Monday, 31 August 2009

"And watch the Stars go out!!"

A fantastic track thanks to a brilliant Way Out West remix, they really did create some fantastic remixes.
This one is a floaty little number with nice subtle vocals, but it's that Way Out West technique of delivering something which is catchy and really uplifting at the same time, which makes it a great track. When that subtle piano quicks in, it justs hits the spot. Superb!!
"We'll take our hearts outside, Leave our lives behind , And watch the stars go out"

Dubstar - Stars
(Way Out West Mix)

Staying on the Balearic tip!!!

Staying on the Balearic tip here's a fabulous track which was big back in 1989. It's everything a Balearic track should be; totally chilled, really catchy and it just hits the spot.
Love the intor lyrics;
"You've go to feel it in your gut, get up and move your butt"
"Feel the music in your gut, get up and move your butt"
Some really clever use of instruments in this, bits of guitar, sax, pipes and lots of samples and clever edits. It still sounds pretty unique and fresh even though it's 20 years old.
Balearic Bliss!!

Izit - Stories

He's a Sly One!!!

Just thinking what to post on a Bank Holiday night, then I thought why not post something on a chilled Balearic vibe.
Here you have a quality piece of Balearic, just a great really cool track with some superb vocals and a really catchy chilled vibe.
Dance music doesn't always have to be rockin' and this is a perfect example of a slow tempo track, but still very much a club classic.

Marina Van-Rooy - Sly One
(Melbourne Mix)

Friday, 28 August 2009

Chic - Mystique, Sweet - Release!!!

Quite a few posts have passed without a Brothers in Rhythm remix, hence it's about time that we had one.
Here they take a superb disco classic and do their usual wonderful job of turning it into a huge dancefloor anthem. Loads of the usual subtle piano, whilst retaining the integrity of the original track.
Did anyone hear the "Yo! Bots - I Got It" riff in there as well. Have a listen to both and you will hear it.

Chic - Chic Mystique
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

I'm also going to upload the Yo! Bots track as that was also a real PCC.
You couldn't go into any decent club across the UK in late 1991 to early 1992 without hearing it - it was hammered by every DJ going and rightly so as it was a superb track with some great piano.
I think we all at some stage sang ;
"I've got it, I thought I'd blown it"
"I got it, you know you want it"
It brings back so many great memories of a really exciting time in clubbing history.

Yo! Bots - I Got It

"I feel wonderful, I could skydive from the Moon"

A truly fantastic trance track, absolutely hammered by Paul Oakenfold in the late 90's.
This track has all you need from a club classic, amazing vocals (once again by Jan Johnston), superb lyrics, a pounding rhythm and those breaks that "make you feel like you're floating".
I'm reliably informed that Alan Bremner who was instrumental (but not widely recognised) in a lot of the later Brothers in Rhythm remixes, was involved in this track.
Some of the lyrics are just lush, in fact they are so good I'll include them all below.

The first moment before the first touch
We know the longing
We have to hold each other
I will drown you in love must suffocate your needs
Now we're healed we have our own language

I feel wonderful
I could skydive from the moon
Sail an ocean on my fingertips
When the wind screams my name

Take his hand and be free
To run run run to you

I feel wonderful

The first moment before the first touch
We knew the longing
We have to hold each other
I will drown you in love
Must sufficate your needs
Now we're healed
We have our own language

Collect your words
I have them when you're gone
I silently smile
Even miss you in my sleep

No rush no loss no lies
This journey is our love
You're my hero
From heaven did you call

I feel wonderful
I could skydive from the moon
Sail an ocean on my fingertips
When the wind screams my name

Take his hand and be free
To run run run to you

I feel wonderful

I could skydive from the moon
Sail an ocean on my fingertips
When the wind screams my name
Take his hand and be free
To run run run to you

Freefall Featuring Jan Johnston - Skydive
(Original Mix)

Are you ready for 2 World Exclusives!!!

