Thursday, 22 December 2011

Follow the Star!!!

A big shout out to all those who have followed and contributed to the PCC blog over this last 12 months.
Here's wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a superb New Year.
It's very hard trying to pick a Christmas dance track as (thank the lord) nobody has every really tried to make a Christmas Club track.
Well I found the next best thing a track which has a Christmas theme in the title,so follow the "Star".
A big shout out to Adam for this suggestion, it is a track which I haven't heard for years and was one that I used to love back in the day.
It is one of the most explosive tracks ever made (yes I mean ever).
It is an absolute monster of a track and one which will appeal to nearly everyone whatever their favourite type of dance music flavour.
It has elements of acid, trance, progressive and it is topped with the most sensational cascading piano, hammering, pounding, driving it just keeps peaking and peaking, then comes back again and peaks some more.
It's so good that I think it really should feature in My All Time Top 30 PCC tracks.

People often ask me after nearly 3 years of running this blog, why I continue to do it and a key reason is  unearthing tracks like this and then being able to share them with you which spurs me on.
So after posting nearly 1000 of the greatest dance tracks in dance music history the PCC blog continues.
The other key aspect is the feedback and comments I receive from all of you out there. The feedback makes a huge difference (whether it's good or bad). The blog's always been about sharing the great music we've all enjoyed and sharing those amazing clubbing experiences of hearing the tracks on the dancefloor.
If you don't agree with my take on music selection let me know, negative feedback is better than no feedback. The only thing that pisses me off is people coming along taking tracks and not giving anything back (hence the reason for passwords).
The blog is run solely for the love of the music a lot of time and effort goes into ensuring that only the highest quality tracks are selected for posting. The key has always been about posting the best tracks (not just any tracks), ensuring that the best mix was posted (not just any mix), that being the mix which rocked clubland's dancefloors.
I've never bothered with adverts and have no interest in making money out of it (like a lot of blogs), the only thing that I request is the interaction, the sharing of tracks, the sharing of experiences and trying to ensure that we keep posting the finest tracks ever to hit dancefloors.
I still have hundreds of PCCs lined up to post (and I mean hundreds), but please keep your track suggestions coming. There's nothing better then someone suggesting a fantastic track that I either haven't heard before or haven't heard for ages (and had totally forgotten about) like "Star".
Right, I'm off my soap box now!!
Here's wishing you all a fantastic Christmas once again.
Have fun, enjoy your clubbing experiences over the festive period or if you're a retired clubber (like me), listening to your fave PCCs.
Keep The Faith,
Best Wishes
Pure Club Classics

The Shaker - Star

Saturday, 17 December 2011

What would we do??

What we do without great dance music??
The world would certainly be a duller place.
This is an old classic from 1991.
It was absolutely huge at the time and it was banged by every club DJ across the UK week in week out for what seemed like months.
It was one of those tracks which never seemed to go away.
In fact I can distinctly remember getting fed up of hearing it.
However, it's been a while since I last played it and it still sounds pretty fierce.
A great remix from Steve "Silk" very much in his traditional vibe, skippy, funky and touched with some great piano. Boy, that man produced some great remixes around that time!!
What would we do - indeed!!

DSK - What Would We Do
(Hurley's Extended Remix)

More enthusiastic trousers and Dannii!!

Here's another corking remix from those Trouser Enthusiasts.
Another Dannii track as well.
A big shout out to Simon for the suggesting to post and supplying the track.
This is another fantastic remix people.
It's long over 12 minutes, but it keeps you entranced throughout and is pretty awesome.
Turn it up loud for maximum effect.
It has some delightful piano and thumping, pumping vibe and of course some delightful Dannii vocals.
A real stomper I'm sure you'll agree.
Nice one Simon.

Dannii Minogue - Disremembrance
(Trouser Enthusiast's Brittlestar Requiem Mix)

Feel the rotation!!!

This one's a great old skool track.
This was suggested to post a long time ago.
I can't remember who suggested it but thanks anyway, it's a great track, with huge variety.
There's all sorts thrown into the track, piano, sax, samples, chants, a great rap and great funky vibe throughout.
Not to mention Kariya riffs, Mr Fingers samples and of course the main vibe coming from the Herp Alpert classic from 1979 of the same name (Rotation). Which I've posted as well as it is such a classic track.
All in all two top tracks, one a timeless classic, the other a superb old skool reworking.

