Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year to you all!!

I've posted this many times before, quite simply because it is the greatest dance track ever made, bar none.
It was always huge on New Years Eve and if there are any budding DJ's out there wondering what to play tonight as your "Killer Midnight tune" then look no further.
I never tire of hearing this, it is truly immense.
Whatever you are doing tonight have a good one and here's wishing you a great New Year.
All the best from PCC!!

Digitalis - Accepting and Giving


Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas 2013!!

Happy Christmas to one and all.
Here's giving you a little Christmas present. 
One of my all time favourite tracks which I never thought could be remixed anywhere near as good as the original.
There have been loads of attempts to remix this track, many of them awful.
This one though is delicious.
Enjoy to the max and have a great Christmas!!
And remember 
"Cause we are going to be, forever you and me"
"You will always keep me flying high in the sky, love"

Lighthouse Family - High
(Inner City Mix)

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Waiting for tonight - yes indeedy!!

Quite probably the best track J-Lo ever produced given a fantastic re-working here.
This used to get hammered by Oakey back int'day.
Top Class -Ms. Lopez isn't too bad either!!

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight
(Hex's Momentous Club Mix)

Hands in the air people!!

Love this track.
Massive piano tune, which takes you through many pace changes.
Starts off with some great dinky piano and then ramps up to a real piano "hands in the air" stomper and then drops back into mellow mode.

Hyena featuring Ricky Trauma
- I've Got To Dance
(Velvet Mix)