Friday, 30 August 2013

This is the Joy of Living!!

An absolute corker of a track.
One of those that I love everything about it, great vocals, great rap, superb piano, real catchy chorus.
All in all a top top tune.
"I need a little celebration, revitalisation"
Big shout out to Martin who supplied this one from "My Most Wanted List".
Cheers fella - Top Man - here's to the joy of living!!

Oui 3 - The Joy Of Living
(Red City Vocal Mix)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

All I needed was your caress?

Whoa, a top piano track.
Borders on cheesy, but very, very catchy?
"All I needed was your caress"
"To be close, to be close, to be close to your heart"
Rock on!!

DJ Flavours - Your Caress (All I Need)
(Extended Mix)

Feel the temptation?

A top old fave this one.
We used to love singing along to this one when it was dropped.
A big Sasha fave back in't day - when he rocked!!

Corina - Tempatation
(New School Freestyle)

Friday, 9 August 2013

New Dawn rising!!

One of the best progressive house/early trance tunes ever produced.
I can't believe that I've not posted it already, so apologies for that.
This is a musical journey.
I always remember it as the lead track on a pretty renowned Dave Seaman mix set on Stress which we absolutely played to death in Ayia Napa in 1996.
Happy days indeed!!

Sunday Club - Paladian Dawn

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Because of You!!

Quality remix by K-Klass.
Sumptuous piano chords, great vocals from Loni, quality house music.

Loni Clarke - U
(K-Klass Klub Mix)

Feel the Black Magic!!

Cracking track from 1996 made by Lil' Louis of "French Kiss" fame.
Great vocals, great piano, a top remix by Bottom Dollar.
A big Alistair Whitehead track back int' day if my memory serves me well.
Enjoy the Black Magic!!

Black Magic - Freedom (Make It Funky)
(Bottom Dollar Pumped Up Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hauntingly beautiful!!!

Another sensational track.
Boy I'm spoiling you today!!
This is a truly amazing track.
I always thought BT was bit over rated and over hyped, but this is awesome.
Just simply love it!!

Mike Oldfield - Let There Be Light
(B.T.'s Pure Luminescence Mix)


An absolute monster of a track (in length also at over 15 minutes).
It takes a while to get there, but it's oh so worth it.
Blue Amazon at their very best  - pure brilliance!!!

Meltdown - My Life Is In Your Hands
(Blue Amazon Blind Faith Vocal Mix)

Still in 7th Heaven? Turn Up The Love!!

Arguably the best remixers out there at the moment.
7th Heaven are producing some great tracks, transforming bland songs into club classics.
Love the plinky, plonky piano in this.
Slightly commercial (as is much of their remix work), but just falling on the right side for clubland.
Turn Up The Love!!!!

Far East Movement featuring Cover Drive
- Turn Up The Love 
(7th Heaven Remix)