Mr Luthero - Rotation
(Original Version)

Herp Alpert - Rotation
(12" version)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Go Dannii, Go Girl!!!

Quite possibly Dannii's finest dance floor moment, thanks to an enormous mix by the Trouser Enthusiasts from 1997.
You may remember the naff pop version with Dannii trying her very best to emulate Kylie and reach pop star status.
Thankfully the Trouser Enthusiasts came to the rescue and produced a remix which is absolutely sensational.
It's so epic it is nearing BiR terrority in terms of epic-ness.
It has the same sort of vibe as tracks Oakey was playing at his peak circa 1996.
It's an absolute monster.
It uses the vocals brilliantly, whilst it builds and builds, then blows the roof off.
Massive with a capital M.
You won't be disappointed.

Dannii Minogue - All I Wanna Do
(Trouser Entusiasts' Toys Of Desperation Mix)

Won't waste your time!!

You all know that I won't waste your time by posting tracks that disappoint you.
This is a superb piano driven piece of classic house from 1994.
Very much like a K-Klass remix, that being bouncy and piano-ee.
A really great feel good track, that very much reminds me of K-Klass's remix of "Bobby Brown - Two can play that game"
I'm sure you'll like it.
Love the tempo changes mid track also and the MC Kinky-ish rapping!!
Classic house all the way!!

Jodeci - Won't Waste Your Time
(Nick Hussey Remix)

Bathe in the afterglow!!!

Tonight feels like a nostalgia night and a celebration of my favourite remixes who are still at it, producing amazing tracks.
This one has big Brothers In Rhythm connections, as I believe that Steve Anderson was involved in the making of it and Dave Seaman was involved in widely promoting it and playing it in his sets in 2008.
You can certainly feel the Steve Anderson influence, as when you close your eyes if could almost be Kylie (who Steve's worked with for many years).
The song is a beautiful atmospheric floaty number, which makes you feel like you are wrapped in cotton.
The breathy Kylie-esque vocals are lush and the track just touches you deep in your soul.
Very sexy indeed!! Hauntingly beautiful!!!
I believe it was written originally for Britney, but she turned it down.
Her loss!!

Couture featuring Rachelle - Afterglow
(Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Feel the ultimate seduction!!!!

Back to the old skool tracks.
This was always a biggie back in 1992.
It floats and floats just teasing for quite a while and then finally explodes into some huge piano cascades.
However, do be patient as it takes quite a while to get there, but that piano when it kicks in,it  is just lush.
"The ultimate seduction" indeed.
Viva la old skool!!!

Void - Orcana
(The Seductive Mix)

Can you reach the finish line!!!

Now I don't usually post current tracks on the blog, but couldn't resist this one.
Living proof that there is still quality dance music being made and that the legend of Jimmy G is still knocking out great remixes.
This is under his Feemasons monicker, it's not quite up there with Jimmy Gomez remixes, but it's a damn fine remix from Mr Wiltshire.
Probably the biggest club tune of 2011?
I haven't heard much bigger.
However, if you have, then let me know.
This is a piece of floating bliss, with some great great synth stabs and some lovely breathy vocal snippets and some lovely piano.
A top, top tune.
It's gets better every time you play it.
Highly addictive - you have been warned!!!
Yasmin (pictured) is pretty hot too!!

Yasmin - Finish Line
(Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hands up for more old skool??

Yes, I thought so.
Here's another great track which I haven't heard for ages.
A big shout out for Ignacio for reminding me of this one, as it was one I'd totally forgot about.
Don't you just love it when that happens?
Anyway about the track.
It's a great piece of funky old skool house, tinged with some excellent piano.
"Get up, get on down, Get up, get on down, Get up, get on down, Get on down with me"
Yes indeedy.
Great suggestion Ignacio - keep 'em coming buddy!

Jay & Dee - Don't Do It Now
(Detroit Mix)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Go on do watcha do!!

A really great piece of funky house music.
Don't know too about the track other than it came out in 1993.
Very funky, very vibey and very good.
Really catchy with some nice vocals.
Great remix from Morales, once again
Another piece of pukka A1 house music.

Jane Child - Do Whatcha Do
(Nu Extended Club Mix)

Just come, just come, just come with me!!!

Another big fave from back in 1992.
This track got played out in every club you went to for months on end.
Another track with a great vibe.
Quite dark, quite haunting, but also very powerful.
Italy certainly made some great club records.
"Just come with me" indeed!!

