Monday, 30 August 2010

Piano Please - oh go on then!!!

Piano please? Well seeming that you asked so politely!!
This is a real old favourite which summed up a lot of the great House tracks which were coming out of Italy in 1990 and 1991 and were tracks which were loved up North!!
Tracks like this were just so instant, in all fairness they are probably not the most spohisticated tracks, but they just hit the spot.
Yes, the lyrics are cheesy, but the piano is great and the track has a superb feel and there is so much variation in the track, lots of familar samples, rapping, tempo changes. I love it!!
If you know this one I'm sure it'll bring back some great memories, if not heard before, have a listen as this very much summed up the spirit of early 90's club culture.
"Are you ready for the music, do you wanna hear the music?"

T.N.T. - Piano Please

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Healys Theme

Clipper - Healy's Theme
Released: 1996
From the: Bring Me Sunshine EP

'' One of those tunes which re-samples dance classics, quite funky ''
'' This one uses samples from: Strike - U Sure Do &

Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel ''


Brothers & Sisters (Trance Mix)

2 Funky 2 - Brothers & Sisters (White Label Trance Mix)

'' An updated trance style remix of the classic anthem, for all you trance lovers ''


Never Alone

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Never Alone (Beats 'R' Us Mix)
Released: 1994

'' Decent remix of the popular tune, taken from their 1994 album (Dreams) ''


Come on - Show Me Heaven!!!

Now I know that this is a tad Europop, and verging on the Edam side of things, but it's also very catchy and the vocals are superb.
It was a proper sing-along-anthem.
Of course it is a re-working of the Maria McKee track from the early 90's.
I'm sure most of you will also recognise the use of the sample from BBE - 7 days and one week.
Alright I know it's a bit cheesy, but it really does have a great feel about it.
Do you agree?

Chimira - Show Me Heaven
(Sosumi Master Mix)

Just check the piano breakdown on this - sublime!!!

Here's another old favourite of mine.
This one dates back to 1996 and was a track massively championed by the likes of Dave Seaman.
Be patient with it, as it has a slow build up but when the piano kicks in at 4:25 - you have an amazing piano breakdown, that just never seems to stop. Truly awesome. Very much a goosebumps moment!!
It really is a beautiful track and very, very uplifting,  I'm sure you'll love it.
Let me know your thoughts?
Beat Foundation also produced andother epic track, which will be posted in the future.
P.S. Sorry for the crap picture, it's relevance is Foundations!!

Beat Foundation - Foundations

Monday, 23 August 2010

Trance at it's best, as we know and love it!!

It's been a while since we had some good trance posted, so here's an absolute cracker.
This was a huge track for Oakey in 1999 and is another fantastic production by Matt Darey.
This track is under his Lost Tribe monicker.
It's very typical of his stuff, pumping, fast, energetic, but also filled with emotion and beautiful breakdowns into lovely piano and ethereal atmospherics.
The intro at 1:40 is amazing, pure pounding driving trance. Hold on to your hats and listen to the Gamemaster!!
Absolutely top notch.
There were plenty of remixes done of this, but the Original Mix is the one that does it for me.

Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
(Original Mix)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Possibly the greatest house record ever??

Well it's certainly up there.
This one dates back to 1987 and is an all time classic house track. The best ever? Certainly up there.
In fact I can't believe that I haven't posted it before now!
Marshall Jefferson was behind this one.
Even the bloody Pet Shop Boys had the cheek to do a cover version of this in 1989.
The vocals in this version and of course of piano are simply amazing. Pure house heaven.
Certainly more than just "alright".
Pure house heaven!!

Sterling Void - It's Alright

Oh Yes - The Magic's Back Again!!!!

Now then people, I hope you are all well.
Now here's a tune and a half for you.
Most people will remember the M.A.N.I.C. track "I'm Coming Hardcore", which wasn't really hardcore, but we all used to love the amazing piano riff.
Well this is where the piano riff was lifted from.
If you haven't heard this before you've just got to check it.
It's the piano riff from heaven and a few lush Alison Limerick vocals to boot.
Believe me "the rhythm is hot"!!!
"The Magic's Back Again"
It must be a great tune, even Magic's got his hands in the air!! Go on my son!!!

Malcolm McLaren feat. Alison Limerick -
Magics Back (House Mix)

Friday, 13 August 2010

"I don't need this pressure on, I don't need this pressure on!!"

Join in the chant people.
It's been a while since I posted a BiR remix.
I've still plenty up my sleeve but have to admit that most their best stuff has already been posted on the blog.
Well they have had 50 posts to date, so it couldn't go on forever.
This is a typical top drawer BiR remix. Not quite as spellbinding as many of their remixes, but still very good indeed.
Are we all ready for the chant?
"I don't need this pressure on, I don't need this pressure on, "I don't need this pressure onnnnnnnnn, "
A top Spandau song from back in 1981, this remix was done in 1992.

