Saturday, 28 March 2009

Getting in the mood for Summer???

Here's a moment of pure balearic bliss.
A truly fantastic track with wonderful piano, great vocals and a generally great feeling.
Perfect for chilling on the beach or equally good if dropped at the right time in a blissed out club.
Heavenly dance music at it' best.
Get this one on your ipod for those summer hols and crank up the volume.
(Cheers Harvs once again for finding this)

Soul Surfers - Slip

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Even the Stones can rock Clubland (with a little help from Oakie)

I couldn't believe this track when it first came out, but it certainly works.
Let's face it the Stones are one of the greatest rock bands to walk this earth, put them with the finest DJ to walk this earth and one of the best remixers to boot and you're bound to get something special.
Different Class.
"It got me rockin now"
Cheers to Harvs for digging this out for me. Top man once again.

The Rolling Stones - You Got Me Rocking
(Perfecto Mix)

First you had 1998 now you have 1999

After producing the awesome track that is 1998 - it then gets enhanced to 1999.
This continues the brilliance and takes it up another notch.
Turn off the telly, move the furniture and crank up the volume to rock out to this one.
Absolutely stompin'.
Dance music at it's rockin' best.
Feel the energy in this track, it'll knock your socks off.
Sheer quality!!!
Oakie used to rock the floors of the nation when he dropped this one in the mix.

Binary Finary - 1999
(Matt Darey Remix)

Oh My Lord - What a track this is!!

If you ever heard Oakie playing on the live circuit circa 1998 - then you would have most certainly heard this track.
Quite simply a track of monstrous proportions.
Generally a bit faster and heavier than most choons on this blog, but this is none the less an absolute classic.
You only had to see the mayhem that this track caused on the dancefloor in clubs when it was dropped.
The dancefloor would just erupt.
Simply an awesome track - Rock on!!

Also there's lots of different remixes out there, but this one is the best.

Binary Finary - 1998
(Matt Darey Remix)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

A really fine piece of music!!

In my mind one of MJ's finest moments; a truly beautiful song, made all the more great by a fantastic remix by the godfather of house Mr Frankie Knuckles.
Really beautiful piano, a quality piece of production.
"I want to rock with you, all night long"

Michael Jackson - Rock With You
(Frankies Favourite Club Mix)

Call the Cheese Police for this one!!

Now I know that this is pure Edam, but it's also an absolutely quality track.
How can I have Leo Sayer on my "Pure Club Classics"blog??
I don't know why, but it just feels right.
The tunes so good, I can't resist it.
It must be because "I feel the thunder in my heart, that I just can't control"

Meck featuring Leo Sayer - Thunder in my heart

I'll be there for you!!

Another track with loads of bouncy piano, which brings back some great memories of Hard Times in Huddersfield.
"I'll be there for you and I know you want me too"

House of Virginism - I'll be there

I need, need your loving, you need, need your loving we need!!

A real favourite this one which makes fantastic use othe Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" riff.
You couldn't fail to rock to this one.
Catchy as hell, without feeling cheesy.
"I need, need your loving, you need, need your loving, we need!!"
Great track.
Cheers Harvs, once again.

Quasimodo - I need loving you
(Total Key Trance Mix)

Is this too cheesy?? It rocked in the day!!

This is one that certainly crossed over and could be classed as a bit cheesy, but it was also a track that used to send the floor absolutely wild; before it got overplayed.
It must have been back in about 1995. In my mind the scene was starting to die, the clubs were becoming ever more mainstream and the DJs were getting more and more commercial and keen to appeal to the masses to make more money (which fair play to them - everyone's got to earn a living).
This track though had an absolute killer drum roll, that just built and built and then built some more and then finally kicked in and drove the whole club wild. I recall a night at the Club UK Midlands in Wolverhampton - when this really rocked.
That's why its been posted - it absolutely rocked clubland.

Ken Doh - Nakasaki

Is this a dream??? No it's reality!!

