing, I can guarantee that at one time or another this tune would have been played there.

I heard it everywhere from underground rave parties in warehouses, to the trendy upstairs room in Love2Be in Sheffield and it always went down a storm.

Included below is the original track and also a mix that I've recreated to post on the Blog (apologies that the sound quality of the third track (ASHA) isn't that great).

This mix of 3 classic tunes used to be played by Paul Taylor at Angels and later at his famous Retro nights.

Frank de Wulf versus Young MC versus ASHA.

Young MC - Know How

Friday, 17 September 2010

Italian Piano is just MEGA!!

Now for a proper Oldskool Piano Classic from Italy. The FPI Project made some of my favourite tunes in the early 90's and here they are all together in the Megamix released in 1992

The first time I heard this in a club I thought the DJ was spinning 3 decks, but it turned out it was just this record mixed with one other.

The Italians really knew what they were doing with piano tunes, so here's over 10 minutes of them for your listening pleasure!!
Tracks - Rich in Paradise, Risky, (Everybody) All Over the World, Feel It, Hey You

The FPI Project - Megamix

Goin' Round

After three male vocals here's one of my favourite female vocals from the mid 90's. I know nothing about this tune other than my mate used to play it all the time and I loved it. Oh and I guess it must be from the USA.

Her voice is really sweet and the lyrics too! Takes a while to build up, so be patient and please wait until you've heard the verse at about 3 minutes 10 secs.

"When you came into my life I knew, that I would be crazy over you"

I think you'll like it!!

D'Bora - Going Round

Chicago Class from '87

An absolute classic in my opinion. Joe Smooth was one of the pioneers of the house scene that started in Chicago in the late 80's and this track dates way back to 1987. And yet it still sounds fantastic today. I challenge anyone to listen to it without having to sing along with a smile on your face.

This quote from Discogs sums it up perfectly for me:

"Sunday morning, 7 am. You have been dancing and jumping around at this party since 11 pm last night, meeting new people and having a good time in general. The place is still packed. You look at the sea, you know the sun is about to rise. And at that exact point in time and space, with the sun rising, the DJ drops "The Promised Land" by Joe Smooth, the ultimate housemusic celebration and sing-along anthem. You get overwhelmed by feelings of joy, get tears in your eyes and you hug people you have never met before. This is the true house feeling. Welcome to the family".

Joe Smooth - Promised Land

Not the first Beloved track on the Blog, but probably the most up-tempo. In fact as far as Beloved tracks go, it's about as quick as they get.

Great vocal, uplifting melody, pumping bassline and a trancy keyboard riff to boot....

If you are thinking to yourself "I don't like The Beloved", give this a listen and you may just change your mind.

Allister Whitehead used to hammer this for a spell in '96 and it brings back lots of memories of what was to be my last year of going out clubbing on a weekly basis. After '96 most of my favourite haunts had either closed down, moved venues, or simply lost their sparkle!

The Beloved - Satellite

Pudding & Pie Anyone?

I only stumbled upon this track again recently. I don't remember hearing it out much, but I had it on a mix tape by one of the guys who worked in Global Beat Records in Bradford - Dean Johnson.

I know PCC has said before on the Blog that he doesn't tend to like male vocals and I agree with that 90% of the time.

However, to buck the trend a little - tonight I'm posting three male vocals that are up there with some of the great females (and to be honest there's a nice female backing vocal on this)

Georgie Porgie - Let The Music Pump You Up

"Help a Friend"??

Another big fave of mine - not quite as instant as Slo Moshun's storming "Bells of New York", but still a top, top track.
Another track which brings back some great memories from the Hacienda in 1994.
I've posted 2 mixes and although it pains me to say it, but I think "Aquarel's Red Card Mix", just out guns Parky's version.
Not much in it, as they are both quality house tracks, but it just has a little more edge to it.

Slo Moshun - Help My Friend
(Aquarel's Red Card Mix)

Slo Moshun - Help My Friend
(Graeme Park Baseroom Glory Mix)

Have you found "the lover who rocks you" (All Night)?

