Friday, 31 July 2015

Keep the promise!

A really great floaty trance track.
Typical Space Brothers quality.
Love it.

Essence - The Promise
(The Space Brothers Rethink Remix)

Posted twice, cos' it's just great!

I first posted this track back in 2009 and felt it worthy of re-post, as it is so damn good.
I heard it again the other day after not listening to it for ages.
It still touched all the right buttons.
The piano is still spine tingling.
Pure Kevin Saunderson genius!
Huge goosebump moments on 5.17 - one of the great piano breakdown moments!
"Let the music lift you up"

Darlene Lewis - Let The Music (Lift You Up)
(Resse Inner City Club Mix)

Saturday, 18 July 2015

In the night life - a-ha, that's where I wanna be!

A house classic and this is definitely the best version.
Quality vocals, classic house rhythm, beautiful piano.
What more could you want?
"In the night life - a-ha, that's where I wanna be!"

Kim English - Nite Life
(The Bump Classic Mix)

Bring it on Girlfriend!

Pretty much loved nearly all the Tin Tin Out remixes.
This is another stomper.
Never thought I'd be posting Billie Piper on the PCC Blog, but hey ho!
A corker I'm sure you'll agree.
Bring it on Girlfriend!

Billie - Girlfriend
(Tin Tin Out Mix)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Back to Terrorize you once again!

Although my clubbing preferences were always very much on the house side compared to the hardcore side.
There were some hardcore tracks which were still amazing.
This was one of them.
A tad cheesey??
Maybe, but also very instant and when that piano bit kicks - total hands in the air time.
This track came at a time back in 1992 that saw people either go down a house music path to the dressed up clubs like Back 2 Basics, Hard Times, Cream, Hacienda or the hardcore scene.
The only clubs which really then catered for an in between to this were places like Bowlers.
It was the end of an era, but the start of another.
Still a great track mind!

Terrorize - It's Just A Feeling

Just a little crush!

Morales at his very best in his a la Frankie mode.
Beautiful classic house music as smooth as you could wish for.
Both mixes are superb.
So good it lifts your soul!

Jennifer Paige - Crush
(David Morales Club Mix)

Jennifer Paige - Crush
(David Morales Alt. Club Body)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Oh yeah Oldskool baby!!

Old's Cool and always will be.
They even made tracks about it.
Just love this track.
The piano is great the vocal is cool and the track has a lovely laid back vibe.
Loving the Oldskool (as always).

Westbam and Nena - Oldschool, Baby
(Piano Mix)

You're the one that makes by day, makes everything ok!!

Image result for nootropic
Always loved this track.
Both these mixes are great and I can never choose between.
The vocals are really stand out in the Love To Infinity mix, but if anything I just think the LME mix edges it.
It's pretty epic.
Love the lyrics also;
"You're the one that makes by day, makes everything ok"
"What else can I say"

Nootropic - I See Only You
(Lisa Marie Vocal Experience)

Nootropic - I See Only You
(Love To Infinity's Deep Love Mix)

Somewhere out in the metropolis!

Corking track from The Future Sound of London with that ever so familiar piano riff used many times in many tracks.(Taken from Nikita Warren's - I Need You).
The other track called Metropolis was also pretty decent and worthy of a post in months to come.

Metropolis - Hyporeel