Yet another for the old skool possee.
I have to say that tracks around at this time early 90's were so full of energy and exciting. The scene around that time was really growing and people loved to go to clubs just to rock it all night.
This track just typifed the scene at that time - Vibrant.
It sounds a tad cheesy now (espcially the lyrics), but it's still a choon!!

Love Decade - Is this a dream

Don't make me wait!!!

This what club records should be like, full of energy, loads of cascading piano and great hands in the air moments. Quality.
Great vocals to boot.
Was this better than "Let the music lift me up"??
The jury's out in my mind.
"Don't make me wait a moment more"
"I'm the one"
Nice one Harvs!!

Loveland - Don't make me wait
(Full on vocal mix)

Check this one out Old Skool possee

Now this is going back a good few years (it must be late 80's), check out the piano in this.
"Bang damn automatic honeychild, oh yeah"
"Move, move, movin on"

You can tell how old it is because it has techno in the artist name, before Techno became a trashy name and a crappy musical genre.

Techno Age - Movin' On

This ones for the old skool

What a superb track this was. The intro was superb - it was a real end of night track, that summed up the feeling of those heady days.
"Let's join together, unite as one"
"Making no promises just give me your love"
"Give me, give me, give me your love"
It used to bring the house down.
Brings back some great memories.
Hands up for the old skool.
Cheers once again to Harvs, for this one.

Part-E - Give me your love

I'm Falling!!

A slightly lower tempo, but a really great track.
One Dove made some great records, they had a pretty unique style, sort of slowish indie dance, but totally different to a lot of the more main stream indie dance. Their music sounded great in clubs and this track was a pure club classic.
"I'm Falling"

One Dove - Fallen

Friday, 20 March 2009

Quality!! Quality!!

Who needs lyrics, when you've got tracks this good.
A track that got played for months on end and it was made even better by those DJs who used to stick an acapella over the top of it.
I particularly remember one night with "brass disk" being played over it.
Now that was the best of all acapella's.

SIL - Windows

Oh here comes a Hacienda classic!!

A true Hac classic. Parky used to hammer this.
Another really great house record.
I'm not a big fan of MK - as I think that a lot of his stuff is over rated and people tended to like him because he was meant to be the "in" DJ.
However, this is class and deserved the plaudits.
"Tell me is your loving true after all I've given you - Burning love"

MK - Burning

Get Down Tonight - Could this be Love!!

Just a great track with lots of energy which really rocked.
The bit when the "could this be love" kicks in is class.
A real good club record, that everyone loved.
Just aside - didn't Ben Dover - become a porn star? I'm presuming it wasn't the same guy!!

Ben Dover - Get Down Tonight

Finally!! Oh no you can't be serious!!!

There are some tunes which were fantastic back in the day, but then got over played and re-released and then become music for the masses. The purpose of this blog is not to post those kind of tracks. It would be easy to post "Where Love Lives", "Promised Land""Break for Love" etc. etc., because they were all truly great songs and tracks that no doubt are true classics.
But everyone has those tracks and is probably sick of hearing them, as they've featured on every house, dance, club compilation going.
Hence I try to post tracks, which are less well known, but are real pure quality, tracks that really moved everyone on the dancefloor. The type of tracks you'd just want to hear again and again, the type of tracks that simply made your night.

However, having said all that I'm going to break tradition and post something that did become music for the masses and was then as likely to be heard in your local Ritzy.
The reason for the post is that in it's day it was truly magnificent and it still brings back some amazing clubbing memories.

I particularly remember one night in Shelleys in Stoke dancing on the bar to this. True bliss.
What a club that was by the way. Did anyone go?
Enjoy the track it is a classic, just listen to that piano, those vocals.

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally

Say it again!! Over and Over! Say it again!!

What a great tune. This once just makes you want to get up and chance.
It's one of those tunes that never fails to lift you.
Real simple, but catchy as hell.
It just builds slowly and then the piano bounces along - quite splendid.
Respect again to Harvs for finding this one for me. Top Man. Top Tune.