Spandau Ballet - Chant No. 1
(I Don't Need This Pressure On)
(Brothers In Rhythm DMC Remix)

Apologies people, those nasty people from the DCMA have threatened to close the blog, if this link isn't removed. If anyone wants the link, then pleae send me an email at the usual address.
We keep the faith, Regards, PCC

"Give me all your love"!!

Go on then, some more piano for you old skoolers!!!
Now this was a massive piano anthem back in the day in 1991.
Absolutely typical of thise fantastic piano anthems that came out of Italy in 1991.
The ones which were absolutely loved on dancefloors up North - the sort of stuff that Sasha used to cane in his hey day.
This one is a typical "hands in the air" anthem.
Simple. but very effective -  come on "Give me all your love"!!

Mimmo Mix feat. Valerie Etienne - All Your Love
(Club Mix)

Here comes the Carnival - are you ready for it?

This one has a bit of a story to it, It was recommended to me by Chris Day as it was a huge track for them when played out.

I could only find a "chopped" version downloaded from YouTube, which I then posted on my blog seeking the original.
Someone informed me I could buy a vinyl copy from Discogs - so I did for a bargain £5.
I've had it for about 4 months and never got round to ripping it.
Then about of the blue I get sent an mp3 - big respect to Denny - nice one fella.
About the track, well it's a bit of a monster (oh hell I sound lik Pete Tong).
No, the track it an absolue anthem, very disco-ified but with a real "crunchy" feel, - have a listen and you'll know what I mean -  the riff is amazing. Those disco heads may also recognise the Bumblebee United - Lady Bug riff - (which was another great track and is on the blog).
This track is absolutely huge believe me. Let's have your feedback on this one.

Larry's Theme - Carnival

"Give me all your loving don't you stop!!!"

Here's another biggie for you peeps. Anyone fancy a bit of "Mary Jane"!!
Matthew Roberts and Bottom Dollar produced some fantastic remixes, right up my street.
This is just one of those (don't worry plenty more to come from them).
Great vocals by Mary J Blige as you'd expect, lots of great piano, some great lyrics, luverly.
I just love the intro the way it just builds before breaking into that great vlocal
"Give me all your loving don't you stop"
"My love waiting when you reach the top, (All night long)"
"Come into my bedroom honey, what I've got we'lll make spend money(All night long) "

Mary J. Blige - Mary Jane (All Night Long)
(Bottom Dollar House Vocal)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

It Began In Africa

A classic italodance track from 1989. This was the first summer I went to Ibiza and this tune was everywhere.

Chicco Secci Project - Whip of the Rhythm (New Beat in Africa Version)

The First Ever Trance Track

This is a great tune which was massive in 1990 and very different to other stuff which was out at the time. It is credited with being the first ever trance tune. There was a great remix by Jam and Spoon in 1992 (Watch Out For The Stella Remix) but I prefer the original.

The Age Of Love - The Age Of Love

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Just feel this for a Summer tune!!!

Now then folks this is the one and probably only time you will find any breakbeat/jungle on the PCC blog,as I'm not a big fan of that musical genre.
But there are always exceptions and this is certainly one of them.
This track is huge in many ways, it's got some delightful piano and a lovely atmosphere and even the breakbeat seems to complement the track.
I had it on vinyl back in the day, but ended up leaving it one of my mates house. His gain, my loss.
So a big shout out to Wee Ste for tracking this down for me.
You're a legend fella.
People give me your feedback on this track?
Love it or hate it??
I certainly love it!!

Spiral Feat. Lisa Lamb - Summer Breeze
(Band Of Gypsies Mix)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

For What You Dream Of ...

Bedrock Feat. KYO - For What You Dream Of

Released in 1993
Mighty fine house choon, great piano bit in the middle.

Featured in the film: Trainspotting
Its the scene where he's on cold turkey, locked in a room by his parents...
in a semi-concious state and the baby crawling on the ceiling ..etc...

(Renaissance Mix) - [Mediafire]

(Holy Trinity Mix) - [Mediafire]

"How Can I Love You More" indeed!!!

Now anyone who visits this blog regularly will know of my huge liking to the vocal talents of Ms Heather Small and the fantastic tracks created by Hacienda DJ legend Mike Pickering under his M-People guise.
Add some wonderful remixes to many of their tracks and you have dancefloor heaven.
Here are 2 of the finest examples of this.
Back in 1991 - M-People released "How Can I Love You More" and it was a great track dying for a good remix. Trouble was the remixes IMHO were dull and uninspriring and didn't bring a great track to life on the dancefloor. "Sasha's Master Mix" was dull and didn't really peak, but he then created the "Qat Mix" which took the track to another level.
It's taken a while to track a clean version of this down, but big thanks to Tom Ferguson from Galaxy FM and Wee Ste, who both provided the track on the same day, after I'd been searching for a clean version for ages.
The Qat remix is a real belter, it builds and then really explodes.
As an additional treat I've also included the "Jimmy Gomez 6am Remix", which is stunning. Very much in usual Jimmy G stylee, it builds and builds and is layered with some equisite piano, very impressive indeed.
Which version is best?? I'd probably say the Jimmy Gomez remix, but both tracks are very special.
You decide?

