Friday, 29 October 2010

Feel the Energy of the Beautiful Ballet!!!

Well, I leave you tonight with a piece of classic Balearic bliss.
This is an amazing track with some absolutely fantastic saxophone and a wonderful atmospheric vibe.
It's the kind of track which could be played at the beginning of the night to warm the crowd up or it could equally be dropped late on at night, when people are winding down.
It's just a brilliant piece of music and a big fave of mine.
Pure quality I'm sure you'll agree.
Bring on the Beautiful Ballet!!!

Beautiful Ballet - Energy
(Rudy's Remix)

Two classic pieces of early detroit house music!!!

Here's two superb example of original house music.
Like much of the music coming out of Detroit at that time they have a very dark sound.
However, they are also both very infectious and have a wonderful deep vibe.
Both were very big tracks at the Hacienda way back in 1988/89.
Why am I posting them together, well they are both so bloody similar and also so very good.
The Da Posse track just grooves along with a powerful incessant blend of dark house and light techno.
The Rhythim Is Rhythim track has the very same vibe, but then breaks into a flowing melodic vibe, then back into the deep techno house.
Both tracks are so alike, but also so powerful and were both very influential.
Pure quality.
These tracks laid the foundations for many the following generations of house and techno.

Da Posse - Its My Life (Aluh Mix)

Rhythim is Rhythim - The Dance

Come on feel those night moves!!!

The original version of this by Rickster has already been posted by one of my PCC comrades, but this is the version that does it for me.
It is a little more housed up and very, very funky.
It's got some great subtle piano and the vocals rea very sharp and effective.
A really quality remake from 1991 of a great club classic.

De Melero - Night Moves
(En El Calor De La Noche Mix)

Ladies and Gentlemen Miss Grace Jones!!!

Now here's a classic track.
There's many remixes of this, but I've picked out two of my faves.
The first is a great remix by Love To Infinity  - very typical of their production style, very bouncy and instant.
It really complements Grace's vocal which is incredibly powerful.
The other version is a remix by T-empo - which compared to many of their remixes, is slightly slow and in all fairness pretty disappointing measured against their standards of excellence, but still pretty good even so.

Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm
(Love To Infinity Classic Paradise 12" Mix)

Grace Jones - Slave To The Rhythm
(The T-Empo Grace In Your Face '94 Overture)

Sorry I've gone all Balearic on you again!!!

Some may call this pop/rock, but it was also a fantastic club track.
As with many songs with the Balearic tag, it has very little to do with dance music, other than the fact that when dropped in a club at the right time it can have the most amazing effect.
This is exactly such a track.
A really great pop track, but also a track which caused mayhem on the dancefloors of many of the UK's finest late night haunts.
If you've ever heard this in a club - then you'll know exactly what I mean.
If not, then sit back listen and imagine being "cocooned" in a pure ecstatic rush, then it'll make some sense!

Then Jericho - Big Area

You got that thing - called love!!!

It's been a while since we had a Paul Gotlel remix, so here's a well overdue post!!
A really catchy remix, typical of PG with lots of great bouncy piano and some great vocals from Aaliyah.
All in all a really catchy little number.
This one dates back to 1995, but feels very much morwe recent than that.
They'll be plenty more to come from Mr Gotel in the future.
So stay tuned if you like big piano breakdowns!!

Aaliyah - The Thing I Like
(Paul Gotel's Classic Anthem Mix)

A big piano anthem - bring out the Candlelight!!

This track was pretty huge in most of the clubs "Up North" back in 1992.
It's a massive "hands in the air" piano tune, which always went down a storm.
Perhaps, it now feels a tad cheesy, but back in the day it was awesome when dropped in clubs.
The smiles on the faces, the hands in the air, the hand shakes all used to come out when this was dropped, whether it was at Angels, Zone, Shelleys, Kaos or Ark nights (all clubs where I heard this played).
It certainly brings back some great memories of great nights.
"Talk about candlelights, wine all night, show for the caviar, whatever you like, I'm for it!"
Yes indeed!!

Cordial - Candlelight
(Whatever You Like Mix)

Friday, 22 October 2010

A big shout out to the wider PCC team!!!