Disco Citizens - Right Here, Right Now

I'll Be Your Friend!!!

A true club classic, if ever I heard one. Thee were lots of mixes, but this was by far the best.
This tune is absolutely class, it used to send the dancefloor crazy back in 1991.
Everyhing about the track is brilliant, the kicking house beat, the lyrics, the Robert Owens vocals, the backdrop riff, the tinkly piano. It's just an awesome tune.
In my mind this is the epitomy of proper House music.
It's also another track which brings back some fantastic memories of lots of great clubbing nights.

Robert Owens - I'll be your friend
(Glamourous Mix)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Cafe Del Mar - with a very different vibe!!

In contrast to the last track - this is a real stomper. A mssive tune which got played to death in the clubs and rightly so, as it was real quality.
This one just builds and builds and then takes off. Rockin!!

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar
(Three N One Mix)

Cafe Del Mar - The Heart of the Island

On the theme of balearic vibes, check this one out.
A truly beautiful almost haunting track which reeks of those blissful summer days and chilling in Ibiza at the Cafe Del Mar watching the sun set.
Pure quality. Listen out for those dogs barking and the tide coming in.

Mental Generation - Cafe Del Mar
(Original Mix)

I've got faith in the Human Race!!

"Well howdy Mr Doody and boys and girls at home and kids in the gallery lets go"
One of my favourite Balearic tracks. An absolute pure club classic.
Everything about this track oozes class, I simply love this track.
"I've got faith in the human race" indeed!!

Sensuround - Blind Faith
(Aloof Mix)

Friday, 13 March 2009

Back to the Balearic!!

It's been a while since I've posted some Balearic beats.
What is balearic? In my mind Balearic is the freedom to play anything, the best nights were those when DJs dropped records which were not dance records, but it was those records which you remembered and were the highlight of your night. Tracks by Edie Brickell, Carly Simon, Chris Rea, REM, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Hornsby all had nothing to do with dance music but they were quality tracks which dropped at the right time felt so perfectly right.
That in my mind is true balearic having the freedom of expression to play all sorts of difference music during DJ sets ,dropping in some obscure stuff which changes the tempo and atmosphere.
Of course most of thes tracks had their origin back in 1986 and 1987 and the balearic tag was used to describe these and also the tracks coming out of the Ibiza scene, that were a slower tempo but had this wonderful vibe.
This one goes out to JP - who I know loves the Balearic vibe!!
A perfect Balearic tune which gives a fantastic chilled yet upbeat vibe. Check out those cockerals and car horns.
"All we want to do is dance"
"I, Love this record"

Solid Gold Easy Amex - Enjoy
(Paul Oakenfold's Future Mix)

Come and catch the train - all aboard - let's go!!

This was always one of the most memorable tracks of the night. An absolute monster that used to send everyone wild.
This was another track that was hammered by all the top Djs for months on end. I recall a great night at Back 2 Basics when this blew everyone away. When that guitar riff kicks in and "turn aorund the corner half a mile from here, without love where would you be now, without love".
It was a good track anyway before Sure is Pure transformed it into the club classic it became.
It was also very reminiscent of the type of tracks which were coming out then with the X-Press 2, Roach Motel, Rocky, Diesel, Farley, Heller, Boys Own type stuff.
"Without love where would you be now"

The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running
(Sure is Pure Remix)

A BiR Special!!

Another classic piece of dance music served up by the greatest remixers who have walked this planet.
This time the BiR team turn a pretty dull Dina Carrol track into a true club monster.
This track used to get absolutely hammered by all the top DJs in every club you went in circa 1992.
In classic BiR forumula it builds and builds until it explodes at the end.
I've so many good memories of throwing those hands in the air and reaching as high as possible when it got to the climax and the piano kicked in. The place would go crazy and everyone would nod their heads and bounce to the beat. Oh the memories!!
Top tune!!

