Friday, 20 April 2012

Hey Mr DJ - Keep on groovin'!!!

Yes, indeedy.
Another massive track from 1993 which was devastating on the dancefloor in clubs.
This was one of those tracks which has hammered.
Played out in every club you went to for months.
A top, top track with that oh so catachy vocal and that funky dubby house groove.
I also used to love the "1,2,3,4,5,6, do it"
Top notch indeed!!
The end bit is also brilliant as it goes a bit weird and quicks dripping that riff back in.
"Hey Mr DJ - Keep on groovin'""!!!

Screen II - Hey Mr DJ
(The Cathedral House Mix)

Come on me old Mukkaa!!

Another massive fave of mine from 1993.
There was no better feel than listening to this in a club.
As soon as that riff kicked in it was massive a"hands in the air" moment.
It was impossible to keep them down.
Just close your eyes and think back.
Sheer heaven!!
Some big tracks came out of Scotland on the Limbo and 23rd Precint labels around that time.
I've also added the Yazoo version where the sample was pulled from.
That too is an undisputed classic and one of my favourite Balearic anthems. Bliss!!

Mukkaa - Neebro
(Plum Duff Mix)

Yazoo - Nobody's Diary

Hip hop don't you stop!!!

This was an absolutely massive track back in 1991 (and another Hac biggie).
It was the Masters At Work dub which was the most widely played version, which is one of the shortest house tracks around at only 3min 23secs, but for every one of those seconds it was immense.
Again top, top house music.
However, I always love the vocal version which while certainly less widely played in clubs is still a fabulous track. I love the piano in it. Immense.
Both absolute belters IMHO.
By the way this has little to do with Hip Hop, it's A1 house music!!
Enjoy the hip hop people!!

Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop
(Masters At Work Dub)

Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop
(12" House Version)

I'll be walkin' on!!

This has been in my list of tracks for ages, yet I keep thinking that I must have posted it by now and hence keep overlooking it.
It was a big fave of mine and a huge Hac anthem which Mr Park used to hammer back in 1992.
It's a great example of classic house music, great vocals, great lyrics, crunching beats and of course that all important piano.
Top top house music.
There are quite a few mixes of this track, but this one always remains my fave.

Sheer Bronze - Walkin' On
(7" Club Mix)

Thursday, 19 April 2012


'Cry Freedom' constitutes another seminal house classic that was absolutely ubiquitous when first released in 1992. Suffused with African sensibilities and featuring some sublime piano, this genre-straddling track had such longevity that an inevitable reissue occurred in early 1997. Presented here is the peerless original mix alongside the more contemporary-sounding '97 re-edit. 

Mombassa - Cry Freedom (Original '92 Mix)


Now this is just a hands-down stormer of the first order. Released in 1993 as the follow up to the monumental 'France', 'Feel So Good' is an expertly crafted Euro-house affair replete with piano flourishes and an energised final minute in which the record takes on a life of its own. This track - along with output from Glam, Pan Position, Atlantic Ocean and Datura - epitomised the burgeoning Euro sound of early 1993.

THK - Feel So Good (1AM In France Mix)


Hyper Go Go were responsible for some of the most bouncy and piano-intensive house tracks of the early '90s. Perhaps best known for the Rhythm Masters-remixed 'High', which crossed over into the UK charts upon its '96 re-issue, the act released a clutch of singles all of the highest caliber. 'Never Let Go' was Positiva-released in 1993 with the aptly named 'Piano mix' proving the definitive version. As its name suggests, this is a gargantuan piano effort that has aged very well considering its venerability. 

Hyper Go Go - Never Let Go (Piano Mix)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Take me on a journey, show me the sign!!

Apologies I know this is slightly cheesy, but also very addictive.
Of course it is based on the magnificent "Binary Finary - 1999", one of my favourite all time trance tracks.
This is the same track with a slightly/very cheesy vocal over the top.
However, it still sounds great. Cheese or no cheese.
I know if I was in a club and this came on, it'd soon have me bang at it!!
Go on I know you love it.
I love the sign (in the pic) as well. Lol.

Kontakt - Show Me A Sign
(Extended Mix)

Get ready to take flight!!!

I know you all love a bit of a piano anthem.
Well get a load of this, a real belter from 1996.
A top notch piano stonker, if I've ever heard one.
Be patient with it, as with many classic it track it builds gradually and then blows off the roof.
The piano in this is huuuge!!
It just keeps on and on. Totally Rockin!!
You have been warned.

Jai-Zed - Flight

Bring out the Violins!!

Now you'll all be familiar with Ferry Corsten's alter ego - System F and the massively popular "Out Of The Blue" which was one of the big trance tunes of the late 90's.
However, you may be less familiar with this remix, which IMHO is exquisite.
I've always been a sucker for tracks that slow down in the middle and those tracks are always superb on the dance floor; "Bells of New York" and "Carte Blanche" are just two that spring to mind (both already posted on the PCC blog).
This is equally impressive, in that it is fast paced pumping trance, which then breakdowns to some amazing Violin strings and piano, which just blows your mind.
I believe that Tiesto was behind the remix. Nice work fella, very impressive indeed.
I just those those strings!!
A big shout out to Simon for this track suggestion. Top work fella.
Enjoy people!!!

System F - Out Of The Blue
(Violin Edit)

Are you keeping warm???