Cool Jack - Just Come
(Lilth Extended Mix)

Get out the Atlas!!

A fantastic progressive house track from 1993.
It has a superb aura about it and a lovely floaty feel.
It was just the sort of track which was great to bliss out to on the dancefloor.
I have big memories of being lost in at at Back To Basics in Leeds.
A great progressive classic.
Get on it!!

Atlas - Compass Error
(North Mix)

Friday, 18 November 2011

Midnight hour at the Hac!!

Evening All. I hope you've had a good week.
Not posted a Brand New Heavies track for a while.
This was another big Hac track, not quite on a par with Parky's remix of Back To Love, but a stomper all the same.
Great remix from the S Man.
I always loved the piano in this.
"Midnight hour, midnight hour, midnight at the Oasis!!"
Classic house music as we know and love it.

The Brand New Heavies - Midnight At The Oasis
(Rogers Brand New Anthem)

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oh yes, We Live!!!

Here's another fantastic remix that is the genius of Jimmy Gomez (aka James Wiltshire).
The man has produced some of the finest remixes in dance music history.
All are epic journeys, which blend wonderful tempo changes, fantastic piano breakdowns and huge hands in the air moments.
Like Brothers in Rhythm remixes, they all build and build and then explode.
This is what IMHO makes them all so great.
If you compare them with for example a lot of remixes Sasha did. Sasha's stuff would build and build but never seem to get anywhere and never peak, leading to real sense of disappointment and frustration.
BiR and Jimmy G perfected the art of building and building and then blowing the roof off.
This is another awesome, awesome remix.
Fantastic from start to finish.
Respect to Jimmy G - a man of true genius!!

Jonathan Pierce - We Live
(Jimmy Gomez Extended Club Mix)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Crack open the Magnum!!!

Now as many of you will know this blog is ususally reserved for tracks between the 1987 -2000, which I firmly believe is the era when the best clubbing music was produced.
I get sent hundreds of tracks from arists asking me to promote them on the blog and as I've mentioned previously the vast majority don't make the grade and are certainly not worthy of PCC status.
This however, is a cracking new track from an Irish DJ and Producer called Magnum.
The track has some great synth breakdowns which is alway a recipe for a great track.
I understand it is creating big waves on the current club scene.
All in all, a corking track - Get on it!!!

Magnum - Live Without You

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Join the secret rendezvous!!

A big shout out to Martin from Sweden for suggesting this one.
A superb laid back house classic.
It is a sublime piece of very chilled classic house music, with some superb vocals from Karyn White.
Some great subtle touches of piano, some great French vocal snippets which are always très sexy!!
Some great lyrics in there as well.
A real great and underplayed classic.
Thanks Martin, great suggestion buddy!!

Karyn White - Secret Rendezvous
(After Hour Mix)

"You think you're big time??"

Love this track and it samples bits from one of my all time fave films - Carlito's Way.
I must of watched that and Scarface hundreds of time.
"You think you're big time, you're going to f**king die big time".
The tracks got that great riff in it, which is sampled  from Santana's Oye Como Va.
A real catchy tune!
For those of you who haven't seen the film, the pictures of Carlito Brigante (Al Pacino) the reformed Gangster and Benny Blanco (John Leguizamo) from the Bronx, the young upstart.
It's an all time classic film with a some great twists and a great ending!!
If you haven't seen it, be sure to check it out.
Enjoy the track!!

That Kid Chris - Big Time 
(Carlito's Dream)

We enjoyed times like this!!

Here comes another old skool favourite.
A classic piece of Italian piano house from 1991.
Tunes like these were massive "up North" and perfect for that hands in the air vibe.
Simple in production, but always effective.
There is no better sound than "hands in the air" piano tunes!!!

Step & Rhythm - Time Like This
(Time One)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Come into the daylight!!!

I've raved (no pun intended) many times on the PCC blog about the supreme quality of Jimmy Gomez remixes.
IMHO there is only Brothers In Rhythm remixes which surpass Jimmy G for pure quality.
Which puts Jimmy G (aka James Wiltshire, aka (one half of) Freemasons) up there as my No.2 all time favourite remixer (after BiR).
Check this out and you will understand why.
This remix is absolutely pure quality from start to finish - it takes you on a complete journey, through peaks, breakdowns, fantastic vocals "I know, I know, I know, I  know", amazing tempo changes, horns and wonderful melodic piano riffs.
Simply fantastic!!
If Jimmy Gomez remixes are new to you, check out his other work on the blog, you won't be disappointed.
Pure talent - simply stunning!!!

