Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Let's live in love and one Harmony!!!!

Another absolutely superb remix from Chris and James, creating an amazing track.
Just check out those Spanish guitars, fantastic.
This is a track which is perfect for a summers day, bang it on the car stereo, turn it up full blast and bliss out.
It's another track which is featured on the legendary Chris and James Essential Mix from 1994 (the greatest mix tape ever produced by none). Check it out it's on the blog!!
Not sure what more I can say - just pure quality!!
Big shout out to Antii for supplying this. Respect fella!!

Liquid - One Love Family
(Chris and James Remix)


Ecstasy, Ecstano, Ecstasy, Ecstano!!!

I remember first hearing this at Leeds Warehouse in 1991 and thinking what an absolutely mental track.
My Spanish wasn't very good, but we all certainly enjoyed singing the chorus, which was simple enough "Ecstasy, Ecstano, Ecstasy, Ecstano".
I suppose you had to be there to get on the vibe, but they were truly memorable moments.
The intro to the track is awesome and really sent everyone crazy as it was instantly recognisable as soon as it kicked in.
A true club classic, which still sounds great today

Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Gusta A Mi

Monday, 29 June 2009

This one's for the High Society!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more like the Old Skool possee)

Been a while since I posted any old skool and the poll tells me that there's plenty out there who want some more old skool.
Here you go with another absolute classic.
If there's anyone out there who likes old skool piano tunes, I can guarantee that you'll love this.
It's catchy as hell, without being cheesy.
No real lyrics just some fantastic piano throughout, simple, but oh so very effective.
Rock on!!!

High Society - High Society

A fantastic track for a Perfect Day!!!

Get a load of this, another fantastic remix from Chris and James. Those guys really did some great stuff, whether it was DJing (some of their sets were awesome), remixing or producing tracks themselves. Much of their stuff is featured on this blog and they are right up there with my fave remixers alongside, BiR and Jimmy Gomez.
This ones another absolute corker, look out for the sample from "Baby June - Hey What's Your Name", you'll recognise it as soon as you hear it.
The track builds slowly until it breaks into a fantastic piano breakdown as the "It's a Perfect Day" vocals kick in. Talk about uplifting. Sheer quality.
EMF - Perfect Day
(Chris and James' Epic Adventure)

Saturday, 27 June 2009

A further tribute to Michael Jackson!!!!!!! (with no passwords needed)

As a further tribute to MJ, I've included what in my opinion are his 6 finest dancefloor "club classic" tracks. Some of these are really fantastic and difficult to get hold of.
4 of them have been posted on the blog previously, but I've re-posted them collectively as a special tribute to the the legend that is MJ.
As usual the Brothers in Rhythm remixes are amazing, particularly the Smooth Criminal and Wanna Be Startin' Something tracks.
The Frankie Knuckles - Rock With You remix is also amazing.
For all MJ fans out there and all dance music lovers, I've added all these links without passwords, so enjoy and also leave your comments.
In memory of MJ!!

Michael Jackson - Rock With You
(Frankies Favourite Club Mix)

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
(Brothers in Rhythm House Mix)

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Michael Jackson - Who Is It
(Brothers in Rhythm House Mix)

Michael Jackson - Black or White
(Clivillés & Cole - The Underground Club Mix)

Michael & Janet Jackson - Scream
(Morales Def Radio Mix)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Tribute to the legend that was MJ!!!

I think everyone that's walked this planet has an opinion on Michael Jackson and whether it is good or bad, there is no mistaking that he was a genius and one of the greatest pop stars that ever lived.
The man could sing, dance, write music, create trends, break new music, you name it, he did it.
I'm sure we all have our personal MJ favourites and a few of his tracks which have been remixed to great effect by BiR and Frankie Knuckles have been posted earlier on this blog.
However, there's one song which most brings back great memories for me and one I particularly remember at Leeds Warehouse on New Years Eve in 1991 when Sasha dropped it.
A great track and a superb remix, by C&C who were the real hot remixers at that time (this was the mix that rocked the dancefloors in clubland).
I've also got a fantastic mix of this track on a DJ mix tape that'll I dig out and post shortly.
Enjoy the track - let's celebrate the live of MJ; a true music legend. R.I.P.

