Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nocturnal Emissions

This is a slice of pure piano-trance heaven from Autumn '96. Released on the legendary Stress label - to which we all owe a great deal for bringing us just the highest quality antecedent trance - 'Nocturnal Spirit' was crafted by one Scott Bond. This track helped defined the 'epic house' sound as augured by BBE, and received a severe hammering from all the taste-makers of the time. Though ostensibly there is little difference between these two versions, I think it may have been the Republica Dangerous mix that received thegreater exposure. Unfortunately, I'm only in possession of an edit of the Gatecrasher mix, but thought I best share it with you anyway. 

Q:Dos - Nocturnal Spirit (Gatecrasher Epic Edit)

Q:Dos - Nocturnal Spirit (Republica Dangerous Mix)

Butterfly Effect

Another complete behemoth of a record here. 'Butterfly', Tilt's fourth release for Perfecto, constitutes a collaboration with Zee Cowling of More Protein and 'Dreamtime' notoriety. Zee lends her unmistakable tones to this track, underpinned as they are by a typically euphoric trance soundscape. Rather unusually the radio edit - featured here - comprises a mix in and of itself, rather than being a curtailed version of a lengthier offering. The original mix is darker and a bit more driving and loses something of the appeal of the radio edit. Why an extended radio edit of a more satisfying duration was never released escapes me. But that is my only criticism, this is one of my favourite Perfecto tracks being as I am a massive fan of both of the artists involved. 

Tilt Featuring Zee - Butterfly (Radio Edit)

Tilt Featuring Zee - Butterfly (Mechanism Mix)

Wood Work

An absolutely uproarious piano classic here that we really should have posted some while ago. 'Joanna' was one of those tracks whereby the original version was almost entirely overlooked in favour of a prolific remix, in this case delivered by Tony De Vit. However, the original is actually really good. TDV lets his fingers do the walking on this pianotastic hardbag version, though, which left a fair few devastated dancefloors in its wake. Mrs Wood herself was responsible for some rather large tunage back in her heyday, but seemed to disappear following the release of '1,2,3,4' in 1998. I wonder what became of her?

Mrs Wood - Joanna (Tony De Vit V2 Remix)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Storm Is Coming

This track is epic in every sense of the word. To post an edit or a remix of 'Storm In My Soul' would be do to this awesome production a supreme injustice. Alex Neri's Kamasutra project produced numerous great tracks over the years - from 'Happiness' with Jocelyn Brown, to the altogether more bouncy 'Where is the Love' - each evidencing that irrepressible Italian deep and funky sound. 'Storm In My Soul' is phenomenal in every respect, and this '96 classic has stood the test of time markedly well. 

Kamasutra - Storm In My Soul (Kama's Long Trip)

Spirit of 95

This underrated classic was first heard by myself during a late '95 broadcast of the Essential Selection in which Tongy very unhelpfully neglected to divulge the act responsible for the creation of such a tune. Fast forward fifteen years and I happen upon a very old cassette with that selfsame track on it. 'High In A Groove' obviously caused little more than a ripple when it was promo'd, but in my estimation it typifies the euphoric, piano-based sound that so epitomised early- to mid-Nineties dance music.  

The Spirit of Eden - High In A Groove (Vocal Mix)

Everlasting Gobstopper !

Balouga Boys – Everlasting Gobstopper (Get Up)  

☼ wicked house choon, proper quality intro ! ☼

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Keep on rising!!! Go on my son!!!

A big hello to you all.
Apologies for the lack of activity from my side, I've been pretty busy of late with various aspects.
A big shout out to Adam for keeping the posts going. Nice one fella.
Well I hope you are all going to be behind Andy Murray tomorrow - I know that he's not English, but he's British and having a Brit in the Wimbledon final has been a national obsession in our country on a par with England winning the World Cup which these days seems nothing but a far off dream.
He's a song to inspire Mr Murray - Keep on rising fella.
About the track its pretty recent (2007) which is unusual for this blog, but as you know its the quality that prevails.
It's got a great catchy rhythm and some fantastic vocals from Michelle Shellers.
Top track in my opinion.
Come on Andy fella - Keep on rising and lift that Wimbledon trophy on Sunday - the nation is behind you!!

Ian Carey featuring Michelle Shellers - Keep On Rising
(Vocal Mix)