The $6million dollar question? Well have you?? Lol.
This track is a fantastic acapella which wonderfully displays the vocal talents of India.
Am I right in thinking that India was once married to Little Louie Vega?
I'm sure I've read that somewhere previously.
Well here he is remixing his (Ex) missus' track. Talk about keep it in the family!!! (Nearly as bad as Sister Sledge!!!)Lol
This version is also coupled with a great rap in it and then the dub kicks in 5mins in.
This one goes out to Rich a fellow Team PCC blogger.
I know you were after this one fella? Enjoy!

India - The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night)
(Little Louie's Accadub Mix)

Here come's the Rocket Man!!!

Well I never expected to be posting Elton John on the PCC blog, but you know the motto of the blog, if it's a cracker - a true club classic - we'll post it.
There are two mixes posted, both are really magical, retaining the great vocal and feel of what is arguably Elton John's best track. (Hard to believe that the original is now 38 years old!!!)
Hani's Mix is quite lively with some great piano and some lovely key changes and breakdowns.
The Phunky's Knee Deep Mix is very melodic and really well produced, but more laid back and more housey in style.
Out of the two I'd have to say that Hani's Mix just edges it, as it really is a fantastic track - dare I say it, quite BiR-ish in style. No faint praise indeed!!
Let me know your thoughts?

Elton John - Rocket Man
(Hani's Mix)

Elton John - Rocket Man

(Phunky's Knee Deep Extended Remix)

Apologies the link has been removed as I've received a warning fom DCMA.
As if Elton John hasn't got enough bloody money!!

It's a thumbs up for this one!!

It doesn't quite have the same ring to it, as "let's see those hands in the air", but hey ho!!
It's a quality track all the same and it sees Erasure's second post on the blog (and with more to come).
But hey don't worry this isn't cheesy pop - it's a quality PCC.
It's funny beacuase I used to like Erasure's pop tracks when I was a youngster.
About this track, well it's just very catchy.
A tad camp, a tad Euro pop, but also very, very infectious.
Trust me people you'll like it!!
A great Tin Tin Out remix!

Erasure - Fingers & Thumbs (Cold Summer's Day)
(Tin Tin Out Remix)

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Real Life

This was most certainly a Hac Track - and a magnificent one at that.

Corporation of One - The Real Life

Dirty Cash

Even more hip-house from '90 - It was a good year for it. Classic tune that has been remixed a plenty.

The Adventures of Stevie V - Dirty Cash

The Ryhthm Is Hot

Back to 1989 - I seem to remember this played in the Hac a few times (but my memory is getting a little bit hazy). Is this the origin of the lyric "The rhythm is hot"? Whatever - it's a great oldskool classic

Bizz Nizz - We're Gonna Catch You

God Save The Queen

Off work ill today - so filling some time with some more posts. This one is a great hip-house track from 1990.

Queen Latifah - Come Into My House (Richie Rich Mix)

Monday, 13 September 2010

Stay away from the brown Bobby

Last one now and a big up to the K-Klass lads who turned this Bobby Brown shit into the finest house Shinola.

Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (K-Klass Extended Mix)

You and Me

A big big tune in 94 - from the excellent Cleveland City label. Grab your handbag.

Rhyme Time Productions - You And Me


This was played a lot by Sasha in 1990. I love it :)

Renegade Soundwave - Thunder

Night Moves

I meant to finish the weekend off with this track - but a bottle of Bundy OP got in the way. So better late than never - this superb house tune from 88 features some exceptional vocals from Charles Steward who was on a number of great tracks around that time (I have several I will post)

Rickster - Night Moves

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Keep Bustin'

You only need to take one look at the cover above to see that this track was originally an 80's pop tune from the USA. 1989 to be precise. Nice outfits or what?
But the remix by DMC really brings it to life - in fact it's hardly recognisable.

Check out You Tube first ( )
to see just how different the original chart version is before listening to what a great job the remixer did turning this into one of my favourite Club Classics.

Great bassline. Sweet piano and a nice vocal, although like lots of 80's tunes the lyrics are a bit idealistic. But hey, what's wrong with wanting a better world for everyone, I suppose?
The 'keep, keep, keep, keep bustin' hook is fantastic and meant that you always knew when this track was about to be dropped in a club.

If you listen to the track you'll notice that it's pretty slow - only about 120bpm I think. In my opinion it sounds better speeded up a bit. Maybe to 130bpm

Exposé - Tell Me Why (DMC Remix)

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Where's that bloody helicopter coming from?