This one goes out to all those out there who regularly contribute to the blog, whether it's leaving comments and feedback, sharing tracks and links or making track suggestions, this blog is here to serve you.
Your continued support and feedback is very much appreciated and the passwords will remain, as we ensure that we keep this blog limited to those who are prepard to give as well as take.
I hope you've enjoyed the posts tonight.
Here's one to finish with and it's a special one.
I've had it "up my sleeve" for some time, as it was recommended to me some while ago.
It's an epic, that builds and builds a la BiR, T-empo, Paul Gotel stylee.
Lots of lush piano, amazing breakdowns, fantastic vocals, tempo changes.
You name it it's got it!!
This ones for all the wider PCC team and contributors.
Respect people!!
Also another huge rarity - for once the Frankie Knuckles remix is surpassed - in this instance the Tom Moulten remix is the one. It makes the FK remix seem a bit pedestrian!!

Le Monde - I Have No Fear
(Hallelujah Journey Mix)

Le Monde - I Have No Fear
(Franktified Club Mix)

This one goes back, way back (back again)...

Here's a golden oldie for you.
This one dates back to 1987 - amazing to think it's 23 years old.
It still sounds great.
A really raw piece of classic house, with some magical piano.
Not over produced and a bit rough around the edges, but very effective.
Enjoy, as I'm sure you will.

T.J. - I Dub Again
(Basement Mix)

Now for something completely different again....

We're certainly mixing it up tonight!!
This one certainly raises the tempo.
It was a huge Oakey track back in 1993 and was certainly a track which was ahead of it's time.
It was one of the first examples of early trance and was very different to anything else around at that time.
Most tracks were very much on the Progressive House vibe, but this was much more pounding in nature.
It absolutely rocked and still sounds amazing today.
A true dancefloor classic!!
Wow! Indeed Mr Yogi!!

The Overlords - Wow! Mr Yogi (Control The Mind)
(F.A.M. Tranceport Mix)

Now for something completely different....

You can't get any more Balearic than this!!
You may well remember this as a great pop track from back in 1984 - but you probably won't have heard this Extended Version - which is just amazing.
The Clarinet in this is simply out of this world - believe me - pure Balearic heaven.
Just imagine this one dropped last track of the night.
There wouldn't be a dry eye in the house.
Balearic baby - you bet!!!
The main riff in this track is taken from a famous piece of classical music "Sibelius, Symphony No. 5" for you pop pickers out there!!
Enjoy, this remix it is very special!!

Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday

(Extended Version)

A big house classic from 1991!

There was a time back in 1991 when you couldn't go in any credible club without hearing this.
It was just everywhere.
It's quite simply a classic piece of house music.
Very similar in style to Kym Syms - Too Blind To See It, but far less commercial.
It was very powerful track in it's day and still sounds fantastic today.
A magical Steve "Silk" Hurley remix, boy he was hot about that era!!
Hold on Tighter indeed!!!
Love it!!

Clubland - Hold On (Tighter To Love)
(Hurley's House Mix)

Guess the vocalist??

Well I never thought I'd be posting Celeine Dion on the PCC blog, but you know the stance if it's great dance music it'll get posted.
To be honest you'd probably never recognise that it was Celine Dion, it just sounds like a very, very good house music track with some great vocals.
I'm sure you could play a good game of "guess the vocalist" and you'd have everybody scratching the heads, as I'm sure that nobody would associated it with Celine Dion.
All the same it's a top track and as you'd expect a very polished vocal.
It's from 1992 and if I'm not mistaken was a track which Sasha used to play out.

Celine Dion - Love Can Move Mountains
(Underground Vocal Mix)

Drown in the sea of bliss!!

Here's another beautiful track which just floats along in a hypnotic kind of way.
Very similar to the type of "dream music" which was around in the late 90's.
This was actually out in 1999.
It has a tempo similar to Robert Miles tracks and is similar in style to the Eugina track posted recently.
It's just a really nice piece of floaty, mellow trance music. Nothing heavy, just lush!!!
Very atmospheric and very nice.
Dream on!!!

Rank 1 - Airwave
(Original Mix)

If Carlsberg made dance music...............