Well you'll all know these 2 tracks pretty well and recognise them as club classics, but you won't of heard these versions before.
How do I know? Well quite simply they've never been released or distributed.
The re-working of these tracks have a good story, which is best told by a great contributor to this blog - The Grim Reaper;
"I bought these on cd, but when the mixes came out I was disapponted with the 12" versions because the radio versions had vocals but not the 12". So with a mini-disc player I was able to edit, cut, combine, join, and everything else which allowed me to re-do the mix my way with the vocals in each track, so I ended up with 2 mixes each about 13 mins long. Basically I took bits of everything from the edit, instrumental, dubs etc and called them (Special Extended Vocal Mix)."
So there you have it, I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.
The Insomnia track will be known by everyone I'm sure, the Treat Infamy track is probably better known as the dance track which samples The Verve's (legendary) - Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Faithless - Insomnia
(Special Extended Vocal Mix)

Rest Assured - Treat Infamy
(Special Extended Vocal Mix)
Sorry people I have been notifed by blogger that the these posts have infringed DMCA Copyright.
If anyone is keen to a have a link, then please drop me an email on the usual address.
Apologies for this, but this is happening more and more frequently recently.
Keep the faith!!
Best regards, PCC.

Make sure you get Paid in Full!!!

I'm not usually a big fan of hip hop, but if it's done right and dropped at the right time in a club, then it can sound great. This is one such cut and another huge Chris and James track.
It's such a busy track with so much going on in it throughout the whole 5 minutes.
Did you spot the John Mellencamp guitar riff (if not check Jack and Diane).
All in all a great piece of dance music with a different flava to the usual PCC posts.
Let me know what you think?

Eric B and Rakim - Paid In Full
(Urban Respray Remix)

3 PCC's in 1 Post!!!

Now those that follow this blog will know of my liking for Chris and James dance music talents. Not only were those guys great DJ's they also made some truly outstanding remixes. Their style was very much creating something which worked fantastically on the dancefloor. Chris was also part of The Delorme working alongside James Wiltshire (a.k.a Jimmy Gomez) and hence when you get 2 of my favourite remixers working together you know you're gonna get something special (all that's missing would have been for BiR to team up with them as well. LOL).
This track is a truly stupendous piano laden monster, with great vocals, breakdowns, just a perfect club track.
It reminds me of Debbie Malone - Rescue Me (which has been posted on the blog previously). It's those opening lines "I need your love tonight, ooh baby".
It also very much reminds me of Suzi Carr - All Over Me - which isn't too surprising as this was remixed by The Delorme also.
Hence, I've decided to post all 3 - as all 3 are true club classics and huge piano stormers. Hence there you go 3 for 1.

The Delorme - Higher
(Higher Club Mix)

Debbie Malone - Rescue Me (Crazy About Your Love)
(Uplifting Elephants Mix)

Suzi Carr - All Over Me
(The Delorme Club Mix)

Elevator - Get on board this one!!!

An absolutely belting track from 1994 and a huge Chris and James - Club 4 Life track.
Anybody who likes their dance music uptempo and stomping will simply love this. It's got an amazingly catchy riff, which runs through the track and just makes you feel like dancing.
It's exactly the sort of track that used to set the dancefloor alight and it still sounds great 15 years on. I won't say "they don't make 'em like this anymore". Too late I've said it!!
Get on this and Enjoy!!!

Elevator - Shinny
(Harmony Mix)

Thursday, 27 August 2009

This is what it was all about!!!!

It's quite often difficult to explain to people about all the good times which we all had clubbing in the late 80's and early 90's across the UK. Those who lived through it and were part of it, will have fantastic memories and hopefully this blog re-kindles some of those amazing times. For those who love dance music, but were not part of the scene, here is a great snippet of what that era was like, what went on and why it was such a unique time.
The Streets' track gives a great description of what it could be like experiencing clubbing. It's a great track and a really good remix which gives it a great feel.