M People - How Can I Love You More?
(Sasha's Qat Mix)

M People - How Can I Love You More?
(Jimmy Gomez 6am Remix)

You know you "gotta to have it"!!

"Well I've got to have it" - it could be the opening line to many a sentence. This track for instance, as once you've heard it you'll certainly need to "have it".
This one is an absolute top notcher, very, very mellow and very balearic in style, but a track I absolutely love.
I first heard it when the Luvdup Twins played at Vague in 1993 and have loved it ever since, they mixed it into Outrage - Tall and Handsome - which then ensued to "blow the roof off"!!
After searching for it for years, a big shout goes out to Dirk for tracking it down for me, nice one fella!
Vanessa Paradis in a music sense is probably better known for "Joe Le Taxi" and of course is even better known as an uber famous model, actress and of course wife of Johnny Depp.
The track is very laid back very infectious, with some lovely vocals and some very catchy lyrics.
It's about her relationship at the time (1992) with Lenny Kravitz, if you hadn't guessed.
"But I gotta have it, watching for the damage, from New York straight to Paris, I'm talking Lenny Kravitz"
You know you "gotta to have it"!!

Vanessa Paradis - Gotta Have It

An All Time Classic

I am finishing this weekend off with one of the tunes which got me into house music. I heard it played on a barge going up and down the Thames all night, way way back in 1987. I have no idea who the DJ was, but he was playing music like I had never heard before. Needless to say I was hooked. This was one of the tunes played that night. It was also one of the first dance tracks I got from Eastern Bloc in Manchester.
It is a simple but stunning track - great vocals by Jamie Principle and given that special Frankie Knuckles touch of magic.

I Need Your Love - Frankie Knuckles Featuring Jamie Principle

Saturday, 7 August 2010

In Deep

To make up for my earlier re-post, I thought that I would upload this little gem. It has a really chilled vibe but it is definitely a top draw PCC .

Clubhouse - Deep in My Heart

Dance No More

Back to 1991 now. This classic house tune was massive everywhere. I just love the lyrics:
"dance till you can't,
dance till you can't dance no more"

E-Lustrious - Dance No More

One day it will get you in trouble

Surely this is the greatest dance track of all time...featuring the harmonica? A great stomping track I hope you like it as much as I do.

Lemon Interrupt - Big Mouth

Alright (Sasha Remix)

This is a great tune from 1991. I remember it being played in Shellys and the place just erupted.

Urban Soul - Alright

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Oh yeah "I Like it like that"!!!

Here'a another classic, talk about sing-a-long anthem or what!!!
This one dates back to 1994 and was always a huge smash on clublands more discerning dancefloors.
It always sounded great when played in summer as it has a very summer vibe.
Are you ready?
"Stamp your feet, if you like my beat"
"Clap your hands, if you want some more"
"Stamp your feet, if you like my beat"
"Clap your hands, if you want some more"
Quality - Summer's here!!!

The Blackout Allstars - I Like It Like That
(Reefa! ! 12" Remix)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Come on, feel the "Sensation, Sensation"!!!

Another huge fave of mine (aren't they all??)
I'm sure that all those of you who have downloaded or listened to the legendary Chris and James Essential Mix (on the blog) will remember this one well.
Everytime I hear this track it just reminds me of that mix, which is still the greatest mix set I've ever heard.
This track is pure quality, catchy as hell with a really catchy hook and those great "Sensation, Sensation" samples. The tinkly piano is great also.
Of course the hook comes from the INXS track - New Sensation.
This one goes out to Dave who I know is a big fan of this track and has been trying to track it down for a while.
Enjoy fella, it's a belter!!

Electroset - Sensation
(Tin Tin Out Remix)

Feel the vibe and totally "Rock It"!!

Another great classic from back in the day.
One I used to love hearing out, a really nice simple track that suddenly comes alive with some beautiful piano.
You may not recognise the track by it's title, but as soon as you hear it, you'll think "yeah, I love that track"
It's pure quality - a total PCC!!
Enjoy peeps!!

Vibe Alive - Rock It

Sunday, 1 August 2010

They don't get much better!!!

A huge, huge fave of mine.
Yes, I know the vocal version was absolutely pants and I hated Pete Cunnah's cheesy vocals, but this mix was the real deal.
I used to love mixing accapella's over the top of it - (Daphne - Change - was always good).
The track is sensational from start to finish, just check that amazing intro and then some really big tempo and key changes.
IMHO probably D-Ream's finest moment, even if (this version) didn't get much acclaim.
IMHO as good as the Sasha remix of U R the best Thing (not faint praise indeed!).
If you've only heard the cheesy vocal version, check this it's a cracker.
Hey, even Labour adopting the vocal version as their anthem when Blair came into power, didn't spoli my love of this version.
A big shout out to Raul for tracking it down for me, I had it years ago on vinyl (but lost it) and couldn't remember the mix. Nice one fella.
Enjoy people!!

D-Ream - Things Can Only Get Better
(Instrumental Mix)