Sunday, 16 August 2015

The greatest trance track of all time? Quite possibly!!

Now I don't make that statement likely as I've always been a huge fan of trance.
Most notably the type Oakey was playing in the late 90's and not the commercial crap.
This track has it all, a huge build, unbelievable breakdowns, the drum roll builds.
Totally immense.
(Tiesto and Corsten on the mix - Respect!)
If there's a better trance track let me know and I'll probably tell you that you're wrong!!
I know I've posted this before, but I couldn't resist a re-post.
Enjoy, they don't come any better.

Binary Finary - 1999
(Gouryella Remix)


Phil said...

Without a doubt one of the finest trance tracks ever made.

But the greatest? I'd say no. Here's my top 100 of the 90s. It's there at 11, but above it you have The Secret Wish, Bullet in the Gun, The World '99 and a couple of others - spoilers!

billikon1 said...
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Tom Simeone said...

Great tune, ahhh I miss the trance days.. or even the house days with some melody... its all gone.. :'(

Blogger said...

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