Dina Carroll - Ain't no Man
(Brothers in Rhythm remix)

Jimmy Somerville - Club Classic???

This is the beauty of house/dance/club music with a good remix a crappy tune can be turned into a true club classic.
Just have a listen to this track absolutely quality. A great remix by E-Smoove.
Anyone who likes good house music will love this.
I love that "doo doo doo dooo doo"

Jimmy Somerville - Heartbeat
(E-Smoove 12" Anthem Vocal Mix)

We are on the old skool vibe!!

Sticking on the old skool vibe, another one which used to cause mayhem on the dancefloor.
This one goes out to Lazy who requested some old skool.
You'll all know this one.
"I'm so addicted, I'm so addicted, I'm so addicted, I just can't stop no"
"Give it to me Baby"

Top tune!!

Love Revolution - Give it to me Baby

Baby - Alright!!

Now this is an old fave, which will bring back some great memories for many of you out there.
You'll recognise the riff which Altern 8 pinched and used on one of their tracks.
They were sad weren't they Altern 8 - what with those stupid masks. That was when people stopped calling themselves "ravers" as "ravers" were then associated as loons wearing masks.
Overnight all the proper "ravers" became "clubbers", the scene started to change and people began dressing up and not down.
Anyway have a listen to this track to bring back some great memories, I particulary remember Sasha playing it at the Warehouse in Leeds on New Years Eve 1991.
"Baby - Alright" Rockin!!

Kid N Play - 2 Hype
(House Instrumental)

A real stomper!!

Red Jerry turns this into a quality bouncy hard house track.
I recall Oakie playing this at Cream and the whole dancefloor going crazy to it.
Tempo wise it is about as fast and as heavy as I like to go, but its got a dream break down, which although slightly cheesy used to absolutely rock the place.
Turn it up loud and rock your socks off.

Westbam - Wizards of Sonic
(Red Jerry Mix)

Feel the Energy!!

This one absolutely rocked. You can almost feel the energy in the track, it builds and builds, then the piano kicks in in the background.
It was one of those tracks hammered by DJ's like Jon of Pleased Wimmin.
Dodgy title, but fantastic track.

Klatsch - God Save the Queer

I feel good - Yeah I feel good!!!

A real old skool classic from 1990.
I particularly remember this track rocking in an old rave club called Angels in Burnley.
It's one of those old skool tracks, that just makes you "feel good".
The best bit is the "feeling good we're not, we're not feeling" part.
Shout out to Harvs for sharing this with me. Respect.

Katherine E - Then I Feel Good

Thursday, 12 March 2009

No matter what you do - you'll like this one!!

You couldn't go into a club in around late 1993/early 1994 without hearing this track.
It got absolutely hammered by every credible DJ out there and rightly so.
It was one of those tracks that got played for about 12 months non stop, yet you never got sick of hearing it.
It just builds and builds until it takes off and it brings back some great memories.
The "how do you all feel out there", was always answered with "Absolutely rockin".
Those trainspotters out there may recognise that the sample was pinched from Rose Royce's "Carwash"
Top choon!!

The Flavour - No Matter What You Do
(The Corporation Express Dub Mix)

Another top tune!!

Love this one, a really quality, house track with great vocal and great piano thrown in for good measure.
This was a real classic and used to rock in clubland.
It is a re-make of an old soul classic by Barabra Mason (for those trainspotters who care!!)
Respect again to Harvs for tracking this one down. Nice one Geezer!!

Shy One - Another Man

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Is this the greatest club tune ever??

What do you think - is this the greatest club tune ever??

If I could pick one tune that epitomised the club scene from late 80's to early 90's when the scene was really at it's peak, then this tune would probably have to be it.
It simply has so much emotion and feeling and is a true "pure club classsic" of the highest proportions.
It always seemed to get played on New Years Eve, particularly because of the chimes/bells/piano coming in midway through the track.
Truly anthemic, truly monstrous, tracks like this made clubbing so special.
For those that haven't heard this track before - download, turn the speakers up high and feel the vibe.
Top Choon!!
Respect to DJ Neil H for sharing the link.

