Saturday, 26 January 2013

Get on your dancing trousers!!!

I'm a huge fan of the Trouser Enthusiasts, who have done some amazing remixes.
This has to be one of their best.
There is only one way to describe this track - Epic!!
It's just one monstrous tune from start to finish.
It's such a pounding, driving energetic track.
It's one I've never had the pleasure of hearing in a club, but I can imagine it absolutely lifting the roof off on the dancefloor.
There's not much PSBs in it, but that's doesn't detract from it.
The piano riffs are simply lush and just further enhance it's epic feel and greatness.
A top, top track.
Respect to the boys who like Trousers!!
(Love the name for the remix by the way - Congo Dongo indeed!!)

Pet Shop Boys - A Red Letter Day
(Trouser Enthusiasts Congo Dongo Dubstrumental)

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