Thursday, 27 December 2012

(Packets of) Peace to everyone!!

I can't believe that it's taken me 3 years of running this blog and posting tracks before I've got round to posting this one.
This was always a huge favourite of mine and was massive in Clubland in 1993 and rocked all the nations dancefloors for months on end.
It was always a massive track at Back To Basics in Leeds.
Lionrock is of course the guise of Justin Robertson - one of the great DJs from the early days of clubbing and still going strong today I believe. His remixes around that time in 92'/93' were the real sound of that era when he seemed to be churning out "Prankster remixes" at a phenomenal rate. All were exciting and had that unique and distinctive style.
This track is a true PCC with some great vocals from MC Buzz B and a really great underlying piano riff that accompanies that great Roland 303 acid squelch and then topped off with the big horns.
All in all a top, top track, that still sounds amazing today.
Respect to the Prankster!!
(Packets of) Peace to all on Earth!!

Lionrock - Packet Of Peace
(Prankster Sound System Mix)


acidted said...

indeed a pcc

Manchestersimon said...

Great tune! The reissue remixes a couple of years ago updated it well too.