Michael Jackson - Black or White
(Clivillés & Cole - The Underground Club Mix)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Well it's official Sasha is your all time No. 1

A big thank you to all those who voted in the poll for their favourite DJ.
Sasha turned out to be a clear winner with 27% of the votes, with "other DJ's" coming in second with 22% of the votes. I guess this is a result of people voting for the more recent DJ's who weren't around or as high profile in the 90's. Third place was Paul Oakenfold with 14%.
In my mind Paul Oakenfold is by far the greatest DJ to grace this planet. Alright Sasha was the dogs back in the early 90's, but he had a real dodgy spell mid 90's when his music was too heavy and to be frank his sets got quite boring. In contrast Paul Oakenfold has always produced fantastic sets and never failed to deliver. He helped to create the Acid House scene, he has maintained a fantastic high level of quality throughout his DJ career. He's held great residencies e.g. Cream, Home etc, toured the globe playing obscure clubs, broke the stadium DJ thing, produced some of the finest remixes out there (with Steve Osbourne) and also produced some fantastic tracks. His music is always out there and groundbreaking. In my mind he is clear Numero Uno.
Graeme Park would of been my second choice and he came fourth in the poll with 9% of the votes.
However, the blog is yours and not mine and you voted Sasha as the greatest DJ on the planet.
Hence this one goes out to all those that remember Shaboo in Blackpool, Shelley's in Stoke, Kaos and Soak nights in Leeds and all the other many clubs which Sasha graced. This one is one of Sasha's finest (remix) moments and a track he hammered. I'm sure it'll bring back some great memories to you all.
Presenting Sasha - God of DJ's - your Numero Uno!!!

Jimi Polo - Better Days
(Sasha's DMC Remix)

Saturday, 20 June 2009

One of my all time Favourites!!!

Now this is a pretty hard to find track and one that is not widely known, however it is one of my all time favourite tracks.
I first heard it on a Daniel Davoli Essential Mix on Radio 1 back in 1996 and have been wanting to track it down for ages. Hence a big thanks to Gav for sharing this track with me.
Believe me people this is one of the best dance records you will ever hear.
The track has it all a superb intro, slowly building, then into wonderful vocals, superb lyrics, fantastic banging piano, rocking beats and an amazing atmospheric tempo throughout.
"Why don't you try, orr-ho, they need you, they need you"
"Hay-eh, Hay-eh, Hay-eh, I hear the children cry, my soul is screaming why, why, why "
"Hay-eh, Hay-eh, Hay-eh, I often ask myself, what's the reason we are born to live and die"
"Hay-eh, Hay-eh, Hay-eh, I hear the children cry, my soul is screaming why, why, why "
"Hay-eh, Hay-eh, Hay-eh, I often ask myself, what's the reason, we are born to live and die"
It's so good I'd recommend heeding the advice of the picture "Caution "Children" Playing" as the track is electric and will blow your mind!!!
Simply Awesome!!!!!

Janice Robinson - Children
(Cotton Club's Fantastic Mix)

I, I get so, I get so restless!!

A real funky little number from back in 1992.
This was sure to rock the dancefloors. Catchy as hell and then some more.
"I, I get so, I get so restless"
"I, I get so, I get so restless"
This one used to be a big tune at Back To Basics in Leeds.
Quality tune!!

Restless Rockers - Restless

Come Rescue Me!!!

Here's a true classic from 1992. An absolutely belting track with all the right ingredients, great vocals, banging piano and a pumping rhythm.
You can't help but throw a few shapes to this one, it's simply a quality tune.
"Say something, say something, say something to me"
There were lots of different remixes of this, but this is the best version.

Lovestation featuring Lisa Hunt - Love Come Rescue Me
(Classic Mix)

PCC is back - so get a load of this!!!

Here's a great classic from 1990; Todd Terry gets hold of a Corina track and does what he does best, by adding his genius to some beautiful vocals.
"I was in search of perfection, a rainbow to fill up the sky"
"Night after night mis-direction, faces that honestly lie"
"I sense you could be a love, that owe it's only become"
"but don't hold it to my dreams, look to my eyes and see that I mean, to be loving you like crazy"
"boy can't you see that I really need, to be loving you like crazy"
"I guess you should know that I wouldn't go"
Great vocals, great track.
Corina - Loving You Like Crazy
(The Todd Mix)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

I'm away in Paris!!!

I'm going to be away in Paris for the next week folks on business (not pleasure, although I'm sure I'll squeeze that in as well).
Hence, please be patient in terms of passwords being supplied, (as I won't have access to the blog), and therefore passwords won't be turned around in the usual 12 to 24 hours timescales.
I'll pick them all up and respond when I return next week.
I thought about posting a picture of the Eiffel Tower or something similar with a Parisian association, then I thought nah, I'm sure people would rather be looking at something more exciting, related to Paris.
Hence, there you have it, Ms. Hilton in her splendid glory, "getting it on" in the club.
I bet she would have loved the scene back in the early 90's.
Whilst on the Paris theme, thought it appropriate to post this club classic from 1991.
It's a great track with some great lyrics and some equally great piano.
"What you need, is a real good friend"
Get on it!!!

