Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Any Runners in the House!!!

Hello Peeps,
Apologies for the inactivity of late, but things have been pretty hectic.
Time for another old skool classic, which I'm sure you will all know and love.
This one's pretty infectious with some hot vocals and a thumping rhythm - just how we like them!!
It dates back to 1992 and is typical of the quality Italian House tracks from that era which we all totally loved - up North!!!
Enjoy peeps and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you all also.
Very best regards, PCC.

DJ Professor - Runner
(Extended Mix)

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Right last one for tonight and what a tune it is!!!

Now I've been saving this one up for a while.
Why, well quite simply because it's very, very special.
It's a track I over looked for my all time Top 30 and one which on reflection should be in.
It just has the most wonderful feel to it and was a Pure Club Classic of the highest order.
Like a lot of the great club tracks it's just so simple, but so amazingly effective.
The tracks which were made in the late 80's early 90's had that brilliant feel of authenticity that modern dance tracks rarely have. Today's tracks are over produced and too commercially polished.
This track just has a beautiful raw vibe about it.
It is quite simply stunning. If you don't like this one, then you must be tone deaf.
Trust me it's that good.
The opening bars also remind me of the theme in Scarface. Does anyone else feel that?
The track dates back to 1990 and is actually a blatant re-work of a Pete Shelley track called Witness The Change which actually dates back to 1981.
The Sined Roza version is simply speeded up, but what an amazing effect it creates.
Simply Awesome!!!!!!

Sined Roza - I Don't Know What It Is

Pete Shelley - Witness The Change/I Don't Know What It Is

Friday, 11 December 2009

"Here's another chane for you to dance with me!!!"

Another old skool classic here for you.
Shades of Rhythm produced a few siminal classics and there will be more posts from them in the future. They were also one of the biggest bands on the PA circuit during the early 90's.
As soon as you hear these opening vocals, all the memories will come flooding back.
"Here's another chane for you to dance with me!"
Followed by some of the greatest female wailing in clubland history!!
"I never thought I could feel this way about someone like you
And yes she is responsible for everything I do
She's not too easy
She can afford to be a tease

She stands out from the rest, that girl has qualities I've never seen

Every time i see her
Every time i see the girl
Every time i see her
Every time i see the girl

She leaves me breathless
No one could take the place of you
You can look but you can't touch
'cause what I feel for her is true
I might sound possessive but if you see her you'd know why
She looks good everywhere she goes
She could turn your head as she goes by, that's why

Every time i see her
Every time i see the girl
Every time i see her
Every time i see the girl"

Can you feel those memroies?? Goosebumps??
A great old skool track tinged with some beautiful piano. Can't beat it!!!

Shades Of Rhythm - Sound Of Eden

Now this lady is rather hot!!

Not yet big on UK shores, this young lady is causing quite a stir in the US.
Despite being extremely hot, the track she's just released is also pretty hot in itself.
It's a sort of mellow trance vocal track, but it has a really beautiful feel to it.
Ms. Sozzi has a fantastic very endearing vocal an if she keeps on releasing tracks like this, I'm sure she'll be destined for super stardom.
A really great track.
I'm not going to post the link, as it's a recent track, it's likely to get pulled down by the DCMA.
However, if anyone wants the link just drop me an email at the usual address.

Kim Sozzi - Feel Your Love

Ok, time for a little piece of Edam!!!

We all need a little bit of cheese now and again. It's an essential part of a healthy balanced dance music diet.
This one, well it is a bit cheesy, but still very nice.
It's one of those tracks which you shouldn't like, but you can't help to, it's just a really good track and ever so catchy. Very nice brethy vocals and a nice chugging beat all the way throughw, with some great key an tempo changes throughout.
The second post on the blog for Donna Lewis. I don't think this is quite as good as "Fools Paradise" but it is very good all the same.
Let me know what you think club classic or pure edam??
Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

I'd been after this one for a while!!!

Here we have some more absolutely top drawer house music.
This was a track which had been on my "most wanted lis" for many months and I'd had lots of people supplying different mixes, but never the one I was after.
Well I finally got it, so a big shout out to Mark S for supplying it. Cheers fella.
Also check out his blog, most definitely one of the best out there;
I first remember hearing the track on (I think) a CJ Mackintosh - Essential Mix dating back to the early 90's.
It's got all the ingredients needed for a classic house track, superb vocals, excellent piano, a superb chuggy rhythm and a really great atmosphere throughout. Quite simply a pure classic house track. Beautiful!!

95 North featuring Sabrynaah Pope - Hold On
(95 North Original Club)

Do you wanna "Do a little dance, make a little love"?

Another top track dating back to 1998.
It's just one of those tracks with a real nice feel to it and great bouncy rhythm and some very catchy lyrics. It's pretty contagious!!
Come on "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight, get down tonight".
A big shout out to Acid Burnzz for this one.
Please check out his blog, he has to be the most prolific uploader of tracks on the net, with some great quality tracks to boot.
Enjoy people!!!

Bamboo - Bamboogie
(12" Vocal Mix)

"Oh I Wanna Dance With Somebody"!!!!!

Right on Whitney.
Here's a couple of absolute belters for you all, with thanks to the wonderful Whitney, her of the amazing vocal talents.
First up is a really great piano laden monster from P.C.P. that absolutely rocks, featuring Whitney's fine vocals. The intro is absolutely lush - pure excellence!!
The overall track is a real piano stomper - Huge!!!
Next up is a huge Sasha mash up before mash up's even existed. He used to mix the two tracks Whitney's acappella of I Wanna Dance With Somebody over the top of Leftfield's Not Forgotten to fantastic effect. In those days Sasha was the God, there was no one to touch him.
Two quality PCCs for you to enjoy people!!