Big C featuring Alice - Daylight
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

More marvel from Mr Morales!!!

I've been critical on the blog before about Morales. Probably more out of frustration then anything else.
Some of his remixes are right up there with some of the best of all time, but also like a lot of remixers, he's done loads that are absolutely dross.
That's why IMHO he can never be up there with Frankie Knuckles - who is my mind is the House music remix benchmark. The one that all other's should strive to achieve, as almost every remix is a piece of pure house music art!!
That said, this is another classic Morales remix.
Lots of great piano, some scorching vocals from Deborah Cox - all in all a fine, fine track!!

Deborah Cox  - Who Do U Love
(Morales Love Mix)

A big shout out to VP!!!

This one goes out to the man with the Velvet Pants.
A great suggestion VP.
That's the great thing about running the blog, when people remind you of tracks which you've totally forgot about but totally love.
This is one of those such tracks.
I can remember boogie-ing away to this on the Hac dancefloor.
It's a superb remix by Mr Morales absolutely on the button with this one!!
Very similar in style to his remix of Mariah's Dream Lover (yes - top notch).
It's a massive feel good track with some delightful piano and of course those luscious Donna Summer vocals.
Thanks for the reminder VP - big up!!

Donna Summer - Melody Of Love
(Classic Club Mix)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Staying on the summer vibe!!!

This one is very much more recent and out of my normal 1987-2000 banding!!
It was made in 2007 and gives me heart that there is still some good (and original) tracks being made in recent years.
It has a huge summer uplifting feel and I believe was massive in Ibiza.
"My dream is to fly, over the rainbow so high"
Right on!!
Another great feel good track.
That's how we like them, if they don't make you feel good what's the point!!!

Yves Larock - Rise Up
(Original Mix)

Staying on the old skool vibe!!

Another great old skool track (again from 1991 - what a year that was for PCCs).
This one has a more summery feel.
Superb vocals this, really vibey and very uplifting.
Great sing-a-long chorus as well.
"Miss the mystery of Love"
"Come on and get it all, yeah"
"That's the power of love, woo"
"For a wonderful world, yeah"
Classic feel good track this one!!!

Joy Salinas - Mystery Of Love
(Classic Club Mix)

Ooh yeah, "Love it" (big time)!!!

Another huge old skool favourite from 1990.
Those Italians certainly produced some great piano tunes in that era.
These type of tracks were huge "Up North" in clubs like Wigan Pier, Zone in Blackpool, The Warehouse in Leeds, Angels in Burnley, Bibby's in Bradford and many other great clubs from that era.
Total hands in the air classic - still sounding great today.
"love it" - nuff said!!!

Johnny Parker - Love It Forever
(Special Remix)

For those Nightbirds out there!!!

Always loved this back in the day (1991).
It was always a big track at Angels in Burnley and usually played in the same set with Liquid - Sweet Harmony and Zero B - Lock Up.
Just a really cheeky and catchy little number.
Still sounding very good today.
Always loved the little breakdown bit!!!

Convert - Nightbird

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Let's all strive for One Better World!!!

Another great Parky remix, this time alongside his Hacienda buddy Mike Pickering produced in 1989.
When you think of the dancefloor delights that those two have cooked up over the years in their various guises, there aren't many out these who can equal them for quality.
Parky's Remixes are always right on the button and always drop in that piano that we all love so much.
This is exactly one of those remixes.
It uses the vocals to great effect with a great punchy house vibe and layers of great synth and piano.
This one goes out to Smiler.
Enjoy fella - it's a great track.
Remember people, if anyone ever has any suggestions for tracks they think are worthy of PCC status let me know and we'll consider posting them.

ABC - One Better World
(Pickering Park Mix)

Have you got the Know How??

Probably one of the most widely played rap tracks on the club scene in the late 80/early 90's.
It is a superb track laid over the Theme from Shaft.
Young MC produced some great tracks when he burst onto the scene in '88.
This rap has so much vibe and attitude.
I'm generally not a big fan of rap tracks, but this was the business
"I Come Off" was also a huge track and worthy of a post on the PCC blog in the future.
This one goes out to Smiler.
Sorry I thought I had an acapella version, but I only have the original and the instrumental version.
In fact, I'm not sure that an acapella actually exists. I'm sure we had this debate about a year ago and nobody could hunt one down.
If anyone out there has an acapella, please could you send a link through for Smiler.