Paris Red - Good Friend
(Heavy Club Mix)


Thursday, 11 June 2009

Aah the memories come flooding back!!

Here comes another Hacienda classic. I used to love this one back in the day and it brings back some great memories of nights at the Hac dancing on that very floor and the stage behind it.
This was a typical Hacienda track with great vocals, great rhythm and some unforgettable piano breakdowns. Awesome.
Gotta get it right indeed!!
A big shout out to Antti for tracking this one down for me. Respect Fella!!!

Lena Fiagbe - Gotta Get It Right
(The PG Tips Anthem)

Come on; Rock the Discotheque!!!!

Another track I'd been searching for, for quite some time. Huge shout out to Gav for tracking this down for me. That's 2 absolute corkers and 2 of my most wanted tracks from my "most wanted" list. Respect Fella. TopMan.
About the track, I first heard it at Vague in Leeds, in 1994 and simply fell in love with it.
It's got some amazing piano, that sounds really crisp all the way through the track.
I have to put it down as one of my many all times faves.
It's the sort of track that you can't not like. It'd be simply impossible not to like it. Isn't it??
Get your ears around it, it's a hard to find, not widely played; true club classic!!!

Ramp - Rock The Discotek
(Playboys Euro Dub)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fancy some more Billie!!

Now there's a statement, that would have had a different meaning 15 years ago.
I'm sure the old skool posse (the wide awake crew) will get the vibe.
Anyway here we are with an anthem of monstrous proportions. It brings back some fantastic memories of Cream in Liverpool and I'm sure it's one of those tracks that'll bring back memories for nearly everyone.
For about a year in 1994/95 this was played in every club up and down the country by all respecting DJ's. It really was (and still is) a wonderful track.
There's also a shed load of different remixes. The Junior Vasquez (Sound Factory Vocal Mix) was the most widely played, but the Brothers in Rhythm remix is (as expected) fantastic and the Todd Terry remix (as expected as well) is pretty damn hot.
Hence, here you go, you have a choice of all 3.
Let me know which is your fave?

Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

(Sound Factory Vocal Mix)

(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

(Todd Terry Club Freestyle Mix)

We're well overdue another BiR classic!!

Seems like a while since we last had a BiR classic posted (it must be all of a week).
Here's another superb remix, which wonderful complements the fabulous vocal talents of Billie Ray Martin.
There's some wicked piano on this track in usual BiR stylee, hence well worth checking out.

Billie Ray Martin - Imitation Of Life
(Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Here's some more of the highest quality House!!!

Now I could absolutely swear that I'd posted this track previously on the blog.
I'm almost certain, yet it doesn't appear to be on, so here it is.
It's another fantastic piece of house music.
Wonderful vocals, lyrics, delightful piano - what more could you ask for?
"Wasn't like me to fall in love, thats just the way that I was,
"but now that when I feel, that you're holding me, something inside just tells me,"
"you've got into this heart of mine and I know its true cause darling I'm,"
"darling I'm starting to find, I'm getting used to you"
Truly great house music, with a quality remix by Mr Morales!!

Selena - I'm Getting Used To You
(Def Club Mix)


Let's get back to some serious House Music!!

After a hat trick of trance classics, let's get back to some serious house music.
Here's a track that epitomises everything that is wonderful about house music.
It's the type of track that Graeme Park and Alistair Whitehead would play.
Stunning vocals, great rhythm and fantastic piano - all the ingredients for a top tune.
I absolutely love this track, it's one of those tracks that is impossible not like.
The lyrics are superb also. Check them out
"Suffer the consequences of playing with my love, you're taking me for granted, I don't need that kind of love"
"Suffer the consequences of not having it your way, if you play around on me, you'll never get away"

"Such a fool, love like ours don't come around everyday, no"

Rochelle Fleming - Suffer (The Consequences)

Monday, 8 June 2009

Let's create a Hat Trick!!

Here you go - we have a hat trick of Trance Classics.
If you can come back to me after listening to these 3 and tell me you don't like trance music - a la Paul Oakenfold style, then I'd have to tell you, that you haven't a dance-able bone in your body.
These 3 tracks are absolutely electric, beautiful, emotional trance music.
Even Steven Gerrard would like these!!

PPK - Resurrection

We're staying on a Trance theme!!

