Thursday, 30 April 2009

Let's Get Down!!

Another club classic from the old skool days.
This one goes out to Jess, who I know loves this track.
It's hands in the air time again folks.
Let's Get Down indeed!!

Aquarius - Let's Get Down

Aah Baby - Rescue Me - Crazy about your Love!!

There are some tracks which you hear out, you know the song, know the lyrics, but take forever to track down the exact remix.
This is one such track, there are loads of versions out there, but this remix is the one that really rocks.
Just check out the piano on this one, stonking!!!
I absolutely love this track, which brings back some fantastic memories of 1991 - which was such an exciting time in the clubbing scene.

Debbie Malone - Rescue Me (Crazy About Your Love)
(Uplifting Elephants Mix)

We're on an Old Skool theme!!

This one goes out to all those old skool followers - who just loved to throw their hands up in the air. I was one of them, believe me.
Following on from the Neon Light post below, this is another absolute classic that rocked the dancefloors back in those days when "raving" wasn't a dirty word.
This still sounds fresh even today and is an absolute corking track.
"You take me higher and higher, is this for real or is this fantasy,
Higher and Higher, try to belive just what this means to me
Higher and Higher, Feel the Force release the Energy"

Analysis - Ascension

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

This is the one - Keep On Dancing!!!

Here it is at last - a true "Pure Club Classic" and one we've all been waiting for.
This one goes out to Steve O - who I know loves this tune.
for tracking it down for us.
For all of you who don't know this track, this was an absolute monster of a track and is one of the all time old skool "piano tune" classics. They don't make them like this anymore.
"You're now dancing, You're now Dancing, You're now Dancing, Dancing"
Turn this up loud and let the memories flood back.

Neon Light featuring Fonda Rae - Keep On Dancing

Sunday, 26 April 2009

"Can you feel it"?? - You can dance if you want to!!

Another great old skool tune, with some great piano.
"You can dance if you want to, if you're in that frame of mind, but if you can't dance and you if don't dance, you're no friend, of mine"

Reality - Feel It

Anyone fancy a "Piano Tune"??

Now I know this got hammered and rightly so, because it was a top tune, but back in the day this was one of the choons.
The piano was awesome and brings back some fantastic memories of the early 90's.
This is what we used to call a proper "piano tune".
Definitely one for the old skool.

Asha - JJ Tribute
(Primitive Version)

Friday, 24 April 2009

Another slamming tune hammered by the Maestro!!

Here's a true, true club classic. Brings back some great memories of Cream and Oakie absolutley rockin the floor.
Simply a massive tune with great feeling and pumping beats. A proper trance anthem.
William Orbit - Barbers Adagio For Strings
(Ferry Corsten Remix)

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A true classic from the legend that is Oakie!!

Out of all the club music which I've been fortunate enough to come across and listen to, all the clubs I've frequented (and everything else that goes with it), there is one DJ who I would single out as being the absolute Number 1 and that is Oakie.
He's been there from the start pre-Acid House (1987), he's remained at the forefront of dance music, breaking new genres, new tracks, remixing, producing, you name it he's done it.
On top of it all he is the one DJ who never and I mean never, ever failed to disappoint when playing live.
I had so many nights at Cream when he just blew me away and absolutely rocked the gaffe.
His sets would take you on an absolute journey and when he played a set it was impossible to leave the dancefloor. The guy is simply awesome.
This track is an absolute classic with some beautiful vocals that simply melt you. Both mixes are fantastic, true balearic bliss.
Paul Oakenfold featuring Carla Werner - Southern Sun
(DJ Tiesto Remix)
(Original Remix)

Monday, 20 April 2009

Reach for the love!!

Been a while since I posted a BiR remix, so here goes another club classic.
Slightly more commercial than most of the BiR tracks posted on this blog, but all the same it is a great track and one of those that when played out was sure to provide a fantastic "hands in the air" moment. Some great piano in this one.
"Reach for the love" indeed.

Judy Cheeks - Reach
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Take me higher!! You take me higher!!

Back in 1992 - this was one of the great tracks of the year.
Take one of the greatest rock bands in history combine them with one of the greatest remix teams ever and what do you get - a true club anthem of epic proportions.
This was pretty unique at the time, as there were not that many tracks out which took a song from a completely different music sector and then through a fantastic remix transformed it into a club monster.
It brings back some great memories of clubland, I particarly remember a great night at Back to Basics in Leeds, when this was dropped and the whole place erupted.
Of course it was hammered by Oakie, whenever he played as well.
A "pure club classic"

U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing
(Perfecto Remix)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Relight My Fire - Which is the best version??

