Saturday, 31 March 2012

The power of the riff!!!

Here's some fantastic tracks and remixes all based around the same riff.
Nikita Warren's classic house track from 1991 "I Need You" contains that piano riff that as soon as you hear it you think "oh yeah, loving this".
This was also the basis for the Raplhie Roasario track "An Instrumental Need" which was massive in clubs in 1992. A true house classic.
Then there was Nush by Nush, which was absolutely massive in clubs and a true PCC, again based around the same piano riff.
That's the great thing about house music, if somebody creates something good it certainly get's used time and time again.
There are so many good remixes of "I Need You" that I couldn't decide which to post, as they are all wonderful, largely due to that fantastic piano riff.
Also check out the Joey Negro mix - very different but still tops.
Out of all the tracks I think the Nush track is the real stand out one IMHO, as it was immense when played out in clubs, although all the tracks listed are certainly true PCCs in their own right.
I'll let you decide for yourselves.

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Extended Original Mix)

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Flute Mix)

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Nush Club Vocal Mix)

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Joey Negro's Frisky Disco Mix)

Ralphie Rosario - An Instrumental Need
(Club Need)

Nush - Nush
(Original Mix)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yes Way, Jose

It is only fitting in such glorious weather that we should post a track whose tone is entirely evocative of the White Island. A blissful, ambient number in its original form featuring the husky tones of Angela John (aka Neve), 'Who Do You Love' was turned over to Chicane, to render a characteristic laid-back, floaty trance excursion in his own unmistakable style. This version was culled from the Manifesto CD single, and, despite claiming to be an edit, weighs in at seven or so minutes. 

Jose Padilla Featuring Angela John - Who Do You Love? (Chicane Edit)

One They Made Earlier

This ostensibly-little known track was, by my estimation, crying out to be posted. Causing barely a ripple upon its release in the summer of '96, tech-trance don Blu Peter's most commercial offering constitutes an epic - if frantic - proto-trance/hardbag affair. The more minimal  and technoid 'Arabesque mix' appeared on various Reactivate compilations around the same time, but the main room club mix, as featured here, showcases breathy vocals and some seriously phenomenal 303, of which Hardfloor themselves would surely have been proud. 

Blu Peter Featuring Akira - The Pictures In Your Mind (Club Mix)

High Voltage

Originally released in 1993, this uplifting vocal number followed hot on the heels of Transformer 2's best known track 'Pacific Symphony'. In January '96 'Just Can't Get Enough' received a commercial UK release on Positiva, featuring a riot of remixes from Ken Doh and the ever-dependable Goodfellos (better known as Tall Paul and Tin Tin Out). Transformer 2's own 1995 remix is the pick of the bunch for me, a piano stormer with insistent vocals that still sounds great.

Transformer 2 - Just Can't Get Enough ('95 Uplifted Remix)

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Here we are back with a bang!!!

Alright people I hope you are all well.
I told you it wouldn't keep us down long.
I've opened another mediafire account, so while they have 10,000 plus of my tracks locked away, I've got the large majority of them on my hard drive anyway.
So I've simply opened another separate account with mediafire.
The only problem is that all the old links will have to be replaced which is some task as there are over 1000 posts and that will also mean uploading all those 1000 tracks to mediafire again.
I'm going to work on the basis that you will have most of the old posts and hence I'll just start with the recent posts.
If anyone finds any links that they want that are blocked just send an email to the usual PCC address.
Ok, enough of all that now back to the music.
This was a cracking track back in 1992 - a tad on the commercial side and with a certain element of cheese, but all that said a really superb uplifting track with some great piano.
Also with some fantastic vocals by Anne Marie Smith - boy that lady can sing!!!
It is of course a re-working of the original version by John Miles dating back to 1977.
Going forward I'm going to add You Tube links rather then mediafire links, then that way it will hopefully avoid the problems we've recently had. If it isn't on You Tube, then the PCC team will upload it to You Tube.
Additionally if anyone wants the actual mp3 version then we'd be happy to supply those.
It's good to be back!!

Fargetta featuring Ann-Marie Smith - Music
(Extended Mix)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Keep The Faith!!!


Dear All,

Apologies, my mediafire account has been suspended.

This is due to posting tracks which recording artists and/or records labels have complained about.

When will the pricks realise that the benefit they get from the fact that we provide them with free advertising, marketing and promoting of their work will far outweigh any negative loss from a few people downloading their tracks.

