Saturday, 17 September 2011

A big slice of enjoyable cheese!!

A lot of the more purist dance music followers have issues with tracks like these.
In that they may be considered a bit too cheesy and commercial.
However, as mentioned before several times on the blog, a bit of cheese is perfectly acceptable as part of a healthy dance music diet.
Ultra High produced tracks that in my mind were just on the right side of that cheese divide.
Underground enough to be great in clubs, but not too overground to be considered commercial dance fodder.
This is a very uplifting Euro-pop vibe, very hands in the air and extremely effective.
If you like New Atlantic, Hyper Go Go type tracks etc. (and we all do), then you'll love this.
Underground Euro-Pop at it's finest.

Ultra High - Stay With Me
(Original Mix)


Philphila said...

LOVE it.

mark v said...

Cheesy or not, it was a big hit on my dance floor!