Monday, 31 December 2012

Ready for the biggest Night of the Year??

New Years Eve was always my favourite night of the clubbing year.
It always had that much more excitement and expectation than a normal night, but that was before everything went crazy with ridiculous price hikes and sheer exploitation, which became the norm in late 90's.
It always used to fascinate me in terms of what would the DJ drop at 12 o' clock.
What track captures that perfect moment that creates the fantastic atmosphere to build the rest of the night on.
Over the years on the PCC blog I've posted many tracks and comments from my fantastic NYE experiences of tracks which were dropped at midnight. The best was most definitely "Digitalis - Accepting and Giving" - how perfect it is to have your all time favourite track dropped at the perfect moment. Heaven!!
I also remember Sasha dropping "Vangelis - Chung Kuo" mixed into "Orbital - Belfast" which was fantastic.
Here's another fantastic Vangelis track which I feel would be perfect for dropping at midnight.
(I've been wanting to post this track for ages, but have been waiting for the right moment).
Dropped at midnight it would slow everything down and then build up all the atmosphere and excitement again.
The track is sheer musical perfection, Vangelis certainly produced some amazing tracks, this one dates back to 1981.
It starts off very slowly, but just builds and builds until it literally explodes.
The part at 4 mins 11 seconds never falls to take me into another place, it is most definitely one of the most uplifting pieces of music I've ever come across.
Any DJ's out there brave enough to drop this at midnight tonight? Go on -I dare you!!
Cue it at 11.55pm and it will explode right on Midnight.
I'm always keen to hear of other great tracks which people have heard DJ's drop at midnight on NYE, so let me have your comments and memories.
Have a great night and enjoy it to the max, Happy New Year to one and all from the PCC Blog!!

Vangelis - Alpha


acidted said...

NYE was never my favourite clubbing night. Too expensive and often a disappointment. As for Vangelis, you should try this updated version

Pure Club Classics said...

Hi Buddy, I know what you mean about the prices, but early 90's it wasn't that bad. It was later 90's when the exploitation really kicked in and especially the Millenium. The Theatre of Delays version was not my cup of tea. It's a bit like Pans Pipes remixing an all time classic. Have a goodnight buddy, regards, PCC


has to be nye eclipse 92 12.00 collapse my love ambient drop mix.........tears of joy

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