Sunday, 10 March 2013

Need to feel loved???

My Photos by delline bass
Yeah, course you do!!! Who doesn't??
This will help make you feel a little loved.
It's one of those fabulous tracks which makes you feel cocooned with warm and emotion.
Not a little unlike those feelings we used to get at post club after parties when we were just chilling, but still feeling all blissed out. Lol.
It's just a fabulously soothing beautiful piece of trance music, not banging trance, but trance with feeling, emotion, warmth, beauty and feeling.
Yeah, you're right the type that they dont produce nowadays.
It has some really lovely vocals by Delline Bass (pictured) and Adam K and Soha are just masters at producing this type of beautiful soothing trance.
Seb Fontaine is behind the Reflekt tracks and is a DJ I've heard many times in clubs back int'day.
"Need to feel loved???" this will certainly do the trick.
Get on it, you know you want to.
It'd be good to get some feedback as well people, as it's gone awfully quiet on the PCC blog of late.

Reflekt featuring Delline Bass - Need To Feel Loved
(Adam K and Soha Mix)