Saturday, 2 February 2013

Could this be.....Love???

Well I certainly love this track.
Here's two superb but very different remixes of this track.
The Chameleon mix (aka D.O.P.) is a brilliant atmospheric old skool trancer which just oozes class.
It's a very addictive track and is one I just love playing over and over again.
It seems to get better every time you play it.
The Night Fever Mix version is very energetic, much more vocal and also more overground, but still very good.
I haven't got the D.O.P. Spookie Billie Ray Mix, if someone would be as kind to send me a link to that, it'd be very much appreciated.
In the mean time sit back and enjoy these two terrific tracks.
Let there be love!!!

Kerry Shaw - Could This Be Love
(The Chameleon Mix)

Kerry Shaw - Could This Be Love
(Night Fever Mix)

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