Sunday, 12 July 2015

Back to Terrorize you once again!

Although my clubbing preferences were always very much on the house side compared to the hardcore side.
There were some hardcore tracks which were still amazing.
This was one of them.
A tad cheesey??
Maybe, but also very instant and when that piano bit kicks - total hands in the air time.
This track came at a time back in 1992 that saw people either go down a house music path to the dressed up clubs like Back 2 Basics, Hard Times, Cream, Hacienda or the hardcore scene.
The only clubs which really then catered for an in between to this were places like Bowlers.
It was the end of an era, but the start of another.
Still a great track mind!

Terrorize - It's Just A Feeling


Anonymous said...

I find that this track contained both house and rave elements. A great track.

Anonymous said...
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