Monday, 26 September 2011

Going for Oakey gold!

Featuring a sample from the well known Tears for Fears track - Shout, this tune was one of Oakeys firsts in own record production. Heavily influenced by what he heard DJs playing in Ibiza on his trip there in 87 and 88. This typifies the laid back beats of yesteryear with that touch of saddened romance that we all feel when we get those "holiday blues" or when we listen to those golden oldies and remember when it was good to dance, dance and dance some more.
Electra - Autumn Love

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Pure Club Classics said...

Another great track - those Ibizian classics from that era will never "date". Both the Spiritually Ibiza albums that came out in about 1993 were superb collections of the key tracks from that era (many of which are on the blog). It is one of my favourite genres of music. I'll post some more classics from that era shortly. Nice work fella, Regards, PCC