The guilty track was;

C&M Connection - Another Night 
(Italo Warehouse Mix)
so please vent your spleen at them as opposed to us, as there is nothing we can do about the situation.

It's bizarre I posted the track 2 and half years ago and only now does it get flagged as a problem

I hope to have the whole situation resolved shortly. However, if mediafire won't lift the supsension then all the existing links will remain unaccessible, until we re-upload with competitor web hosting services.

Don't worry if all else fails we'll just have to provide You Tube links to the tracks and if there are any tracks we post that don't already feature on  You Tube then we will upload to You Tube and provide mp3 links on request.

We remain committed to providing you with the finest dance music the ear can ever which to hear.

We will not be defeated.

Apologies once again.

Keep the faith.

Team PCC.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Just Enjoy (The Silence)!!!

An absolutely immense remix of a truly classic Depeche track.
I've always loved Depeche's tracks and they were one of the few British bands who truly cracked America.
This was probably my favourite Depeche track and there have been very few of their tracks which have been remixed well and converted to clubland!
This one is the exception though, it retains all the best bits of the original and that wonderful riff, but combines it with a pounding, pumping acid trance vibe which keeps on building and building and then comes back again and finally finishes with a lovely piano tinged fade out.
A really top remix of one of the great pop tracks.

Mike Koglin - The Silence
(12" Club Mix)

Come on - Sing it!!

Now I know that you all love a bit of the hands in the air piano vibe.
Yeah course you do.
Well this is exactly such a track.
Try and put images of that horrendous Dr Alban rap out of your minds.
This is all gospel-ly housey, hands in the piano-tastic!!
An absolutely stonker.
Come on Sing Hallelujah!!
I know you want to!!

Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah
(Red City Vocal Mix)

A real Oakey banger!!!

Used to love this one (and still do!!).
It was a massive Oakey track back in 1998 and still retains the same old magic today.
There were loads of remixes done and some pretty good, but it is still the Original Mix that does it for me.
It's funny with House tracks the remixes nearly always seem to be better than the original, but with trance tracks the Original Mix's nearly always do it for me.
Look people if you don't like this one, then you don't like trance baby!!
Get on it!!
You know it!!

C.M. - Dream Universe
(Original Mix)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just a touch of Love - oh yeah!!!

Here's an absolutely blinding house classic.
Don't be put off by remembering back to the cheesy version which hit the pop charts in 1990.
This mix is the real deal.
It's an amazing track which feels like about 5 tracks in one, it changes style and tempo so many times and keeps you entirely engrossed throughout.
It's got some great piano laced in, thumping, crunching beats, but the best bit is when the riff kicks in at 2mins 32 secs. That is one massive moment. Just tops!!!
Also give it a few listens as it gets better every time you listen to it.
Love the ending as well when they are all chattering!
It was a big Hacienda classic to boot and hammered by Mr Park.
Clivilles and Cole were one of the greatest remix combo's ever and produced some remarkable tracks back in't day. This is one of their finest. Immense in every way.
If you don't like this, then you don't like house music period!!!

C&C Music Factory - Just A Touch Of Love (Everyday)
(Keyboard Express Mix)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Love it!!!

Old Skool piano anyone?? Yeah, I thought so.
Talk about loving it forever!!
Adam has certainly got all the epic, proggy, trance posts in hand, so I'll stick to PCCs of a slightly different ilk, covering old skool, balearic, classic house!!
Here's an old skool Italian House classic, hammered by the likes of Sasha back in't day!!!
I know I've already posted it before, but it's the next remix which is really special (it even says so in the title!!)
The "Special Orchestra Mix" is just amazing!!
It is a truly delightful piece of music, certainly less clubby but certainly not less impressive.
Lush is the word!!
This one goes out to Ed - who brought this delightful version to my attention.
Cheers fella, Top man!!