Hence here are the lyrics in full;

Turn left up the street
Nothing but grey concrete and dead beats
Grab something to eat
Maccy D's or KFC
Only one choice in the city
Done voice in my pity now lets get to the nitty gritty
Tune reminds me of my first e
Like unique still sixteen and feelin horny
Point to the sky feel free
A sea of people all equal smiles in front and behind me
Swim in the deep blue sea cornfields sway lazily
All smiles all easy where you from, what you on and what's your story
Mesmerizing tones risin pianos this is my zone so stop clonin
Pick paper scissors or stone
Coz me and you are same i known you all my life i don't know your name
The names European Bob sorted anyway
Gonna have dance now see you later please to meet you
Likewise a pleasure

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars alignWe all sing we all sing all sing

The night slowly fades and goes slow motion
All the commotion becomes floatin emotions
Same piano loops over
Arms wave eyes roll back and jaws fall open
I see in soft focus
Chattin to this bloke in the toilets
Dizzy new heights blinded by the lights
These people are for life its all back to his place at the end of the night
They could settle wars with this
If only they will imagine the worlds leaders on pills then imagine the mornin after
Wars causing disaster don't talk to me i don't know ya
But this aint tommorow and for now i still love ya
Hours fly over sail round diamonds and pearls never seen so many fit girls
Discover new worlds look at my watch can't focus
Last two hours i lost every move fills me with lust
All of life's problems i just shake off
Mad little events happen things map out and a few blue maddens alight the toilets
Big beefy bouncers out to reveal us geezers on e's and first timers kids on whizz
darlins on
All come together for this party
All races many faces from places you never heard of
Where you from what's your name and what you want
Sing to the words flex to the fat one
The tribal drums the sun's risin we all smile we all sing

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

Then the girl in the cafe taps me on the shoulderI realize five years went by I'm older
Memories smoulder winters colder
But that same piano loops over and over and over
The road shines and the rain washes away
The same Chinese takeaway selling shit in a tray
It's dark all round I walk down same sight same sounds new beats though
Solid concrete under my feet
No surprises no treats the world stands still as my mind sloshes round
The washing up bowl in my crown
My life's been up and down since i walked from that crowd

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

Outta respect for Jonnie Walker, Paul Oakenfold, Nicky Holloway, Danny Rampling, and all the people that gave us these times
And to the Government I stick my middle finger up with regards to the Criminal Justice Bill
For all the heroes I met along the way (The weak become heroes then the stars align)
We all sing we all sing all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

We were just standin there mindin our own
And it went on and on
We all smile we all sing
The weak become heroes then the stars align
We all sing we all sing all sing

The Streets - Weak Become Heroes
(Ashley Beedle Instrumental Mix)

TWA on the Mix!!!!

Conscious that I've not posted many DJ mix sets on the blog and as this is one of the areas requested by people in the recent poll, there'll be plenty coming in the next few months.
As always with this blog I'm very careful to make sure that only the best club classics are posted and to date this has meant only one DJ mix set has been posted so far. That was the Chris and James Essential Mix from 1994 - which still remains the best DJ mix set I have ever heard and was posted some time ago. There were only 2 other Essential Mix sets that I thought ran this close and they were the Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix and this fantastic mix by TWA.
Now anyone whoever saw TWA DJ live particularly at Vague may remember that they weren't technically the greatest DJ's, but for what they lacked in technical quality they made up for in terms of energy, ethusiasm and the total desire to give the crowd they were playing to a truly wonderful night. This mix epitomises their style totally eclectic, whacky, but seroiusly great club music.
Coupled with some great input from Vague's finest door person - Madame Jo Jo (now better known as Jo Jo on Galaxy FM), this mix is truly out there as one of the best ever.
Anyone who ever went to Vague will love this, anyone who didn't have a listen as you'll love it just too.