Digitalis - Accepting and Giving

Sunday, 8 March 2009

This post is dedicated to Harvs - Celebrate Your Life

This one goes out to Harvs. Absolute Top Man, who's just found me 5 of my all time faves.
Cheers Fella.

About this track - most definitely John Marsh's/The Beloved's finest moment and that is high praise indeed, as he/they have produced some fantastic tracks over the years.

This one brings back fantastic memories of the Corn Exchange in Leeds a venue that really rocked.
Have a listen to this track, pure balearic bliss.

The Beloved - Celebrate Your Life
(C'est La Vie Mix)

Friday, 6 March 2009

End of night Anthem at the Hac.

Anyone who frequented the Hacienda around 1994 must remember this track.
It was always played last track of the night by Parky and oh my god did the place erupt.
It used to take the absolute roof off.
"Night after Night, Day After Day"
An absolute anthem.
Again huge respect to Harvs for sending me this.
I had the 12" many years ago, but had it nicked, so glad to be able to share this with my fellow dance music followers.

Angelheart - Come Back To Me
(Lisa Marie Experience Remix)

Your personality is special - Special to Me.

A massive big up to Harvs for posting me 2 of my fave tracks of all time.
Huge Respect Geezer.
This tune absolutely rocks, typical Chris and James with a monstrous piano break.
Sheer Quality. Brings back great memories of a mad house party when we kept rocking the place with this choon.
Repsect again Harvs - This ones for you bro!!

Medium High - The Pleasure
(Chris and James Mix)

Top Tune, Top Tune!!!

An absolute classic that has been around as long as the scene itself.
One of those tracks that got played in all sorts of clubs, no matter what the music style, it is simply a "pure club classic".
It still sounds as good today, as the first time I ever heard it.

Kenny Jammin Jason - Can U Dance

Here's one for the Old Skool Possee!!!

Conscious I've not posted anything for the old skool possee for a while.
Here's a choon that rocked the dancefloors across the nation back in 91.
I remember being at an Ark night in Bradford and this absolutely rocked the place.
Everybody and I mean everybody went completely "radio rental".
What a track!!

Love Decade - So Real

Another Balearic classic!!

A truly beautiful song, Edie Brickell gets her second appearance on this blog.
I'm sure you'll know this one, true Balearic heaven.

Edie Brickell - What I Am

Maria as in Ultraviolet

Another track sung by Maria, her of the fantastic voice.
This one is more on the mellow Balearic vibe, but quality all the same.

Ultraviolet - I Wish That

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sasha at his best

Sasha hooks with Maria to produce a track of the highest quality.
If I'm not mistaken it is the same Maria who used to be in Ultraviolet - who spawned 2 notable club classics that also appear on this blog also.
She's got a really fantastic melodic voice and almost whispers when she sings.
Have a listen great track, great vocals, a true club classic.
I'll post another quality (club classic) Ultraviolet track, so that you can draw comparisons.

Sasha and Maria - Be As One

Even Heaven 17 get a club classic thanks to BiR!!

Ok, so this was a pretty good track before it got remixed, but BiR just do what the're best at;
add a little intro, build the track, chuck in a little piano, then bosh off it goes.
The reason why I rate BiR so highly is that the track the're remixing doesn't have to be a particularly good track, they just take it and transform it into an epic.
Most other remixers just alter the tracks they remix slightly; add a beat and maybe drop in a bit of piano, but none transform them like BiR.
This is why I rate them so highly. Just look at who've they've remixed transforming their tracks, - Kylie, Janet, Alexander O' Neal, Shaekspeares Sister, U2, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, I could go on all night.
Temptation here it is - enjoy it.