Evening all, some time ago I posted a track by Beat Foundation called Foundations, which was immense.
I informed that there was also a Foundations II - which is also pretty immense.
So here it is, in all it's beautiful splendour - absolutely laced with spine tingling piano breakdowns.
They don't come much better than this.
If Carlsberg made dance music...............
Yeah, I'm sure you get the jist.
This track is the absolute tops!!

Beat Foundation - Foundations II

Monday, 18 October 2010

The Vision Masters v Ce Ce Rogers

Vision Masters v Ce Ce Rogers (Promo Mix)

'' A simple Mash-up remix of Keep On Pumpin' It Up...
.. it's basically the same but, with an Intro (Acapella)
of All Join Hands by Ce Ce Rogers ''


Friday, 15 October 2010

More delight from Ms. Carey!!!

Here;s another fantstic track from the one with the honey coated tonsils.
This is a great track which mxies Marih's fantastic vocals in accapella stylee, but with a great piano back drop.
It's very old skool in style, but it remiains a real authenticity, superbly remixed by the legend that is Shep Pettibone.
A really great track - Mariah does it every time!!
Just check out that "squeal" at the end, now that can't be good for the vocal cords!!

Mariah Carey - Someday

"Nothing is impossible!!!"

Here's a throw back to 1988.
I always loved the "nothing is impossible" samples.
I've posted 2 mixes one is very much more overground and then there's the Acid version which contains some great squelchy TB303.
Thr acid version is raw and funky, but I prefer the more overgorund version which contains those great vocals;
"Hopes and illusions fade away, make for the beat it's time to play"
"The opposition hits the groove , come on ride the rhythm"

This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm

This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm

(Acid Not Placid)

Friday, 8 October 2010

Check the Imperfect List!!!

I just totally love this track.
Talk about a vibe.
It contains some wonderful saxophone, and has a wonderful feel throughout and of course that infectious scouse chatter.
A really clever piece of music - chillout perfection!!!
I think she'd had a bad day - what do you reckon??

There's a great bit of information taken from Discogs about this track.

"One day a woman arrives unnanounced at the One Little Indian offices in London. She tells label boss Derek Birket that she wants a deal for her new single. Let's hear it then, he replies.

Instead of playing him a demo, she reads out, in a dour northern accent, her 'imperfect list'. Birket is blown away by the words, and decides to take a punt, offering her a tiny recording budget
A few weeks later, the anonymous lady returns with the masters. To everyone's amazement, not only is the track kinda amazing, but it is recorded by Robin Gutherie of Cocteau Twins and Pete Wylie, and has Andrew Weatherall remixes already arranged...

It's a jaw-dropping song, this, especially in its original beatless version - a list of evildoers and nastiness spat out in a vitriolic Scouse accent over a dark ambient drone."

"Adolf Hitler. the dentist. Terry & June. fucking bastard Thatcher. Scouse impersonator. silly pathetic girlies. silly pathetic woman. macho dickhead. Bonnie Langford. neighbours. lost keys. phoney friend. ungrateful accusing mate. the Royal family. Stock Aitken & Waterman. smiling Judas. heartbreaking lying friend. Myra Hindley. acid rain. stinking rich female in furs. disloyal lover. wife & child beater. drunken abuser. racist. bully. The Sun newspaper. AIDS inventor. Leon Brittan. all nonsense. massive massive oilslick. Jimmy Tarbuck. loneliness. cancer. hunger. greed. gut wrenching disappointment. evil gossiping fashion bastard. tasteless a&r wanker. hard cold fish. overdraft like a mountain. the Jimmy Swaggart show. the Tory invention of the non-working class. poll tax. commie bashers. mister Jesse Helms. Hillsborough. weird british judges. apartheid. John Lennon's murder. anyone's murder. the breakdown of the NHS. the death of the rain forest. Heysel stadium. rednecks. rape. homelessness. the all-American way. Clause 28. Tiananmen Square. sexual harrassment. Nelson Mandela's imprisonment. Nancy's term. Ronnie's term. miscarriage. where were you?"

Big Hard Excellent Fish - Imperfect List (1)
(Andy Weatherall Remix)

They don't get any more balearic than this!!

I seem to remember Jon of Pleased Wimmin dropping this at the end of an Essential Mix which he did for Radio 1.
These were the sort of tracks which used to make your night when dropped last track of the night in a club.
They ain't got nothing to do with dance music, but they sound wonderful if dropped at the right time in a club.
This one is a balearic classic matey's!!