Young MC - Know How

Young MC - Know How

Saturday, 15 October 2011

"I Love Your Precious Heart"!!!

Staying on the rock cover theme, here's two great tracks which sample an extremely well known rock song.
This time it's "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS,  and again done very effectively.
The Exhange version takes a hell of a long time time to peak, but be patient as it builds and builds superbly and then when it does peaks, it is pure heaven as it releases the chorus;
"Don't ask me, what you know is true"
"Don't have to tell me, I love your Precious Heart"
The Tall Paul version is very similar in style but probably a tad more instant and more vibey.
I'm not sure which version I prefer as I think both are great.
You decide!!!

Exchange - Precious Heart

Tall Paul vs INXS - Precious Heart 

( Riva Mix )

Badda, Da Da, Ba Badda, Da Da, Ba Badda Ho, Badda Ho!!!!

Well that's what I used to sing anyway.
Simple Minds were one of my favourite bands from the 80's.
At the time they were right up there with U2 on a par as probably the best rock band going!!
Then along came Patsy Kensit - that great marriage wrecker and destroyer of great bands.
She married Dan Donavan - Big Audio Dynamite soon split, up she married Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), they then split up, She married Liam Gallagher - Oasis split up. Spot the recurring theme!!
She them married Jeremy Healy and they have since split up.
It strikes me that Ms. Kensit must be bloody high maintenance!!!
Anyway enough of all that - about the track.
Well of course it is very much based on Simple Minds fantastic track Alive and Kicking - which was a massive Stadium Rock classic and one of my fave Simple Minds tracks.
This version uses the the riff very effectively with some great tinkly piano which helps to retain the power of the song and the emotion.
It then brings in that famous singalong "Badda, Da Da,  Ba Badda, Da Da, Ba Badda Ho, Badda Ho!!!!".
It also retains most of the vocals which makes it great to single to.
There's even some really nice cheesy synth thrown in for good measure.
All in all a great remix from Phil Kelsey.
I've never heard this in a club, but could imagine it going down a treat last track of the night, as the lights come on and everyone is singing along in ecstatic bliss. Nice!!!
All in all a really effective dance working of an all time rock classic.

East Side Beat - Alive And Kicking
(Demo Remix)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

We'll still be rockin' (in our rocking chairs) in years to come to this!!!

I must have listened to millions (well ok, maybe more like thousands, but a hell of a lot) of DJ mix sets over the years, but there is one that still remains my favourite and to be honest will IMHO probably never ever be bettered.
Yes, you've heard it before on the PCC blog, but the Chris and James - Essential Mix set from 1993 (on the blog also) is still in my mind, the greatest mix set ever performed.
I remember actually listening to it live (and taping it - on our C120 tapes - to get an hour each side with no breaks) when we were all round a mates house (on one of our rare clubbing weekends off).
I played that tape to death and made 2 extra copies, just in case I wore it out.
(We didn't have the luxury of mp3 in those days and not even the knowledge or technology to convert tape to CD!!).
Well, here's another great track from that mix set. I've probably posted nearly all the tracks from that mix set, not intentionally but just because individually there are all such fantastic tracks.
This one is, dare I say it, a typical Chris and James type track, energetic, vibey, totally rockin' and a bit out of the ordinary.
It bubbles and throbs and keeps exploding throughout.
It love the bit at the end - I haven't a clue what it say's although it sounds like "Mental, mental, mental???"
Another top, top choon!!!

Woomera - Retro-Euro-Vibe-Piece

Number 3 for Lisa B!!!

The third posting on the PCC for Lisa B.
This was a big track in the clubs back in 1993.
It sounds a tad cheesy now and ghast I say it (again) a touch EuroPop.
However, back in the day it was a corking tune and was very effective on the dnacefloor.
Lisa has lovely vocals and it's a really feel good track.
Enjoy (or slag me off if you don't like it!!!) Lol.
If you really hate it, then at least you can enjoy the picture!!

Lisa B - Fascinated
(Featured Club Mix)

Wilde about this??

Most people of my age will have fond memories of Kim Wilde, she was pretty hot stuff when we were youngsters growing up back in 1981.
She was always very pop and never produced anything in the dance mode, but here's a cracking remix from 1995 from Matt Darey which really kicks.
It uses Kim's vocals really well yet retains a strong club vibe.
Ok so it's a touch EuroPop, but it's very catchy and remains firmly on the side of club cred!!
P.S. I believe there is also a T-empo remix of this. If anyone has a copy, I'd appreciate a link.