Johnny Parker - Love It Forever
(Special Mix)

Johnny Parker - Love It Forever
(Special Orchestra Mix)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Screemingly Good

This stupendous track comprises the first of several 'unreleased classics' which I aim to post in the next few weeks. Following something of a hiatus, Sunscreem resurfaced in 1997 with 'Catch', their first release on the legendary Pulse 8 label. Featuring quality remixes from luminaries such as Red Jerry, Andy Ling and Matt Darey, 'Catch' destroyed many a dancefloor in its wake. The follow-up single was to be 'Cover Me', and remixes were duly commissioned from the Trouser Enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Pulse 8 - the label that introduced the world to Rozalla, Urban Cookie Collective and Band of Gypsies - went bust prior to the commercial pressing of 'Cover Me', and the record went unreleased, as did the much sought-after album 'Out of the Woods'. An edit of the TE remix appeared on the 'Ten Mile Bank' opus, but this didn't really do justice to the sweeping, roof-raising epic nature of the full length Trouser Enthusiasts remix. This is an incredible track, combining the club savvy of Suncreem, arguably the first true dance band, with the Trouser Enthusiasts' epic sensibilities. It was a bugger to get hold of at the time, and remains one of TEs' finest-ever reworks. 

Sunscreem - Cover Me (Trouser Enthusiasts' Reptilian Cathedral Mix)

I Need A Witness

From one house classic to the next, 'Can I Get A Witness?' - by former Sounds of Blackness singer Ann Nesby - was utterly ubiquitous towards the end of 1996. Released on the legendary AM:PM label, which brought us innumerable high calibre tracks from the likes of Love Tribe, Submerge and Masters At Work, 'Witness' is surely representative of Mousse T's finest hour. Funky beyond measure and equipped with some seriously earth-shaking vocals, 'Can I Get A Witness?' has retained its anthemic status despite some rather unusual subject matter. 

Ann Nesby - Can I Get A Witness? (Mousse T's Funk 2000 Mix)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

1000 Posts and still going strong!!!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the 1000th post on the PCC blog.
The blog has now been running for over 3 years and in that time we have posted some (most of) the greatest tracks to ever hit our dancefloors.
A big shout out to all those who have followed the blog over the years, those who provide regular feedback and interaction, not forgetting the wider PCC team, that being those that have posted and contributed tracks to the blog over the years.
I've always said that this blog is for all you out there and is a place to come to share in the finest delights of the dance music world. That said it's also about giving something back and all we ever ask is for comments and feedback on the tracks you download, so you too can share your thoughts and experiences of these fantastic tracks.
One track which has not been posted to date and is one that really should have been, is this one;
"The House Music Anthem"
It sort of feels right to be posting a classic which was pretty much where it all started.
It's amazing to think that this is now 26 years old (this year) and it still sounds amazing!!
This blog is dedicated to the finest house music and the associated genres and hence here you have the official "House Music Anthem".
Enjoy, thank you all once again for your ongoing support and contributions.
Roll on the next thousand posts!!!

Marshall Jefferson - The House Music Anthem
Move Your Body

Staying on the piano tip!!

There can be few records are that are pure piano from start to finish without missing a beat!!
This is one such track and hence if you like your piano tunes you will love this.
It draw's a bit of inspiration from Marshall Jefferson's - House Music Anthem
It was another track that was massive in clubs back in 1994.
I have some really fond memories if wheeling around the dancefloor boogie-ing along to this.
A true PCC of the highest order.

Edward's World - Soul Roots
(Original Piano Mix)

Live life to the full, Someday is today!!

All those that follow the blog know what a sucker I am for a great piano tune.
This one just fits the bill.
It's a great piano tinged club classic, which combines some great piano with some superb vocals to give a huge hands in the air anthem.
This one was massive back in 1994 and still sounds great today.

Eddy - Someday
(Diesel And Ether Live And Direct Mix)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Where Memories Are Made

This is again one of those rare records whereupon every version wrought was unutterably sublime. Beyond sublime, in fact; I would go as far as to venture other-worldly. Ben Watt was responsible for the astounding, 'then again' radio version which graced Beth Orton's eponymous album, whilst Joe Claussell ratcheted the tempo a few notches in his 'Spiritual Life/Ibadan remix', a laidback house affair replete with  insistently gorgeous guitar. Deep Dish provide one of the keystone remixes of their lengthy and illustrious career in the shape of this remould, with its dangerously hypnotic hooks and immense breakdown roughly two thirds of the way through. Quite why this remix hasn't entered the canon of clubland lore remains a mystery; it is a hugely poignant and introspective track that harbours some amazing memories, evoking the unseasonable Indian summer of 1999 and the apex of my own teenage years. 

Beth Orton - Central Reservation (Deep Dish Modern Redneck Remix)