PCC has already posted a Flipped Out track and this is another that was massive in the North circa 1993 from the Ark label. I remember the first time I heard it I was at Life @ Bowlers - Manchester.

Back in '93 Bowlers had a decent sound system to fill the huge warehouse style venue and I remember the hairs on my neck standing up when the helicopter sampled on this track seemed to circle round the club.
In fact, for a few seconds I think I actually thought a helicopter was about to land in the middle of the dancefloor!!
Then the mental sirens kicked in and the track moved on. It's got so many different parts to it and I've never got bored of hearing it after all these years.

Unfortunately the sound system at Bowlers was downgraded in later years and the DJ's started playing less 'ravey' tunes that never really created the right atmosphere in such big club.

This is definitely a PCC in my opinion and worthy of my first contribution to the Blog.

Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody

Ou Est Le Soleil? (Where is the sunshine???)

Last one from me for tonight and I finish with an absolute belter.
It's been a while since I dropped a Balearic classic, but this one is just that.
Give it a few listens as it's a bit of a grower, but what a track.
Now nobody would have guessed that this was Paul McCartney would they?
Well it certainly is (surprisingly making his second appearance on the PCC blog).
About the track, well it's just a Balearic delight with the catchiest little vocal snippetts.
I especially love the intro, but the whole track has a really wonderful Balearic vibe.
A fantastic remix from the legend that is Shep Pettibone.
"Ou Est Le Soleil?" - A good question - where is that bloody sunshine!!

Paul McCartney - Ou Est Le Soleil?
(Shep Pettibone Remix)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Question - Why is it that everytime.....?

I used to love this one.
It was big back in 1993 - it has a really funky rhythm, infectious bassline and well the vocals, are just hilarious.
Not one for the kids mind.
It was a great track played early in the night to get everyone in the mood to Part-ay!!

Why is it that every time
I'm walking down the street,
Some arsehole wants to stop me
Just to give me a flyer?
C'mon man...
Get the fuck out of my way!"

Sagat - Fuk Dat
(Raw Mix)

give it to you

martha wash
"give it to you"
dmc remix
awesome remix by phil kelsey & released on dmc only, this remix has got it all
martha wash
"give it to you"
dmc remix

"Do you wanna funk"?

Absolutely love this track - hard to belive it is nearly 30 years old.
I remember hearing the Luvdup Twins play this at Vague in Leeds back in 1993.
What a legendary club that was and a superb night.
I've got the mix tape of that night and it is one of my favourite all time DJ mix sets.
Talk about Balearic heaven, it jumps from dance, house, disco, old skool, nu skool and about every other genre of music which was rocking the dancefloors in those days. Luvdup were DJ legends.
About this track, well it's just an all time classic and funky as hell.
Really great production, with some great lyrics and those amazing funky vocals.
"Do we wanna funk"? Yes, hell we do!!

Patrick Cowley & Sylvester - Do You Wanna Funk

Tell me "Who"?

Another biggie on the house scene from 1994 - this was one that just wouldn't go away.
It was one of those tracks that was played wherever you went out, which I suppose it a testament to how good the track actually is.
I always remember it being a big track at Hard Times.
It's really powerful deep, yet soulful house music, with a great remix from Sure is Pure.
Between 1992 and 1994  Sure is Pure were one of the hottest remixers out there.
A big shout out to Mr Tony Safe - who requested one - Enjoy fella!!!

South Street Players - (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind
(Sure Is Pure Mix)

Watch this Volcano erupt!!!

I can't believe that I've not posted a Volcano track to date, but having checked back it seems I haven't.
Ths was a biggie at Cream back in 1994 which brings back some fond memories of bopping away on the dance floor and singing along to the infectious chorus.
It's a tad on the commercial side, but good nonetheless.
Some great piano and that catchy chorus.
This one goes out to Bozmond - good suggestion buddy.
The Original Mix is the one for me, much better than the Stonebridge Mix which is much more housey and certainly less instant. The K-Klass mix was also good, but again not up there with the Original IMHO!!
Let me know if you feel differently!