Kim Wilde - Breakin' Away
(Matt Darey Vocal Remix)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Go on then a bit more Balearic!!!

This one is a true Balearic masterpiece.
In fact all the Primal Scream tracks which Weatherall touched were amazing.
I remember when Screamadelica came out and I absolutely hammered it to death.
I've seen the Scream live quite a few times and they are always entertaining.
About the track well, (the Weatherall Remix) it's just one amazing,loping chilled out vibe from start to finish, littered with Police sirens, samples, gospel vocals and that chuggy infectious, indeed hypnotic groove!!
The samples are from a speech from Jesse Jackson a US Civil Rights leader.
Massive in every sense!!
Turn up loud and Bliss Out!!!
I've also included the 7" version which is very different, but fantastic all the same.
I love Bobby G's vocals in it, they are just so sleazy and druggy, but bloody amazing at the same time.

Primal Scream - Come Together
(Andy Weatherall Remix)

Primal Scream - Come Together
(7" Version)

Staying on the Balearic tip!!!

Following Stakker's great post. I'v decided to stay on the Balearic tip.
I always loved this track, very pop, but very Balearic.
Another great part is that it references pretty much what we used to do on our clubbing nights, driving down the M62 to Manchester (on route to the Hac etc.)
"I'll tell you what, why don't we cross the limit and  head on down the M62, it's only 39 miles and 45 minutes to Manchester"
A great track with a fantastic vibe - Pure Balearic Classic!!!

It's Immaterial - Driving Away From Home

Monday, 26 September 2011

Going for Oakey gold!

Featuring a sample from the well known Tears for Fears track - Shout, this tune was one of Oakeys firsts in own record production. Heavily influenced by what he heard DJs playing in Ibiza on his trip there in 87 and 88. This typifies the laid back beats of yesteryear with that touch of saddened romance that we all feel when we get those "holiday blues" or when we listen to those golden oldies and remember when it was good to dance, dance and dance some more.
Electra - Autumn Love

You gotta love a bit of Italian

In 1988 I heard a little ditty and boy did I dance my little socks off, I still do every time I play it. I still have to play it at least once a month and it still does it for me.
There were some really great tunes that came out of the Italo disco era that made the cross-over to house and this one is probably the best that there was, certainly for me. The plant remixes by Frankie Knuckles from the original release from 1985. A massive club hit on its original release on both sides of the pond and again in 88. I dont have to tell you guys to enjopy this one - you just know you will.
Jago - Im going to go (frankie knuckles plant mix)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Can you feel the eruption???

This is probably the hardest/fastest track which you'll find on the blog, as I'm not a big fan of anything that bridges into the hardcore, breakbeat, drum 'n' bass, jungle arena. It's just simply not my bag.
I was never a fan of the likes of Grooverider, Fabio, LTJ Bukem etc, although I know many were.
The one exception though was listening to and watching Carl Cox, although his music selection was in this hardcore arena his DJ prowess was just immense. Watching him mix with vinyl with 3 decks all playing at the same time was just amazing and had to be seen to be believed (DJ's who sit behind a Laptop nowadays - don't know how easy they have got it).
I remember Carl Cox playing this track at a night called Breakfast Club event in Leeds back in 1992.
It's a belter of a track, a touch faster and "rave-ier" in feel in some areas than ideal IMHO, but that piano and the "eruption" vocal is superb. This was always a big track when dropped.
In fact for a long time I thought it was saying "emotion" (Blame the tablets!!) Lol!

Flag - Eruption

Another huge number...... Hondy!!!

A big fave of mine this one!!
A truly superb bouncy energetic progressive trance number from 1995.
Sprinkled with some beautiful tinkly piano, which is almost orchestral it's so immense.
The energy of the track is superb and the breathy vocals round it off perfectly;
"Give me glory (no access)"
"Give me a kiss (no access)"
"Give me the time (no access)"
"I'll go to the house (no access)"
"To the house of the children (no access)"
"To the house of the men"
"To the house of the women"
"To the house of the Lord"
"To the house of the people"
To the house of the people (no access)"
"Hondy hello, Hondy hello, Hondy, Hondy, Hondy, Hondy"
Absolutely massive!!!
A proper feel good track this one.
If this doesn't put a smile on your face, I'd be very surprised.
P.S. About the picture, not quite a Hondy, but a Honda which was the nearest I could find. Lol.