If not then this'll warm the cockles.
Inspired by the recent Jinny post, here's some more of the same.
You'll all be very familiar with the original mix, which was banged out in many a club circa 1991.
It is a typical Italian House piano classic.
And yes, I know it's a bit cheesy sounding now, but it was massive back in't day and you must admit that when the piano kicks in, it's impossible to stop the foot tapping!!
Probably less well known, but equally fantastic is the T-Empo remix, which IMHO is a pure work of art.
It keeps the feel of the original, but tempts and teases and then delivers (big time).

Jinny - Keep Warm
(Extended Version)

Jinny - Keep Warm
(T-Empo's Balearic Ballistic Mix)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Down to Business

Kinane scored a clutch of club hits in the late nineties, including the gargantuan 'Heaven' - as remixed by Danny Tenaglia and Paul Gotel (a previous post), and the Lisa Marie Experience re-tweaked 'So Fine'. 'Business' was released on Coalition in 1998 featuring a slew of remixes, the pick of the bunch from Paul Gotel, whose epic excursion consists of a roof-raising trancer that foregrounds Kinane's snappy vocals and comes complete with a massive breakdown. 

Kinane - Business (Paul Gotel's Real Deal Excursion)

Made by Kelsey

Another massive piano moment, this time from 1992. Italian artiste Jinny brought us the better-known 'Keep Warm' in '91, which proved a momentous crossover hit some four years later upon its reissue on the Multiply label. 'Never Give Up', released on Faze 2, is a straight-up Italo-dance affair in its original form, taken to extremes by Phil Kelsey, whose remix pares down the vocal and injects a monstrously dramatic piano breakdown. 

Jinny - Never Give Up (PKA Club Mix)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's A Riot!

This track is by the superb Todd Terry, working under the name Black Riot. It is a piece of classic house music from 1990 and was a Sasha favorite.

Just Make That Move (Master Dub) - Black Riot

The Shelleys Project

Here is my homage to Shelleys Lazerdome (Delight Flava) circa 1991, which was the clubs heyday  featuring resident DJs Sasha & Dave Seaman.

The track list includes some not posted to the blog yet - I will add these over the coming days.

Nasty Rhythm (Sasha's M.F.I. Mix) - Creative Thieves
Belfast - Orbital
Shaker Song - Playtime Toons
Just Make That Move (Master Dub) - Black Riot
I Can't Take The Power - Off Shore
Tell Me Why (Remix) - Exposé
In The Mix (Twin Peaks) - Laura Palmer featuring Twin Peaks' Killer
Playing With Knives - Bizarre Inc.
Such A Good Feeling (Inspirational Delight Mix) - Brothers In Rhythm   
Chicago Trip - Alpha DY
Move Your Body (Elevation Club Mix) - XPansions
Just Groovin' - DJ D. Lite
I Kill Love - T.N.T.
Don't Hold Back (Vocal Mix) - Blapps Posse 
Let The Whole World Know (Original Mix) - Rhythm Foundation
Gimme Some Soul (Gina Peres Club Version) - Teletype featuring D.J. Cisky
Take Control of the Party (Sinister Dub Mix) - B.G. The Prince Of Rap
Massif - Ramjac
Hold Me - Velvet
Temple Head - Transglobal Underground
Art Science Technology (12" Mix) - A.S.T. 
The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night) Accadub Mix - India
Thunder (Original Version) - Renegade Soundwave
Passion (Original Mix) - Gat Decor
Here We Go, Let's Rock & Roll - C+C Music Factory
Chica Boom - S Bam
Think About - DJ H ft Stefy
Feel The Bass  (Hot African Remix) - Sydney Fresh
Kites - Ultraviolet

PCC has split the mix into 2 (if 1h 45m is too long for you) and should add the links later, but here is the full version

Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Easter to one and all!!!

I've been saving this one up for a while, as it's an absolutely cracking track and one that I truly love.
Apologies, if it's a bit too commercial/poppy for the purists amongst you out there.
However, in my mind it is truly sensational.
Natasha is one of my favourite female vocalists and a hugely talented singer-song writer.
There's also been some great remixes of her tracks and several have been posted on the blog.
This remix is probably my favourite and is up there as one of my all time favourite tracks.
Let me know your thoughts on this.
Her vocals are sensational on this track, the lyrics (like all her tracks are superb) I'm running out of superlatives, so I'll stop there.
I hope you enjoy and have a cracking Easter!!

Natasha Bedingfield - The One That Got Away
(Wamdue Pop Rocks Mix)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Piano Heaven

This little-known track appeared at the tail-end of one of the Global Underground albums in 1998, possibly as compiled by Nick Warren. Evincing a South American timbre, this atmospheric instrumental builds to the wondrous crescendo which succeeds one almighty breakdown, after which it cascades into lush and uplifting piano for the remainder of the track. This is the very definition of an underrated classic, and a must for anyone who likes their piano big, bold and brassy (so to speak).  

Anjo - Sunrise


Lisa Moorish scored a succession of club hits circa 1994-95 with the likes of 'Beautiful Morning', 'I'm Your Man' and 'Just the Way It Is', as remixed by the likes of Tin Tin Out, E Smoove and Loveland, respectively. 'Mr Friday Night' is representative of the pick of the bunch, owing in no small measure to a sensational rework from Tall Paul and Tin Tin Out, whose Goodfellos remould outclasses those supplied by Wubble U and Deep Dish. A pounding behemoth of a track with classy vocals and an awesome breakdown, 'Mr Friday Night' decimated many a dancefloor in early 1996.

Lisa Moorish  - Mr Friday Night (Goodfello's Vocal Mix)