Heaven 17 - Temptation
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

BiR can even turn Kylie into a club classic!!

BiR create what is in my mind Kylie's finest track as an artist.
Probably because there's not much Kylie in it and plenty of BiR.
I remember it being played at Cream and it totally rocked the main room.

This one starts off quite slow, but builds into an epic finale.
There's some great giggles in there from Kylie also.

Kylie Minogue - Confide in Me
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Some more BiR - why not!!

It seems a while since I posted some Brothers in Rhythm, So as they are the numero uno and my fave remixers, it's long over due to post another track.
How many remixers could transform an Alexander O' Neal track into a club classic.
BiR do their usual stuff creating a track that knocks your socks off.
The boys Seaman and Anderson can do no wrong in my eyes.

Alexander O' Neal - Love Makes No Sense
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Oh my lord this is - What you need, ne ne need!!!

This Luvdup remix, turns an old classic into a pounding piano anthem.
If you've ever been in a club when this has been dropped I'm sure you will have seen it lift the roof off.
Absolute storming track and a great remix.
The Luvdup Twins were also great DJs, who played fantastic rockin' sets.

Soft House Company III - What You Need
(Luvdup Remix)

Parky mixes up a treat

Check this out, what a great little track.
Graeme Park legendary Hacienda DJ and all round diamond geezer turns in one of his finest mixes and creates a track of the highest quality.

Sexual indeed!!

Big respect goes out to Mark S for sharing this with me.
Please check out his blog which is quality - link is below;

Maria Rowe - Sexual
(Parkside Club Mix)

The Greatest Mix Tape Ever - Bar None

Well fellow dance music lovers, March is upon us and to date I've resisted the temptation of posting some of the DJ Mix collections that I have.
But after some consideration I am posting what is the best Club DJ mix ever produced.
It is an essential mix that was performed by Chris and James - back in 1994.
It features some of my all time favourite club tracks many of which appear on this blog and also in my collection.
If you don't like this mix, then listen to it again, if you still don't like it, then give it one more try.
If you still don't like, then I'm afraid you don't have a dancing bone in your body, your music taste is dreadful and the music on this blog will be absolutely no interest to you whatsover.
What are the chances of the above - absolutely none. Trust me, download this, you will love it.
When I first taped it from the essential mix in '94 I made about 3 seperate copies, as I was scared to death of the tape mangling and hence losing the tunes. Believe me it is that good. Just check out the track listing.
Repsect to Chris and James for one of the finest mixes ever produced.
If you like this blog, then download this mix and let me know what you think.
Ain't it good??

Chris and James - Essential Mix - 30.10. 1994

Jonny Panic - Johny Panic & The Bible Of Dreams [Fontana]
Fools Paradise featuring Jay D - Let Me Into Your Heart [acetate]
Isha-D - Stay [Cleveland City]
Sain II - Its Alright [acetate]
artist unknown - untitled [white label]
My Friend Sam featuring Viola Wills - Its My Pleasure [US Ex-It]
Tranfiguration - My Dreams [Transfiguration]
Everything But The girl - Missing (Chris & James Remix) [Blanco Y Negro]
The Beat Syndicate - Dancing Daffodils [Equinox]
Woomera - Retro-Curo-Vibe-Piece [Indochina]
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar [Eye Q]
Age Of Love - Age Of Love [React]
Peter Tall - A2 Is Love [white label]
Outrage - Tall & Handsome (Remix) [Club 4 Life]
State Of Grace - Not Over Yet [Perfecto]
Electroset - Sensatin [acetate]
Fleetwood Mac - Big Love [Warner Bros]
REM - Shiney Happy People [Warner Bros]
Talizman - Only You [Cowboy]
Jump - Fankatarium [Dark]
Liquid - One Love Family [acetate]
Billy Preston - Heroes [Italian Outer Space]
JT Company - Dont Deal With Us [Warner Bros]
Steve Winwood - Higher Love [Island]