Trannies With Attitude - Essential Mix
13th August 1994

TWA - "The Tongy Chair Fracas"
Disco Biscuit - "Disco Biscuit"
Johnny Vicious vs MSFB - "Theme From Soul Train '94"
Deadly Sins - "We Are Going Down"
DJ Breaks Sampler - "1 Year Anniversary Issue"
Lisa B - "You & Me"
The Residents - "Kaw-Liga"
TWA - "Trainspotter Scarface Death"
Madam JoJo - "Airplane 666"
TWA - "TWA Theme"
Tinman - "18 Strings"
Massimo Alberti - "Say It Again"
The Flavour - "Superfly"
Hed Boys - "Boys & Girls"
The Flavour - "Get Your Hands Off My Man"
Patra - "Workerman"
Dave & Ansil Collins - "Double Barrel"
Air Liquid - "If There Was No Gravity"
Biosphere - "Phantasm"
Airscape - "Cruising"
X-Press 2 - "London X-Press"
The Flavour - "E.P."
Chris & James - "Calm Down"
Subliminal Cuts - "Le Voie Le Soliel"
The Muppets - "The Muppet Show"
Bobby & Betty - "Go To The Moon"
Vague - "Nothing Is Enough"
Chapter 9 - "Roller Coaster"
Soundsation - "Peace & Joy"
Bjork - "Big Time Sensuality"
New Order - "True Faith"
Michael Jackson - "Billie Jean"
TWA - "Money"

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Get a little bit of Little Boots!!!!

Now here's a track which has been getting hammered on the PCC playlist.
This blog is usually reserved for all the old classics typically dating back to the 1987 to 2000 era, as there is very little beyond that era which is innovative, new or basically any good in terms of dance music and club classics. But hey, this blog is all about quality club classics regardles of era, if it's good it'll get posted.
Really liking this - Little Boots is a real talent and this is a great remix.
Lots of piano, a great bouncy rhythm, and oh so catchy and pretty infectious.
I can imagine this going down really well in clubland, it certainly gets me throwing a few shapes.
We gotta support Little Boots as well people, as she is a Northern lass born near Blackpool (not far from me) and she went to Leeds University - a City where I spent most of my great clubbing nights.
Watch out for Little Boots - she's gonna be huge. The UK's answer to Lady Ga Ga (but better).
As for the track you'll just love it, believe me.
I ain't gonna to post the link as I'd prefer you to go out and buy the track, as it's current and will be out there in the shops/online. If anyone really wants it though then drop me an email.
I'm also going to be off line for the next 4 days, so this will be the last post on the PCC blog until the end of next week.
Very best regards, PCC

Little Boots - Remedy
(Stonemasons Remix)

Saturday, 22 August 2009

"Listen to Mummy and Daddy and do what they say!"

Now I bet many of you out there didn't know what this track was called, but probably immediately recognise it with the "Listen to Mummy and Daddy and do what they say" sample.
Very similar in style to the other great SIL track - Windows (already posted on the blog) - very few vocals, but an incredibly catchy track with some great energy and feel to it.
Arround 1992 - you couldn't go to any clubs without hearing this, it was one of those tracks that was in every DJ's box. A true club classic.
Simple but very effective. Get on it!!!

SIL - Blue Oyster

Friday, 21 August 2009

Just check out the Geeetar in this one!!!

Most of the tracks I like tend to have a great piano breakdown, a superb build up or just that little something which gives them that extra edge - makes them special.
This track is just one of those tracks. 5 minutes in, its still going along nicely and building and then all of a sudden in kicks the geeetar and the MC Kinky style vocal - to create absolute mayhem on the dancefloor.
Another huge Chris and James monster - one of those tracks where it was impossible not to lose it to. A perfect example of a club classic which would never fail to set the dancefloor alight.
I'm even throwing some shapes just listening to it.
Awesome. Feel it people!!!
The guitar riff was taken from Fire On High", by Electric Light Orchestra, which stills ounds amazing and would also sound brilliant in a club, hence I've included the link here.

God Within - The Phoenix

Electric Light Orchestra - Fire On High

Oh my god, just check this out!!!