Volcano - More To Love
(Original Mix)

Tell Me When The Fever Ended

One of the best female vocalists in my opinion. Billie Ray Martin and a classic house tune from 1989.

Electribe 101 - Tell Me When The Fever Ended

Jesus...I was guilty

A great piece of techno from 1991 - dig out your rave pants for

Digital Orgasm - Moog Eruption

Dark and Moody

Difficult to believe that a track this good was a B side. Deep, dark, moody - a track from Sasha and Diggers almighty Northern Exposure. Enjoy this one with the volume all the way up at 11.

Castle Trancelott - The Gloom

Hey Dj... Where's the Base?

Feel the beat and feel the rhythm
It feels so fine on the party line

A big euro house tune from back in '89

Bizz Nizz - Don't Miss The Party Line

Dizzee Rascal???

Dizzee was most likely still in nappies when this tune came out. A little touch of Acid House from 1989.

Bigger Than Life - Dance With Me

Who can take the Power???

Possibly one of the catchiest piano hooks of all time and sampled in many many dance tracks.
Very simple, but very effective.
The track basically revolves around that piano hook from start to finish, but the hook is so bloody catchy, that you just simply can't help but love the track.
This track is now 20 years old and it still sounds really fresh.
Annoyingly brilliant!!!
You know you love it!!!

Off-Shore - I Can't Take The Power
(Mosaic Mix)

Who's ready a for a spot of "Action"??

Good evening folks, here's alively little tune to kick off the weekend!!
Who's up for a spot of "Action"??
Yes, of course you are!!!
This one dates back to 1994 - although I'm sure that this was played out in clubs prior to that??
Maybe just my memory.
About the track well it's just a totally bona fide club classic.
Sumptious piano from start to finish - what more could you want, coupled with a few nice girly "oha" vocals.
Top top tune folks!!
Enjoy the "Action"!!!
(P.S. It had nothing to do with DJ Alfredo)

Alfredo - Action!
(Piano Mix)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

"I don't want to" stop playing this!!

Here's a track that although fairly well known and relatively commercial, is a track I simply love.
The production; as with all Frankie Knuckles remixes is simply amazing.
Toni's vocals are lush and complemented by some beautiful melodic piano and it has a fantastic sing-along chorus.
Absolutely perfect for playing last tune of a night or at the end of a set.
I love the bit 6 minutes in when it goes all housey and then leads back into the chorus. Quality!!
Enjoy all 11 minutes of it!!

Toni Braxton - I Don't Want To
(Classic Club Mix)

Friday, 3 September 2010

Are you ready for a "Mindwarp"?

Now this was an absolutely huge track back in 1993.
I particularly rememeber it being a huge Jon of the Pleased Wimmin track.
It was awesome on the dnacefloor, building up and then the fantastic guitar breakdown kicking in.
The energy and the reaction this caused on the dancefloor had to be seen to be believed.
Total rockin' out!!
A total proper "mindwarp".
It was another great release from the Stress label.

Mindwarp - One
(SSL Full Mix)

"You're really spaced out"!!!

Now this track was absolutely massive for virtually every DJ who played pumping energetic sets back in 1994.
I have particular fond memories of Oakey hammering this at Cream.
It was one of those tracks which was an absolutely instant hit as soon as it was dropped.
The whole place would just go off as soon as the needle hit the groove and those first beats kicked in, then breaking into that pounding pumping rhythm.
The memories of those nights of bliss, still send goosebumops down the spine when I hear this.
Especially the "aah, her, aah her, aah, her, aah her" wonderful breathy vocals.
We were all "really spaced out"!!
It was one of the first really big trance tracks and somewhat ahead of it's time.
All in all a true epic masterpiece.
I'm sorry if you don't like this, then you ain't ever going to like trance music.

Li Kwan - Point Zero

Some Clouds have silver lining!!!

Here's presenting you with another fantastic house classic, delivered by the wonderful vocal talents of Ms Chaka Khan.
This is one of Frankie Knuckles all time favourite tracks.
What better compliment could a track have.
The original first came out in 1980, but it is the C&C remix that I like best.
It is absolutely piano-licious - have listen and you'll know what I mean.
C&C produced some wonderful remixes and this is up there with their best.
Love it.

Chaka Khan - Clouds
(Clivillés and Cole Remix)