E.L.O. - Don't Bring Me Down

Can you hear the voices!!!

Ok, you've just had a piece of classic house music, now this really ups the tempo!!
This one is a real banger.
A massive track for Oakey back in 1994 and of course a track that was immortalised in his epic Goa Mix.
It's a fast paced piece of rockin' trance, just how we like it.
Great club music isn't just about beautiful house tracks.

V-Tracks - Heretic Voices
(Angeles Mix)

Time for some wonderful house music!!!

Want some wonderful house music?
Well here it is, courtesy of yet another superb Frankie Knuckles remix.
This one is a very laid back affair with some really smooth vocals.
The FK production is once again outstanding.
All in all a really great classic house track.
Very nice indeed!!!

Johnson - Say You Love Me
(Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix)

No teardrops over this one!!!

Well we may as well make it a hat-rick tonight.
Yet another stunning Luvdup remix.
This one is realy special.
I'm sure that you all know the Womack & Womack track.
But this version, well let's just say, it's extra special.
Given the wonderful Luvdup magic (The're not paying me to say this, honestly!!)
It's just a bloody great remix.
The piano is something else - Top drawer once again.
I love the key changes mid track - very nice!!
Get on it!!!

Womack & Womack - Teardrops
(Luvdup Remix)

Fancy a bit of the real thing??

Go on then I'm spoiling you tonight.
Here's another sensational Luvdup remix.
This is another that just appears to be plodding along and then explodes out of nowhere.
They do it every time you know.
This is another top drawer track.
Don't you know it!
I bet Fergie does "real things", don't you reckon?

N.Y.G ft Donovan Blackwood - The Real Thing
(Luvdup Amazing Dub mix)

Let's see you stand up (for love)!!!

Good evening folks here comes another belter from those Luvdup chappies.
They really did produce some top notch remixes.
This one appears to be a bog standard club track and then this explosive piano kicks in and the track lifts off.
That's why all the Luvdup remixes are so good, they just had a fantastic knack of producing stuff that rocked the place. Hats off to Mark and Adrian - Great work fella's.
Did they ever produce a bad remix? Not in my mind!!
This one dates back to 1995 and is certainly one of their less known remixes, but IMHO right up there with some of their best.
Love it!!

Henry - Stand Up For Love
(Luvdup 12")

Friday, 1 October 2010

Dive into the sea of bliss!!

I was playing this on my way into work this morning and I forgot just how amazing this track really is.
It is absolutely beautiful from start to finish.
It has such a poerful atmposhere and starts off so ethereal and then builds into a pumping piece of dream music.
There are lots of different mixes of this, many more chilled and laid back, but this is by far my favourite.
It just builds and then kicks and then slows again and goes all dreamy.
I love the breathy vocals and they key changes, then the driving beats - Awesome!!!
It was of course really brought to fame due to Oakey's Goa Mix back in 1994.
It still sounds amazing 16 years on - an all time PCC!!

Salt Tank - Eugina
(Pacific Diva)

Want some Lucky Love??

Couldn't resist another lush Frankie Knuckles remix.
This time Mr Knuckles turns an Ace an Base track into a brilliant piece of house music.
As usual with his remixes the piano is just "heaven on earth".
The overall track is very, very catchy and the production par excellence (as you'd expect from FK).
Don't be put off because it's Ace of Base, it's 7 and a half minutes of aural pleasure.

Ace of Base - Lucky Love
(Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Mix)

This one goes out to the guys at Old School House Music 1990-2000!!!

Colo, Ste, Dave and all the gang this one goes out to you fella's.
Really gutted to hear that your blog has been closed down and I hope that you get another one up and running again shortly.
We both started off our blogs at a similar time nearly 2 years ago now and between us have posted many of the finest dance tracks to ever hit clubland.
Keep the faith fella's!!
Now this track will be right up your street - absolutely rocking and full of wonderful piano - just like we all love them.
Also check out the riff from Joe Robert's "Love is Energy" (which I think was also lifted from another track previously).
All in all pretty immense. It was a white label which came out in 1993 with no other info than New World Corporation.
P.S. You'll need a password to d/l so drop me an email.

New World Corporation