Sunday, 26 August 2012

An all time Old Skool classic!!

Talk about a PCC.
I can't believe that I haven't posted this track already. Having run the blog for over 3 and a half years, it seems unthinkable.
Anybody who has every heard this track in a club will confirm that it is one of the most uplifting pumping tracks you could ever wish to here.
It is right up there with your SLD - Getting Out, Asha - JJ Tribute, 2 Funky 2 - Brothers and Sisters, the huge piano anthems from 1991 - which were IMHO probably the era with the most uplifting tracks to ever grace the nations dancefloors.
From start to finish this track is pure uplifting energy from the opening bars
"Let the whole world know", then the piano kicking in, then into the glorious vocals
"Enjoy what you're doing, give it all you've got"
"Gotta get yourself together, no matter what they say, just try and make it there, just, just try and make it there" 
"Enjoy what you're doing, no matter what they say, It's a alright now"
constantly underpinned with that fantastic piano and then topped off with that infectious whistlely riff.
An tune of outstanding proportions from start to finish.
Old Skool at it's very best!!
Rock on!!!

Rhythm Foundation - Let The Whole World Know
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Well and truly "Alive and Kicking"!!!

I've finally now got full access to my music collection and can't begin to tell you how relieved I am.
It feels like I've got part of my soul back!!
There was a moment back there when I thought I might have lost all the music I'd taken years to build up, but I'm pleased to report that all is "Alive and Kicking" and I now have full access to all my dance music collection.
This means that I can resume normal posting service to keep you all fully consumed with your regular dosage of PCCs (and also provide Adam with some support to keep the PCC blog rockin'!!)
Here's a really cheeky little number that I just couldn't resist.
I grew up loving Simple Minds, they were simply an awesome band and were right up there with U2 back in the 80's.
This track was one of there biggest hits (although just one of many classics they made). Here it's given a charming little remix, which contains the full power of the original version, but adds a little tinkly piano riff.
Ok it maybe have been a tad commercial for some of the nations more discerning dancefloors, but it's still a PCC in my mind.
Enjoy all the same!!!

East Side Beat - Alive And Kicking
(12" Mix)

Friday, 24 August 2012

More from the Magnum!!!

Breaking with tradition from our normal 1987 to 2000 era I bring you another track from a really exciting new producer called Magnum.
I often say on this blog that most of the dance music about nowadays doesn't compare to the stuff which we all loved and experience in those halcyon days of clubbing in the 87-2000 era, however it's refreshing to hear of new producers like Magnum who are turning out some quality tracks.
This one has some massive synth breakdowns and I'm sure will be massive in the clubs.
It's not house music as we know it, but it is very nice all the same!!
Let me know your thoughts people?

Magnum - Elev8tor

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out!!

Big up to you all.
I've now got a new laptop and hence I'll be able to post tracks more frequently, but I've still not got access to all my music and hence still have over 10,000 tracks on my old hard drive which I need to get hooked up with my laptop. I'm in the process of getting that sorted, so hopefully nomal service will be resumed shortly.
A big shout to Adam who's been posing some fantastic tracks of late and has really kep the blog ticking over in my absence. Top man.
Here's coming back at you with one of my favourite DJ Combo's, remixers, producers, both of who have frequented the PCC blog in the past.
Chris & James productions and remixes were always of the very highest quality, their ability to drop the piano chords just at the right time and t change track tempo was always absolutely spot on.
Here's one of their least known productions (from back in 1995) and one that I can't believe that I've not already posted.
It uses their theme of choosing an effective sample and building the track around it, accompanied with those fantastic tempo changes and that beautiful piano it really is a top, top piece of dance music production.
All you have to do is "Tune in, turn on, drop out".
The sample  was made famous by Timothy Leary back in 1966 advocating the use of LSD to open your mind.
Enjoy the track, it's a belter!!

Chris & James - Tune In
(Animal House Mix)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Grand Piano

A piano classic from '96 here, and one that can be attributed to the peerless Pete 'The Shaker' Bones, a man with a severe penchant for tinkling the Ivories. Released on Bones' own Ugly Bug label, the aptly-titled piano frenzy mix did a rather large amount of dancefloor damage, despite never receiving a commercial release. 

Honk - Hullabaloo (The Shaker's Piano Frenzy)


Purists look away now. Originally released in 1995, 'Good Life' gained so much momentum that a re-issue proved inevitable some two years later. Its popularity can generally be ascribed to achieving monumental ubiquity on the dancefloors of North West England, where Dancing Divaz' remixes were universally well generally pretty well received during that particular epoch. This track was absolutely bloody everywhere, utterly inescapable. 

