Saturday, 18 April 2015

37 years on and still awesome!

A bit before my time this one, but still stands the test of time.
It was in itself way ahead of it's time.
Still sounds awesome 37 years on!
The Ben Liebrand remix is also pretty spanking!
As is the Tom Middleton remix.
Enjoy them all, they all have something very different to offer.

Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War
(Long Version)

Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War
(The Deepspace Mix - Ben Liebrand)

Jeff Wayne - The Eve Of The War
(Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)


Phil said...

I caned the shit out of this album when I was a kid. An unsurpassed classic.

Tom in Portsmouth, NH said...

Never heard this before. I'm liking the Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix the best. Thank you!