Saturday, 14 March 2015

To the batmobile!

One of the oldest but still one of the best.
All the way back to 1988.
Classic TT.

The Todd Terry Project - Bango (To The Batmobile)
(Club Bang)

Feel the sunshine!!

I can't believe that I haven't posted this until now.
It was one of those tracks which never went away.
Absolutely massive in every club and played by just about every DJ worth his/her salt back in '94.
I always loved the laughing bit in it and used to laugh along with it, especially when it slows down and the piano continues.
Good old days!!

Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil
(Original Mix)

Join the family!!

Never quite as good as "Lost In Music" IMHO, but corking all the same.
Sounded great in clubs.
Sure is Pure were the hottest remixers at that time back in '93.

Sister Sledge - We Are Family
(Sure Is Pure Remix)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Are you ready to Throw Down?

A top little stomper this one with some ace piano!

Creative Thieves - Throw Down
(Bezerk Mix)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

When love calls..... you better answer!

Another house classic, great vocals and a superb remix as per usual by E-Smoove.
This was always a biggie back in 1991.

Shay Jones - When Love Calls
(E-Smoove's Late Night )

Nothing compares!

A balearic classic from 1990 which still sounds great, very reminiscent of The Beloved.
A very clever little remix by Oakey.
This was the real Ibiza vibe!!

Frazier Chorus - Nothing
(Raid Mix)

Get off the wall!

A quality Italian House track from 1991.
Very typical of the quality old skool "piano choons" we loved from that era.
"Get off the wall"!

Fifty Hertz - Get Up
(Club Mix)

Come on everybody dance!

A bonafide club classic, this was always awesome on the dancefloor.
That piano riff was always to die for, cue the obligatory "hands in the air".
Top notch.

Evolution - Everybody Dance
(Chic Inspirational Mix)