Saturday, 15 December 2012

Just an ordinary day, I heard you say!!

Alright people, apologies for the lack of recent posts, as per usual things have been pretty hectic, what with work commitments, family commitments etc. etc.
I'm hoping I'll be able to get lots of posts up though over the Christmas period, so stay tuned.
Here's a rarity - a really good track from recent years.
This is as recent as 2009,.
It was first brought to my attention by my old mate Velvetpants (I've not heard from you for a while fella, I hope all is well).
As with many tracks there are loads of mixes of this and most pretty naff, but this one is IMHO absolutely tops.
Aptly named the "Luv Piano Mix", it's full of great bouncy piano (just how we like it on the PCC blog) and its got some really great vocals, in a "less is more" type of way. The girl who sings (Shingai Shoniwa) really has a got a lovely voice, very soothing and luscious.
All in all a top notch track.
Viva la dance music!!!

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
(Luv Piano Mix)


Jools Foy said...

goose bumps right there !!

Velvetpants said...

Alright fella, long time no visit. Popped by and saw you posted this, haha. Glad you like it, proper nice tune innit :)