Sunday, 14 April 2013

Less is more!!

When I originally set up this blog over 4 years ago, the intention was to a create an interactive forum, where music was exchanged and clubbing experiences were relayed very much in a 2 way communication.
This was very much the case in the first two to three years, but of recent comments and interaction have become so few and scarce, that there doesn't seem a great deal of point in me putting in lots of effort to create posts with huge long commentaries and explanations of the historical origins etc.
Going forward I will still post great PCCs, but I will limit the amount of time I spend into putting the commentary text together and hence posts will be more about the tracks as opposed to an explanation of the standing and why they are PCCs.
As I've always stated the PCC blog was set up as "your blog" where we would post tracks to your liking and take in suggestions to post (as long as they were worthy of PCC status). This is still the case, so if you have any suggestions or feedback to any of the above, then let me know, either direct by email to or by leaving comments direct on the blog.
Right back to the music.
Here's a corking tune, I loved some of the stuff Tin Tin Out did. Love the Sweet Tee (pictured) rapping in this also.

Tin Tin Out featuring Sweet Tee - The Feeling
(Tin Tin Out 12" Mix) 


V Yotoku said...

Well I have always loved reading your experiences across the pond that I only dreamed of having. Much respect & appreciation for all of your hard work.

Pure Club Classics said...

Thanks Buddy, Keep the faith!!