Saturday, 12 September 2015

Let's dance - no time for romance?

Oooh aah!
It's very rare that I ever post anything that is current (mainly because all the dance music nowadays is absolute tosh), but this little number caught my ear.
Yes, I know it's cheesey and it meanders a long a bit, but that piano break on 1.55 is pure joy.
Are you with me?

Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated
(Original Club Mix)

Are you ready for the awakening?

Another trance stormer this one.
Tinged with some delightful piano.
A trance classic - me thinks!

York - The Awakening
(Quake Remix)

I need a release - happiness!

Just a corking track this one.
Lively as hell with some delicious piano and just a really good hands in the air feel good factor.
I defy you not to have a smile on your face and your foot tapping along to this one.
Great vocals also.
Jeanie Tracy - top vocalist!!

Wand featuring Jeanie Tracy - Happiness
(Club Mix)

Batten down the hatches - this will blow the roof off!

A real trance stormer.
This one is right on the button.
Fierce in every sense!

Rank 1 - Symfo
(Official Sunrise Festival Theme 2009)

Get on the train!

This was always a real banger when played out in clubs.
Granted it takes a while to warm up but then explodes on 2.31 and really takes off.
We like 'em like that!!

Escrima - Train Of Thought
(12" Mix)