Sunday, 12 May 2013

Not ne, ne no, but Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

A huge fave of mine, which dates back to 1988.
Absolutely massive track with a piano riff, I'm sure you'll all be familiar with (I believe that this came before Kraze - The Party and that Kraze ripped from this track, but I may be wrong, can anyone confirm??).
I can never decide which version I like best, the vocal or non-vocal as both are immense.
Hence, I've posted both, great vocals by Valentino. Love it.
This is what I'd call - top notch house music!!
I love the way it stops, starts, breaks and pauses, quality!!!
P.S. The track has nothing to do with Ben E King!! Lol.

Julian "Jumpin" Perez - Stand By Me
(Jumpin' Dub)

Julian "Jumpin" Perez featuring Valentino - Stand By Me
(Razz-Matazz Beats)

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