Sunday, 27 January 2013

Too outrageous!!!

Nah, nowhere near.
Here's a top track from 1996 which I used to love.
It came out on the Positiva label which put out many, many top tracks.
It's an energetic funky house builder.
It' was massive on dancefloors in that it started slowly then built up really fast with drum rolls kicking in, then slows again and speeds up again.
Totally "outrageous".
Top track, which every time I play it, it always brings back some great memories.
Get on it!!

Stix N' Stoned - Outrageous
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Get on your dancing trousers!!!

I'm a huge fan of the Trouser Enthusiasts, who have done some amazing remixes.
This has to be one of their best.
There is only one way to describe this track - Epic!!
It's just one monstrous tune from start to finish.
It's such a pounding, driving energetic track.
It's one I've never had the pleasure of hearing in a club, but I can imagine it absolutely lifting the roof off on the dancefloor.
There's not much PSBs in it, but that's doesn't detract from it.
The piano riffs are simply lush and just further enhance it's epic feel and greatness.
A top, top track.
Respect to the boys who like Trousers!!
(Love the name for the remix by the way - Congo Dongo indeed!!)

Pet Shop Boys - A Red Letter Day
(Trouser Enthusiasts Congo Dongo Dubstrumental)

Yeah, this time around!!!

An absolutely stomping MJ track courtesy of a fantastic remix by Mr Morales.
This used to be a big Ally Whitehead track and its one that explodes instantly.
As soon as you hear that piano riff from the first second of the track it smashes away and provides a storming 3 and a half minutes.
The remainder of the track never quite lives up to the incredible first part (I guess you'd start to mix the next track it at that stage).
However, it is sill a brilliant track.
Two genii together MJ and David Morales = top, top track.
This time around indeed!!
Rock on!!

Michael Jackson - This Time Around
(The Neverland Dub (Aftermath)

So confused??

Here's a delightful slice of house music which I always loved back int' day.
This one dates back to 1991 and is an example of top notch house music.
Powerful vocals, a smooth house rhythm and those oh so important piano riffs.
No need to be this is first rate house music.

El Barrio - So Confused
(Vocal House Mix)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Drive my body, like a Maserati!!

I think you can read whatever you want into that statement, so I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
Keep it clean mind!! Lol!
Here's a cracking piano laden track from 1992.
Very pleasant hushed vocals whispered in a very seductive manner.
The track bubbles along nicely and includes some lovely piano breakdowns.
I remember this track being a big fave of DJ Vertigo who was one of the top DJs of the era.
He was one of the few DJs who kept that piano tunes spirit alive, well past 1992 when all the other DJs had gone, housey, trancey or worst of all hardcore. Vertigo kept it right there delivering quality piano tunes like this. You could also include Paul Taylor in that bracket as well.
Muchos Respect fellas!!
Drive my body like a Maserati indeed.

Slackjaw - Drive My Body
(Rolling Thunder Mix)

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Come on - Follow Me!!

Nah, it's not a plea to get more PCC followers just using the title of a great track.
This is a truly stunning piece of melodic trance.
Here are two excellent but very different mixes.
I think I prefer the "Lange Club Mix" version, although as with many of their remixes the Agnelli & Nelson version is also pretty epic.
The vocals in the Lange Club Mix version by Cecily Fay are just stunning, she has a truly beautiful voice and the track is worth listening just for her ethereal vocals.
The lyrics are great too and perfect to sing along too.
"Follow me to the edge
And follow me into the dream
And dance with me into the star fire
Like tonight is all there is
And make a leap of faith
And don't look down
Follow me to the edge
Passion for our wings

Follow me to the edge
And follow me into the dream
And dance with me into the star fire
Like tonight is all there is
And make a leap of faith
And don't look down
Follow me to the edge
Passion for our wings

Take my hand
The moment sings
We could fly 
If our passion for all this
Follow me to the edge"

Another thing about this track is that you may recognise it from the Kevin & Perry film which was a classic and nearly all of the music that they used in the film were bonafide club classics (most of which are posted on the PCC blog) which made it even better.
"Havin' it large"!! indeed.

Lange - Follow Me
(Lange Club Mix)

Lange - Follow Me
(Agnelli & Nelson Mix)

Heaven, heaven, wo-oh heaven!!

The title say's it all. A little bit of musical heaven here.
A really nice soothing house track.
Nice vocals, some good lyrics, some excellent piano and a nice sing-along-chorus.
What more can you ask for??
This one used to get hammered by Alistair Whitehead who was one of my fave DJs back int' day.
He always had a fantastic knack of playing exactly the tracks that you wanted to hear, that being those which were housey, piano-y, but never cheesy.
We had many fantastic nights at places like Love To Be and Golden grooving along to Mr Whitehead's fantastic track selection.
Enjoy this piece of heaven!!

5AM - Heaven
(Movers & Shakers Mix)

This certainly used to put the night in motion!!

Well I know this one sounds dreadfully cheesy now and it became even cheesier when it got into the Top 40 way back in 1991, but at the time this was an immense track in clubs.
I distinctly remember nights at Leeds Warehouse back in 1991 and when this was dropped the place used to go absolutely "radio rental"!!
It was a big Sasha track at the time and it also used to get dropped with "Let Know Man Put Asunder" acapella mixed in.
It sounds a bit naff then, but when that riff kicked in in clubs at the time it was a pretty amazing experience to watch everything absolutely rockin' to it.
A good one to reminisce to even if it doesn't sound as good now as it did back then.
You can't beat a bit of nostalgia!!

Cubic 22 - Night In Motion

Sunday, 6 January 2013

If you only good this is!!

Please keep the faith with this one, I haven't gone mad!!
I never thought I'd be posting a Tom Jones track on the PCC blog, but this is actually a fantastic track and a superb remix by T-Empo produced back in 1994.
I've had this one lined up to post for ages and it's just finding the right time.
Well that time is now, so get ready for a huge piano laden track which takes you on a great journey.
It really uses Tom's vocals superbly to raise the tempo of the track underpinned with some great piano, it then continues to build, slows back down and  keeps coming back at you.
I love the bit on 5mins 5 secs, when it sounds like "Jimi Polo's - Better Days" is going to kick in.
I bet it'd be great to use that track to mix in at that point.
All in all a top notch track.
Don't be put off - listen without prejudice and draw your own opinion.
To me it's a top notch track.

Tom Jones - If Only I Knew
(T-Empo's Live From Las Vegas Club Mix)