Sunday, 16 February 2014

Can I get, can I get, get, can I get, get!!

Totally love this track.
You just can't beat a steel drum, it just brings out that sunshine happiness feel.
A lovely laid back track, perfect for Summer - we can only wait in anticipation!!
"Can I get, can I get, get, can I get, get!!"
Yes, you can!!!

Tensnake - Coma Cat

Oops sorry 'bout this one!!!

Every now and then I like to shock you (disappoint you) with a piece of absolute cheese!!
Well, I've well and truly blown my cred here!
It's almost bubble gum pop, but at the same time very infectious and just gets the PCC nod of approval.
Apologies in advance (but I like it anyway!!).
Enjoy!! (or not??)

Sarina Paris - Just About Enough
(Extended Version)

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Back to bangin'!!

Ok after that beautiful bit of laid back ambience in the last post, we are back to what we know and love.
Another big old skool favourite.
Nothing fancy about this one, just a piano driven stomper.
Get on it!!!

Infretta - Something About The Music
(Original Mix)

Feel the Mushrooms!!

Quality dance music doesn't always need to be banging!!
Totally love this track, beautiful ambience.
Just right for the mushrooms!!!
You know the score!!

Infected Mushroom - Elation Station

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Now give me all your love!!!

God, I forgot how good this track is.
I absolutely used to to love this on back int' day.
An absolutely top notcher Italian piano screamer.
This just epitomises the spirit of those piano tracks back in '91.
Those days will never be forgotten!!
Love it!!

Mimmo Mix featuring Valerie Etienne 
- All Your Love
(Club Mix)

Gotta be number 1!!

One of the greatest vocalist of our lifetime, the magnificent Loleatta Holloway. R.I.P.
Totally love this track, all those Salsoul classics were brilliant, but this is one of my faves.
"Gotta be number 1"
Love the "huh hoo" bits like at 30 secs in. Divine!!
Classics, just check the vocals as well.
Amazing remix by Walter Gibbons also.

Loleatta Holloway - Hit And Run 
(Walter Gibbons Mix)

That's just the way it is!!!

Quality house music once again.
Anything that E-Smoove remixes is always pure magic.
Lisa Moorish was a superb vocalist I've always loved the tone of her vocals.
All in all a top piano laden house belter.
Rock on!!!
"That's just the way it is!"

Lisa Moorish - Just The Way It Is
(E-Smoove Mix)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

All be, all because of me!!

Top top drawer house music.
Great vocals, great rhythm, great piano - what more do you need.
Exceptional E-Smoove remix as per usual.
Love the bit at the end when it changes tempo and speeds up!!
Classic house music!!

Georgie Porgie - All Because Of Me
(E-Smoove Mix)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Shine like a star!

A top track this one, which was a big Vertigo track.
Vertigo was a top DJ and bridged the gap perfectly when the rave-house scene split.
He was one of the very few DJs that stuck to the vibe of playing proper old skool piano tracks, like the ones we used to love back in '91.
This is a proper tinkly little piano number with a cracking vibe to it.

Varied Lily - Star
(Piano Emphasis Mix)