To be honest it's not a saying I use often but, "oh my god", this is probably the greatest piano tune ever made. How this didn't feature in my all time Top 30 list is, well what can I say - an oversight.
This track still feels absolutely right - it's 18 years old and it still feels ten times better than any of the tracks out today.
I'm telling you peeps - if you don't like this track, well forget this blog, because tracks like this are what this blog is all about.
Energy, passion, feeling, uplifting, the superlatives could go on and on. This is a total PCC!!!
Quite simply this is one of the greatest club tracks ever. It's just gone straight in at number 5 in my all time Top 30. Shame on me for over looking it in the first place. If you like piano tunes, if you like old skool - this ones for you.
Just check the intro "People say that all good things must come to an end" - Heaven!!!
And of course this was the track (and the piano break) which "Tall and Handsome" sampled.
People give me some feedback on this one. If you like it let me know, if you love it let me know also. You you don't like it, this blog ain't for you.

Sterling Void - Don't Wanna Go
(Mike Dunn's Vocal Mix)

Lets go back, way back, back into time!!!

I've been meaning to post this for ages, knowing that I'd neglected the classics from the Chicago House 1987 era.
Well this track is without question one of the all time classics which spawned so many similar tracks, samples you name it.
We've probably all got our dancefloor memories of this track and I wasn't around in clubland back in '87, but still have some great memories of this being played out.
I particularly remember one night at Middlesborough Arena in 1994-ish when it just set the place alight. Chooon!!
Then recently I came across this remix version and just had to post them together.
I'm a huge Beatles fan and it's like putting your two favourite things together. You're bound to get something special aren't you. Remember folks - Love is all you need!!!
For those trainspotters out there it was a huge Chris & James track.
Enjoy people!!!

Rhythim is Rhythim - Strings Of Life

Phenomania - Strings Of Love
(Summer Of 66 Mix)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A PCC which even BiR couldn't improve!!!

Now the original Way Out West version of this track has always been a true club classic and it was rightly hammered by most of the top DJ's back in 1994.
I've always been a big fan of Nick Warren/Way Out West stuff, both their original productions and also their remix work.
This is probably one of their best tracks and it was a great club track.
So good in fact that even a Brothers In Rhythm remix which followed in 1997 is pretty poor in comparison. The BiR remix is ok, but certainly not their strongest work and in my opinion certainly doesn't improve on the original version which is a true PCC.
Anyway I've upped them both, so you can draw your own opinions.

Way Out West - Ajare
(Original Mix)
Way Out West - Ajare
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Prodigy in fantastic track shocker!!

Now I've never been a big Prodigy fan and always felt their music was overhyped and certainly too commercial for my liking.
However, this track which they produced back in 1993 was absolutely amazing (mainly due to a fantastic Top Buzz remix).
It's funny becuase Top Buzz certainly weren't my cup of tea either and I was never a fan of hardcore, breakbeat or jungle.
The piano breakdown in this track is simply - top drawer and comes strongly recommended.
I won't put the link up, as when I posted this track previously it was withdrawn by blogger.
If anyone wants the link, then please give me a shout. The track is certainly worth it.
The Prodigy - Weather Experience
(Top Buzz Remix)

Some more Balearic Bliss!!!

I've often mentioned on this blog before that some of the best tracks which you heard in clubs were the "non-dance" tracks. Those were the ones which stood out most in your mind and simply blew you away when you are on the dancefloor. These in my defintion are true balearic tracks.
Here's one such track - it's nothing to do with dance music but was stunning when dropped at the right the moment in a club.
They were the sort of tracks that you'd talk about at after club parties "Oh do you remember when they dropped Love and Pride" etc.
True balearic bliss.
A big shout out to Chris D for this one, it was one I'd forgotten about. Respect fella.

King - Love and Pride
(Extended Mix)

This time, this time Baby!!!

A real quality piece of house music just how I like 'em. Great vocals, great lyrics, some great piano and a truly great feel, proper house music!! This one dates back to 1991.
It was a big Hacienda favourite and rightly so, pure quality!!
In fact Pandella made a few really good tracks and this was in my opinion the pick of the bunch.

Pandella - This Time Baby (Hot Komix Mix)

Also worth checking out this track which is a lot more recent (2008) and steals quite a bit from the Pandella track above. It just goes to show that there is very little original stuff which comes out these days. In my opinion the Pandella track wins hands down, although this is a pretty catchy tune.
Freemasons - Love On My Mind
Also posting the original disco track where both of the above originated from (thansk to Klub9 for your feedback on this);
Jackie Moore - This Time Baby
For completeness, also posting a pretty good trance version of the Tina Turner track, which the Freemasons track also samples.
Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over
(Peter Dafnous mix)

To be or not to be, that is the question!!!

