Saturday, 25 October 2014

A bonafide old skool classic!!

Can't believe I've not posted this before now.
A real old classic from 1990.
This track was played out everywhere for about 18 months.
It was played by virtually every DJ going whether, house, techno etc and featured on almost all DJ mix tapes of that era.
To be honest I like it more now, than I did at the time.
A proper timeless classic.

Frank De Wulf - The B Sides Remixed 
- The Tape - (Remix)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Beautiful indeed!!

Stunning piece of classic trance.
This ones for you DJ Wolf e, great suggestion buddy.
Love the piano in this track, as I'm sure Jessica does too!!

Madagascar - You're Beautiful
(Original Mix)

Down deep in your heart!!

Loving this.
A quality bit of classic house music.
Touched by the hand of Todd.

Naked Music NYC - I'll Take You To Love
(Tee's Master Mix)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

"Kick up the volume and play it out loud"

A guilty pleasure!!
This is one of those tracks which I really shouldn't like, but I simply love.
It rips a sample from one of my all time fave tracks "Relight My Fire", but it's catchy as hell and as such has a definite PCC status!!
Do as it say's folks
"Kick up the volume and play it out loud"
Who am I to argue??

Rob Tissera - Kick Up The Volume
(Diva Rhythms Mix)

Don't want to stop?? Then don't stop!!!

Another corker.
Feel the power of that piano - only matched by the power of the vocal.
A big track in more ways than one.

Liz Torres - I Don't Want To Stop
(Kenny Jason Mix)

Stand up - throw your hands up to the sky!!

Well why not!!
Another cracking tune, this was one that was around for ages back in '96.
It was one of those tracks that was in every DJ's box and was always played out.
Still sounds great.
Stand up - put your hands up high!!

Love Tribe - Stand Up
(Narcotic Club Mix)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Oh yeah, Kiss me baby!!

A corking little piano track this one.
Piano from the very start it never lets up, just instant gratification.
Love it!!

Steve Bloom - Kiss Me Baby
(Extended Mix)

Go on, "do that to me"!!

A little stopmper from LME who always produced great tracks and remixes.
A little MJ sample thrown in for good measure and som corking piano!!
"Do that to me" indeed!!

The Lisa Marie Experience - Do That To Me
(The Lisa Marie Experience Vocal Mix Part 1)