The poll on the blog isn't showing a great deal of support for Trance - a la Paul Oakenfold stylee.
I can only say to those doubters or those who may not be overly familar with some of this stuff - to get on it. It is simply awesome and some of the most uplifting music I've ever come across.
As mentioned previously I had some of my greatest clubbing experiences blissed out on the nations dancefloors listening to Paul Oakenfold playing amazing trance sets.
This track continues on the theme where the last track left off and despite a gap of 10 years between them, these two tracks would sound fantastic played in the same set with each other.
This track is one Oakie used to hammer and rightly so, it's another fantastic piece of dance music, with amazing vocals and some beautiful piano - a true club classic. Rock on!!!

Ascension - Someone
(Slacker And Original Vocal Mix)

A beautiful piece of modern day Trance!!!

Most of the tracks on this blog are from the 1987 to 1998 era and hence don't capture much of the modern day stuff. There are 2 main reasons for this, once that in my opinion the tracks from that are where much superior and the second is that on a personal level I don't keep up to date with the scene as much as in those days.
However, now and again I come across recently released tracks which are of fantastic quality and this is one of them.
Released in April 2009, it is a simply beautiful piece of emotional trance, very much in the vein of the type of tracks Oakie used to play (and probably still does??).
Anyone out there that is Paul Oakenfold fan and loves (what I'd call proper) trance music, then you must get on this, as it's a beautiful piece of classic trance. Awesome.
If anyone has any other modern days classics to match this in quality, then please let me know and I'll post them.

Andrelli & Blue feat Hila - What's Going On
(Vast Vision Remix)

Sunday, 7 June 2009

How about a bit of Mothers Pride!!!

Now this track probably won't mean anything to quite a few of you out there, by just looking at the title, with the exception of the DJ's, dance music collectors, most ardent of clubbers and trainspotters amongst you.
But and it's a big but, this is a tune that you must check out.
You will know it as soon as you hear it. It is simply immense with one of the best piano breakdowns you could wish to hear. It's very similar in build up and then breakdown to Punchanello - San Trancisco (another of my fave tracks and previously posted on the blog).
Hence, be patient with it, it is a slow build up and doesn't kick in until a good 3 mins 50 secs, but oh, the wait is so worth it. Get on this one!! Another "Pure Club Classic"!!!!

Mothers Pride - Floribunda

Electronic dimmer in my mind!!

Here's another old skool classic, which just sounds great everytime you hear it.
I've always loved the lyrics to this, they are awesome and you just can't help but sing along.
Oh the memories!!
"Electronic dimmer in my mind, flashing all luxuries but some died"
"but when you are getting close to me my boy, you see that loving glow deep in your eyes",
"I feel a mermaid diving in the shadow of your heart desire"
"and sense your atmoshpere of passion riding on the wing of paradise"
"Come on now run to me, I love you so, Come on now run to me I, I, I, aah"
Don't you just love it. A true club classic!!
Ruff Cut featuring Carol Jones - Run To Me

Don't want a lover, but need a friend?

The Jimmy Gomez, BiR remixes are proving pretty popular on the poll, so not to disappoint here's another quality remix from that man James Wiltshire, aka Jimmy Gomez.
In his usual style he takes a great song and makes it even better, fully complementing the original yet adding that little extra special bit of magic to turn it into a club classic.
Massive respect again to Grim Reaper who's keeping me supplied with some fantastic material to share with you all.
This one certainly doesn't disappoint. Enjoy!!

Texas - I Don't Want a Lover
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

Save a Prayer for this Beauty!!!

I've been searching for this one for ages. Having liked the original track when only a youngster.
I then had the pleasure of this being dropped in a club mid set and it was awesome.
Hence, I was keen to get hold of this remix, which sees Steve Anderson retain all the original aspects, but add a little of the BiR magic, just to give it that polished club style.
Huge respect to Grim Reaper for provding this and many more classics which will come over the next few months.
I think that I can speak for all bloggers when I say that the reason we put so much of our free time into keeping these blogs going is for the love of the music, the great contacts we make and support we build up.
Let's continue building this dance music appreciation society!! Respect to you all!!
By the way, a picture of Yasmin is much preferable to one of Duran Duran and is association enough, me thinks!!

Duran Duran - Save A Prayer
(Steve Anderson Remix)

Friday, 5 June 2009

This one will make you go weak at the knees - Sheer Quality!!

Now this is a truly fantastic old skool track and I have to say one of my faves.
It's so mellow, but at the same time kickin'. An absolute classic - believe me.
It was one of those tracks that when you heard it in a club it used to almost melt you and nearly bring tears to your eyes, it was so good. The piano is absolutely awesome!!!
I'll defy anyone who likes old skool tracks not to like this one.
Just check the lyrics!!
"You're weak at last, cos you know I'm way too fast,
and of course, this is only a test"
"Come on, Come on"
"You're weak at last, cos you know I'm way too fast,
and of course, this is only a test"
G and V Jay - I'm Gonna Get The Boy

Must have been "too blind to see it"!!!