A real classic from way back in 1988 - a really effective tune, which was so reminiscent of those times. Just fabulous.
This one goes out to Holty who's always been a great contributor to this blog.
I know you like this one pal, so enjoy!!
"To be, to be, to be or not to be, that is the question"!!!
Serious choonage!!!

Acts of Madmen - The Dream

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Healy's signature tune!!!

Now anybody who ever heard Jeremy Healy play out in clubland circa 1994 will have most definitely heard him finish his set with this track.
It's probably the most unlikely club track imaginable but somehow it just worked.
I remember many a night when me and my clubbing posse just simply lost it when this came on.
Now Healy wasn't the greatest DJ in the world and his sets always contained the same old stuff, a bit of rap, a few Michael Jackson tracks, but the guy had great enthusiasm and was a great entertainer.
Shortly after the Tinman track came out, which used the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" riff and was a great club record, due to another great remix from Chris and James.
"Everybody, rock the house live"
"Everybody, rock ---on"
I remember this record being hammered by the likes of Jon of Pleased Wimmin.
Both tracks bring back some great memories, so I hope you enjoy!!

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tinman - 18 Strings
(Chris and James Remix)

The perfect intro to the perfect mix!!!

This track is probably most widely known as being the first track on the now legendary Paul Oakenfold Goa Mix, which was first played on Radio 1 (Essential Mix) back in 1994.
This track was only played for a short part (just the intro) which is a shame as it's a great track, Oakie then mixed in Orange.
This track on it's own though is a real bona fide PCC, with that amazing intro it then kicks into a really great stomping trance track.
If you like the trance that Oakie used to play then you'll love this, if you didn't give this another listen as it is pure quality.
(P.S. I'll post the Oakie Goa Mix in the near future, as it's awesome).

Mr V - Give Me Life

Monday, 17 August 2009

Potential Clouds on the Horizon!!!

Here's a post which goes out to all my fellow bloggers out there.
I came across this article which I read in the Independent yesterday which indicates new laws which could soon be coming into force and a crackdown on both the uploading and downloading of music from the net.
Reading between the lines, it could pose a threat to blogs like this one. However, that would seem ludicrous - as over 90% of the links posted on this blog are for tracks that are over 10 to 15 years old (in some cases 20), that have long been deleted and hence we are simply making this fantastic music available to a wider audience. In many aspects we (the bloggers) are promoting the artists and their music and encouraging you the dance music enthusiasts to purchase the original material (if it is still available) which it quite often isn't.
Our blogs are not a threat to the music industry or a threat to up and coming artists or bands.
I'd be keen to hear further views on this from bloggers and blog followers alike.
In my opinion the future is uncertain and potentially blogs like this may ultimately be forced to close??
Which would be a great shame. Maybe we should all be voting for the Pirate Party UK
The link to the article is below;

On a more postitive note lets put out another quality track. (While we can!!!)
A huge thank you to Chris for supplying me with some quality tunes and suggestions of late.
Just check this one out. Bananarama have never sounded so good. Did you spot the "ooh ooh" sample? Also the intro starts very much like Fools Gold - don't you think??
Bananarama - Only Your Love
(Milky Bar Mix)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Let's get back on the Oakie vibe!!

It's been a while since I posted any Oakie trance tracks, which are a big favourite of mine.
This one is another trance classic, with great vocals and a superb pumping rhythm.
Anyone who says that trance music doesn't have feeling and emotion should have a listen to this.
This track was a key feature of lots of Oakie's sets, a true trance classic and another great remix from Tiesto.

Jan Johnston - Flesh
(DJ Tiesto Mix)

Do you feel it? You must do!!

