Saturday, 30 November 2013

Had enough??

No of course you haven't!!
Here's a top remix by Fathers of Sound,  in a very similar vein to a Brothers In Rhythm remix and hence if you like those (which we all do) you'll love this.
It builds and builds then explodes with same great piano.
Top track!!

Ivan Matias - I've Had Enough
(Fathers Of  Sound Vocal Mix)

Are you in rapture?

There are hundreds of Blondie remixes and many are pretty naff, but certainly not this one.
Totally love this, great job by K-Klass, who manage to keep all the elements of the original, but inject some great piano.
I grew up on Blondie tracks and the rap in this is still brilliant and so much better than the current day tosh!!
Big up Debbie H.

Blondie - Rapture
(K-Klassic Mix)

Oh yeah - feel the passion!!

Great thing about dance music, it doesn't always have the be sophisticated.
Just check this little number.
A real catchy piano chugger.
Get on it!!

The Grip - Shades Of Passion

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Crackin' Up???

Abbacadabra (We Love Abbacadabra)

Now I know some of you purists out there hate some of the cheese posted, but as ever if it's good it gets posted.
This is a truly classic ABBA track given a little bit of a facelift by the fabulous Abbacadabra.
You know you love it!!

Abbacadabra- The Visitors
(The Transensual Mix)

We can't stop, we wont stop....

.....posting quality tracks.
Loving this one.
To be fair pretty much everything Tony Moran touches is gold.
He's a great vocalist, producer, remixer and DJ - gifted - yeah I'd say!!
Quality track this one.

Tony Moran featuring Trey Lorenz - Can I Love You More
(Loverush UK! Club Mix)

Best heard at 4am!!

Top notch piece of trance from Kaskade. Sounds even better at 4AM!!
All Adam K & Soha remixes are immense. The aura and vibe their tracks create is stunning!!
Love it!!

Kaskade - 4AM
(Adam K & Soha Remix)

What's the mystery?

No mystery just more classic trance.
Above and Beyond on it!!

The Mystery - Mystery
(Above and Beyond Mix)

Here's one more chance!


Another top notch track from the Space Brothers.
Quality trance that always stands the test of time.
Rock on!!

The Space Brothers - One More Chance
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pure Fantasy!!

Totally love this track and always have. A truly brilliant cover of the old Earth, Wind and Fire classic.
From the opening lines
"I bestow upon you, all my happiness"
"I'll grant you, peace of mind, and deliver onto you all my love"
right through every part of the track.
The beautiful wood pipes, the fantastic chugging beat, the simply gorgeous piano, all topped off with some great lyrics and that oh so fabulous Martha Wash vocal.
Pure Fantasy - Big Time!!
Forget "Ride On Time" this was the best track Black Box ever produced!!
As for the photo - well Adriana Lima is Pure Fantasy!!

Black Box - Fantasy
(Club Mix)