Monday, 27 May 2013

Piano anthems in the house!!!

Check this out for a fantastic mix of piano anthems from yesterday.
Mucho respect Bradders.
Hands in the air people!!

DJ Chris Bradshaw - Piano Madness
(Return Of The 90s Sound)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Getting ready for Summer!!!

Here's a great Summer Mix which I was sent recently by DJ Matt Gall
Some great tracks in here which produce a lovely chilled Summer vibe.
Loving the opening track, which is a PCC in it's own right.
Respect Matt - nice one fella.
Enjoy people, summer's round the corner. Let's hope it's a good 'un!!
Full tracklisting blow;

1. Falling (Duke Dumont Remix) - Haim
2. Your Drums, Your Love (Duke Dumont Remix) - AlunaGeorge
3. You & Me - Disclosure ft Eliza Doolittle
4. Summertime Sadness [Adam Freeland Vox Mix] - Lana Del Ray
5. Need U - Blase Boys Club Dub - Duke Dumont ft A.M.E. & M.N.E.K.
6. Hackney Parrot - Tessela
7. If You Believe - DEVolution
8. Another Night - South Royston
9. Party Non Stop (Huxley Remix) - Pirupa
10. Niggas in Paris (Felice Bootleg) - Jay-Z & Kanye West

The greatest love of all - Great dance music aka PCCs!!

Great dance music comes in all shapes and sizes and this blog has always posted a huge variety of the finest dance tracks to appear on dance floors across the world.
This has taken in house, balearic, trance, progressive, handbag house, disco and many other forms.
Always coupled in this has been an element of the cheesier side of dance music, which I've always unashamedly posted. Most notably those tracks which although slightly overground and cheesy for the purist amongst you, but are  none the less bonafide PCCs, that truly rocked clubland.
Here's just one such track.
A big thanks to Simon for sharing this. It is a huge sing-along-anthem and I'm informed went down a storm in Manchester's finest clubs.
The remix is by Peter Rauhofer (aka Club 69) who remixed many great tracks and sadly passed away this week. R.I.P.
Whitney's vocals sound amazing on this - she's also sadly missed.
Let's celebrate their respective talents!

Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All
(Club 69 Mix)

Not ne, ne no, but Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

A huge fave of mine, which dates back to 1988.
Absolutely massive track with a piano riff, I'm sure you'll all be familiar with (I believe that this came before Kraze - The Party and that Kraze ripped from this track, but I may be wrong, can anyone confirm??).
I can never decide which version I like best, the vocal or non-vocal as both are immense.
Hence, I've posted both, great vocals by Valentino. Love it.
This is what I'd call - top notch house music!!
I love the way it stops, starts, breaks and pauses, quality!!!
P.S. The track has nothing to do with Ben E King!! Lol.

Julian "Jumpin" Perez - Stand By Me
(Jumpin' Dub)

Julian "Jumpin" Perez featuring Valentino - Stand By Me
(Razz-Matazz Beats)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Disconauts - Gloria  
Released: 2005  
Tracks 2 from the first un-official release   

A Funky 'Disco-Dance' Bootleg Remix  
of the 70's Classic by Debarge

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Manchester, Manchester England!!

Manchester's Hacienda nightclub announces 30th anniversary celebration plans
Now I'm certainly not a Manc.
I'm actually from over the border in "God's County" - Yorkshire.
However, I had some of my best clubbing experiences and nights in Manchester.
This track is pure Balearic bliss.
The lyrics totally epitomise the scene back in 1990 and 1991.
With the Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and of course the Hacienda.
Those times will never be repeated, but the memories will never be forgotten.
"Manchester I'll always love you!!"

Here's the lyrics in full
Buildings of grey on a liquid sky turns the day into night
The bars are filling with fighting Irish - smug young married couples dressing down for the weekend,
Pert shop-girls and typists tip-tapping into blaring dancehalls
Hard-faced villains dressing up for the drinking clubs,
While Suburbia sits watching television.
Bouncers in tuxedos with butterflies round their necks
"Love" tattooed on the right hand and "hate" on the left
Stone Roses just like angels - heaven is this noise,
Fancied by the shop-girls - admired by the sweatshop boys.
So we're sitting in the snug bar - waiting for Jase the Ace
Hooky's by the Juke Box doing his splendid to entertain
Look at Tony Wilson Live on Channel 4
Vote for Rodney Marsh cos Best's on sale again.
I hear a song by Stephen Patrick a crocodile tear paints the dead
Everybody starts shouting "HANG THE DJ" so he puts on STATE 808 instead
I see a face at the Hacienda I see a heart that's torn in two
I see a head that flies the Happy Mondays
And a lonely girl called you, 
 a lonely girl called you, 
Manchester, England...
Manchester I'll always love you...

The Times - Manchester

I believe in you!!

Massive track from 1993.
This used to absolutely blow the roof off.
Another great piece of work from Rollo.

Our Tribe - I Believe In You (Euphorically)

Masters at work!!

No, not Vega and Gonzalez.
Do the maths - Morales + Mariah = PCC.
A truly great track, not quite "Dream Lover", but top notch all the same.

Mariah Carey - Say Somethin'
(Morales Stereo Anthem Mix)

Balearic forever - bring on the sunshine!!

A beautiful lush Balearic number.
Perfect for the summertime, all we need is some sun!!

Loca Mia - Rumba Samba Mambo

Come into the Opera House

Here's a piano-tastic oldie for you, this one dates back to 1987.
Jack in the Opera House!!

Jack E Mokassa - The Opera House