I only came across this recently, but have hardly stopped playing it since.
If you like rocking, pumping tracks with lots of punch, then this one is certainly for you.
A stomping track with some brilliant vocals, particularly the laid back male vocals, sort of reminiscent of Jon Marsh (from the Beloved). I never heard this in a club, but could imagine it going down an absolute storm.
Just one of many great Chris and James remixes, with many more still to come.
Get on it!!

Soundstation - Do You Feel It
(Chris & James Solar Power Remix)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

PCC's All Time Top 30 now on YouTube!!

Following the interest in the recent post of PCC's All Time Top 30 Club Classics - I've decided to post all these tracks on YouTube, so that they can be viewed by a wider audience.
They are also all posted on the blog on the side bar under the heading "PCC’s All Time Top 30 (now on You Tube, Click to view)".
Simply click above any of the respective tracks and it will link you straight to the YouTube video.
However, itt came as a suprise to see how many of the tracks in the Top 30 are already on YouTube.
Going forward certain PCC posts on the blog will also be posted on YouTube, but only if the featured track isn't already available on YouTube.
Hopefully all this will lead to a more user friendly blog, hit a wider audience and improve the user experience.
Thank you all for your continued support.
I'll leave you with one of my all time faves (No. 2 in my Top 30 list). Just wait for that piano breakdown at 2min 51 secs. Awesome!!
Best regards, PCC

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Let's have some Love and Happiness!!!

Now I've been meaning to post this for a while, as it's a bonafide club classic and was quite simply a stunning piece of house music, which was widely played in all the nations finest clubs and by all the top DJ's. The Morales remix was always the one that was widely played and rightly so, as it is awesome. It has a stunning intro, some beautiful piano and of course some great vocals by India. A true club classic.
Then recently I came across The Delorme Club 4 Life remix and think that this version is probably even better, although in a slightly different more rockier/club vibe.
It keeps the same feel as the original, but the piano is just stunning and it builds and builds to a huge piano breakdown, quite simply it hits exactly the right spot.
So which do you think is the best version?
Morales or The Delorme???
I prefer the Delorme version, although they are both fantastic tracks.
I'll run a poll for you to vote on it for a bit of fun or leave your comments in the comments box.

River Ocean featuring India - Love and Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun)
(Morales Remix)
River Ocean featuring India - Love and Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun)
(The Delorme Club 4 Life Remix)

Friday, 7 August 2009

What a cheeky little Disco number!!!

A big shout out to Mr Chris Day for alerting me to this tune.
A really fun little funky disco number, which retains a really credible feel despite being a really fun track. This one dates back to 1978, hence I was much to young to remember it first time around.
For all you Disco lovers out there this is a must - so kick on those platforms and those flares and groove along to this.
"Just let me be your lady bug"
Absolutley "disco-licious!!!
In fact I think I'll start upping some more disco on the blog. If it wasn't for disco, we wouldn't have house, if we didn't have house, we wouldn't have had the fantastic dance scene which we all know and love over the last 20 years.

Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug

Believe Me - Everything Will Be Alright!!!

Following on from the last post, on the everything's gonna be alright front, here's a real club classic from back in 1994.
It brings back great memroies of nights at Leeds Corn Exchange, which was a fantastic venue for club nights.
The track is beautifully produced and very reminiscent of a Frankie Knuckles remix.
Simply a stunning piece of classic house music, from those opening chords, with great vocals, great lyrics, great rhythm and amazing piano.
It was the kind of track which you just couldn't stand still to, you simply just had to dance to it.
Superb!!! Enjoy!!!

The Sounds of Blackness -
Everything is Gonna Be Alright
(Foundation Mix)

It's gonna be alright, tonight!!

I only came across this recently and have to say I absolutely love it.
A huge shout out to Harvs on two counts one for bringing this quality tune to my attention and secondly for providing the link.
Respect fella, a sterling job.
As for the tune, well it's simply lucious - haunting, amazing vocals, fantastic piano chords, simply stunning. Absolutely loving it.
It could be a new contender for my all time Top 30.
I never heard this in a club, but could imagine it bringing the house down.
Just imagine it last track of the night.
It's fairly recent (2005) and it is one of the best tracks I've heard since the golden era of the late 80's early 90's.
If you haven't heard this before, get on it, it's a true aural delight!!

