Saturday, 12 January 2013

This certainly used to put the night in motion!!

Well I know this one sounds dreadfully cheesy now and it became even cheesier when it got into the Top 40 way back in 1991, but at the time this was an immense track in clubs.
I distinctly remember nights at Leeds Warehouse back in 1991 and when this was dropped the place used to go absolutely "radio rental"!!
It was a big Sasha track at the time and it also used to get dropped with "Let Know Man Put Asunder" acapella mixed in.
It sounds a bit naff then, but when that riff kicked in in clubs at the time it was a pretty amazing experience to watch everything absolutely rockin' to it.
A good one to reminisce to even if it doesn't sound as good now as it did back then.
You can't beat a bit of nostalgia!!

Cubic 22 - Night In Motion

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