Hondy - Hondy (No Access)
(Salone Margherita Mix)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Anyone Thirsty?

A personal fave of mine this one. Always loved the ambient side of dance with a touch of that sun drenched feel that is so definitive of Balearic beats. The sexy vocals, the uplifting piano and the down tempo - pure genius from the man called Mr. Orbit.
Actually released in 1992 although many say 1993. We tell you the facts not the hype. Sit back and enjoy while dreaming of the beach in Ibiza.

William Orbit - Water from a vine leaf (underwater mix)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

A big slice of enjoyable cheese!!

A lot of the more purist dance music followers have issues with tracks like these.
In that they may be considered a bit too cheesy and commercial.
However, as mentioned before several times on the blog, a bit of cheese is perfectly acceptable as part of a healthy dance music diet.
Ultra High produced tracks that in my mind were just on the right side of that cheese divide.
Underground enough to be great in clubs, but not too overground to be considered commercial dance fodder.
This is a very uplifting Euro-pop vibe, very hands in the air and extremely effective.
If you like New Atlantic, Hyper Go Go type tracks etc. (and we all do), then you'll love this.
Underground Euro-Pop at it's finest.

Ultra High - Stay With Me
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

A truly seminal PCC!!!

There are PCCs, tracks that are and always will be dancefloor classics and then there are some tracks which go that bit further and inspire a whole generation of new sounds.
This was one such track.
It was massive at the time in clubs and I distinctly remember it being a huge track as Angels in Burnley in 1991/2.
It has since been remixed and re-worked several times, but IMHO this mix (the Monolith mix) was probably the best mix.
I still get a tingle even today when I hear this track.
Did anyone else used to think the breakdown was like birds tweetin?? Or was that just me??
A true PCC that influenced and inspired many tracks, that don't make them like this any more!!

Zero B - Lock Up
(Monolith Mix)

Shine on me, yes indeedy!!!

Another big piano belter with a superb vocal.
Not quite as effective as Love Come Rescue Me, (which was absolutely huge).
It is however a very splendid track and big on the dance floor back in 1992.
Lisa Hunt provides some very powerful vocals coupled with some great thumping piano chords.
Get on it!!

Lovestation featuring Lisa Hunt - Shine On Me
(Diva Mix)

Let's get this house stompin'!!!

There were  loads of remixes of this track, many were not that good and IMHO sort of diluted the effectiveneess of this track.
It was a track widely played out by a lot of DJs, but quite often they seemed to play the ineffective remixes (notably the Big Bump Mix).
The "Ramp Housin' Mix" was by far the best mix IMHO.
It builds into a huge progressive house stormer and was a massive track out in clubs (when the correct remix was played).
Like all PCCs it is a track which still sounds very effective when played today and puts a lot of this "current" electro nonsense to shame.
Proper house music IMHO - Let's get this "House Stompin'!!!"

Bump - House Stompin'
(Ramp Housin' Mix)

Saturday, 27 August 2011

This'll have you rockin'!!!!

There was some really positive feedback for the last mix set that I posted from Pete-Nic, made up of tracks from the blog.
Well here's another which is equally as good.
It contains several of my all times faves and some really special tracks.
Nice one Pete-Nic - Top Man!!!

Get on it people, it's rockin'!!!!

If any other budding DJ's out there wish to make mix sets of tracks posted on the blog, then I'd be happy to hear them and if the're good post them.

1:Chris Rea - Josephine (Chris & James Mix)
2:Everything But The Girl - Missing (Chris & James Mix)
3:Liquid - One Love Family (Chris & James Mix)
4:Paul Kaulkbrenner vs Robin S - Show Me Love Sky
5:Texas - Inner Smile (Stonebridge Classic Mix)
6:Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
7:Chris & James - Fox Force Five
8:Billie Ray Martin - Imitation Of Life (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
9:Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
10:Dubstar - Stars (Way Out West Remix)
11:Placebo - Every You Every Me ( Brothers In Rhythm Glam Mix)
12: Ian Brown - F.E.A.R (Unkle Remix)

This is progressive house!!!