P.C.P. - That Whitney Song

Whitney vs. Leftfield - Not Forgotten

"Rave Is Your Party" - Yes indeedy!!!

Another classic old skool track for you, with a wonderfully catchy vibe.
The version I used to remember I'm pretty sure didn't have the "rave is your party" annoying vocal part in it.
Hence, if anybody has a mix of that version, I'd really appreciate them dropping me a link.
The track is superb but IMHO the "rave is your party" snippets really spoil it, as the rest of the track is blinding and certainly doesn't need the extra helping of cheese.
Regardless, it's still a huge PCC.
Get on this one, it'll be sure to stir some good old memories!!

Prophetia - Rave Is Your Party

A classic track from a classic film!!!

Now remember what Tony said "Don't get high on your own supply".
Pity he didn't take his own advice, hey?
Scarface is probably one of my all time favourite films and I'd urge anyone who hasn't seen it to watch it. That era, the clothes and the styling of the film are all tops.
There can't be anyone who hasn't seen Scarface, can there??
About the track well it samples load of Tony Montana (Al Pacino) from the film and is backed with a really catchy acid house type riff, coupled with some really catchy piano which skips in and out.
You'll hear Tony giving Michelle Pfieffer quite a bit of abuse - just listen to the lyrics!!
Top film, Top track, nuff said!!!

Tony G - Tony's Song
(Club Mix)

Fancy a bit of "Bolivian"??

Excuse the Class A connotations, just my sense of humour!! Lol.
Now this is a track which I totally love and one which never fails to make me laugh, as it always has me in stitches, with the dead catchy riff, which to me actually sounds like somebody laughing.
Or is that just me?
The tracks a pretty pumping progressive number bordering on a trancey vibe, but very good and very catchy. That riff it gets me everytime.
This track was certainly ubiquitous in 1994!!
Enjoy, I'm sure you will.

Ubiquity - Bolivian Angel

Fancy a bit from The Other Two!!!

New Order were and probably still are one of my favourite band.
From the early days of Joy Division right through to the recent days, they have always produced great tracks, not always dancefloor track, but just great tracks all the same.
Everyone always thought is was Barney Sumner and Hooky, who were the real talent behind New Order, so it was great when Stephen and Gillian decided to make a track and with typical New Order wit, decided to name themsleves "The Other Two".
The track's a really catchy vibey track and comes here with a great remix from Terry Farley and Pete Heller.
Those guys were certainly productive in turning out lots of quality house remixes in the 90's.
A really nice track I'm sure you'll agree?

The Other Two - Selfish
(That Pop Mix)

"Whatever you want, Whatever you dream"

I told you I was going to mix it up a bit tonight.
Well here is another huge favourite of mine.
A big shout out to Wee-Ste, for tracking this one down for me, nice one fella.
I've had the "Dark Mix" version for a while, but that's well a bit too dark for my tastes.
This version is progressive house at it's finest, an absolutely corking track, with a superb break in it.
I'm sure you'll all remember it when it when that syth riff kicks in at 1min 16 secs.
Pure Pure Quality.
Remember "Whatever you want, Wahtever you dream" may come true, so don't stop wanting and don't stop dreaming!!

React To Rhythm - Whatever You Dream
(The Light Mix)

"I get down on my knees and pray today!!"

Ok you house purists out there, so the last track may not have been to your tastes, but this one certainly will be, it's a huge house anthem from 1995.
For me it brings back some great memories of hearing this at Back to Basics in Leeds.
The track contains some awesome piano, a wonderful vocal from Alysha Warren and is up there with Roger S' finest remixes.
All in all a top class piece of house music and 10 minutes long which is unusual for a classic house track, but every second is worth it.
I love the last bit - the "Heaven Knows" finale - quality!!
Enjoy people.
Alysha Warren - I Pray
(Roger's Gospel Revival Mix)

Feel the rush, the "Energy Rush"!!!

Right I'm going to mix it up a bit tonight.
So this one departs slightly from my usual tastes.
It's what I'd class as a huge rave classic from 1992. The type of track which is not probably everyone's cup of tea and certainly not one which the House purists amongst you will go for.
But despite all that it is very, very catchy and is a proper "hands in the air" track, with some awesome piano.
Definitely one for the whistle posse.
So get on it, it's a stomper.

Suburban Delay - Energy Rush

A big "Thank Ya" to you all!!

Good weekend people, I hope it's been a good week for you all.
Apologies for no posts last week, but the week and the weekend was a busy one.
I want to say a big "Thank Ya" to all who made comments about their favourite remixers, there was some excellent feedback there.
Thanks also to those who have contributed to the poll and keep dropping me a note if there are any other great remixers out there who I have missed.
Right to this track, well I'm no DJ, just a former clubber with a huge passion for fantastic dance music, but all DJs have tracks which never leave their box, right? The sort of tracks that they know will always go down well, no matter what time of night, the sort that are always used if the night needs a bit of kick-starting or re-energising.
Well this track would be one of those for me, a "never leave your box track".
Why, well quite simple really, it's just an absolutely huge, huge track and get this people it's
23 years old. Talk about a timeless classic. Right from the opening bar, it has one of the catchiest uplifting riff's you'll ever hear!!
Get on it, you'll love it!! Trust me!!

Sweet D - Thank Ya