Saturday, 24 September 2011

Can you feel the eruption???

This is probably the hardest/fastest track which you'll find on the blog, as I'm not a big fan of anything that bridges into the hardcore, breakbeat, drum 'n' bass, jungle arena. It's just simply not my bag.
I was never a fan of the likes of Grooverider, Fabio, LTJ Bukem etc, although I know many were.
The one exception though was listening to and watching Carl Cox, although his music selection was in this hardcore arena his DJ prowess was just immense. Watching him mix with vinyl with 3 decks all playing at the same time was just amazing and had to be seen to be believed (DJ's who sit behind a Laptop nowadays - don't know how easy they have got it).
I remember Carl Cox playing this track at a night called Breakfast Club event in Leeds back in 1992.
It's a belter of a track, a touch faster and "rave-ier" in feel in some areas than ideal IMHO, but that piano and the "eruption" vocal is superb. This was always a big track when dropped.
In fact for a long time I thought it was saying "emotion" (Blame the tablets!!) Lol!

Flag - Eruption

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Anonymous said...

Wow, there's a LOT going on in this track.