Red Carpet - Alright
(Brad Carter Mix)

Back to the Old Skool!!

I realise that it's been a while since I upped some old skool, so here you are with an absolute corker.
I absolutely used to love this one.
"Come on ,Come on, Come on, Come on baby, get on the floor tonight and go crazy"
Believe me we used to.
A real feel good song. The don't make them like this anymore.
For those younger ones out there who weren't around when this was being played in clubs in the early 90's. This was exactly the type of track that typified the scene back then.
Simple, but oh so catchy!!
To all the old skoolers out there - "Come on, Come on, Let's go crazy!!!"

Solo - Come On

A Stomper with an unmistakeable Riff!!

Now this tune really used to send the dancefloors crazy.
A real stomper with the unforgettable "Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine" riff.
Just a great dance track that was simply stunning when played out in clubs.
Nothing difficult, but very, very effective.
Get on it!!!

Infinity - Dirty Love

Your Sweetness My Weakness!!

Just to show that all club music doesn't have to be serious and stomping.
This is a really cheeky little number, a tad on the cheesy side, but really catchy and very effective. You can't help but like it.
It has a great intro, some great piano and very catchy lyrics.
"Said you're my king and I'm your African Queen, you know what I mean"
Michelle Gayle's finest moment? Well it was certainly better than her acting in Eastenders!!
Give it a try - you'll soon be singing along.
Michelle Gayle - Sweetness
(West End Remix)

Time for some more BiR!!

Been a while since I posted any BiR remixes, so here comes yet another classic.
BiR did 3 remixes of Placebo tracks and this in my opinion is the slightly behind "Without You I'm Nothing".
However, it's still a pretty hot remix and as usual with BiR remixes it takes you on a journey.
The production as usual is first class and it really compliments the vocal performance.
For those hearing it for the first time, give it chance as it's not as instant as usual BiR remixes, but it is a real grower, which builds and builds into an epic finale.
Get on it.

Placebo - Every You Every Me
(Brothers in Rhythm Glam Club Mix)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

True Love, True Love, True Love, Hey!!!!

Staying on the classic house vibe, they don't come any better than this.
An absolute Hacienda classic, I have some great memories of grooving away to this on the Hac stage, when dropped by Mr Park.
It has everything you need from a classic house track, superb vocals, great lyrics, a killer rhythm and a sing-a-long chorus.
Simply irresistible!!

Kim Beacham - True Love
(Full Vocal Mix)

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love!!!!

An absolute house classic which has totally stood the test of time, this still sounds as good today as it did when it was first released. It's hard to believe that this is now 20 years old.
You can't beat that intro -
"Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love "
I distinctly remember this being dropped one night at Arena in Middlesborough circa 1994 and it set the place alight.
It is probably one of my favourite male vocal performances - by Mr Golden Tonsils himself - Mr Byron Stingily.
Produced by Marshall Jefferson and remixed by Steve "Silk" Hurley - it's like a who's who of house music.
For all those of you who are new to house music, get on this. This is classic house at it's best.

Ten City - That's The Way Love Is
(Extended Deep House Mix Aka Acieed Mix)

Here we are back with a bang!!!

Well it's good to be back after a welcome break and 2 wonderful weeks of holiday and sunshine.
Thanks to all those who contributed to the poll and especially those who contributed their Top 10's, Top 30's etc. and please keep them coming.
The good thing about that is that it's brought to my attention "forgotten" club classics which will be posted in the not too distant future.
The clear winner on the poll was the fantastic Chris and James remix of Everything But The Girl's - Missing. A truly awesome track, which amazingly enough was the very first track I posted on this blog, hence we've almost come full circle.
This post goes out especially to Chris Day (the Chris from Chris and James) whose been extremely helpful in recent weeks with supplying me with some corking tunes to post in the future.
Cheers Chris - you're remix of this track is awesome and knocks the pants off the Todd Terry version which got all the plaudits. Respect fella.

Everything But The Girl - Missing
(Chris and James Full On Club Mix)

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