In an earlier post on this blog I stated that I thought that the Dan Hartman version of this track was the best bar none. However, I was then informed that the version played at the Hacienda was the Julian Jumpin Perez version.
I've manged to get hold of a copy of the Julian Jumpin Perez remix
In my opinion I still think that the Dan Hartman version is the best of them all, but the Julian Jumping Perez remix is very good. There's also a Joe Smooth remix which is also excellent.
To me nothing beats the Dan Hartman version, the intro is fantastic and is pure disco brilliance, then it builds into the true dance classic which we all know it is.
What do you think??
P.S. All Take That/Lulu versions should be destroyed immediately, as they only helped to tarnish a fantastic record.

Dan Hartman - Vertigo and Relight My Fire

Julian Jumpin Perez - Relight My Fire
(Julian Jumpin Perez Remix)

Don't calm down and don't take it easy!!

A true club classic that rocked clubland for many months back in 1994 and totally personified just what Chris and James were about. One of their finest hours.
The dancefloor used to erupt to this one.
It brings back some great memories of nights at Cream, Wobble and Back 2 Basics.
"Bass keeps thumping, jumping pumping, bass keeps thumping, jumping, pumping"
"Let's just calm down, lets just take it easy"
(Apologies to the Scousers for the picture - I couldn't resist it).

Chris and James - Calm Down

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Out of Office - So enjoy a classic!!

I'm going to be out of office for a few days, so please be patient in terms of password requests, feedback and posts.
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a true house classic, possibly one of the greatest house tracks ever made.
I'm a big fan of M People, but thought it was sacrilage that they should cover this track.
There is only one version of this track and it has to be with the vocals of Ce Ce Rogers.
Enjoy a classic piece of house music.

Ce Ce Rogers - Someday
(Club Mix)

It's my pleasure - to be posting this!!

There are some tracks which no matter how many times you hear them, they always sound great.
This is one of those tracks. It was played continuously in clubs for about 18 months from 1992 onwards, by all manner of DJs, simply because it was (and still is) a great track.
It wasn't what I'd call a true anthem, but it was always a track which filled the dancefloors.
Simply great vocals, as well, particularly for singing to attractive females across the dancefloor.
"My pleasure is pleasing, I get my pleasure from pleasing you"
Love it. Enjoy

My Friend Sam featuring Viola Wills - It's My Pleasure

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Some Perfect Motion for Easter Sunday!!!

Happy Easter Sunday to all fellow dance music lovers,
here's another piece of classic, anthemic dance music courtesy of remix supremo Jimmy "The God" Gomez.
I keep hunting down more of his remixes and everyone I find is of the highest quality.
This one takes a few listens and isn't as instant as some of his others on this blog. However, after a few listens it grows on you massively and is truly anthemic.
Enjoy and have a great Easter weekend.
Sunscreem - Perfect Motion
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

Friday, 10 April 2009

A fantastic piece of progressive/hard house!!

Really loving this. It's not the typical type of track posted on this site, but in keeping with tradition it is real high quality.
I suppose it falls in the hard house/progressive house/(not quite) trance - bracket.
I've never been a believer in pigeon hole-ing music - at the end of the day - good music is good music. A track either rocks or it doesn't and this certainly rocks.
Turn it up loud and rock on.

Arias - Burning Heart

Dreaming - here's another one from Jimmy!!

The man in my eyes can do no wrong. Here's another fantastic remix by that man Jimmy Gomez.
Takes a great M-People track and turns it into a club classic.
Another fine piece of music. Again amazing similarity to BiR type remixes (hence, shit hot!!).
Heather Small has the perfect vocals for club music and is certainly one of the finest singers of the last decade.
If you like quality dance music - have a listen to this. Pure bliss!!
"I have a dream, dreaming of you, dreaming of me, dreaming of you, dreaming of me"

M-People - Dreaming
(Jimmy Gomez Vocal Mix)

Jimmy Gomez strikes again - Love Life!!

On the Jimmy Gomez theme, here's another fantastic track, which I've only just come across, but already love to bits.
I'm not in the habit of pinching tracks from other blogs and re-posting them, but when the tracks are of such high quality I feel that they deserve to be endorsed and shared with as many people as possible.
Again this is very Brothers in Rhythm-esque, a really gentle intro, then the track builds, incorporates fantastic piano, great vocals and just grows into a total awesome piece of dance music.
Give it a couple of listens and you'll be absolutely hooked. It a simply beautiful track filled with emotion and atmosphere.
"It's your life, love and happiness". Enjoy, and respect once more to Ste.

Brian Kennedy - Love, Life and Happiness
(Jimmy Gomex Remix)

Looking at you - Jimmy Gomez is the man!!!

Have a listen to this track , it's an absolutely fantastic piece of production.
Very, very reminiscent of Brothers in Rhythm remixes and hence why I'm raving about it so much.
I've now come across 4 Jimmy Gomez remixes and each one is an absolute anthem (and all 4 are posted on this blog).
A big shout to Ste and the boys at
for bringing this track to my attention.
In a word it is simply superb.
If anyone has any other Jimmy Gomez remixes then please let me know.
I've only heard 4 to date and they are all tracks of epic proportions.
Sunscreem - Looking at You
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Ahh the memories of this in the Hac!!