Here was me thinking that Kym Sims was a one track wonder. Must of been "too blind to see it".
Apologies for the naff gag.
Big thanks to the Grim Reaper for supplying me with some new Jimmy Gomez and BiR material.
This one is up to the usual Jimmy Gomez (super) high standard, with all the usual aspects of his mixes, great intro, some great tempo and key changes and some really subtle and effective piano. Mix this with Madame Sims' excellent vocals and you have a bonafide club classic.
Give it a few listens, it's not as instant as some of his stuff, but it's a real grower!!
Respect to Jimmy G for another fine mix!!

Kym Sims - We Got A Love
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

You Got Me Burning Hot For You!!!!

Big shout out to DJ Ste - for tracking this one down for me, it's been on the blog "Most Wanted" list for about 3 months. Visit his blog at http://oldschoolhousemusic1990-2000.blogspot.com/
It's tops - nice work fella.
In fact I've had some great contributions to reducing my most wanted list recently, so huge shouts out to the Grim Reaper and Antti also. Respect Fella's!!
Back to the track, I first heard it at Vague in Leeds in 1993 and have loved it ever since.
It's got great tempo, really pumping beats and of course fantastic piano!!
"Lost in you, I just can't wait-er, wanting you, your love is gonna to wake up"
"lost in you I just can't wait no, thats the way you must put love in faith"
"You got me burning, got me burning hot for you"
Love it!!

The End - You Got Me Burning
(Love Mix)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Used to love this one and still do!!

This was an absolute belter on the dancefloor circa 1992.
I think it was produced/remixed by D-Ream.
A really devastating track with a great feel from start to finish.
An excellent intro with the horn blowing then the "Lovechild" vocals.
It then builds, slows back down and cracks into a great piano breakdown.
A top track.

Baby June - Hey Whats' Your Name

This is a banging Piano Choon!!!

Get a load of this, a real banging piano choon.
Proper hands in the air time, no messing.
Catchy as well and equally as uplifting, a real feel good track which you can't help but love.
Some great piano breakdowns and a throbbing beat and excellent vocals - what else could you ask for.
"Why can't we be togther, like we were back then"
"How long before or never, in the arms, the arms of loren"
Loving it!!!

Evoke - Arms of Loren
(Steinway Mix)

Here's one for the Sasha fans out there!!

I'm sure you'll all remember this; a real classic which Sasha used to hammer back in the good old days.
A real quality track which always used to set the dancefloor alight.
Great vocals, great lyrics, great piano, great tune!!
"I wanna hold you and squeeze you tight, I wanna hold you, 'til darkness turns to light"
"Just take my hand now and lead me to the floor, cause when I've got ya, you'll never need; no more, no more, no more"
Sheer quality!!

Unique 3 - No More
(Sasha's Club Mix)

We don't talk anymore!!!

This one goes out to Posh and Becks - who probably didn't talk for a while after this.
A quality track from Gabrielle and a great remix from the Cleveland City team.
It has a really funky little rhythm and I just love it when the piano chords kick in.
This track always sounded great in a club. Happy Days!!

Gabrielle - We Don't Talk
(Cleveland City House Mix)


Action!! Action!! Action!!! Action!!!

Here we go with another all time old skool classic!!
This still sounds fresh even today despite being nearly 20 years old.
Simply a great track and another that features on the Chris and James Essential Mix set, which is still my favourite mix set of all time (and is posted on the blog - check it out, it's not be missed).
Just check the piano out on this track - awesome!!
I just love the "Action, Action, Action, Action" intro - it rocks!!
JT Company - Don't Deal With Us

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

There's no other Love!!

A real classic and one that Oakie used to hammer.
Everything about this track is quality, it just builds and builds until that haunting chorus
"There's no other Love, no other Love, There's no other Love"
Absolutely love it!! There's even a bit of "squelchy acid" thrown in for good measure and some wonderful piano.
Such emotion and feeling in this track, one to bliss out to on the dancefloor

Blue Amazon - There's No Other Love

Time for a little bit more BiR quality!!

I was trying to track this remix down for a while and then found it could be purchased from iTunes, hence well worth the 79p investment.
Another fantastic BiR remix, right up there with some of their best stuff.
Great intro and build up, great use of piano, great vocals as you'd expect from Seal, with a great finale, which in turn produces another excellent BiR piece of quality.
Part of it is reminescent of their Kylie - Confide in Me remix, but in my opinion this is slighttly better.
Worthy praise indeed. Enjoy!!

Seal - Newborn Friend
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)