Sunday, 6 January 2013

If you only good this is!!

Please keep the faith with this one, I haven't gone mad!!
I never thought I'd be posting a Tom Jones track on the PCC blog, but this is actually a fantastic track and a superb remix by T-Empo produced back in 1994.
I've had this one lined up to post for ages and it's just finding the right time.
Well that time is now, so get ready for a huge piano laden track which takes you on a great journey.
It really uses Tom's vocals superbly to raise the tempo of the track underpinned with some great piano, it then continues to build, slows back down and  keeps coming back at you.
I love the bit on 5mins 5 secs, when it sounds like "Jimi Polo's - Better Days" is going to kick in.
I bet it'd be great to use that track to mix in at that point.
All in all a top notch track.
Don't be put off - listen without prejudice and draw your own opinion.
To me it's a top notch track.

Tom Jones - If Only I Knew
(T-Empo's Live From Las Vegas Club Mix)

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Chris Horner said...

Nice track, though I'm not that surprised as Tom Jones has the kind of male singing voice for dance music.