Here's a true PCC from 1993 a perfect piece of progressive house!!
Guerilla produced some of the best Progressive House tracks ever made.
Spooky also made some storming tunes.
This one is probably the pick of them, it was certainly well ahead of it's time and IMHO still sands well above all the electro nonsense and manufactured trance which is made nowadays.
This one is a real floaty almost ambient vibe, very nice indeed!!
There's lots of good mixes of this track, but it is the Gargantuan mix that shades it for me.
Big shout out to Mike for the suggestion to post. Nice one fella!!

Spooky - Little Bullet
(Gargantuan Mix)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

An absolute corker of a mix set!!!

Grab a load of this.
A fantastic set by Pete-Nic mixed from tracks posted on the PCC blog.
The track slection is superb and contains some of my all time faves.
The mixing is also different class.
I love the mix between "I'll be there for you" and "the pleasure" - quality!!
The mix between "don't make me wait" and "you and me" is also class, when the piano is banging in and the crunchy beats of "You and me" come in underneath. Lovely!!
Here's the full track listing - different class - believe me!!!

1:Tinman - Eighteen Strings (Chris and James Remix)..

2:Beat Syndicate - Dancing Daffodils ...

3:House of Virginism - I'll Be There For You ( Do Ya ) ...

4:Medium High - The Pleasure (Chris and James Remix)...

5:Loveland- Don't Make Me Wait (Full On Vocal Mix)...

6: Rhyme Time Productions - You And Me ...

7:Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Luvdup Mix)...

8 :Womack & Womack - Teardrops (Luvdup Mix)

9:Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks the Joint Mix) ...

10:Tiesto & Nelly Furtado - Who Wants To Be Alone....

11:Placebo - Every You Every Me (Brothers In Rhythm Glam Club Mix)

12:Chris Rea - Josephine (Chris and James Remix)

Bent over double about this!!!

Now and again tracks come along which really blow you away.
This is one of those such tracks.
It is absolutley exquisite.
A fantastic example of beautifully created laid back house music (from 2001).
The track has such an amazing feel and atmosphere.
It is a truly stunning remix by Ashley Beedle, the vocals are very wayout, but the whole tempo and emotion of the track is just stunning.
House music of the very finest quality.
When you compare this to some of the electro bleepy nonsense produced nowadays, there really is no comparison.
P.S. Hope you like the picture, brings a new meaning to Bend it like Beckham!!

Bent - Always
(Ashley Beedle's Mahavishnu Remix)

One of the all time PCCs

When I first started this blog, I purposely decided not to start by posting all the tracks which were really well known and everybody either knew about or already had.
Hence, I avoided posting tracks like Voodoo Ray, Promised Land, Let Move Love You For Tonight, House Music Anthem etc.
Most of these tracks were pretty much available on Compilation CDs etc.
However, the time has come to sprinkle a few in.
They are such wonderful tunes and the memories and emotions that they gave so many clubbers will always maintain their status as PCCs.
This is one of my favourites. Hearing this in a club was such a fabulous and emotional experience, you would just float away on a cloud of bliss.
I've mentioned many times of the blog that I'm not a great fan of male vocals, however Keith Thompson's vocal on this are exceptional.
The whole feel and atmosphere of the track, with the wonderfully subtle and understated piano is just spot on!!
You can't beat the enthusiastic panting in the background as well. Ooh err Missus!!
(It's not quite French Kiss, but not a long way off. Lol!!)
I'm sure you all have some great clubbing memories of this one.
There's been loads of remixes and re-working done of this, but none can touch the original.
Tracks such as this which are so inspirational and influential should not be tampered with!!

Raze - Break For Love
(Original Mix)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Searching for Mr Graeme Park...

Most of the top club DJ's of yesteryear have popped by the blog at some point in time, but I'm yet to hear from Mr Park, which is surprising as he is a regular tweeter and even has his own "app" (which is well worth a download).
Let's see if we can try and get him to visit the blog, as there is tons of his stuff on here and the memories of those magic nights at the Hac will live in the memory of all those of us who were fortunate enough to have experienced them.
It's great to know that he's still out there DJ-ing and rocking the gaffs, well after we've all hung up our clubbing boots!!
Here is another classic GP remix.
A well known and pretty damn fabulous Luther vocal gets the Parky treatment to wonderful effect.
P.S. You may also notice that the piano riff was effectively used on Kathy Sledge's - Take Me Back To Love Again (another superb PCC- already posted!!)
P.P.S. I've also posted GP's logo, let's see if that has any effect!!

Change - Searching
(The Parkside Remix)