Friday, 28 March 2014

A bit of a monster!!

Wasn't that a old Tongy phrase "it's a bit of a monster?"
Well this track certainly is.
It was a mainstay of many of Oakey's sets when he was in his pomp in the late 90's.
It is an awesome, spellbinding track that used to shake you to the bottom of your boots.
Trance had never been so good.
Almost perfection!!

The Sneaker - Scatterbomb
(String Mix)

Can I Touch You There???

Never thought I'd have Michael Bolton on the PCC blog, but stick with me it's a corker.
Very much thanks to a superb remix by the legend Frankie K.
A top house music track with some delightful piano.
Love it!!
Can I touch you there? Bit forward innit??

Michael Bolton - Can I Touch You There
(Classic Club Mix)

It's a cold world!!

Now, as followers of the blog will know I'm not a big fan of male vocalists, however Jamie Principle is a big exception, he has a stunningly haunting vocal talent, that just gets you right there!
Some of the tracks and music he put out in the early days of house were outstanding and so good they have totally stood the test of time and still sound great today.
This one is now 25 years old and it still sounds brilliant.
Big respect to Steve "Silk" also for a cracking track, but it's Jamie's vocals that make it.

Steve "Silk" Hurley featuring Jamie Principle - 
Cold World (Extended Mix)

Apologies, apologies!!

Sincere apologies for denying you the pleasure of not posting this one sooner.
This is an absolute corker of a track and completely sums up why Chris & James were my all time fave DJ's and one of my fave remixers.
Everything about this track is just top notch and IMHO it just epitomises the C&J style.
Banging piano, big build ups, huge breakdowns, great samples, it's got everything.
Totally, totally love it.
Big up fella's!!

Chris & James - Shakermaker

Get ready for the Master Blaster!!

Image result for master blaster
This was a big old fave back int'day.
This Matthew Roberts (aka Bottom Dollar) remix makes it even better.
Top drawer track!!
Love the piano!

Gongo - Master Blaster
(Matthew's Master Mix)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

This'll take you to Parra Dice

Sometimes tracks are just so good that they warrant posting twice.
This is one such track, I had a recent request to re-up, so here it is.
Quite simply one of the greatest "hands in the air" piano choons of all time and featuring pretty high on the PCC list of all time faves. The track has everything, a pumping rhythm, amazing piano, great vocals, it's just tops!!
Enjoy!! (And if you don't like this track, then get off my blog - because this is what we're about!!)

Parra Dice - Can You Hear Me

Saturday, 8 March 2014

This one's.. Just for you!!

What a combination the fantastic M-People, the wonderful vocals of Ms. Small and the delightful remixing skills of the legend that is Mr Frankie Knuckles.
A match made in heaven.
Top, top, soulful house music.

M-People - Just For You
(Knuckles Classic Gospel Mix)

S Club on PCC blog shocker!!

I know I post a touch of cheese now an again and usually (justifiably) get a bit of stick for it.
Well there could be some more for this one.
However, I'll defend it as this is a cracking remix.
Very reminiscent of his Xanadu remix, this is tops!!
Steve Anderson is a musical genius - pure and simple and will always be one of my all time fave remixers.
Top man, top track.
Enjoy!! (or not??)

S Club 7 - Reach
(Steve Anderson Remix)

Feeling great!!!

Staying on the Oxy vibe!! I couldn't resist it.
I know it's been posted on the blog before, but the file was deleted by mediafire, so here's a new upload, you lucky people.
This was simply a monstrous "hands in the air" tune back int' day.
It was certainly a track which had us "feeling great".
Love the lines;
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel wanted , you make me feel great"
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel wanted on a cloudy day"
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel wanted , you make me feel great"
"You've got just what it takes, you make me feel happy on a cloudy day"
Love this big time and still do.
Even the dodgy techno/cheese bit halfway through doesn't spoil a belting track.

Oxy - The Feeling
(Vocal Version)

Another rock to the beat!!

Now you'll never beat the Reese classic version of this track (Mike Hitman Wilson remix), which is one of my fave tracks and a true house music bona fide classic (previously posted on the PCC blog), but this nonetheless is an excellent reworking.
I love the audience participation vibe which creates a great atmosphere.
All in all a great working of a house classic, but the Reese version will never be topped.

Oxy - Rock To The Beat
(Audience Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Dream time... oh yeah!!

Dream time indeed - the beautiful Adriana Lima.
Back to the music - two great remixes of a stunning laid back trance classic.
A massive Oakey track back int' day.
The Quiver remix was probably the most widely known and widely played.
Top class chilled trance.

Zee - Dreamtime
(Quivver Vocal Mix) 

Zee - Dreamtime
(Shaker's Full Vocal Mix) 

Just a little more time...I'll wait!!

Everything E-Smoove remixes is pure gold.
This was huge track in clubs back in the early 90's.
Fond memories of Mr Park dropping this at the Hac!!
Taylor Dayne had a superb unique vocal.

Taylor Dayne - I'll Wait
(E-Smoove Anthem Vocal Mix)

So good, it's posted twice!!

Now there are not many tracks which get posted twice on the PCC blog.
However, this track stakes great claims for two reasons;
1) It's a top, top old skool piano anthem
2) It was actually released under two different titles.
Originally released under this moniker, it was also released called "Perfect Love" (as previously posted on the blog).
Two titles - one corking track!!!
This was a huge "hands in the air" track back int' day.
"We are so in love"!! (with this track!!)

DJ Pierre Feroldi featuring Linda Ray - Movin' Now
(Extended Mix)

Perry good indeed!!

Great remix by Freemasons!!
James Wiltshire is one of the finest remixers ever without question!!
The Freemasons stuff is never quite as good as his remixes under the Jimmy Gomez moniker, but this is still a very fierce remix.
Love the bit when the piano kicks in!
Top stuff!!
"Look at me I'm sparkling"

Katy Perry - Part Of Me
(Freemasons Club Mix)

Silence in the house!!

A beautiful chilled piece of laid back house.
It sounds a little East 17-Boy Band-ish, but nonetheless it is a top track.
I love the smooth chilled undertones which it creates.
It's a very Balearic vibe.

Bad Boys Blue - The House Of Silence
(12" Mix)