Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Christmas to one and all!!

A big shout out to you all out there wishing you a truly memorable Christmas.
Now dance music has never really produced Christmas songs, so finding a Christmas theme to post isn't always easy.
However, here is a corking remix of one of my favourite Christmas tracks.
This was remixed in 2000 and is a top notch remix, much respect to Rob Searle.
It retains the power and emotion of the original track, but gives it that dancefloor friendly vibe.
I often talk about tracks on the PCC blog which take you on a journey, this is very much one of those tracks.
It builds nicely until that fantastic vocal breakdown and then it takes you on a fantastic ride through to the finish, which some great drum rolls and a pounding driving rhythm.
This is'll be the 4th Christmas of the PCC blog which is will also be 4 years old in February - we're keeping it going to feed you these great tracks, so keep leaving your comments and feedback.
Have a great Christmas and a highly prosperous New Year!!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love
(Rob Searle Club Mix)



have great xmas pcc and thks for all memories...

Pure Club Classics said...

My pleasure buddy, Have a good one yourself, regards, PCC