Saturday, 10 September 2011

A truly seminal PCC!!!

There are PCCs, tracks that are and always will be dancefloor classics and then there are some tracks which go that bit further and inspire a whole generation of new sounds.
This was one such track.
It was massive at the time in clubs and I distinctly remember it being a huge track as Angels in Burnley in 1991/2.
It has since been remixed and re-worked several times, but IMHO this mix (the Monolith mix) was probably the best mix.
I still get a tingle even today when I hear this track.
Did anyone else used to think the breakdown was like birds tweetin?? Or was that just me??
A true PCC that influenced and inspired many tracks, that don't make them like this any more!!

Zero B - Lock Up
(Monolith Mix)


Jason Hunter said...

Nice tune PCC-But...the download is actually 'Love to be in love' not Lock Up.(Not being snidey there btw) Lock Up for me tho is a seminal rave tune which reminds me of hearing DJ Si dropping it at Nottingham Uni. Awesome tune which I still have on a 12" Cheers for posting and keep 'em coming.

Cheers Jase

Pure Club Classics said...

Thanks Jason, I must have been dreaming - the correct link is up now. Regards, PCC

Philphila said...

Incredible! Gotta have more Zero B. Thanks for posting.

Stakker1971 said...

This track haunted me for years coz i never knew what it was called or who did it but it kept coming up in my head so many many times. For me this is a mark of a true classic a tune that is etched on the brain. lol.
Wicked stuff.