New Power Generation - Good Life (Dancing Divaz Mix)

A Pair of Charlie's

UK Seventies singer Charlie Dore bowled a bit of a curve ball in 1997 with this track. Originating from Italian stable Bustin' Loose, it was issued on these shores on some kind of Renaissance subsidiary, if memory serves correctly. Almost all of the remixes were wrought in the rather progressive yet melodious Italian deep house style, with the Souledout version being arguably the pick of the bunch. Also featured here is the follow-up track, 'My Turn', which was only released in Italy. 

Charlie Dore - Time Goes By (Souledout Club Mix)

Charlie Dore - My Turn (Souledout Radio Edit)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Ferry Good

A bit of an unlikely alliance, this one. Roxy Music's 'Love is the Drug' was re-released in Spring 1996 in conjunction with a remix of the track commissioned of Rollo & Sister Bliss. Executed in their sublimely singular style, this is a shunting, hypnotic track rendered distinct by dint of Brian Ferry's rather non-sequitur vocals; it just builds and builds and the drum rolls are unparalleled. Despite moderate interest this remix seemed to slip under the radar, yet in my opinion it remains one of the finest remixes Rollo & Bliss ever produced. 

Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)

Just Close Your Eyes

This is one rather large offering that I've been meaning to post for some while. 'Dreamtime' was a monstrously huge trance anthem that surfaced at the beginning of '96. Originally produced by Mike Koglin, the main version heard in the clubs was provided by one John Graham. Quivver's remix is of utterly immense proportions, complementing Zee's ethereal and almost eerie vocals to a tee. Whilst a full length version of the original mix of 'Dreamtime', was never commercially released, the radio mix is also worthy of a listen. Though issued on Perfecto, 'Dreamtime' originated from the equally legendary More Protein stable, which introduced us to the likes of Amos, Eve Gallagher and the E-Zee Posse. 

Zee - Dreamtime (Radio Mix)

Zee - Dreamtime (Quivver Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Go to Church

Though 'Let Love Shine' is one of my all time favourite records, the severely underrated and largely forgotten 'Church of Freedom' is a more than worthy successor in need of some exposure. Whilst the original mix, co-written by Mike Koglin, is a pleasant affair (albeit one that is slightly marred by the unnecessary ragga-muffin type vocals which characterised the later Bleachin' releases), the remixes are of a much higher calibre. Tinman delivers a typically euphoric version, whilst Quivver lays down something altogether darker. For a 1995 remix, Quivver's retake is markedly minimal and sets the tone for the direction his sound was to take. Amos' final solo release was the More Protein-issued 'Come Away', which I have earmarked as a potential future posting on account of it being top quality. 

Amos - Church of Freedom (Tinman 12" Mix)

Amos - Church of Freedom (Quivver Vocal Mix)

Back Where I Want to Be

A complete classic here and one that's never really gone away since its emergence in 1994. Originally produced by Ten City, and having been subjected to myriad reworks across the years, 'Nite Life' remains unquestionably a bona fide PCC. Although the '94 Bump mix is quality, my favourite version is this 1996 re-tweak from Joe T Vanelli. It's brooding, it's uplifting and it has JTV's singular sound stamped all over it. We don't appear to have posted enough Kim English tracks on the blog, a situation that needs to be remedied (the Nush mix of 'Learn II Love' being a case in point). Though the aforementioned 'Learn II Love' constituted her last UK release, she's been churning out US releases on the Nervous label for donkey's, including a rather tasty number from 1999 entitled 'Tomorrow', which featured a superb remix from Mark Pichiotti. Also, if anyone is in possession of the Powertribe DMC remix of 'Supernatural' from 1997, then please do sing out. It's an absolute bloody classic and it needs to be on this blog! 

Kim English - Nite Life (Joe T Vanelli Light Mix)

Friday, 3 August 2012

PC Problems

Sincere apologies for my lack of contact on the blog of late, but a huge big up to Adam for some fantastic recent posts and keeping you updated with your regular fix of PCCs.
My PC blew up (yes, literally blew up) recently and I'm still in the midst of getting a new one.
However, on a slightly more positive note, normal (regular posting) service will resume in the not too distant future.
Some more good news my collection of over 10,000 house tracks were not destroyed and still remain on my hard drive, however I can't get at them at the moment, hence I'm limited to what I can post and can only provide YouTube links.
In spite of that here's a little number which I came across recently which tickled my fancy.
I know it's been pretty big on the commercial scene recently and it's pretty epic.
It's got some great piano in it and it stands apart from most of the drivel produced nowadays.
I hope you like!!!

Florence And The Machine - Spectrum
(Calvin Harris Extended Remix)