Another all time classic from the Hacienda.
What a great track this was with a superb vocal and check out that piano.
Graeme Park used to hammer this one and rightly so (especially as he remixed it).
"You can't turn me out, cause you know this is love that we're making"
"You can't turn me out, cause my heart wasn't made for breaking"
Quality tune.

Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - You Can't Turn Me Out
(Parkside Club Mix)

Can you decide?? Which is best??

What do you get when you get one or your all time favourite tracks (Chris Rea - Josephine) and one of your all time favourite remixers (Chris and James), remixing it.
It should be the greatest track of all time shouldn't it?
You'd think so, but it isn't quite that.
Saying that it's still a fantastic track, but in my mind it's not quite as great as the original.
Download them both, have a listen and see what you think.
To me the "la version francaise" mix is still Number 1.

Chris Rea - Josephine
(Chris and James Remix)

Chris Rea - Josephine
(La version Francaise Mix)

This was the Real Thing!!

When this first came out, it was truly a great track and kicked the dancefloors of all the elite clubs in the UK.
Like may great tracks as it was so good it crossed over and became mainstream and then got slightly overplayed.
However, even now it still sounds brilliant and brings back some great memories.
Back in the day, this was the Real Thing! A real emotional track that everyone used to sing along to.

Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spend some time - listening to this!!!

It's been a while since I dropped some BiR, so on the proven knowledge that they are the greatest remixers to walk this earth, then check out this track.
Another absolute classic, from start to finish.
This one is slightly different to their usual formula in that the intro is probably the highlight of the track and is pretty immense, but then in kicks N'Dea Davenport's fantastic vocals and you get another slice of pure BiR heaven.
Enjoy!! You can't beat that intro, it rocks!!
Brand New Heavies - Spend Some Time
(Brothers in Rhythm Club Mix)

Just loving this track - Freaky Dreamer indeed!

Love this track to bits. I had it on an old mix tape years ago and never actully knew what it was called or who it was by.
I certainly wasn't aware it was Guru Josh.
It's a great track which mixes a saxaphone with a church organ sound and a great sprinkling of piano. Chuck in some great vocals and you have a fantastic and uplifting track.
A real end of night belter. Love it.
Thanks to Harvs for finding this and also Imagination below - Respect.

Freaker Dreamer (aka Guru Josh) - Freaky Dreamer

Another one to get you in the mood for Summer!!!

As the weather strats to get hotter, so do the tracks.
Here's another one which is perfect for those summer months.
A really great track with lots of atmosphere, great vocals, a simple melodic rhythm and some great tinkly piano.
Use your "imagination".
"Everywhere you go there is paradise, rainbows so pretty, the sun so bright, it's a beautiful sight to see, come take a flight with me"

Prayers - Imagination

Sunday, 5 April 2009

An absolute anthem of epic proportions!!

For all those of you out there who like myself are great admirers of Brothers in Rhythm remixes, Chris and James remixes, (you know the sort of tracks I mean), then you'll simply love this.

It is very reminiscent of the stuff that BiR do, that is; take an old track and turn it into an epic, through producing a slow intro, a gradual build up, really working the great vocals and then exploding the track into a huge crescendo.

In my eyes; a truly great track.

I had it on 12" many years ago and hammered it, then lent it to a friend who moved on and I never got it back.
Hence a big shout out to Raul for sending me this.

To all you supporters of great dance music, download this, you'll love it.

Propaganda - P-Machinery
(T-empo Remix -The Adventure Continues)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Passwords now needed for all Links!!!

Dear Fellow Dance Music Supporters,

It has become necessary to enforce the use of passwords for all links associated with this blog.
This is something which has only recently become evident , but regrettably is unavoidable.
It is a long story and I don't want to bore you with all the details, but it is the only way to keep the blog running on an ongoing basis.

If you want to download any tracks, then please use the comments box on each link.
Leave a message/comment as to why you want to download the track and also leave an email address so the password can be provided direct to you.
Hopefully this will help to keep the blog running on a longer term basis.

Very best regards,

Pure Club Classics

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

An absolute Classic - Ain't Going Nowhere!!!

Love this.
It brings back fantastic memories of what was one of the most rocking clubs which I ever had the pleasure of going to; Paradise Factory in Manchester.
An absolute classic track with superb vocals and great piano, what more do you need??

Gabrielle - Going Nowhere
(Laws House Mix)

Move your body to the Rhythm of Love!!

I really questioned uploading this one, as it was way too overplayed and appeared on every dance/rave/old skool compilation ever made.
However, on reflection it is still a great tune and back in 1991 it absolutely rocked.
I can remember many a night when this caused the dancefloor to literally explode.
It brings back memories of Ark and Kaos nights in Leeds, Universe nights in Bradford.
Slap on the Vicks and rock!!

K-Klass - Rhythm is a Mystery